A.M. Links: Trump Reportedly Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice, Scalise Remains in Critical Condition After Baseball Practice Shooting, London Apartment Fire Death Toll Rises to 17


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

  • On Twitter today, President Trump responded to the news that Mueller is investigating him: "They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice"
  • Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot yesterday at a congressional baseball practice in Arlington Alexandria, Virginia.
  • "Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeatedly refused to answer senators' questions on Tuesday about his conversations with President Trump, even though Mr. Trump had not asserted executive privilege to keep them secret. That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress."
  • The death toll from the London apartment tower fire has risen to 17. That number is expected to climb as firefighters continue to search the building.
  • The jury in the Bill Cosby trial is now entering its fourth day of deliberations.

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  1. Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

    The president is revving up his catchphrase.

    1. Hello.

      1. That’s not his catchphrase, Rufus.

        1. “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name? …So I can put it on this termination letter!”

    2. I should have ordered the FBI in reinvestigate Hillary on May 9, 2017 after firing Comey.

    3. Out of order, I’ll show you out of order! You don’t know what out of order is, Mr. Trask. I’d show you, but I’m too old, I’m too tired, I’m too fuckin’ blind. If I were the man I was five years ago, I’d take a FLAMETHROWER to this place! Out of order? Who the hell do you think you’re talkin’ to? I’ve been around, you know? There was a time I could see. And I have seen. Boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there isn’t nothin’ like the sight of an amputated spirit.

      1. Not Mr. Trask but someone else….

  2. Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

    Trump’s just going to walk toward him swinging his firing arms and Mueller gets hit and ends up fired, that’s his fault.

    1. “It’s the old no crime was committed but justice was obstructed trick” (pretend Don Adams is saying it).

      1. Hey, cops use it all the time on the smallfolk (see all the stories in Reason wherein a person gets arrested and the only charge is “resisting arrest”). Why not apply it to the big ones?

        1. That Trump could molest your kid and order the FBI to back off the investigation because the Constitution is not exactly a winning argument.

          1. Good thing i only argued that in your imagination, then.

            1. I didn’t mean to imply you made that argument.

              1. Okay, but i’m keeping my eye on you.

                1. That’s probably a good idea.

      2. Which came first? The Obstruction or the non-existent crime?

        1. He should have used the Cone of Silence when talking to Comey and the Russians.

          1. The shoe phone was tapped.

  3. Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot yesterday at a congressional baseball practice in Arlington, Virginia.

    Maybe what this country needs is common sense hate control legislation.

    1. Stop giving them ideas!

      Although …. hmm ….. How about mandatory trigger warning locks?

    2. And here I thought all the old white unemployed mid west blue collar guys supported the GOP.

  4. “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice”

    It’s how they got Al Capone.

      1. Comey = Judas Iscariot ???

      2. Jesus’s words on the cross were actually: “It’s a fair cop”.

      3. They nailed Jesus.

        1. A postal worker fed him meatballs.

          1. that guy is a dick.

        2. You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus!

          1. Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

          2. Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger ’til it goes “click.”

    1. The democrats are implementing the full Cloward-Piven strategy on Trump. I read the other day that apparently D.C. and Maryland are trying to sue him now.

      It’s so freaking obvious the goal is to overwhelm him with so much bullcrap from so many different directions at once that he can’t do his job or anything at all.

    2. I could rant against Trump all day long, but good golly it’s like a breath of fresh air when he tweets something non-insane in plain English.

      1. The sweet sweet breeze of low expectations

  5. That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress

    Yeah… Congress would have totally gotten to the bottom of everything otherwise.

  6. That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress.

    Congressional impotence – of which Sessions is no doubt keenly aware – is all the legal basis he needs.

    1. That’s less de jure and more de facto though, innit.

      1. You Karl Pilkington now?

  7. “That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress.”

    Oh, what the heck. Might as well get the judicial branch spending the taxpayers’ money on this, too.

    1. “That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress.”

      Questions? What questions? With Clapper and Holder committing congressional perjury with absolutely no repercussions, I thought that horse had already left the barn.

  8. Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot yesterday at a congressional baseball practice in Arlington, Virginia.

    Something like this was bound to happen unfortunately. The extreme divide in this country combined with some truly hateful rhetoric is a recipe for disaster. I hope this is the last we see of this type of event but I fear for the worst.

