Senators to See Comey Memos, House to Vote on Immigration Bills, Germany to Legalize Gay Marriage: P.M. Links


  • Trump and Comey
    Andrew Harrer/SIPA/Newscom

    The Senate Intelligence Committee will get to see the memos written by fired FBI Director James Comey about his meetings with President Donald Trump.

  • Germany is poised to finally legalize gay marriage recognition. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had opposed it for years (something to remind your friends who insist that European leaders are so much more enlightened than ours).
  • The House today is expected to vote on two bills that would increase penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes or repeatedly return to the United States after being deported and would potentially deny federal grants to sanctuary cities who don't assist the feds with deportation orders.
  • A guy wanted to become a YouTube star by blocking a bullet shot by his girlfriend with an encyclopedia over his chest. Instead, he is dead.
  • U.S.-led coalition forces believe the liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from Islamic State militants is "imminent."
  • Prosecutors have dropped perjury charges against the former state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland. Bland was famously arrested at a traffic stop and then later hanged herself in jail. The officer was accused of making a false statement in his police report. In exchange for the prosecution dropping the case, the former officer has agreed to never again seek work in law enforcement.

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