Cultural Appropriation

White-Owned Restaurants Shamed for Serving Ethnic Food: It's Cultural Appropriation

'It's about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture.'


Goce Risteski / Dreamstime

If you're a white person, you have no business running a restaurant that serves Asian, Latin, African, or Indian cuisine.

That's according to the creators of a "white-owned appropriative restaurants" list, which accuses several Oregon establishments of engaging in cultural appropriation—a tool of "a white supremacist culture."

The list, a Google Docs spreadsheet, includes about 60 Portland-area restaurants, the names of their white owners, and the kind of cuisine they serve. (For example, the list informs us that Burmasphere "was founded by a white man who ate Burmese food in San Francisco.") The spreadsheet also lists competing restaurants that are owned by people of color and urges customers to try them instead.

"This is NOT about cooking at home or historical influences on cuisines; it's about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture," wrote the spreadsheet's authors. "These white-owned businesses hamper the ability for POC [people of color] to run successful businesses of their own (cooking their own cuisines) by either consuming market share with their attempt at authenticity or by modifying foods to market to white palates. Their success further perpetuates the problems stated above. It's a cyclical pattern that will require intentional behavior change to break."

The spreadsheet seems to be a response to the controversy over Kooks Burritos, a Portland-area pop-up food truck run by two white women. In an interview with Williamette Week, Kooks owners Kali Wilgus and Liz Connelly explained how they fell in love with authentic Mexican tortillas during a visit to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.

"I picked the brains of every tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever, and they showed me a little of what they did," said Connelly. "They told us the basic ingredients, and we saw them moving and stretching the dough similar to how pizza makers do before rolling it out with rolling pins. They wouldn't tell us too much about technique, but we were peeking into the windows of every kitchen, totally fascinated by how easy they made it look. We learned quickly it isn't quite that easy."

Reactions to the interview were hostile, to say the least. Commenters trashed the pair. The Portland Mercury slammed their actions as intellectual property theft. Mic's Jamilah King described Kooks' methods as "either genius or the latest example of white folks profiting off the labor of people of color." Connelly and Wilgus eventually shuttered the truck.

It's not clear who is behind the spreadsheet, but the authors claim it was compiled "by several people of color." I reached out for a comment and received this response: "Sorry, we are not taking media inquiries."

When people criticize cultural appropriation, they are often irritated that a non-ethnic person has pilfered an ethnic tradition in an insufficiently authentic manner. That's not exactly the case here. Say what you will about Wilgus and Connelly—peeking into windows was certainly rude—but it sounds like their burritos were pretty darn accurate. They went to the trouble of learning how a native Mexican would cook them. The same may well be true of some of the restaurants on the spreadsheet. Who knows: Some of them might even employ nonwhite cooks who are in fact preparing their own traditional cuisines.

Anyway, if you're saying that white people shouldn't serve ethnic food at all, even if it's really authentic and popular with customers, you're going to drastically shrink the pool of non-ethnic people trying, eating, and learning about, ethnic cuisines. That might satisfy the enemies of cultural appropriation, but it doesn't seem like it would ultimately be in the best interests of anyone, including the ethnic restaurateurs.

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  1. God I just want to die… this article inches me forward.

    Fuck this world.

    And fuck you liver. At least you I can waterboard into total breakdown.

    1. Speaking of livers, what if you get a liver transplant from a Mexican? Can you then open a Mexican restaurant?

      1. I reckon not, racism is only skin deep.

        1. Defining racism is kind of like pin the tail on the Donkey; It is what you want it to be. When I was a kid, there were 4 distinctly defined different kinds of Blacks: Black, Brown, High Yellow, and Cinnamon having within their community, their own pecking order. India has 2 different criteria: Caste, and color. Other countries have their their own quasi-dislike or exclusion of other

      2. “”what if you get a liver transplant from a Mexican?””

        That’s one of the greatest appropriations of all!

      3. HAHAHA!!!!….Touche!!!

      4. Hmm . . . is the liver legal or undocumented . . . ?

    2. God I just want to die… this article inches me forward.

      Life’s too short to worry about this malarkay.

      1. Other things get me all stressed and depressed but I come to Reason to turn the knife sometimes.

        A Robby article never fails to twist the derp blade deeper and deeper.

