U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Warplane, Iran Strikes ISIS in Syria, Container Ship Collides Into U.S. Destroyer: A.M. Links


  • KEIZO MORI/UPI/Newscom

    The United States shot down a government warplane over Syria it claimed had bombed U.S.-backed forces. Iran, meanwhile, launched missiles aimed at ISIS sites in Syria in response to terrorist attacks in Tehran.

  • At least 7 sailors have died after a container ship collided into the U.S.S. Fitzgerald near Japan.
  • Gunmen in Mali killed at least 2 tourists after storming a resort.
  • A van plowed into a crowd leaving a mosque in London, injuring several people—the alleged driver was arrested.
  • David Clarke will not be headed to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • The sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury.
  • Brooks Koepka won the U.S. Open.