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Katy Perry Is Very Sorry She Once Wore Her Hair in Cornrows

The cultural appropriation hysteria reaches a fever pitch.



Katy Perry has made a public apology. She's been filmed making a mea culpa. She has confessed to having made "several mistakes" in recent years. So what exactly were her moral crimes? Did she get embroiled in a drug scandal? Is she a tax-dodging queen? Did her spat with Taylor Swift cross the line from tweets to violence?

Nope. She once wore her hair in cornrows.

The cultural appropriation hysteria has reached such a fever pitch that celebs are now apologizing for hairstyles. In an interview with DeRay McKesson, Black Lives Matter activist and host of the podcast Pod Save The People, Perry fessed up to her many "mistakes," including sporting cornrows in the video for "This Is How We Do" and rocking the geisha look at the 2013 American Music Awards. In the world of the cultural-appropriation fanatic, who frowns viciously upon any borrowing from a culture other than one's own, such behavior is tantamount to blacking-up and singing "Mammy."

Perry has now learnt the lesson of her crazy foray into cultural imperialism and arrogant white-lady hairstyle theft. "Why can't I wear my hair that way?," she asked herself when "This Is How We Do" caused a Twitter-stink. Luckily for her, "empowered angels"—B.S. spiritual talk for politically correct people—were on hand to give her an answer. It's because there is "power in black women's hair" and white women can't just steal that.

Acknowledging that her whiteness means she will never fully grasp this mystery of black women's hair-related power, Perry says she's nonetheless trying to redeem herself for her crimes against cultural purity. "I will never understand, but I can educate myself, and that's what I'm trying to do," she told McKesson.

This act of moral self-flagellation, this very public confession of wickedness, confirms how widespread the cultural-appropriation panic has become. When even someone as pop as Perry, who has more Twitter followers than most countries have citizens, is playing the awful game of bowing and scraping before cultural dividing lines, you know the P.C. madness has gone mainstream.

Will other celebrities follow suit? Will Beyonce finally apologize for that time she wore a sari, which Teen Vogue, fashion mag turned mouthpiece of P.C. silliness, held up as proof that India is treated as "a shallow vessel that exists for Westerners to find themselves"? Will Zoe Saldana beg forgiveness for using darkening make-up to play Nina Simone, which one mag branded an act of black appropriation whose "degree of wackness… can't be overstated"? And how about Ke$ha, who in the video for "Crazy Kids" wears not only cornrows but also a grill and enough bling to make Mr. T balk?

The clampdown on cultural appropriation has gone crazy. Campuses forbid the wearing of sombreros lest Mexicans feel culturally violated. Britain's Glastonbury music festival has banned the sale of Native American headdress. Authors are warned against writing characters of a different race or culture to them, which I'm pretty sure would make the entire enterprise of literature impossible, or at least pointless.

Anthony Horowitz, British author of the wildly popular Alex Rider teen novels, was advised not to include a black character in his latest story because that is "not [your] experience." Imagine if all authors wrote only from personal experience. All of Shakespeare's plays would be about people who grew up the sons of glove-makers in sleepy Stratford. More importantly, the very humanity of literature, its capacity for finding the universal in the particular, for uncovering some of the truth of human life across the racial, gender, and sexual board, would be destroyed.

The aim of the sanction against cultural appropriation is actually pretty sinister. It is to keep us in our cultural lanes. It is to lock us into our racial boxes. It's a plea for cultural purity, a rehashing in P.C. lingo of that dark, old 20th-century idea that biology or heritage should count for more than our shared humanity, and that blacks and whites will never really understand each other. Don't mix, it says. It rehabilitates segregation, or at least the segregationist imagination. "I will never understand," as Perry said. That is, she'll never understand black people. How depressing is it that this has become an acceptable and even media-praised thing to say in 2017?

"I will never understand" is the cry of the right-on in the 21st century, and it runs directly counter to every properly liberal, enlightened movement of the past hundred years, which encouraged understanding, solidarity in fact, across the racial divide.

This new celebration of cultural purity deadens culture. It drains pop culture in particular of the thing that keeps it alive and urgent and sometimes brilliant: its fusions and rip-offs and derivations. Pretty much every form of popular entertainment we enjoy is a product of cultural mixing, whether it's rock, springing from the interactions of blacks and whites in the South, or hip-hop, which in the early days nodded to 1970s European electro music, or Western blockbuster movies, which have borrowed from the style and feel of East Asian cinema. All culture is "cultural appropriation." Cultural appropriation isn't some terrible evil—it's the stuff of life itself.