    1. The worst would come if more RINOs in Congress go along with lefty plans for impeachment.

      There are 62M Americans who are not going to be happy with Congressmen usurping the constitution to forestall dismantling of the Nanny-State.

      1. You are overestimating the number of people who care about dismantling the nanny state by at least a couple orders of magnitude.

        1. +1 keeping your government hands off my medicare

        2. +1 EO repeal 2 for 1
          +1 Gorsuch
          +1 dismantle EPA rules
          +1 destroy the Democrats
          +1 Fire Comey and other corrupt bureaucrats

  9. Snowflake alert!! Mainer attacked by rabid raccoon drowns it in puddle

    While jogging on a familiar, overgrown, wooded trail near her home on a recent warm afternoon, Rachel Borch thought to herself, “what a beautiful day.”

    Little did she know she was about to be attacked by a rabid raccoon she would end up killing with her bare hands.

    “I didn’t think I could strangle [the raccoon] with my bare hands,” she remembers thinking, but holding it under the water might do the trick.

    I don’t want to brag or anything, but while I was showering after a trail run yesterday I noticed a deer tick in my leg. I calmly sprang to action and drowned it in the water.

    1. You didn’t do shit to that tick. Those things are indestructible. I put one in the microwave once for 10 minutes, and I looked in after 9 and the thing was still crawling up the wall inside.

      1. I pried it off my shapely cafe and taunted it as it went down the drain. Sure, it may be alive in the drain, plotting it’s revenge, but I would rather assume I took that motherfucker out.

        1. Crusty, you know who loves to eat ticks? Possums. Next time, I suggest getting completely naked and putting a possum on your belly and letting it go to town.

          1. Possums are the best. I saw one in my yard gather up a bunch of sticks, and then it wrapped its tail around them, lifted them up, and walked off like it was a backpack. It was so nuts i almost threw up.

            1. Possums carry the parasite that causes Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis.

              Possums should be murdered with prejudice on sight.

              1. My thoughts and prayers are with your obsolete, high-maintenance, living mode of transportation.

                1. Horse poor is a choice.

              2. My wife agrees, neuron. She found a baby possum in the recycle bin one morning and ran back into the house. And *locked the door.*

                1. Necron, neuron, whatever.

                  1. Macht nichts. Nec, Neu, asshole, I answer to all kinds of names.

                    I never had a problem with the possum until my cousin’s horse got EPM, it was a sad sight.

                2. What is with possums and recycling bins? I think fully half of the non-roadkilled possums i’ve ever seen were hanging out in recycling bins.

      2. Microwave radiation has a rather large wavelength. Really small creatures can survive being microwaved if it happens that none of the waves touch them. It’s the same reason your food sometimes has cold spots in it.

        1. uhh, I doubt it… “micro” wave. It’s right there in the name. Duh.
          /Bill Nye

      3. The superhero Tickman was created that way. He can suck the fuck out of your balls, bring you to your knees.

    2. I threw a live mouse
      caught in a trap at my hens
      nature fights nature

      1. Fist of Etiquette
        Haiku is not your milieu
        Just stick with first post

        1. Tom Bombadil-o
          Shanks a dude his first night in
          No one fucks with him

          1. I was the Fascist
            Loofa Faced Shitgibbon once
            I retired the name

            1. Old tom Bombadil
              Is a merry fellow;
              Bright blue his jacket is,
              And his boots are yellow.

              1. None has ever caught him yet,
                for Tom, he is the master:
                His songs are stronger songs,
                and his feet are faster.

        2. There once was a poem so great
          everyone thought it was fate
          but along came a commenter
          a real dissent fomenter
          whose venom brought nothing but hate

          1. The stud bull was aged
            Slipping, mumbling, insecure
            Christ, what an asshole

              1. Wait, I got more:

                Sad, Sad Limerick
                Weakest style of poetry
                Christ, what an asshole*

                *That last line’s just too good to use just once today.

                1. Addictive haiku
                  Dammit Tom, I don’t have time
                  Christ, what an asshole

    3. Little old lady got mutilated late last night,
      Rabid racoons of Maine again.

      1. Nice.

        How was Trump to know-w-w,
        Flynn was with the Russians, too?

