Mercatus Center Scholar to Serve as FCC Chief Economist, Vatican Police Raid Alleged Drug-Fueled Gay Orgy, NASA Celebrates 20 Years on Mars: P.M. Links


  • NASA

    Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is calling for an escalated response to North Korea after its most recent missile tests. South Korea is calling for tougher sanctions.

  • The Mercatus Center's Jerry Ellig has reportedly agreed to serve as the Federal Communication Commission's chief economist.
  • A new bill in the House targeting gerrymandering could help third parties succeed in Congressional races.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the killing of a police officer in the Bronx a "cowardly, unprovoked attack."
  • Ratings for Morning Joe on MSNBC are up 70 percent after President Trump's feud with its anchors.
  • Police in the Vatican raided an alleged drug-fueled gay orgy, arresting one aide to Pope Francis.
  • NASA celebrated 20 years of continuous exploration of Mars yesterday.