Brickbat: A Gala Day


John Cranley
Roll Call Photos/Newscom

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has apologized for his office accidentally issuing a proclamation honoring a man who ambushed and killed a city police officer two years ago. The mayor's office said the request for a proclamation was made by the killer's father and approved by a new member of the mayor's staff.

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  1. I’m beginning to suspect these proclamations are frivolous and not at all meaningful.

    1. You think? These things are a dime a dozen. They are standard retirement gifts in some professions. To get the autograph of the state governor on one you do need to have a wee modicum of respectability, but the autograph of a mayor? As long as Mark Hamill isn’t around all it takes is a $10 bill and a handshake.

      If this was the only thing politicians did we would all be happy. It’s a way to stroke their (the politician’s) ego without having the cops to shoot anyone’s dog.

  2. When in doubt, blame the intern.

  3. Maybe H&R’s anarchists could put together their own memorial to Hummons.
    Call it the Sarcasmic Proclamation.

    1. First of all, my name is not capitalized. That is done with proper nouns, and I am anything but proper. Second, any anarchist I’ve had an argument with will tell you that I am not an anarchist. Third, hur durrrrr!

    2. Celebrating the initiation of violence? I think you have us confused with a somewhat different group of (self-proclaimed) anarchists. Then again, confusion does seem to be your specialty.

  4. From the surface at least, the Trepierre Hummons story is notably sad.

  5. Like my Grandfather said; “always read through anything before you sign it”.

  6. Looks like Mayor Craney has won the “Smacked Ass Award.”

    1. Which automatically nominates him for the “Hoisted by Their Own Retard Award” 2017, given each year to recognize the highest achievement in derp.

  7. My first thought is that the mayor and his staff should be recipients of the Darwin Award for government. My second is it should be ex-staff member.

    Every time I think that government officials are’nt that stupid, they prove that they are.

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