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Chris Christie Enjoying a Public Beach During a Government Shutdown Is What Politicians Do

It shouldn't surprise you when politicians show their true nature.


Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) took his family to his government beach home over the weekend while state beaches were closed for a budget-impasse-induced government "shutdown." A journalist snapped photos of Christie and family on the otherwise empty beach, producing a PR disaster. Chris Cillizza, a political analyst at CNN, tweeted that Chris Christie's "tone-deafness" was "truly remarkable."

But was it really?

Christie's electoral career is over. His approval rating in New Jersey is scraping the bottom of the barrel. He can't run for governor again, and New Jersey hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate since 1972. Unconstrained by the need to face the voters again, he isn't tone-deaf so much as he's revealing his true self.

That true self is pretty typical of politicians. As Lawrence Reed wrote last year, the bigger a government is, the less likely it is to attract office-seekers who are "honest, humble, fair, wise, independent, responsible, incorruptible, mindful of the future and respectful of others." Lord Acton noted that power corrupts more than a century ago, and his premise has been tested scientifically.

The fact that Christie's actions caught so many political reporters by surprise illustrates the myths the political class like to tell each other—prime among them, that politicians have some innate sense of decency. The rise and success of Donald Trump should have dispelled that idea, but evidently it hasn't. They see Trump as something totally different from most previous politicians, not as a distilled version of what came before.

Christie's senioritis illustrates another problem. The New Jersey governor already has a government home: Drumthwacket, a mansion outside the state capitol. Why the hell does he need some beachfront property too? In a sane world, Christie's historic unpopularity would create the momentum for scaling back the governor's perks. But that would require a shift in attitude toward the people attracted to high office. It would require people like Cillizza to recognize that Christie isn't an aberration; he's the norm.

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  1. Did any one try to push him back in the water? Green Peace where are you?


      1. Is anybody here a marine biologist!?

        1. Or played someone who played one on TV? Must’ve been the pretzels.

  2. You leave Norm out of this.

  3. Chris Cillizza, a political analyst at CNN, tweeted

    Fake news?

    *patiently awaits high fives*

  4. It would require people like Cillizza to recognize that Christie isn’t an aberration; he’s the norm.

    The media elites and far too many voters are easily charmed by a few politicians, which will forever astound me.

  5. In all fairness to we NJers, it was a choice between Christie and Corzine, and then Christie and Buono (a Corzine lackey).

  6. Drumthwacket?


    1. Gaelic meaning “Wooded Hill”. Don’t know why you find that distasteful.

  7. All corruption is acceptable in New Jerksey, eh, Krayewski?

  8. government beach home

    My nickname in college?

    1. Sand in your crack, sand in your… wherever.

      1. Wasn’t that tropical storm named Sandy Vag?

  9. So the NJ state government is shut down because Democrats want to spend more money than they have again.

    It should surprise no one, at this point, that reason’s on the Dems side in this.

    1. How the fuck did you get “Vote Democrat” from “Politicians are almost always terrible people”?

      1. How? Because nowhere is it mentioned that Democrats caused the shutdown by trying to spend more money than they have AGAIN.

        Because no one points out that the homes used by the governor were already there when Christie got elected– and the beach house was updated by Corzine (at taxpayer expense).

        Because the ‘all politicians are pigs’ line only works here if you ignore those facts and instead accept bogus narrative as truth.

        So how do I get “reason’s on the Dems side in this” from that? How do you not?

        1. Press obsesses over tone-deaf politician using resource cut off to other people by government.

          Reason points out that this is not abnormal behavior for politicians.

          Therefore reason must be “on the Dems side” because they didn’t change the subject from Christie’s behavior and point out that the Dems are to blame for closing the beach.

          Sound legit – I’m starting to come around to this ‘reason-as-arm-of-the-left-wing-sorostopus’ thing.

