Brickbat: Everyone's a Critic


SWAT team
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Police in Cambridge, England, sent the department helicopter and 10 officers to break up a garden party after someone complained the music was too loud and they heard people saying anti-Islamic things. Cops seized a karaoke machine and a cellphone and are investigating the partygoers for racial offenses. One person who attended the party said they were playing the "Bin Laden Song," which mocks the death of the terrorist leader.

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  1. WTF, ripped from the Onion or what?

    1. No.

      Ripped off from Portland Mayoral fantasies.

  2. This police officer said she took offence at the song and pressed her panic button on her body cam and that’s when about ten police turned up and the police helicopter.

    The Limeys take their own downfall very seriously.

    1. When you start pressing panic buttons because of a song, don’t be surprised next time if your backup takes a little more time to reach you, even if it’s some nut is coming after you with a machete.

      1. Hopefully this gets the officer in trouble. You’d think there’d be a policy about when to use the panic button that doesn’t include getting your feelings hurt.

      2. I expect the opposite, since cops much love their overtime and much hate dealing with real criminals with real weapons. What’s not to like about acting tough and manly while knowing it’s just some dumbass panic over a song?

      3. You guys just don’t get it.
        The officer didn’t just take offense. She took offense for an entire nation. Kind of like Jesus with our sins.
        That song was literally (I mean, clitorally) an attack on Britain via Islamaphobia (even though it was mocking one of the most vile fuckheads in human history).

        1. Sadly I believe you nailed it, Faschist loofa-faced shitgibbon.

    2. So ‘Not So Great Britain’ ?

    3. Grammar is always the first to go.

    4. Downfall was German.

      But yes, the Limeys do intend to come acrapper. Nothing can deter them from their deadly course.

  3. Not a total loss. They did seize the karaoke machine.

  4. He said: “We was having a summer’s evening in my neighbour’s garden as we don’t have one. We had our karaoke machine on playing music through our phones from YouTube which are all approved songs.

    What the hell is an “approved song”. Does he just mean that if YouTube hasn’t been forced to censor a song, then it must be okay to play? Yet another example of why we should defend the 1st Amendment against even the slightest attacks.

    1. “What the hell is an “approved song”. Does he just mean that if YouTube hasn’t been forced to censor a song, then it must be okay to play?”

      I believe the UK’s Ministry of Butthurt reviews YouTube content before allowing it to be viewed by their masses, or something.

  5. ‘Approved songs’?

    What in the fucken hell?

    Man, England is in serious bad shape.

  6. I guess nobody is gonna terrorize that pussy cat.

  7. And yet British lefties can’t figure out why right-wing nationalism is on the rise…

  8. Really? A Panic Button?
    She couldn’t actually speak into a radio and accurately describe the assault by sound waves?
    Perhaps the backup could have been just one more officer with ear plugs, and a copy of the Magna Carta.

    So what is the Libertarian response? Arrest the complaining neighbor for misdemeanor stupid? Bill them for the full expense for not first asking to have the volume lowered?

    1. Thanks; that pretty much explains the whole thing.

      Except for the storm troopers and helicopter vis-a-vis the “panic button,”

      I honestly believe this is the kind of shitlordism proggies [think they] want.

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