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On Trump, Jr., Governments Lying, and A World in Disarray: The New Fifth Column

Big foreign policy heave, featuring Bloomberg's Eli Lake


On July 21, Vice News is premiering on HBO a new feature length documentary on U.S. foreign policy since the end of the Cold War, titled A World in Disarray, based on a new book of the same name by former George H.W. Bush Middle East advisor and current Council of Foreign Relations poobah Richard Haass. The doc's main narrator and interlocutor (of such former leaders as Tony Blair, George Schultz, and Condoleezza Rice) is former Reasoner and current Vicer Michael C. Moynihan, one-third of the weekly podcast (and Sirius XM radio show!) The Fifth Column. Here's a preview:

We spend a good chunk of this week's podcast chewing over the mixed-up status of the United States' role in global affairs, the elusive Goldilocks test for interventionism in the Middle East, and the existential angst of relinquishing control over events, with the help of Bloomberg View foreign policy columnist Eli Lake. And as you would expect, there's plenty of debate over the there-there of Donald Trump, Jr.'s dealing with Russians, and the administration's slippery relationship with the truth. Without spoiling too much, some of the phrases uttered include "dick descript," "lesbodians and 9/11," "the Bernard Henri-Levy of stupidity," and "Congratulations, Eli, on being such a spectacular Jew." Listen to the whole thing here:

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  1. “Report: Ex-Congressman Worked as Lobbyist for Russian Attorney at Center of Trump Jr. Emails ? A Democrat”
    “In the latest flurry of stories about “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin is a nugget of news about a Democrat who reportedly served as the Russian attorney’s wingman during a lobbying blitz.
    The Hill reports that former California Rep. Ron Dellums, a socialist former 13-term congressman and then later mayor of Oakland, California, escorted Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya during a lobbying campaign.
    The news was contained in the website’s story about how the U.S. Department of Justice under President Barack Obama gave the attorney a visa under “extraordinary circumstances.”…..-democrat/

    1. Cont’d.
      Dellums was (and is) a “socialist” like commie-kid is a socialist; a slimy piece of shit bereft of principles willing to grab the main chance when he can and if calling himself a socialist helps, why not?. Dellums used the term to get elected in the brain-dead Bay Area, where commie-kid used it to justify the sleazy bail-job on his mortgage, right, sleaze bag?
      Dellums was and is a worthless piece of shit who slurped at the public trough for lo, these many years, while exhibiting his true skills as a clothes-horse.
      Now, having been termed-out of most everything, he, like other lefty losers, sells his Rolodex to the highest bidder.
      Right Obo? Aren’t you glad you had that visa approved for a bro?

  2. One more comment:

  3. Sevo is a Homer and a Trump-boner-hugger like no other! What would we do without minions like you to help advance our agenda of Whataboutism? I commend you, Sevo.

  4. Sure sounds like Eli Lake knows what to do in the ME. If we put more people like him in charge I’m sure we’d be able to spread democracy no problem

  5. One-third of the Fifth? I was told there would be no math. And does the Goldilocks test have something to do with Welch in the 90’s?

    I hope it doesn’t take until his employment with the HBO show to end for Moynihan to admit that VICE News Tonight is a terrible offering for the news consumer. It oozes the same one-sided perspective as NBC Nightly News (and just about everyone else) but replaces Brian Williams suits with hipster coiffures, piercings and body art.

    1. VICE News Tonight is a terrible offering for the news consumer.

      So you’re saying you’ve watched it? (sniff) hipster.

      1. I gave it a shot. I really did, but on balance there’s absolutely no balance.

  6. Before i listen (there’s no way i can until later PM), someone give me a rating on the Drunk-Factor on this one. Scale of 1-to-Winston Churchill

  7. Great podcast, but still too much Moynihan and not enough Kmele.

  8. Listening to the Norton/West debate. Yeah, West is getting destroyed, but she’s doing it to herself as much as Norton taking her down.

  9. This is the episode where Matt Welch forgets the First Amendment altogether and goes full campaign speech censorship and, worse still, Kmele Foster informs everyone that gender is defined solely by genitalia!

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