Courtesy PassivDom

A Ukrainian company has unveiled a cheap autonomous mobile house with a 3D-printed frame. The PassivDom modul-One includes solar panels, batteries for power storage, and an inverter, as well as water storage, purification, and independent sewage. The frame is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polyurethane. It claims to be the "warmest house in the world" thanks to new thermal tech, and the entire structure is recyclable.

The whole shebang sells for $65,000. So far, only one model seems to exist, but the company claims potential buyers will be able to test drive the unit soon.

If you're shopping for new digs with disaster in mind, the firm offers a "Zombie apocalypse" package, which includes armored glazing on the structure's extensive transparent walls, a perimeter alarm, extra storage for toilet paper, and a "gift-edition" Bible.

Another set of upgrades, the "not in my backyard" package, includes extensive insurance coverage, an alarm system, and the rather whimsical addition of "a replica of a Kalashnikov."