U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Warplane, Iran Strikes ISIS in Syria, Container Ship Collides Into U.S. Destroyer: A.M. Links


  • KEIZO MORI/UPI/Newscom

    The United States shot down a government warplane over Syria it claimed had bombed U.S.-backed forces. Iran, meanwhile, launched missiles aimed at ISIS sites in Syria in response to terrorist attacks in Tehran.

  • At least 7 sailors have died after a container ship collided into the U.S.S. Fitzgerald near Japan.
  • Gunmen in Mali killed at least 2 tourists after storming a resort.
  • A van plowed into a crowd leaving a mosque in London, injuring several people—the alleged driver was arrested.
  • David Clarke will not be headed to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • The sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury.
  • Brooks Koepka won the U.S. Open.

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  1. The sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury.

    You know who else was hung?

    1. Janet Reno?

    2. Ann Coulter?

    3. Hello.

      Did he say, ‘Hey, hey, hey!’ after the verdict?

    4. Ahem

      1. Apologies for stealing from you. I saw the comment, but didn’t notice the username. I suppose I must excuse you while you whip that out.

    5. “The sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury”

      If the jury is into auto-erotic asphyxiation, no way he’s getting a “guilty’ verdict.

    6. Ronald Reagan?

    7. Nathan Hale>

    8. Deez Nuts?

    9. Bart from Blazing Saddles.

      They said you was hung.

      And they were right!

  2. Brooks Koepka won the U.S. Open.

    And Joe Buck called Brook’s girlfriend the wrong name during their celebratory kiss

    In an awkward but funny moment, Joe Buck saw a woman kiss Brooks Koepka after he won the 2017 U.S. Open in record-tying fashion. The Fox Sports announcer identified the woman as Becky Edwards, a pro soccer player who used to be in a relationship with Koepka after both attended Florida State.

  3. Another addition to the “stories TREASON refuses to cover” file: Drunk farmer ‘starts fight with his own pig but dies after having three fingers and his privates bitten off’

    Miguel is alleged to have returned home drunk from a party and somehow begun fighting with the pig which he kept in his home.

    The animal managed to bite his testicles and severe three fingers of his right hand, the paper claimed, and he was rushed to hospital.

    1. You wanna know how to get the swine? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the sausage grinder. That’s the Chicago way! That’s how you get bratwurst.

      1. It’s pretty much how you get Chicago.

      2. Abe Froman approves!

    2. Why aren’t you reporting about this story, Reason? Does it not fit your pro-pig farming agenda? Pathetic

    3. Sounds like a story on how NOT to make bacon.

    4. And now we know why Muslims and Jews agree that pigs are bad.

      1. This is why i don’t have a problem with eating pork – pigs will happily return the favor if given an opportunity.

        1. Do you also eat cat?

          1. Sure do, ladies.

            1. Well, now we know that the ample cat population in your house is part of your prepping as a backup food supply.

              1. Missed a reference to cunnilingus. Poor Mrs. Morning, Now #1.

        2. I just eat it because a life without bacon would be a hollow shell of a life.

          1. That too.

        3. Reportedly, human flesh tastes similar to pork.

          1. Whoever told you that was wrong.

  4. David Clarke will not be headed to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Couldn’t catch him after all.

  5. NBC News Exclusive: Memo Shows Watergate Prosecutors Had Evidence Nixon White House Plotted Violence

    The memo, written on June 5, 1975, by Watergate special prosecutor Nick Akerman, provides some contemporaneous support for Ellsberg’s allegation that he was targeted.

    It states that “an extensive investigation” found evidence that Nixon operatives plotted an “assault on antiwar demonstrators” at a rally at the U.S. Capitol featuring Ellsberg and other anti-war “notables.” The anti-war demonstration occurred near a viewing of recently deceased FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. An accompanying memo by Akerman summarizes his interview with Stone, who said he helped organize young Republicans to join the counter-demonstration but who had no apparent knowledge of the White House plot on Ellsberg.