    4. I’ve been dive-bombed on multiple runs by red-winged blackbirds, but apparently it’s a $250,000 fine and two years in prison if you kill one. Talk about your stupid legislation…

      1. Not if you yell, “It’s coming right for us”.

        1. I guess, but I don’t have the resources or desire to prove in court (1) the absence of aggression or provocation on my part; (2) an actual and honest belief that I was in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm; (3) the existence of reasonable grounds for my belief; and (4) the absence of a reasonable possibility of retreat to avoid the danger.

          I think it’s proving (2) that’s the biggest issue, since they’re just small birds. I don’t think I’d want to necessarily kill one anyway, maybe just stun it to teach it a lesson. I just think the law is overkill.

      2. Those laws are pretty much unprovable unless you take a selfie with it and put the hashtag #killedanendangeredspecies under it.

        Frankly, the fact that wind farms get a pass on those types of legislation means that I can’t really give two fucks about it.

  10. “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice”

    He’s not wrong.

  11. That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress

    Would’ve been better if he responded to every Democrat with a healthy “fuck you” and left his answers at that.

    1. I too am comforted whenever the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official responds to questions by saying, “Executive privilege, nigga.”

      As long as that official plays for my team, of course.

      1. One, two, three, fo’, FIFF

        1. Trump will have earned one fan, if while during his testimony he randomly starts to yell, “Yo, wrap that shit up, B,” at a Senator.

          1. Make that two fans.

  12. Gamers last longer in bed! Men who are avid players are less likely to ejaculate prematurely, study finds

    Those who play games for an hour each day are less likely to ejaculate prematurely – which can be embarrassing for men.

    Remember kids, the headlines are all that matter.

    1. So, basically they are thinking about video games while having sex.

      1. A diet consisting entirely of Doritos and Mountain Dew does not for easy orgasms make.

      2. Pretty much or grandparents works too.

        1. Squirrels and mayonnaise.

          1. Grandparents may too powerful. Only use that one if she’s a 10.

          2. I start thinking about squirrels when my dick is buried in nectar and bad things could happen next thing you know the dog is licking mayo off my butt.

            1. Uh….ok. You know you actually typed that out rather than just thinking it?

            2. Cyborg’s got a new handle.. Cyborg’s got a new handle.

      3. “As soon as I finish her, I’ll loot her corpse.”

    2. “Those who play games for an hour each day are less likely to ejaculate prematurely – which can be embarrassing for men.”

      Which part was embarrassing?

      Also, there is no such thing as a premature ejaculation. Every ejaculation occurs right on time.
      /dave chappelle

  13. The press was quick to blame “hateful rhetoric” (presumably from the right) after the Giffords shooting but, today, and despite the fact this shooter is the genuine article and the shkoting had a clear political motive, the NYT still found the chutzpah to bring back Sarah Palin and the “target” she presumably placed on Giffords, even when she didn’t and even when Loughner didn’t know of its existence.

    1. I’m surprised no one else is talking about that here, because that was a truly awful op-ed.

  14. Trump and Bill Cosby going down together?

    How fitting.

    1. I think they’re both hetro

    2. On whom?

    3. Trump is getting off.

      Cosby is getting off.

      1. Hopefully not together.

        1. I knew you were fine with separate but equal.

  15. investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

    After recent events, I don’t think lefties need any more red meat. But I’m sure they will take this and run with it.

  16. Skittles honors LGBTQ Pride by replacing the rainbow with oh god, no

    For the past two years, the brand has decided to strip color from its candy shells because there’s only “one rainbow” during Pride month. It’s a strange gesture of respect, but nowhere near as weird as what they replaced it with: white skittles.

    Just think: White skittles. That’s we’re supposed to celebrate. For a month called PRIDE.

    Fun fact: Vern Schillinger is the CEO of Skittles.

    1. Why does Schillinger hate the people who supply his artificial colors? WHY?!

    2. Waiting for Bobby Rush to don his hoodie and say something about this on the house floor.

    3. there’s only “one rainbow” during Pride month

      Where the hell did that come from?

      1. I am offended that we got stuck with one of the short months. And you know damn well it would have been February if that one wasn’t already taken.

        1. Can’t we consolidate and just make February “victims month”?

    4. Is this a Brit thing?

      Of course, Skittles by no means wanted to celebrate “White Pride.”

      Like, that would be the worst.