How awful that Perry is communicating to her young fan base the idea that it's bad to borrow from other cultures. Why is she doing this? Well, there's the rub. It's because while white self-flagellation might look like self-hatred, it is in fact, darkly ironically, a new shortcut to the moral high ground. It's how you show you're "woke." It's how you prove you're a Good White Person in contrast with white trash who wear chunky jewelry and speak in black twangs or college students who think it's okay to don a sombrero.

Whether it's Perry apologizing for her cultural crimes, Macklemore rapping about his white privilege, or Lena Dunham bemoaning "privileged white womanhood," modern culture is stuffed with white folks beating themselves up. But their self-ridicule is really an advert of their white wokeness. So not only does the cultural-appropriation hysteria racially compartmentalize humanity, it also creates the space for a new, weird, destructive form of political correctness. Everything about it is terrible.

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  1. Christ, what a coward.

    1. She’s got nice tits though fuck.

      1. And she got to bang Orlando Bloom and John Mayer.

        1. But she also had to bang Russell Brand, so…

          1. Girl, you know you know you’d take that deal.

          2. Russell Brand is wealthy, famous, and 6’1″ tall. That accounts for about 95% of a man’s attractiveness to women.

        2. As a hetero guy, I genuinely do not get this – do women REALLY like Orlando Bloom? He looks like a 16-year-old lesbian.

          1. My wife wants to fck him.

          2. Yes, and false.

          3. As a hetero guy, I thought he was a lot prettier with his own hair in Pirates than as Legolas.

            1. Orlando would be the belle of the ball in prison. I’m sure his ass would go for many cartons of smokes.

          4. That’s not true. I know several 16-year-old lesbians and they are all markedly more masculine than Orlando Bloom.

        3. This does nothing for me, back to her true assets.

      2. Yes, I too would like to fuck her tits.

  2. Also, the dance routine with the infamous Left Shark presented Shark-Americans in a disparaging way. Not Okay.

    1. Trump was very offended.

  3. Did her spat with Taylor Swift cross the line from tweets to violence?


    1. This proves T Swift is better.

      1. Do you know what else proves that Sizzle is better than Katy Perry?

        Literally everything.

        1. Sorry, but you are radically underselling the importance of fat titties.

          1. ^ This

    2. I would watch that fight, jus sayin

  4. because nothing’s more racist then telling you you only are allowed to wear certain things because of your skin color.

    Cultural Appropriation is not a thing, sorry you post-modern fucks. Nothing to apologize for. If she is ashamed of anything, it should be cowering to these fucks. The only reason “social media erupted in a firestorm” has any power is because people give it power. The response should just be “fuck you” and move on.

    1. Actually the only thing that is essentially postmodern is a skepticism toward overarching narratives, and the idea of cultures as separate and linear things seems to fit squarely in that category.

      1. No, no. You see, “post modern” just means whatever cultural trends most annoy esteve7.

    2. “Fuck you and move on.” Sage advice. And given the state of the world I will be doing a lot more of that.

    3. Apparently, we shouldn’t learn anything from other cultures.


      Good to know.

      I want to know when white culture stops being appropriated. It is ENGLISH, after all. Speak your own language, thieves!

      1. English vocabulary is filled with words cribbed from other languages.

        1. “Cribbed” comes from Dutch and Germanic languages.

      2. see things the left likes is totally fine but if they don’t like it, it is cultural appropriation.

        1. If you want a laugh, ask about basketball and why blacks aren’t appropriating white culture playing it.

    4. She can be ashamed of her shitty CCM music.

    5. There is making fun of cultures, and then there is borrowind from cultures. The Left’s problem si that they can’t tell the difference. To them, wearing cornrows is making fun of Blacks.

      So what is the difference? Well, mockery is one. If you use of something is to mock another culture then it’s bad. But then there are some subtler things like ignorance. Blackface is still mockery, even if the perp is so fucking ignorant they don’t know it. Ditto for ridiculous Pocahontas Halloween costumes. The line starts to blur though with some things. Sombreros at a tequila frat party? Defintely crosses the line, but is the the Sombreros or the tequila that is over the line? In my opinion, it’s merely being in frathouse…

      On the other side, sushi made by non-Japanese chefs is NOT mockery. Burritos made by non-Latino chefs is fine. We don’t have to apologize to the Narragansett whenever we eat Succotash.

      So… Katy’s cornrows? Perfectly fine. The Geisha costume? My opinion is it’s borderline. It really depends on what she was trying to do with it.

      1. I can understand the perspective that it’s not great for someone from a powerful, dominant culture like American culture to mock or degrade smaller, weaker cultures. Not sure if I agree, but I can understand.