    The attack would be on “long-haired demonstrators, in particular Ellsberg,” the prosecutors’ memo states, with the objectives of impugning Ellsberg for protesting near to Hoover lying in state and “simply having Ellsberg beaten up.”

    Those cucks deserved a beating.

    1. We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee.

    2. Wow, that is some superb wingnut convolution of logic right there (like liberal fascism). Let me get this straight – the side who supports elective abortion is really like Handmaids Tale while the party of geeked up Aborto-Freak God Squaders is the party of reproductive freedoms.

      Must be from Bratfart.com.

      1. Won’t pay bets AND intentionally obfuscates? You’re a real winner, shreek.

        1. He’s even less lucid this morning than usual. The Handmaid’s Tale slip indicates the shitlib obsession with reflecting everything through what they see on teevee.

          1. Well, no, that was just shreek responding to the wrong comment – see below.

  6. The Conservative Case for The Handmaid’s Tale

    While many correctly point out the parallels between the subjugation of women in Gilead and their treatment in states like Saudi Arabia, The Handmaid’s Tale more distinctly indicts utilitarianism and segregation on the basis of identity, a modern form of class consciousness more present on the American left than in fundamentalist Islam. Leftists have appropriated the imagery of women uniformed in red dresses and white bonnets to represent the supposed oppression they are suffering at the hands of the Trump administration. But the visual homogeneity of the handmaids’ dress acts rather as a forceful imposition of a kind of Marxian class consciousness. In this case, the members of the handmaid proletariat are not united by their status as laborers; instead they are forced to identify themselves as the fertile means of producing children for the state

    Oh snap!

    1. I see NR’s running with another variation of its “liberuls r the reel opressors” shibboleth.

      1. Leftism is oppression. It always has been and it always will be. It cannot function without crushing everyone’s individuality into a single mold useful only to the state.

        Gilead is collectivist and statist in structure–a situation leftists often claim will come from the right while being what they actively strive for.

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      1. Is nobody doing threading today?

        1. I am.

  8. Since Trump has abdicated all his military responsibilities to the Generals, I predict peace in Syria is only one more air strike/dog fight away.

  9. How ‘Fat Leonard’ bribed the Navy to get U.S. diplomatic immunity

    For more than a year, the Singapore-based defense contractor bribed the naval attache at the U.S. Embassy in Manila to enable his firm to smuggle maritime cargo into the Philippines under U.S. diplomatic cover, according to federal court records.

    The illicit deal granted the contractor, whose real name is Leonard Glenn Francis, diplomatic clearance for his ships to visit Philippine ports without being subject to inspections, custom duties or taxes from local authorities, the records show.

    In his plea agreement, Brooks has admitted to giving Francis sensitive Navy documents about warship deployments, rigging Navy business for his firm and working to undercut his competitors. In emails, the military officer repeatedly referred to Francis as “boss.”

    In exchange, Francis supplied prostitutes for the Navy captain on “dozens of occasions,” according to the plea agreement. Brooks would arrange for paid sex by emailing Francis in coded language, referring to prostitutes as “mocha shakes” or “chocolate boosters.”

    1. referring to prostitutes as “mocha shakes” or “chocolate boosters.”

      I just felt like this needed repeating.

    2. The US Admiral they convicted in this deal got 18 months in jail and reduced in rank to Captain

      He was allowed to retire as a Captain so he will get around $6.000 a month in retirement pay and medical benifits.

      Not exactly a heavy punishment for what he did.

      1. Is that what that song is about?

  10. The Top Five Movies that Will Make Men Cry


    The list doesn’t include Brian’s Song or Point Break, so it’s bullshit.

    1. It just links back to this page. What is your game here?

        1. Well, there’s at 4 movies that didn’t make me cry there and one I’ve never seen.

          1. And no ST2? For shame.

        2. I will readily admit that Shawshank and Rudy made me cry. No matter how many times I watch Shawshank, I choke up when the old man hangs himself.