      1. They should have thought about that before they made all Skittles white on the inside!! My white guilt about never previously caring about any of this is overwhelming.

  17. “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice”

    This is a surprisingly measured tweet. Are we sure Donald’s feeling ok?

    1. He’s just so tired of all you people.

    2. By tweeting “Nice” rather than “sad” he’s moved on to sarcasm.

      1. I see “nice” as in the left and RINOs are falling for his plan.

        Expose all the corrupt bureaucrats who are political, expose all the RINOs who are closet lefties, expose all the Democrats for socialists and they get them all fired.

        Trump is like 99% there.
        Step into my office, cause you’re fucking fired

        1. RINOs who are closet lefties

          Those aren’t RINOs, they are the mainstream of the party.

          1. Pretty much this, unfortunately.

          2. Yeah, there are probably more RINOs than I want to know about.

  18. Critics have been having the same debates about art and politics forever. Ours are just dumber.

    The raucous intellectual debates of Podhoretz’s time ? between communists and anti-communists, hawkish liberals and peaceniks and nascent conservatives ? have been replaced by an overarching ideology that one could call checklistism, an effort to reduce qualitative analysis to little more than an analysis of how many boxes it ticks off: Is a work of art made by someone of the correct race or gender or orientation; does it run afoul of cultural appropriation or whitewashing or whatever faddish notion Tumblr and Twitter are obsessing over on any given day? There’s little room for nuance, little concern for the meaning of a work.

    1. It’s why critics feel the need to highlight and defend the importance of “Wonder Woman,” propelling the film to a 93 percent fresh Rotten Tomatoes score even as aesthetically identical films suffer far worse fates.

      I was afraid that was the case. Haven’t seen the movie yet but haven’t heard one negative review, which is unusual, especially for that genre.

      I think as long as the perception continues that woke = thought-provoking and insightful, we will continue to have the dumbing down/replacement of important literature and art.

      1. Well, a lot of that important literature and art was created by white guys, like, a hundred years ago.

      2. A lot of those pieces of literature and art are being destroyed or censored as well, because they’re thought provoking and therefore triggering. When I say censored, of course, I mean that it simply isn’t taught anymore period.

      3. It was a great Chris Pine movie, with Wonder Women as a guest star.

  19. I rarely find anything of quality over at “American Thinker” but this guy nutshells it pretty well, I think.



    “What of the IRS actively and concertedly targeting conservative groups? This is clearly illegal. (One of the impeachment counts against Nixon ? Article 2 – was that he had attempted to use the IRS in a similar manner.) The object, let us remember, was to interfere in a presidential election. It is hard to conclude otherwise than that Mr. Comey’s FBI did not investigate this: the victims, it appears, were not even interviewed. In a world in which the FBI functions normally, this cannot occur”

    1. Yo, that IS normal FBI functioning.

      1. Normal FBI functioning involves gunfights with bank robbers and COINTELPRO.

        1. You forgot surfing and skydiving.

          1. There is nothing normal about John Utah, friendo.

            1. Ben Harp: Now for Christ’s sake, does either one of you have anything even remotely interesting to tell me?

              Johnny Utah: I caught my first tube today… Sir.

          2. If Gary Busey were the FBI director, I might actually feel safer.

            1. Gary would do well in so many government positions.

              1. And he’s worked with Trump before, so as long as Meat Loaf isn’t involved in the administration…

          3. Hey, don’t forget chasing aliens and getting stuck in evil dimensions for 25 years.

            1. *ahem*

              Fuck David Lynch.

              That is all.

      2. FBI’s files on TSR, Inc., the company that originally published the iconic Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.
        This is Comey’s beloved FBI and what they spend their time and money on.

        Apolitical my ass.

    2. In a world in which the FBI functions normally this not only can occur, it will be inevitable.

  20. “Officials say that changed shortly after Comey’s firing.”
    “Five people briefed on the interview requests, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly….”
    “The obstruction-of-justice investigation of the president began days after Comey was fired on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter.”
    More unsubstantiated lefty nonsense. This is the strategy of the left- print lies and offer no actual sources. No other lefty media source will call them on it.

    We all know the left’s agenda here- to slow down the dismantling of the Nanny-State.

