Fox Hosts for Legalizing Heroin

Kennedy ("I think the problem is that heroin is illegal") and Kat Timpf say bluntly what Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson couldn't quite bring himself to advocate last year


Not a fan. ||| Fox

Like a lot of 78-year-old white men, my father was watching Fox News Monday, and decided to click the next channel over to catch the rapid-fire libertarian stylings of our friend Kennedy. There, in a segment interviewing Wall Street Journal U.S. News Editor Glenn Hall about a recent story on drug smugglers increasingly sending their product through the mail, the eponymous host of the fast-growing show (up 35 percent in overall ratings in the second quarter this year) pivoted immediately to the underlying policy:

KENNEDY: So, this is obviously sad and tragic, the fact that opioid overdoses have increased in recent years. But I don't think the problem is that FedEx and UPS and the postal service need more screening tools. I think the problem is that heroin is illegal. And so people go to nefarious means in order to get a drug they would get anyway. […]

If you legalize these things and people have access to them and may know what's in them, do you think knowing the ingredients in a drug you're taking increases or decreases the chance that you will overdose on it?

HALL: Well, I don't know the answer to that question exactly.

KENNEDY: It decreases the chance because you know what's in there, so you know exactly what you put in your body.

Always here to help! ||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

This isn't Kennedy's first time making the on-air case for heroin legalization—back in March 2013, when then-host John Stossel talked about how he once struggled with legalizing hard drugs, but then concluded that owning one's body is a "powerful" counter-argument, the non-drug-using former MTV VJ replied "amen," and added: "having drugs be illegal is downright deadly. It's dangerous. And, you know, Ron Paul always made a good point, which was, let's say heroin was made legal right now, like who really wants to go out and jack their vein with heroin?" And in September of last year, when our own Katherine Mangu-Ward reacted to a story about elephant tranquilizers getting cut into smack by saying "this is why we want to legalize heroin now because it would save lives," Kennedy replied "Yes, absolutely. But instead, the problem here is, you know, not that legislators and…city council members are going to wake up and smell the cat food and realize that prohibition is directly leading to death."

But Monday's blunt comment was not some response to a how-far-would-you-go libertarian dare, or a legalize-bazookas type of thought experiment, but rather a deliberate insertion of anti-prohibition policy argument into a story that the Bill O'Reillys of the world would surely treat as reason for another crackdown on opioids. As such, I flagged the occasion on Twitter:

One guy responded that Greg Gutfeld and his former Red Eye-mate Andy Levy (who leaves Fox tomorrow, BTW) were pro-legalization, to which I added Kat Timpf, co-host of The Specialists, though with the caveat that I didn't know if they all went as far as heroin. Yesterday, Timpf cleared that up:

Gutfeld, meanwhile, has made the conservative case for hard-drug legalization multiple times on air, including in November 2013, when The Five co-host said, "I believe heroin could be legalized if done in a delivery system which makes it more like a cigarette."

What's striking about all this is that the comments from Kennedy and Timpf come one year to the week that the Libertarian Party nominee for president, a man who previously was most famous for being the first major elected official in the U.S. to favor legalizing marijuana, could not bring himself to fully advocate legalizing heroin at a crucial CNN townhall, despite making some sensible points about the add-on dangers of prohibition.

I don't say that as a ding on Gary Johnson; it's hard out here for an instinctive pragmatist positioning himself as a centrist to stare into the bright lights and sell the more extreme-sounding edges of a minority philosophy to a mass-market audience. But rather, it feels like what was once taboo is now at least debatable (thanks, Ron Paul!), which will hopefully inject at least a little sanity into a policy debate that more often resembles a panic. It's also a reminder that the most interesting voices over in that building tend to be the most libertarian—a lesson that I hope the post-Roger Ailes management takes closer to heart.

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  1. Quitters! We’re just one more dead dog away from winning the War on Drugz!!!

    1. What’s the world coming to when Fox is overrun by cut and runners.

  2. Self ownership seems to be a hard concept for too many people to grasp.

    1. Unless abortion is involved, then a woman’s body is her business. Otherwise, yes, you do not own your own body.

      1. But what if you use heroin to abort a baby?

        1. Oh no, that is not humane! You may as well let me push you down the stairs*, like how Mike Pence wants it to be.

          1. How is it not humane? Shit man, not only do you get rid of that parasite but it dies happy on the heroins!

            It’s what we call a ‘fun-bortion’. What’s really strange though is they all die with the same expression that Keanu Reeves uses in all his movies. It’s unexplainable, really.

            1. It’s what we call a ‘fun-bortion’.

              Wrong. A fun-bortion happens in MJGreen’s basement, where he aborts a woman’s child with a coat-hanger while the soundtrack from Purple Rain plays in the background.