        I don’t see why it’s “not OK” to make fun of Japanese or Chinese or Islamic culture, for example, but it’s OK to mock or degrade American and some European cultures. There are plenty of non-white cultures in the world that have been at least as evil and imperialistic as any European or American culture.

        Maybe everyone should just try to get the fuck over it and accept that cultures are all kind of weird and silly and there’s really not so much wrong with laughing, both at your own culture and those of other people while keeping in mind that it’s generally good to avoid being too much of an asshole.

        1. Leftists should Move On. (bad joke intended.)

      2. It really depends on what she was trying to do with it.

        I think she crossed the line because she kept saying, “me Chinee, me tell joke, me go pee-pee in your Coke.”

      3. There is making fun of cultures, and then there is borrowind from cultures. The Left’s problem si that they can’t tell the difference.

        What’s wrong with either of them? How insecure do you have to be in order to take offense at other people making fun of your culture?

      4. Brandybuck, please fuck off and die in a fire.

        There is no line.

        Even if I’m mocking something, there Is NO LINE

        You CANNOT appropriate something that is intangible and infinite.

        You can do it too–but that action does not keep anyone else from having it and doing it as well.

      5. Don’t blame this on the left, vast majority of democrats I know find SJWism as bad as anyone else.

    6. Let’s all dress like evangelical Christians in a mocking, disrespectful sort of way to test your theory. Anyone want to bet on how long it will take Hannity or someone else at FOX to get in a tizzy about it?

      1. At least Hannity won’t call for or condone a violent response.

  5. White liberal guilt is the source of so much modern craziness, and it is so often fed by abyssmal ignorance.

    1. Well, ignorance and a shit ton of narcissism.

  6. It’s one of those rare things that make you feel ok about being old.

  7. I’ll bet the Japanese people who made that Kimono would love to sell a few thousand more to white people…, or tens of thousands… or more…

    In fact, I’ll bet that they’d be tickled pink if every American woman decided that the Kimono was the new craze in fashion, and simply HAD to have an authentic one from Japan!

  8. I’ll become concerned about “cultural appropriation” when Eminem apologizes for taking over rap music for a while.

  9. Isn’t this “Katy Perry” character a trans sexual?

    1. If she is, she had the single greatest plastic surgeon ever.

      1. Regardless of circumstance, it’s definitely a ‘would’.

      2. Yep she’s jugolicious

    2. And if she is a tranny could she also be accused of appropriating the female gender? This shit is getting confusing

    3. Bisexual.

    4. No, she’s a hot female who simply needs to grow a metaphorical pair and all the SJWs to fuck off.

  10. She should be sorry for that buzz cut she has now.

    1. Yeah. She’s 3/4 of the way to crazy Britney, and that’s not gonna be good for anybody.

      (As an aside, Perry previously capitulated and apologized for trying to say she wasn’t a feminist, so she’s got precedent to caving to social pressure)

    2. No kidding. It’s like Miley Cyrus realized her short bleached blonde hair looked stupid and gave it up, so Katy Perry decided she had to be stupid and adopt that hairstyle.

      1. Notice how Miley’s short hair coincided with when she did all those crazy nude photo shoots with shit like pit hair and strapons? It’s all able to be traced directly back to being absolutely insanely desperate for attention. Same cycle with Katy Perry; in March she started rambling about being in a lesbian relationship, then she shaved her head, this week she’s live streaming her life including hours and hours of her sleeping and crying to a therapist. We can only hope she takes the nude photo shoot step too.

      2. Some dumb young chick has to pick up that mantle.

  11. Yeesh.


    Once my shit had a piece of corn in it. Should I apologize to the Natives?

    1. You call it corn. They call it maize.

      1. Lulz. If you had a Patreon account I’d subscribe right now just for this maize comment.

  12. >>>She has confessed to having made “several mistakes” in recent years.

    start with the songs.

  13. Celebrities have become enslaved to the outrage engine of social media; they seem to live and die, or live apologetically, by it.

    I’m inclined to think it is rather funny; can’t wait to see what it eventually evolves into, until no one can say, sing, or write about anyone or anything.

    Too bad Al Capp isn’t around any more; he’d have had a field day with this.

    1. Celebrities have become enslaved to the outrage engine of social media

      I think it’s probably mostly their own fault, though. I bet if she took esteve’s advice and told them all to fuck off, it would have little effect on ticket sales or radio play or however it is she makes her money.

    2. “Too bad Al Capp isn’t around any more; he’d have had a field day with this.”