    I think Trump’s goal is to get more corrupt bureaucrats to expose themselves and then fire them. Comey was just the first in a long line. Then after getting rid of a bunch of lefty bureaurcats in the FBI, order a reinvestigation of Hillary. In fact, that is pretty genius.

    I think its hilarious that the left is trying to make Trump out to be a master of collusion of some crime but they cannot admit that Trump is smart.

    1. It’s seven-dimensional chess! It only LOOKS like Whac-a-mole because you can’t see the other four dimensions!

    2. Trump is a nanny-stater, you idiot. He ran on ramping SS, Medicare, and defense spending up.

      1. So, you believe him now? I thought he is a liar? If he’s a liar, how can you believe that he won’t have Congress mess with SS, Medicare and defense?

        That is why Trump causing TDS for the left is so fun to watch. The left has to say that he is doing a good job by not touching SS and Medicare.

        1. We need to cut all those nanny-state programs. Guess who actually would have? Obama did, you conservative hack.

          Obama would have signed Simpson-Bowles if members of both parties hadn’t torpedoed it. Even Tom Coburn voted for it – a real conservative and not some jackass pretending to be one like the Con Man is.

          1. Guess who actually would have? Obama did

            That is one of the funniest things i’ve read all week. Kudos, shreek!

            1. Sometimes I unhide his posts to see where his delusions have led him today.

            2. You’re just an ignorant hack.

              Simpson-Bowles was real, had real nanny-state cuts, and had the support of Obama.

              1. You’re a delusional liar. Go away.

                1. If you like your nanny state, you can keep your nanny state.

          2. Butt:
            That is hilarious! Obama had 8 years to limit government and he never…never (I repeat never) did.

      2. And yet he is setting up the dismantling of the Nanny-State: Gorsuch, EO repeal 2 for 1, dismantling EPA rules, dismantling banking rules, etc.

        I go by reaction and the left’s reaction tells me that Trump is not a Nanny-Stater.

        1. He hasn’t “dismantled” shit, you TEAM RED! jizz sponge.

          There has been ZERO legislation.

          Go back to Bratfart.

          1. I really got your rage going, huh?

            I know you don’t like what Trump has done to start dismantling the Nanny-State.

            Go back to leftyland.

        2. he is setting up the dismantling of the Nanny-State


          1. he is setting up the dismantling of the Nanny-State

            Gorsuch will help with that.
            Betty Devos will help with that.

        3. I go by reaction and the left’s reaction

          …should tell you exactly jack shit about Trump, if you’re being at all rational.

          1. The left is freaking out and shooting people because they are so upset.

            Trump is doing something right.

    3. Unfortunately, the Trump in your mind is far superior to the real deal 1789. His pick for his chief of staff should have been a monumental red flag.

      1. Trump was relatively new to politics. I think he chose people he thought he could trust to be close to him and help get his administration going. He clearly chose some good people. He also chose some less than ideal people.

        The left freaking out about many in Trump’s cabinet tell me that Trump made good choices. If the left liked them, then that would be a red flag.

        The left loved Comey until election 2016, then hated him until May 9, 2017.

        That is one of the problems with winning a Presidency as an outsider candidate- you don’t have a bunch of asshole political buddies who want to serve in government and steal money from taxpayers. Hillary did have that.

  21. Several political animals on the left, including a governor of Virginia who doesn’t know the difference between “tens” and “millions”, are again and on cue calling for – wait for it – more gun control.

    I think I’ll agree to that if they agree to confiscate the guns of all their supporters, i.e. the lunatics on the Marxian side, who not only espouse violent rhetoric but actually practice what they preach, in college campuses and on the streets, almost every day. If these good souls would agree that the first ones whose rights shouod be abridged are their own, then I can get on board with more “sensible gun laws”, because it is now very clear that these precious snowflakes, while talking the talk about not wanting guns on the street, are not as willing to walk the walk. They’re the worst hypocrites alive.

    1. They can lecture me on gun control when they stop killing babies.

  22. “Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.”

    Mueller was Comey’s mentor.

    Comey was Mueller’s protege.

    If Mueller is going to investigate whether firing Comey was obstruction of justice, then Mueller should recuse himself.

    1. Agreed,
      I don’t know much about this Mueller feller, but the O of J should be the most firstest mainest thing he does not get into.

      And I like your posts much better when they are < 6 paragraphs.