              1. Wait…if he’s playing Purple Rain doesn’t she just immediately get impregnated again?

                That’s one way to generate repeat business, I suppose.

                1. Aaaand thanks for setting back the goal of the first libertarian woman back a couple of years.

  3. “I believe heroin could be legalized if done in a delivery system which makes it more like a cigarette.”

    Because nothing says “socially acceptable and affordable way to get high” like a cigarette.

    1. Timpf will just put the heroin in her vape and Moynihan will refuse to stop talking about it.

      1. There is literally nothing in the world that has the power to render Moynihan speechless. With the possible exception of seeing Crusty’s domicile.

        1. Vice News can’t show the segment they shot of Crusty’s place, because it’s just twenty minutes of Moynihan standing in shocked silence while the cameraman weeps.

    2. I thought this was a ridiculous quote – these already exists and they’re called oxycodone and hydromorphone. Heroin is injected because it has a very low oral bioavailability, there are more modern opiates of similar or greater strength that can be taken orally and heroin is only preferred because it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture on the black market. Government cracks down on oxy and ‘pill mills’ and surprise surprise heroin use goes up. Legalize all opiates and even life long heroin addicts won’t use heroin anymore and will instead prefer safer and easier alternatives.

  4. “I don’t say that as a ding on Gary Johnson”

    You should. It feels good and all the cool kids are doing it

    1. Two words: William Weld.

      1. Three words: Johnson chosen him

          1. Now we’re at 4 words and a symbol. Make up your mind man.

            1. He meant Chos?n. Johnson and Weld are both huge Korean history buffs.

        1. Exactly. Gay Jay was unelectable for a variety of reasons, even though he was the ‘lesser evil’ in the election.

          Rand Paul is arguably more Libertarian than Gay Jay.

          1. And Paul also got pretty much nowhere as a presidential candidate. I think state legislatures and maybe the House are the places to try to get libertarians elected. It’s just not going to happen with the presidency.

    2. I want to like GayJay, but he made some really stupid decisions that boggle my mind to this day. With that said, the implication is even worse: the libertarian party doesn’t have anybody better than him at the time. And I have feeling it will be the same situation in 2020. Thankfully liberty must be made at the local level first than at the national level, so the party has lots of time to find a suitable candidate. Of course that implies the country won’t implode while we’re waiting.

  5. “Schwing!” as the kids say.

  6. Does Kat Timpf look like a cam girl or do cam girls look like Kat Timpf?

    1. Yes.

    2. Are there pictures of her with an anime wig?

      1. for the right price.

      2. Please no. Don’t desecrate 2D with nasty 3DPD.

  7. It’s also a reminder that the most interesting voices over in that building tend to be the most libertarian?a lesson that I hope the post-Roger Ailes management takes closer to heart.

    Murdock’s kids are a bunch of Progressive punks, so I wouldn’t hold my breath long-term for Fox to get ‘better’ or ‘more libertarian’ although we can all hope, good sir.

  8. “but then concluded that owning one’s body is a “powerful” counter-argument,”

    Adding the right of ownership over one’s own body should be the next amendment to the constitution. It would be the greatest of the amendments.

    1. It’s already in there more or less, it’s just that nobody really believes it anymore. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t an enumerated power that allows the FedGov to do this in the first place, which should have reserved this right to the States or the People themselves.

      I suspect this is one reason why nobody really wants to make a huge legal deal out of States ignoring Federal guidelines on marijuana. They’re afraid the FedGov might lose outright in the SC.

      Well, ok, probably not because the Commerce Clause means whatever the fuck you want it to mean but one can dream.

  9. Kat Timpf is one cheeseburger away from perfection.

    1. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating a cheeseburger.

      Actually, i could really go for a cheeseburger right now.

      1. Would you kick her out of bed for eating durian?

        1. No way. Durian doesn’t even have crumbs. So what if it smells like a dead vagina died inside a dead vagina which died inside a Somalian garbage dump?

        2. I can hold my breath for a while.

  10. I like Kennedy, but I really miss Stossel. I wish he would run for something, maybe move up to New Hampshire and run for Governor. Give the Libertarians a nice boost with a Star at the top of the ticket.

    1. Kennedy has the ideas, but she’s absolutely insufferable to listen to. On her show, she constantly tramples all over the guests she invites. Jesus, whenever Ron Paul is on it, she does more talking than he does!
      I miss you Stossel!

  11. It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ over 60 that the hundred years drug war, which was drastically accelerated in the 1970s, needs to be ended now. Merely looking at the number of dead and injured, without even considering all of the losses to our liberty, should be enough to come to this only logical conclusion.

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