Brickbat: It All Adds Up


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Harald Tjøstheim

In an effort to promote affordable housing, California lawmakers plan to add a $75 fee to most real estate documents. Democratic state. Sen. Toni Atkins says the fee could raise almost $1 billion a year, which would be used to fund affordable housing.

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  1. “But it’s only $75!” they will say. “If you can afford a house, you can afford $75!” they will say.

    “If you can afford a car, you can afford to pay an extra $0.25/gallon gas tax for the homeless!” they will say.

    Except this is on top of whatever other crap fees and taxes they have already imposed. At least let the people vote on whether they want to have $75 stolen from them and given to someone else; imploding these administrative fees by diktat is suck.

    1. Imploding fees are almost as worst as Nikki.

  2. But more importantly subsidized housing will help guarantee the most reliable of Democrat voters won’t have to migrate elsewhere.

    1. 99% of the actions taken by 99% of politicians are predicated on getting re-elected.

  3. “””$75 fee to most real estate documents. “””$1 billion a year”””

    Didn’t we have a revolution over a tax stamp?

    1. Treason! I label you a TRAITOR!!

    2. So let’s see, $1B divided by $75 is 13 1/3 million documents. Given 39.25 million people in California it only averages out to $25 per person. Granted it’s probably more like $450-$750 for just the poor schlubs buying or selling something. Are they going to add $75 to the property tax documents too?

      Yup Cali’s fuckin’ ya again!

  4. Sometimes I feel a little crazy and want to step outside my entire “taxation is theft!” perspective and grant that maybe, possibly, some pol has a good intention…

    So, how many “affordable” houses will be made with this $1B? Very fucking few, I’ll wager, and they will be over-priced, of inferior quality, and probably situated on the side of hills prone to mudslides. Meanwhile, the builders who will enjoy this largesse at the public’s expense will surely be someone’s contributor or cousin.

    That’s what my lefty friends never grasp. Even if taking by force from some to give to others was a good idea (it’s not because of the force involved) the government absolutely sucks at getting results!

    1. So, how many “affordable” houses will be made with this $1B?

      Zero. The money will go to line the pockets of teachers and other pubsec union hacks.

      1. Like the gas tax – CalPERS

  5. We have to steal more of your money in order to help you. People vote for that. That’s why I drink.

    1. The government is going to take money from some white guy and give it to ME is what they actually vote for.

  6. Thirteen MILLION home sales per year in California? That’s a lot… isn’t it?


    1. from the article:

      “The measure would add a $75 fee to most real estate documents–except when they involve purchase or sale of property–capped at $225. Developers building new units, banks foreclosing, and people refinancing their homes would be prime targets. ”

      I’m still confused what this entails.

      1. I’m still confused what this entails.
        Feature, not bug

  7. Keeping housing affordable by raising prices……….progressive logic.

  8. Once again, California is beyond parody.

  9. Please California stop it. We, in Tennessee, can’t stand anymore progressives moving into Tennessee. They already run Nashville.

  10. >>>which would be used to fund affordable housing


  11. Except in Marin county of course.

  12. The more California, Washington, et al fail at their grand progressive experiments, the more it will be the fault of everyone else based on greed, misogyny, racism. capitalism [greed], and general stupidity of the unwoke.

    1. Needs movie script… I will donate the title, which is “Night of the Living Unwoke”!!!

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