          1. Spoiler alert!

            1. I also cry when Rudy scores six touchdowns in one game.

          2. I choke up when the old man hangs himself.

            I cry tears of joy when the evil warden kills himself.

    2. ‘I love you guys’. Hoosiers.

      /wipes tear.


      When Damien pulled that scene in front of the Church in ‘Omen’.

      /wipes another tear.

    3. Bromance, sportsball, dogs, military, more sportsball. I think they’ve checked every stereotype. Well done!

    4. The problem is, a man has to first watch Marley and Me before he can cry from it.

      And people really cry at the end of Saving Private Ryan? It’s sad and all, but c’mon.

      1. And people really cry at the end of Saving Private Ryan? It’s sad and all, but c’mon.

        I cry when I think about the sacrifice our greatest generation made in order to defeat Hitler and save freedom.

        1. “Cry” is, of course, a masturbation euphemism.

          1. Freedom is an underappreciated aphrodisiac, Comrade.

          2. If your money shot resembles crying, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

        2. because you know that they utterly failed and we still have Republicans?

        3. *somber horns play*
          *dissolve to American flag*

      2. Marley and Me is a very good book. The movie not so much.

    5. No “The Champ”? Made my 60 year old grandfather, himself as erstwhile boxer and tough guy, ball like a baby. “Wake up Champ!”

      Oh, haven’t seen the movie, but Where the Red Fern Grows as a book got me so bad I don’t allow it in the house.

  11. Megyn Kelly Pantses Alex Jones

    When Kelly’s show finally aired, she took the mendacious Jones apart in such a textbook manner you had to wonder what all the shouting had been about. The Jones pattern, she said at the segment’s top, is making “reckless accusations followed by equivocations and excuses” when questioned. The two best examples of this are his promotion of the “Pizzagate” lies about a satanic child porn ring and his wild allegation that Chobani was “importing Migrant Rapists,” as Infowars hyped its report on Twitter. In both cases, lawsuits have forced Jones to retract and apologize for airing these dishonest stories, and yet in conversation with Kelly he still hedges and quibbles like a con artist in an effort to have his conspiracy pizza and keep his yogurt, too. Likewise with the pathetic claims about the Sandy Hook killings. He’s still throwing the see-through drapery of devil’s advocacy to blur the fact that on most subjects he’s talking out of his tinfoil hat.

    He sells a fine virility supplement, imo.

    1. Megyn Kelly is no hard-hitting interviewer either. Alex Jones is a nutjob but so is Mark “High Pitch Spermy Voice” and the rest of AM redneck radio.

      1. Levin, that is.

        He is an extra-crispy wingnut idiot.

        1. Yeah, because these are CRaZY:
          Impose Congressional term limits
          Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment, returning the election of Senators to state legislatures
          Impose term limits for Supreme Court Justices and restrict judicial review
          Require a balanced budget and limit federal spending and taxation
          Define a deadline to file taxes (one day before the next federal election)
          Subject federal departments and bureaucratic regulations to periodic reauthorization and review
          Create a more specific definition of the Commerce Clause
          Limit eminent domain powers
          Allow states to more easily amend the Constitution by bypassing Congress
          Create a process where two-thirds of the states can nullify federal laws
          Require photo ID to vote and limit early voting

      2. You should pay your bet.

      3. Not a fan of Alex Jones, other than comic relief, but he absolutely destroyed Megyn Kelly with the video he posted, where she is lying through her teeth about the interview. How does someone lie like that like it’s no big deal? What a psychopath.

    2. But aren’t people (D’s) quietly being arrested for pedophilia?

      1. I’m sure some are. Are there examples related to the pizza thing?

        1. I don’t know. I just know I’ve come across – en passant – a few stories like that. It may not be ‘pizza gate’ but it sure does feel like something close to it.

