Terms and Conditions


Drawn & Quarterly

Have you ever read the entire terms and conditions of any product or service you've purchased? Robert Sikoryak's Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel adapts the entirety of Apple's 2015 iTunes terms and conditions faithfully. The entire book's text is nothing but the words of the 20,699-word original document—each page rendered in the style of specific works of different cartoonists, from Peter Bagge to Moebius to Tom Wilson. Even the cover illustration sends up a John Romita and Bob Wiacek Uncanny X-Men cover.

The book includes an index that identifies the inspiration for each page, so you don't have to have an extensive familiarity with cartooning canon to appreciate the work. Terms and Conditions is billed as an "unauthorized adaptation," and both its text and its art happily push the envelope on fair use. Its premise may make the book sound like a slog, but instead the wide breadth of styles bring movement and even emotion to the clotted document.