Congress Proposes New Airline Regulations, the French President Requests More Counter-Terrorism Powers, and New Information Is Revealed About the Grenfell Tower Fire: A.M. Links


  • French President Emmanuel Macron
    World Economic Forum/Flickr

    Embattled House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi defends her position after her party's election loss in Georgia's 6th District, telling reporters that she is "worth the trouble."

  • In response to the forcible removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight, lawmakers in both houses of Congress have unveiled new airline regulations. The bills would prevent passengers from being taken off flights after they had already boarded. Check out Reason's coverage on why new regulations for air travellers are unnecessary.
  • Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed making some the counter-terrorism powers he holds thanks to a state of emergency permanent. The French leader wants to maintain the ability to temporarily shut down places of worship and conduct searches with fewer restrictions. Civil liberties advocates are understandably concerned.
  • London police reveal that the deadly Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people last week was sparked by a freezer fridge catching fire. Their investigation also unveiled that the exterior cladding which allowed the fire to spread so quickly failed fire safety tests. You can read Reason's coverage of the fire, and why that dangerous cladding was installed, here.