        1. You should stop caring about this bullshit and start working out or something – its much easier.

          1. Not mutually exclusive.

    3. When you die, can you please take at least two progressives with you?

    4. Okay, so the counter to this bullshit is that restaurants own by folks of the ‘correct’ culture should serve food that complies with the recipes of that culture.

      I love food and I love experiencing the food of other cultures (countries). Frequenting multiple locations for a giving food type, allegedly owned by the appropriate culture, reveals wide discrepancies.

      I have been told by proprietors that they modify the recipes to accommodate ‘foreign’ palates. This implies that should they make authentic recipes they would not get as much custom.

      I would describe this as fraud; e.g. customers go to a Chinese restaurant expecting chinese food not food bastardized by the proprietor to what he presumes the ’round eye’ expects.

      I rate a restaurant be the customers; if it is packed with ‘chinese’ folk then I would presume the the food is ‘authentic’, or at least good. The fact that the proprietor is a ’round eye’ is irrelevant.

      1. “the ’round eye’ expects.”

        “if it is packed with ‘chinese’ folk”

        I believe “slant-eye” is the preferred nomenclature.

      2. I rate a restaurant by whether or not I enjoy the food. How “authentic” it is or isn’t is a matter of supreme indifference. Anyone who knows much about food and history knows that “Chinese” food served in American restaurants has only a little in common with the diet of your average person in China, aside from those few that cater primarily to Chinese immigrants and visitors. (I know the same is true of “Mexican” food, and I suspect it holds true for many other ethnic cuisines, as well.) Heck, many of the most popular “Chinese” dishes in the US were invented here.

        Interesting note: by your “customer” standard, I guess my local Chinese place is an authentic Mexican restaurant, since they seem to attract a lot of Latino customers.

        1. No shit. It’s nearly impossible to get Indian restaurants to serve indians food as hot as they serve it in India.

          You ask for hot, and they’re like, “nah… you mean white people hot”, and it comes back medium.

          1. Uh, no. That’s Thai food. Only southern Indian cuisine is typically hot in the first place.

            1. I’ve resorted to insulting the chef at a Thai restaurant to get it hotter.

              Note: This isn’t a particularly smart thing to do, unless you like your food in the 500,000 scoville range.

        2. You’re saying that Mexicans are eating Chinese food? Say it isn’t so! Maybe your confused. Those are Peruvians your observing.

          Wait, based on the postulate of this article, should people of a different ethnicity than the food that is being offered, even be allowed to eat there?

          1. Hell, in Texas, Mexicans cook most of our Chinese food. And Italian food. And American food. And Mexican food. And Tex Mex food….

            You get the idea.

        3. It is not about the food. The food is just the excuse they are using. It is always about people with self image problems using the “appropriation” argument to get people to be submissive towards them. Look at who was targeted in this case: Two reasonably attractive, hard working and successful White people.

          It might be worth noticing that the person who generated the most outrage in this case comes from a culture that never developed metallurgy, written language, or domesticated animals.

      3. Right. If you are Indian, you are not allowed to serve Chicken Tikka Masala, because that is actually a product of British Imperialism, and if you are Chinese, you may NOT serve General Tso’s chicken at an authentic Chinese restaurant.

        Also if you are Mexican, you have to stop putting lettuce and cheddar cheese on tacos or in burritos.

        1. Yeah, and what’s with those enchiladas suizas, china poblana dresses, and accordions in Mexican music? Sounds like cultural appropriation to me.

          1. Well, Mexico did start out as cultural appropriation by the Spanish Conquistadors of the native indigents didn’t it?

            Send ’em all home. Once and for all!

        2. And they have to stop serving fajitas and nachos. Those are Texas inventions.

    5. Half, instead of hurting yourself, hurt others. When you see a progtard, hit it with something. hit it hard.

    6. Is getting drunk a form of “water Boarding”? If so then i’m way ahead of you…

  2. C’mon. Do any normal people care about “cultural appropriation,” or even know what it is?
    Also, Portland.

    1. So exactly this. How the heck is some stupid list maintained by random idiots in one of the most leftwing cities in the country something to take seriously. They will continue to eat their own, no pun intended.

