Brickbat: Rigged Election


Patrick Marcel Pelz /

While campaigning for senior class president at Florida's Vero Beach High School, JP Krause gave a satirical speech claiming his opponent would raise taxes 80 percent and institute a dress code. He won the election but the school's principal immediately disqualified him. The principal also gave Krause detention, saying he created a "situation of public humiliation."

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  1. …and then they raised taxes.

    1. I remember when the size of the student government was 5, it had few powers and taxes were low. Now the student government is in the thousands, hall monitors are shooting before checking for passes, and you need loans to pay taxes so they can attend conferences in luxury resorts.

  2. “They talked about how I was harassing the opponent while I was talking about her in my speech.”

    JP’s mom Angela Krause says she wishes the situation was handled better, and worries about the harassment write up affecting his upcoming college career.

    Well, actually, this is likely the best lesson he is taking away from this school. A Title IX witch hunt at a college would yield a worse automatic result than just detention.


    (Although the harassed candidate’s attorney is looking into whether Krause’s speech was funded by some California high school.)

    1. Meanwhile, the Indian River County School District might be looking at legal action from another front: the young woman named class president in April after the initial disqualifications.

      Juliana Marrero, who finished third in the voting but was announced the winner, was “devastated” by Tuesday’s news, said her father, Juan.

      “They stripped her of her presidency,” he said. “Why should she be penalized for this because of an error (the school) made?”

      IT WAS HER TURN!!!

  4. He should have stuck to the winning platform of shorter classes and beer on campus.

    1. JP’s mother said, “I don’t think there was anything wrong,” she says. “He was being silly. He’s 17!”

      His last name isn’t Kennedy, is it?

  5. This school’s principal is clearly under the employ of Russia’s FSB.

    1. Fat, Stupid Bureaucrats?

  6. OT: So there is an ongoing lawsuit against the DNC for rigging their presidential primary. Has Reason covered this at all? I can’t find anything with a search. It seems like this would be a topic of particular interest to most people here. (Primarily for the schadenfreude, of course.)

    1. When the democrats do, it’s OK. Go Away.

  7. Pelosi will review this story for clues about 2018.
    If only they had thought of this last year!

    1. So you’re saying the Russians were involved?

      1. yes, Boris & Natasha!

  8. I have a feeling Mr Krause is better off with this being a national news story than he would have been as class president.

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