          1. http://nypost.com/2017/05/26/d…..rnography/

            De Blasio aid and child porn


            Mayor of Portland has a few civil cases against him regarding child abuse

            I wouldn’t say it is happening all over, but there has been a string of recent incidences that have gone under-reported. Also, ‘en passant’ is a little known chess move where the pawn can take another pawn horizontally if it has only moved once.

            1. It’s easy enough to find stories about republicans being arrested for child porn too.

              I’m thinking that people are seeing patterns where none exist in an attempt to tie political disagreement to moral degeneracy.

              1. I don’t disagree. I’m just saying that these are probably the stories that he was referring to

              2. It’s easy enough to find stories about republicans being arrested for child porn too.

                And yet you didn’t (couldn’t?) cite a single one to prove your point……..

            2. It’s definitely an issue of partisanship. People are looking to connect the dots to their enemies. That said, there’s a high likelihood that there are quite a few of these people in such halls of power. They’re just not limited to one party or another. It’s apolitical.

              1. Are you implying that power naturally attracts amoral narcissistic control freaks with poor impulse control? Because that would be crazy.

            3. Yes. Its also French for ‘in passing’.

            4. Citizen X
              From what I’ve seen, I think the concern isn’t just that power attracts these types, but that it actually activates / stimulates those parts of the brain in people who may not have had such desires otherwise. (Or wouldn’t have realized such things lay dormant in them)

    3. I don’t know what people thought it was going to be. I always figured the only real effect would be that more people know more about what a nut-job Jones is.

    4. his wild allegation that Chobani was “importing Migrant Rapists,”

      They’re not?

      1. Well, if they’re *migrant* rapists they should move on soon enough then.

    5. When Kelly’s show finally aired, she took the mendacious Jones apart in such a textbook manner you had to wonder what all the shouting had been about.

      Any sensible person was wondering that before it aired, too.

      1. All seven of us!

        1. You got another cat?

  12. The CIA has been hacking dozens of Wi-Fi routers and using them as covert listening points for at least a DECADE, leaked documents reveal

    he manual says that the firmware runs on 25 router models, but could run on more than 100 with minor modifications.

    ‘The Cherry Blossom (CB) system provides a means of monitoring the internet activity of and performing software exploits on targets of interest,’ the document reads.

    ‘In particular, CB is focused on compromising wireless networking devices, such as wireless (802.11) routers and access points (APs), to achieve these goals.’

    1. Huh. I wondered who gave White Chicks 5 stars on my Netflix account.

      1. That movie deserves no more than 3 stars. What a travesty.

    2. Who needs the 4th Amendment?

    3. Should any of this really have been a surprise? Like all bureaucracies, the CIA is dedicated to perpetuating its existence and expanding its influence irrespective of whether those measures are necessary or not.

      One of the more amusing things about Trump’s presidency is liberals rallying to the defense of an institution, along with the FBI, that they trashed for decades.

  13. Brooks Koepka won the U.S. Open.

    This. This is why I’m quitting Reason. Not one goddamn mention of the Stanley Cup victory but something as unAmerican as this tennis match somehow warrants a link.

    1. You must not be a bowler

    2. “as this tennis match”

      Even when you whine, it is sublime.

    3. Golf.

      But it is Scottish in origin – so you can call them commies too.

      1. It takes a buttplug to ruin a joke.

        1. In this case a dirty buttplug.

        2. I can’t even count the number of times a buttplug has ruined a joke for me.

          1. They keep falling out, huh?

  14. Prime Minister Theresa May described the attack as a “sickening” attempt to destroy liberties that unite Britain, such as freedom of worship.
    Actually destroying the liberty of freedom of speech is okay though.

    Not that intentionally running people over is okay but this guys seems to have learned the road rage tactic from Muslim immigrants. Ironic.