      1. “Libertarians” and their Republican cousins seem plenty worried!

        1. Or at least annoyed.

          1. “Amazed,” perhaps. “Amused,” without doubt. “Annoyed”? Doubtful.

            1. Go ahead, laugh it off! It’s my lunch options getting obliterated by these morons!

        2. Only because the next step the progs will take is to try and shut down any businesses they deem to be “supportive of a white supremacist culture.” And there will be enough kookball judges who will hear cases claiming that if a white person owns a Mexican restaurant, it closes the door to a Mexican owning the restaurant so the white person should just step aside. Progs are fascists by nature. And no sane person wants to see this kind of cultural creep become normalized.

      2. It doesn’t mean anything. It is funny to talk about though.

        As for Portland’s particular brand of progressivism: the other day I heard a NPR piece about a small group of activists in Portland protesting something about the environment to a local board. Their activism took the form of harmonized, acapella-type songs about harming the environment. It was as hilarious as it was awful.

        1. Still don’t care. Have tomatoes to grow.

      3. And by what stretch of logic does anyone plan to define, prosecute or control this bullshit “appropriation” crap?!

        I can imagine NO legal way to control it, other than the bleating of the Snowflakes!

    2. Aha. Meanwhile, a significant fraction of network news these days (for people who care about the important stuff) is variations on the theme of ‘someone at X University left poo on a minority’s doorstep! We need to have a conversation about race!”

    3. I dunno if any of these folks are ‘normal’, but this whole thing just happened:

      It doesn’t seem clear that the ‘cultural appropriation is evil’ meme is going to remain confined to prog ghettos like Portland.

      1. Uh, CBC has as much in common with real media as Canadian square wheels and flapping heads have with their real-world counterparts.

      2. It’s spreading like wildfire. In Greensboro, NC there is a strong contingent of communist professors at two state universities pushing these mindsets. They turn out a few score of graduates each year that took a sociology class or two. The professors promote something called “vitamin Rev C” which I take to be revolutionary communism. The students come out into the community attempting to deconstruct every symbol of tradition. They each last a year or so until their parent’s money runs out, they fall in love, or otherwise find something useful to do.

    4. Sometimes.

      I’ve heard many times in my life remarks about how whites stole the music we know as rock ‘n roll from blacks. Those remarks were frequently made by average Joes and Josephines indoctrinated in the PC programs.

  3. So is it kosher to punch the pictured girl in the face?

    1. What you did there, I sore it.

    2. Not with your pork product.

    3. Well, according to some crazy progressives, she is flashing a white power hand signal (seriously,) and it is always acceptable in that crowd to “bash a fash”.

      1. Can you smash a fash? Crusty would.

      2. Well, according to some crazy progressives, she is flashing a white power hand signal (seriously,)

        *facepalm* So it’s now considered to racist to make the “OK” hand signal? I assume that’s what that’s supposed to be, she’s not very coordinated if it is.

        1. Lol. Yes, I looked this one up a few weeks ago. The fingers are making a “w” and the circle stands for power. It’s rumored to have origniated in 4chan as a troll of progressives.

  4. That’s according to the creators of a “white-owned appropriative restaurants”

    Don’t click on the link, don’t feed the stupidity.

    However, I am glad to know that someone is keeping a race-based registry so we know where these people (that’s right… these people) live and work.

    1. “”I am glad to know that someone is keeping a race-based registry “”

      I think some were trying to do that before the 1970s.

    2. “”I am glad to know that someone is keeping a race-based registry “”

      I think some were trying to do that before the 1970s.

    3. You know who else liked to create race based registries?

      1. NASCAR?

      2. Planned Parenthood? The American Eugenics Society?

      3. Realtors who try to find ways to skirt around prohibitions on red-lining?

      4. The Malaysian government?

    4. If I lived anywhere near Portland Oregon, I’d use that list as a checklist of interesting restaurants to try.

      1. Agreed.

      2. I do have a home in Portland and can tell you from experience these ARE NOT the places to try. I do not approve of this rhetoric, but it is clear the authors were selective.

