The Very Leaky Manchester Bombing Investigation Continues, Injunction Upheld on Trump's Travel Ban, Lieberman Drops from FBI Director Search: P.M. Links


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    Arne Gillis/NurPhoto/Sipa USA/Newscom

    The latest in the investigation of the Manchester bombing: President Donald Trump is siding with the British government, which is furious that information from its investigations are being leaked to the U.S. media. Reportedly officials there have stopped sharing information with the United States about the investigation. In the meantime, the government keeps telling people "If you see something, say something." Well apparently Muslims who knew suspect Salman Abedi did see signs of radicalization and did warn authorities. Keep that in mind when the government inevitably blames encryption or lack of surveillance powers.

  • A federal appeals court has upheld the injunction on Trump's executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries. Again, it appears that Trump's campaign comments that he wanted to keep Muslims from coming to the United States influenced the decision.
  • Joe Lieberman will not be the next director of the FBI (and thank God).
  • In Brussels, Trump called for NATO countries to start ponying up more money to pay for defense obligations.
  • A report was released today on a U.S. strike against the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq, that ended up killing more than 100 civilians in March. The United States did not know that there were others in the building where snipers had taken refuge and ISIS apparently rigged the building with explosives that went off as a result of the strike.
  • A principal of a school in New Orleans will not be returning to work after viral footage of him showed him wearing what appeared to be Nazi symbols in an interview.

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