      Instead, we get ‘cartoonists’ like Truedeu whose entire output since 11/16 has been ‘Trump is a big meanie’ in four panels or eight.

      1. A couple of years ago my newspaper replaced one of its strips, and I struggled for hours to remember what had been in that space. It was Doonesbury.

        Which was often pretty good, forty years ago.

  14. Guys in light of Katy Perry’s bravery I also want to apologize.

    Where to start… indulgence in coffee beans, the katanas I own, in fact all those plastic bits that were ‘made in China’, Greek gyros from the Chicago-style deli down the street. This could end up being a long list.

    1. Don’t even think about making a list, those were invented by the Egyptians you shitlord.

      1. Or writing it down. Sumerian cuneiform, appropriated from the Anunaki.

  15. Yeah, the few times I think about Katy Perry, I always think about her hair.

    1. Her rubber dress era will never be surpassed. So hot.

    2. Just clicked on that I work and got the digital no trespassing sign saying it contained “boobs.”

      1. And boy does it.

    3. I could never stay mad at that. Do what you want Katy Perry, do what you want.

    4. Can’t get many of those in a bushel basket.

  16. Wasn’t it a short while back when everybody was fine with art making other groups angry? Like Piss Christ? Isn’t art supposed to be a challenge to the viewer or listener, to provoke an emotional response?

    1. Sooo unwoke.

      1. Only the right kind of art made by left kind of people

    2. Yes. The insane overreaction to “Piss Christ” is some of the best performance art of the last half century.

      1. I’m waiting for the “Piss Mohammed”.

        1. Or “Mohammed-as sculpted from donkey shit”.

  17. Authors are warned against writing characters of a different race or culture to them, which I’m pretty sure would make the entire enterprise of literature impossible, or at least pointless.

    While simultaneously they scream about the opposite: stories that don’t include characters of a different race or culture. Imagine the shitstorm if one of the networks aired a TV show with nothing but straight white males simply because the writer was a straight white male.

    Either these people are batshit crazy or they’re trying to make us batshit crazy. Either way, trying to placate them is a bad idea.

    1. Well except for the fact that placating them is what led us to the place where they wield actual power. Mocking them is the only legitimate course of action.

  18. Do black people catch heat for bleaching their hair blonde? This is so fucking stupid that I literally don’t believe it’s a real thing.

    1. They should at least take shit for straightening.

      1. And for stealing the white racists’ word for insulting them.

  19. So why should bakers appropriate gay culture and make cakes for gay weddings?

    And why are gays appropriating hetero culture by getting married?

  20. She should be ashamed of how bad her lyrics are. Seriously, it’s just a bunch of shitty clich?s strung together to generic sounding pop music.

    1. Krabapple, you’re a firework
      C’mon, show ’em what you’re worth
      Make ’em go oh-oh-oh
      As you shoot across the sky-y-y-y.

      1. Crusty you wanna play with magic
        Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
        Baby do you dare to do this
        Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse
        Are you ready for, ready for
        A perfect storm, perfect storm
        Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
        There’s no going back
        Mark my words
        This love will make you levitate
        Like a bird
        Like a bird without a cage
        But down to earth
        If you choose to walk away, don’t walk away

        1. I hope the bird she is referring to as an Ostrich so I can kick her in the throat with my deadly claws.

    2. It really is awful. My wife likes to listen to her sometimes. Barf.


    /PR MAN


    1. Kaepernick needs her agent.

    2. I think it also serves to distract us from the fact that every single released off this album so far has tanked. And it’s kinda working.

      1. it also serves to distract us from the fact that every single released off this album so far has tanked.

        Correct. her music is shit, but she crossed the line from “making money because she does stuff (music)” to “making money simply because she’s a celebrity” long ago. Making music is just a formality at this point. Better that people not focus too hard on it

  22. there is “power in black women’s hair”

    What is “black women’s nails”, chopped liver?

    And, it’s “Black”!

  23. I dressed up as Native American (back when they were called Indians) for Halloween at least twice in grade school-I suppose I should repent my appropriation sin now

    1. An awful lot of them still seem to call themselves “Indians”.

  24. I’m starting to become thankful for the outrage over cultural appropriation. It’s pretty much a perfect litmus test of Woke Cult membership. Other issues are more murky, for example most people will agree with the Wokes that racism is a bad thing in principle, police shouldn’t beat people up for being black, and stuff like that. Getting offended over cultural appropriation, however, requires you to set aside all common sense and jump through a few convoluted Woke-logic hoops that fall apart under basic scrutiny, and result in support of racial segregation, making you look like the racist to normies. Love it.