  5. Portland and Seattle both are doing their very best to full retard their way into Detroit style “prosperity”

  6. Kooks Burritos, a Portland-area pop-up food truck run by two white women

    Uhm, it’s Portland, who and what the fuck else race is going to run it?

    1. Hey, it’s not 1980.

      Portland has lots of Mexicans now.

      (I mean, I eat Mexican food made by Mexicans [or Guatemalans, etc.] all the time.

      Not because I care who makes the food, but because they run a lot of Mexican restaurants, for obvious reasons.)

      1. you’re probably eating TexMex, not Mexican.

        1. What’s the difference? I always thought Mexico was just another name for South Texas?

          1. Difference between (older style) Mexican and (fast food) TexMex…sort of like the difference between a Big Mac and what your grandmother used to cook. (Whatever that was, it was not a Big Mac.)

            If any foodies are reading this and are seriously interested, left-wing cartoonist Eduardo “Rius” Del Rio wrote a book called “La Panza Es Primero” about Mexican soul food, health food, and junk food. Spanish only, but like all his books it’s a collage of cartoons, clips, and easy-to-follow Mexican Spanish. And it’s funny.

      2. I’ve learned to really like Salvadoran food. It’s not the same as Mexican or Cuban or Dominican. There’s also a Guatemalan restaurant nearby I may try. I hope they’re not appropriating Mexican cuisine.

        1. Yeah, pupusas!

          1. Lots of salvadorans consider themselves white.

            1. Not without reason.

              Even Mexico used to have a color-linked caste system, long ago. I remember thinking how silly it was that a relative-by-marriage who was born in Mexico would prefer to be described as Spanish rather than Mexican, meaning she had auburn hair and no Native American relatives. (The irony is that, on their Virginia-born father’s side, this woman’s children do have Native American DNA, and black hair…)

              The whole concept of race is pretty silly, but will we ever get completely past it?

      3. Sigivald: 5.23.17 @ 4.28PM

        (I mean, I eat Mexican food made by Mexicans [or Guatemalans, etc.] all the time.

        WTF, so it only cultural appropriation when ‘white’ people do it.

        Remember, George Zimmerman was reported as ‘white’ when he had his altercation with ‘Obama’s Son’.

        1. And those who saw his name but not his picture imagined that he *was* White.

      4. If your Mexican food is being made by Guatemalans, then it can’t be Mexican food.

        A coworker at one of our lunch affairs at work, once asked the cute little Peruvian girl in front of him in line at a catered, Mex food buffet if she liked Mexican food.

        She screamed at him that she was Peruvian and NOT Mexican.

        He was soon let go. 🙁

        A Chinese coworker/friend of mine got new glasses one day. They were large and round and he was vain and very worried about how he looked. So, he asked me as we were walking down the stairway.

        I slipped and told him the truth; I told him he looked Japanese with them on.

        The rage he went into scared the living dickens out of me.

        However, I was not fired. 🙂

    2. +10 Diane …. maybe they are saying they need more diversity.

    3. American Indians?

  7. At this point, is Robby just bringing attention to crazy people? Is anyone taking this seriously?

    1. Is anyone taking this seriously?

      Not really… *kicks pebble, stares into the abyss*

      1. When you stare into the abyss… stare into the fucked up mind of David Lynch. Holy crap, is anyone else watching Twin Peaks?

        1. I was like 4 episodes into Twin Peaks about 9 months ago… Should I continue lol?

          1. Well, the new season, that just came out, turned the weird up to 11. If you like David Lynch, you will love it. It’s like they finally told him “ok, fine, do whatever you want.”

            1. Meh. Lynch peaked with Eraserhead.

        2. I appreciated seeing Michael Bisping! And few people are, apparently. 🙁

          1. Haha, yeah. I was like hoky shit, it’s Michael Bisping! That was definitely the weirdest moment of the premiere.

            1. I was expecting Yoel Romero to come out of the box.

        3. Personally, I feel like Lynch tries a little too hard to be weird. When you consider that really he’s just been remaking Blue Velvet over and over again for the last three decades, you realize he’s a one trick pony with nothing much up his sleeve besides the sense of mystique.

