Friday Funnies: Trump vs. CNN


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

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  1. This cartoon has layers.

    1. Those are folds, not layers.

  2. The number of memes out there showing Trump trouncing CNN is growing by the minute. Did they really think that publishing the actions taken against that photoshop guy would not end like this? “Tone deaf” isn’t a strong enough term to describe their mindset.

    1. Did they really think that publishing the actions taken against that photoshop guy would not end like this?

      Stupid elitist is as stupid elitist does.

    2. Trump’s popularity numbers are up, CNN’s ratings are up, popcorn sales are up, what’s not to like? Are you not entertained? Pay no attention to the Norks and the Chinese getting frisky, the re-Reconquista of Europe, the imminent bankruptcy of several US states and cities, the fact that a large segment of the population thinks Bernie Sanders is somebody worth listening to, we’ve got wrassling videos!

    3. I’ll just leave this here.

  3. This is exactly what I was picturing when the whole debate first started. CNN shits their pants and cries about how the wrestling meme was promoting violence against them and blah blah blah. All I could think was: would CNN really put on all this whole charade if it had been a political cartoon as opposed to a meme? Maybe they would’ve for Bok, but they certainly wouldn’t have for Luckovich or some other similarly big-named cartoonist.

    The best part of the whole controversy is echoed by the cornerman in the cartoon. It’s FAKE. Wrestling is fake. It’s not actually violence. It’s scripted entertainment. In that sense, it’s a great metaphor for the whole Trump vs. CNN thing. Wrestling is a bit more of a comedy, while Trump vs. CNN is more of an over-dramatized farce. But, it’s just entertainment. I don’t think the guy who made the meme was smart enough to think about that. Probably just dumb luck in the process of trying to make something funny.

    1. But, then I remember what the controversy is actually about. Since the guy who created the meme also created some anti-Semitic shit, CNN is excited about tying him to Trump. And nothing will get in the way of their opportunity for a good ad hominem attack on Trump.

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