      1. I don’t give a shit what you think of the length of my posts.

        1. Agreed. This was also a great post. Short and succinct. Keep it up!

          1. Not only do I not care what you think of the content of my posts, I don’t care what you think about anything.

    2. Best English teacher I ever had, was for Scientific and Technical writing last year in college, fill a req. He had us write a paper, handed it back to us, said “cut it in half”. About 4 iterations of this, I had a paper which said the same thing, but popped.

      Jus’ sayin.

  23. Here’s Preet Bahara being good for something:

    “Reminder: Mueller was FBI Director when he & then-DAG James Comey together intervened at Ashcroft’s bedside in 2004 & threatened to resign.”

    —Preet Bahara, Twitter


    1. Sounds like Preet has a chip on his shoulder.

      1. He strikes me as someone that’s going to want to take down as much as he can on his way out.

      2. Sounds like Preet wants to keep his name in the news so he can run for some sort of higher office.

      3. Oh, yeah, last I heard he still whining about being fired as U.S. Attorney.

        He’s touting Mueller’s apparent conflict of interest as an excellent qualification for special counsel!

        . . . which is yet another excellent indication that Preet Bahara has no business being a U.S. Attorney.

        God forbid he ends up attached to the Liz Warren campaign, or something, and ends up as Attorney General.

        1. I’m sure he can aim higher than that.

          1. Sales Promotion Girl for Woodchippers.

    2. Right. The Bushpigs were trying to make a deathly sick Ashcroft sign their torture legalization.

      Bahara would have investigated the Trump crime family in New York but the Con Man fired him too.

      1. So, how many copies of your piece of shit book have been sold so far?

        1. Shreek is not David Weigel, you retard. Why do you keep insisting that he is?

      2. The question wasn’t whether Mueller and Comey were right on that issue.

        The question is whether Mueller is objective enough to decide whether firing his protege amounts to a crime.

        If they threatened to resign together, then the answer to that question is probably “no”.

        1. Poor logic. Still good on the brevity.

          1. Up yours.

            Incidentally, not only do I not care what you think of the length of my posts, I don’t care what you think of their content either.

        2. Mueller is objective enough, if you go by anyone with any experience working with him, ever.

          (Stepping in to actively save Trump from Trump’s retarded criminality is not equivalent to objectivity, in case you were wondering.)

        3. It’s a good question to ask if Mueller can truly be objective when dealing with Comey. The fact that Comey admitted to leaking information to the press at least once is concerning to me since he did so with the expressed purpose in turning the investigation into a criminal investigation. Why did he do that? I still haven’t heard a good reason.

          1. He is a Hillary fan.

            Comey is not a conservative, he is a bureaucrat. He wanted to give Hillary a chance, so recommending no charges allowed her to continue the campaign. If he recommended indictment, her campaign would be over and Obama probably would have pardoned her.

            Comey was aware of the illegal wiretapping of Trump and was probably passing on information to the media and certainly Obama. Comey knew that Trump is not a friend to bureaucrats. Comey was willing to set up Trump by recording their conversations on the logic that people would believe Comey over Trump.

            When Trump won, Comey was told by Trump that he was doing a good job. Comey thought he would be a lefty hero by leaking information and being the person to investigate Trump out of office. I think Comey considered himself a J. Edgar Hoover type. Comey was actually surprised he was fired and sought to make trump look bad without blatantly lying, since perjury is a crime.

      3. Obama authorized torture during his administration at Gitmo.

        Obama also authorized extra-judicial murder of Americans overseas via drones.

  24. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeatedly refused to answer senators’ questions on Tuesday about his conversations with President Trump, even though Mr. Trump had not asserted executive privilege to keep them secret. That raises questions about whether Mr. Sessions had any legal basis to stonewall Congress.”

    It sure does raise questions, and I’ll bet I know who’s raising them. Sort of like the “some people say” line – yeah, some people say the editors of the NYT should be dragged around by a strand of hanger wire wrapped around their nutsacks, too.

    But it should be fairly easy questions to answer – is executive privilege something that has to be invoked or something that has to be waived and who gets to decide whether it’s invoked or waived? In either case, I’m pretty damn sure the Constitution doesn’t say a damn thing about the NYT’s prerogatives in that area.

    1. Those words. They make no sense.

    2. Those words. They make no sense.

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