    1. That was quick for May, did she also jump in so quick after the other incidents?

      1. Oh yes. If there’s one thing May will not do, its allow a crisis to go to waste if it can be used to prop up the power of the state.

        Hence the ‘I’ma control the internet’ and ‘I don’t care about human rights if they get in the way of me getting at anyone I deem a bad’un’ rhetoric she was spewing after the last Muslim attack.

    2. My morning news/background noise described the attack (“hate crime!”) and mentioned at the end that “this comes after several other recent attacks in Europe”.

  15. While I am no fan of the right-wing, whiny media whining about media bias, this shit is awful: Scott Pelley: D.C. Attack on Congressmen Was ‘to Some Degree Self-Inflicted’

    Thursday evening, CBS’s Scott Pelley, who officially ended his tenure as the network’s Evening News anchor the following evening, told viewers that “It’s time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress Wednesday was foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted.”

    1. Sure, you can ask that. The answers are, in order: possibly, doubtful, and no.

      1. And the questions are:

        Will Crusty get laid tonight?
        With a person?
        Will there be regret?

    2. They just can’t help themselves. Good riddance & who on earth thought that was going to appeal to the senior demographic anyway?

  16. At least 7 sailors have died after a container ship collided into the U.S.S. Fitzgerald near Japan.
    On a more somber note, condolences shipmates.

    The media is doing a horrible job covering how and why these 7 sailors died. Its like they cannot find any ex-Navy people around to give expert insight into sealing ship compartments to mitigate flooding and why do search and rescue when those sailors were dead inside a closed compartment.

    P.S. That ship Captain should face court martial, not only for hazarding a ship and dereliction of duty but anything else that POS did or did not do. He was only commanding officer for some 35 days and will never command anything again.

    1. From the evidence of the photos and the fact that Aux 1 and two berthing compartments flooded rapidly it appears that the bulkhead between Aux 1 and the berthing compartments was hit in the collision and so there was no way to seal off the berthing compartments

      The bulkhead between Aux 1 and the berthing is a solid bulkhead with no hatches below the waterline.

      The big bulbous bow of the container ship punched a hole through the side of the ship and also opened up the bulkhead between Aux 1 and the berthing spaces.

      1. The only diagram of the Arleigh Burke’s compartments that I could find with the basic compartment layout as designed.
        Arleigh Burke class

        1. That diagram in roughly correct

          Aux 1 is at the bottom of the ship underneath the bridge block

          The two berthing areas are forward of it underneath the fwd Phalanx gun

          The vertical line in between is the solid bulkhead with doors only above the waterline

          1. Thanks. I was not a tin-can sailor but on a LPD with many more compartments. We actually purposely flooded the ships for our well deck to release the dogs of war.

    2. “will never command anything again.”

      It worked out o.k. for JFK whose fast and manueverable PT-109 was run over by a Jap destroyer.

      1. That was WWII, PT boats were relatively cheap, and his family was connected.

        But yeah, men under JFKs command died because he did not avoid a Japanese destroyer cutting his PT boat in half.

        Its a different Navy now tough.

        1. It is a little bit different when your vessel collides with a friendly or neutral ship in peacetime compated being rammed by an enemy ship in combat.

    3. That ship Captain should face court martial, not only for hazarding a ship and dereliction of duty but anything else that POS did or did not do.

      It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of the investigation.

    4. 1. I’m not sure what ‘expert’ insight is going to bring to the table. These are news stories not technical breakdowns of the incident to find out what happened, why, and what can be done better next time.

      2. You always do search and rescue if you can’t account for anyone. These compartments were opened up by the collision and its possible someone was swept out. Even if dead you want to recover the bodies.

      3. Which ship captain? The destroyer’s? You’re already jumping to some serious conclusions. The entrance to Tokyo Bay is pretty crowded so its not like you can keep a large amount of distance from other ships. We don’t have nearly enough information to assign fault at this point.

      Anyway, that’s my ‘expert’ insight, based on the information I have at the moment.