  10. So, in an article about Chris Christie going to the beach while no one else can, Ed had to insert a paragraph trash talking Trump. Why? Did Trump go to the beach? Did Trump make NJ government live beyond their means? I mean, seriously, WTF had Trump got to do with any of this?

    1. He’s a fat asshole too?

    2. It wasn’t so much “a paragraph trash talking Trump” as it was a line or two noting that while the Team Blue press is daily losing its shit over Trump’s “unprecedented” behavior, there is nothing whatsoever unprecedented about Trump’s behavior.

      1. True. If anything it was raising Trump’s grade on the curve.

        Now that I think about it, there’s a road/railroad metaphor in there if I could just find it.

    3. Because it is relevant to the argument he is making.

    4. Ed had to insert a paragraph trash talking Trump. Why?

      Just so your outrage would cloud the context in which he was used.

      1. Yeah “outage” might be overstating it a bit. “Mild annoyance that everything in the world has to be about Trump” is probably a little closer to the truth.

        1. Then your whining? bitching? caused you to miss the point Ed was making.

  11. So… should we get rid of all politicians? What is the argument here? Clearly a politician with some approval numbers to lose wouldn’t do this. Or maybe Christie would have since he has is a renowned asshole. You could make the case for nuking New Jersey and your self-congratulatory bullshit would be more specific. Logic is not served by seeking out confirmation of your stupid political beliefs in everything you see.

    1. “So… should we get rid of all politicians?” YES!

    2. Logic is not served by seeking out confirmation of your stupid political beliefs in everything you see.

      You of all people should certainly have learned that by now.

      Nobody needs to nuke New Jersey. Just make Sweden take it back.

      1. Heck, they could take back Phila. too. Maybe even Newcastle, Del.

        1. The Dutch tried to smoke them out, literally, according to Geoffrey Crayon.

          But the Dutch had as much call for that as the Arabs have for wanting to kick the Jews out of their settlements.

    3. Tony defends anti-gay Republican rather than admitting a libertarian made a not-untrue observation, does so in name of not being knee-jerk ideologue, news at 11.

      1. I’m against the fallacy of taking everything that ever happens as evidence that your retarded childlike political worldview is true. Stubbed your toe? Ipso facto there’s too much regulation on oil refineries!

  12. If the press finds a pic of Christie on a beach while his own general shittiness as a human being has contributed to that very beach being closed somehow a noteworthy comment on ….. something, they should get a few pics of Al Gore jetting all over the world to give his sanctimonious sermons on the need to address global warming by not doing things like jetting all over the world. I think that’s the same sort of “some animals are more equal than others” and “it’s good to be the king” displays of our betters the Christie bit is getting at.

    1. It may have to do with the fact that the Christie thing is currently in the news, and Christie is currently in office, which are two things that haven’t described Al Gore in quite some time.

      1. “Fat” and “slow” describe him fairly well.

  13. If the every closed beach in New Jersey is not overrun by illegal beach-goers tomorrow, every chained parking lot bolt-cuttered open, and every bit of sand covered with brightly colored blankets and frolicking bodies … I shall wonder if the whole state isn’t suffering from Low-T.

    For shame, America.

    1. If only testosterone smelled like Axe body spray.

  14. He should have said he was up there to shift the tide.

  15. What’s really atrocious is this idea that public parks and public beaches require government permission to access them. That’s not a public beach then is it? It’s a state controlled beach…not quite the same thing.

    1. That really is disgusting. They’ll close the office that gives you permission, they’ll lay off the people who let you in, but they keep up the enforcement people to keep you out. Because, you know, law enforcement is essential.

  16. My first question is why people even voted this fat turd into office in the first place. My second question is how he hasn’t suck NJ into the water with his weight and ego.

    1. There were some better choices in the GOP primary, but there were worse too. The Democrats were awful. Christie was most acceptable to most, & he did some good things for a while.

  17. What else would a card-carrying member of The Ruling Class do?

  18. What else would a card-carrying member of The Ruling Class do?

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