    1. Being woke means realizing that being racist isn’t just a good thing, it’s mandatory. Same for sexism, being a sexist is an absolute requirement for being woke. The key is it just has to be against the right groups. Anti-white and anti-male rules the day.
      Take the woke people’s favorite play, Hamilton. The race blind casting is absolutely all the rage. Think there’s a problem with casting a black person as a white character? You fucking racist. Then 5 minutes later they’ll talk about Ghost In The Shell. Oh my god how dare those fucking racists cast a white woman in an Asian role, don’t they know how much the character’s race matters??

  25. excuse my ignorance but how could corn rows be an African thing when corn comes from the American continent.

    1. This comment is literally the equivalent to burning a cross on a black family’s front lawn.

  26. The problem isn’t the accusations, it’s the tearful confessions while blinking out SOS messages.

  27. Imagine if all authors wrote only from personal experience.

    That’s pretty much already a thing. It’s why we have so many novels about what it’s like to be a creative writing professor.

  28. She made a terrible mistake: she squandered the opportunity to tell all the SJW shits in the country to just fuck off.


  29. It’s worse now.

  30. So I wonder if this concern with cultural appropriation will move against its most heinous form: immigration. I mean it is fine and good to wince at eating sushi now and then, but if you are serious about the issue… I don’t care how weebo you are.

    I’d add in the twin of cultural imperialism. Better lock down the borders and keep this scourge of western civilization from escaping.

    No world tour for you Ms. Perry.

    (actually feel bad for her).

    1. Maybe she can make a diversion into porno films. She has real potential as a DP queen.

      1. Make it a triple. If her mouth is full she can’t spit out any more horrible songs.

        1. You make a good point. She’\s cute, and stacked, but holy Christ her music is just awful.

  31. I’m dismayed that these people are appropriating clown culture.

  32. Somebody’s got to lead the ‘Public Appeasement Tour’

  33. One criticism of Ayn Rand’s novels was that she did not include minorities in them. She was woke ahead of her time.

    However, did Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebasti?n d’Anconia wear a sombrero?

  34. She doesn’t have “white privilege”.

    She has “pretty decent tits privilege”.

    Ugly, flat-chested girls wouldn’t get her good breaks, after all.

    I just wish she’d culturally appropriate somebody who doesn’t make irritating fucking songs.

    “You’re a firework…unless you’re a cis white female, you bitches!”

  35. I am going to celebrate Katy’s awakening by having a taco with a margarita while wearing a kilt..

  36. It has nothing to do with cultural appropriation. Find me one instance where an asian person gets accused of appropriating “black culture” or some other nonsense. It’s just a general intolerance of white people (or people whose skin is light enough to be mistaken for anglo-european heritage). It’s going to end up the same place all racial hatred ends up and there’s nothing anyone can do about it: People with the “wrong” skin color are going to end up in body bags for the crime of being the wrong color and no one will give a shit about it because they “had it coming”.

  37. That’s nothing. When I joined the US Air Force, they cut my hair even shorter than an African male’s. And I’m not apologizing for it.

  38. Isn’t telling a person they’re limited to live only within their own culture literally the most racist thing you can do? By the way…everyone can tells these assholes to screw off if they all got DNA tests.

    Turns out, this white* girl, has Malaysian, northern African, Jewish, native american and middle eastern roots on top of all of the typical ‘white’ cultures …so basically, I can make all the jokes and wear any kind of braid I want.

    You know what breaks down barriers and brings people of different cultures together? Actually having conversations about ANYTHING other than how they’re so different and weirdly apologizing for never being able to understand them. Katy Perry apologizing for wearing corn rows is about as cool as the kid who shit his pants in 8th grade….she’s too old to still be this lame.

    If people stopped wasting their time with over-analyzing made up, bullshit antics and having a fit over a white woman braiding her hair and instead used a phrase, like,”how was your weekend?” they’d wind up making legitimate human connections, building relationships with people of other cultures, creating a natural care and understanding of that person and their culture and being more apt to LISTEN to differing opinions. Angry t-shirts and pit hair ain’t changing shit.

    1. Careful there. I’m pretty sure you just outed yourself as “privileged”. What makes you think that other people have that luxury we commonly call “the weekend”? You people will NEVER UNDERSTAND. You must now grovel.

  39. You can’t stop most Asians from trying to look white, so the SJWs already lost. White people who won’t imitate other cultures are still white.

    The specter or death and whiteness…… are all around you.

  40. And we know what Bill Maher can never be.

    1. Porn star?

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