      1. Which ship captain? The destroyer’s?

        Under right of way rules, the destroyer should have been passing with the container ship on its port side. The pictures of the Fitzgerald clear show it being hit on the starboard.

        This suggest whoever was in command on the destroyer was at least partially responsible for the accident.

        1. That’s not a hard and fast rule. Its a preferred solution, but there are tons of reasons that ship’s may pass starboard-to-starboard close in, and the RotR allow deviations from them for the purpose of smoothing out passage.

          Remember, this is a pretty crowded area these guys are going through. And we don’t know what communications (if any) were established beforehand and if not, why not. The US ship would have had someone trying to call the other ship. The other ship might have had just a single crewmember on watch on the bridge – one who’s busy and who’s English is poor.

          We just don’t know enough about what happened out there to jump to the conclusion that the destroyer *must* have done something wrong. Then again, we don’t know that the Filipino ship was in the wrong either.

      2. 1. The media is really lazy with reporting and this is another example of that. Having people who know what they are talking about makes better articles.

        2. They didn’t know where those 7 sailors were, so of course look for them. You want to minimize being in the water.

        3. Ship captains that hazard vessels tend to get relieved of command for any reason.

  17. The sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury.


  18. At least 7 sailors have died after a container ship collided into the U.S.S. Fitzgerald near Japan.

    Is the Navy using the “Captain Ron” theory for nautical navigation?

  19. That container dhip must now be painted pink for the next five voyages.

  20. A van plowed into a crowd leaving a mosque in London, injuring several people?the alleged driver was arrested.

    Probably should have stuck with suicide bombings. At least then the people you’re blowing up might think twice abot adopting that tactic to use against your own.

    But its interesting to see the adoption of working tactics by both sides in a conflict – we deployed drones and then the enemy saw how effective they were so they started to do so. Now they’ve deployed a tactic they were sure would never backfire and sure ‘nough, the enemy has started to use it too.

    Wait till automated cars are pushed and forced into existence to ‘combat’ this. And then the next step will be to hack your enemy’s car and send it through a crowd of his own.

  21. Libertarians don’t exist

    I love when people tell me that my opinion doesn’t matter so I should just vote for their side

    1. Actual link (because this comment system sucks): http://nymag.com/daily/intelli…..ction.html

    2. Your link doesn’t exist either.

    3. It seems like I run into a lot of people who self-identify as “socially liberal/aconomically conservative”. But I think a lot don’t really know what that means.

      1. Some people enjoy applying a label to themselves just to be part of the team.

      2. Lot’s of people are ‘socially liberal’ about things they don’t find icky – so not socially liberal at all.

        And lot’s of people are ‘economically conservative’ except for ensuring a ‘strong social safety net, funding the arts and basic science, and of course a strong military – don’t forget my personal ‘entitlements’ too!’ – so not economically conservative at all.

        1. How important is Social Security to the respondent?
          How important is Medicare to the respondent?

          Whether our economic system is biased in favor of the wealthiest Americans.

          If that is how the questions were actually phrased, the economics axis may be slightly skewed.

    4. Stick around, Tony will be by this afternoon to do just that.

    5. “The libertarian movement has a lot of money and hardcore activist and intellectual support, which allows it to punch way above its weight.”

      See it wasn’t people voting Libertarian in the last election that got 3%, it was the money.

      1. Kochs hack the machines, duh.

    6. I agree with the article. 95% of the people who claim to be libertarian or libertarian leaning aren’t.

      1. Perhaps, but then all of this is based on voter data.

    7. The ideological content of Sanders’s platform is not what drew voters. It was, instead, his counter-positioning to Clinton as a clean, uncorrupted outsider.


      1. And Sanders being seen as a ‘clean, uncorrupted outsider’ compared to your candidate should tell you that your candidate badly needs to be scrubbed down. Like Meryl Steep in Silkwood scrubbed down – because she nasty.

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