          I really enjoyed the first season of Twin Peaks back in 1990, or whenever it was, but I felt that he clearly assumed that no one would “get it” and it would be cancelled before he had to tie the loose ends together. Then when he had to come up with a whole second season and maintain the expectation of “weird-avant-garde” he just started flailing.

          Fire Walk with Me was just an embarrassment.

          1. Respectfully disagree. Mulholland Drive is a masterpiece. One of the greatest movies ever made.

            1. (spoilers)

              Meh. I might agree if he’d left out (or made more relevant) the random scenes with some tenuous metaphorical relationship with the plot, and made it clearer at the end that the original ‘plot’ was a fantasy of the blonde girl. Instead there was too much of that postmodern ambiguity crap that is supposed to be profound but is really just pretentious. And the whole scene in Club Silencio just weirded me out.

              To be honest, I was kind of hoping for a real neo-noir mystery film set in idealized Los Angeles, so I was a little disappointed when I got Kubla Kahn. It had potential, but missed the mark for me.

          2. “over and over again for the last three decades, you realize he’s a one trick pony with nothing much up his sleeve”

            That’s virtually all of Hollywood! Directors, actors, et al.

        4. Chipper Morning, Now#1 I am and I don’t care what anybody says, I like this new “Twin Peaks” better than the older show and that is saying alot!!!

        5. Chipper Morning, Now#1 I am and I don’t care what anybody says, I like this new “Twin Peaks” better than the older show and that is saying alot!!!

    2. Is anyone taking this seriously?

      Sadly, yes.

      I have seen them talking about it in perfect seriousness on the Bookface.

      (I live in Portland. Here it’s just “local news”.)

      1. “…(I live in Portland. Here it’s just “local news”.)…”

        This particular bit of prog-panic has not yet hit SF.

    3. “Is anyone taking this seriously?”
      Yeah, probably.

      If this concern over “cultural appropriation” was having no effect, then folks would just laugh it off as “oh, those idiots”. But this article is alarmist, not mocking. And cites at least one case (that “Kooks” food truck) where a vendor shut down because of these concerns.

      So yeah, there probably are folks that take this seriously, and take it seriously enough to vote with their wallets.

      1. a vendor shut down because of these concerns.

        Citation needed.

        1. … did you read the first half of that sentence? If you think Soave got the characterization of events wrong, that’s your issue with him, not me.

  8. Appropriating other cultures *is* the tradition of my people. How dare you try to shame my heritage.

    1. Ah, one of the lizard people. Thanks for outing yourself.

    2. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  9. I weep for my country.

    The insufferable hatred which radiates like black death from the minds of zealots has nearly suffocated the life from me; all goodness and decency is obscured behind the frothy mouths of barking dogs.

    1. I weep for my country.

      Portland isn’t your country. Dry your tears, delicate flower.

      1. Yes, but isn’t SJW fever widespread and epidemic?

        1. Don’t respond to the smart-alec.

          1. Rufus The Monocled|5.23.17 @ 4:34PM|#
            “Don’t respond to the smart-alec.”

            The troll DanO wishes he were a smart-alec.

            1. We’d call him a dumb alec but then everyone would just confuse him with Baldwin.

              1. Baldwin culturally appropriated my Bresciani socks, damn him!

              2. …and the most difficult aspect of this, for those who might care, is figuring out which of them is being insulted by comparison.

        2. I have heard that what happens in California Portland is predetermined to happen everywhere. Remember the ban on Happy Meals? I rest my case.

    2. black death

      so very racist

    3. Can’t say “black death” — it is “African American death”….no, wait

      1. Death of color, duh!

      2. BLM!

  10. The people who compiled this list are straight out racists, though they would never comprehend why they are.

  11. The people who compiled this list are straight out racists, though they would never comprehend why they are.

  12. Unless the burritos are made from corn tortillas, the Mexicans who make them are themselves “guilty” of cultural appropriation. Every burrito I’ve ever had was made with a flour tortilla, and I’m pretty sure that wheat is not native to the Americas. The flour tortilla is an ancient invention, probably Middle East or Egypt in origin.

    1. Any non-Native American dish containing corn, tomatoes, potatoes, or peanuts is cultural appropriation, since all of those things were only native to the Americas before global trade.

      1. Capsicum pepper, also, is native to the Americas.

        This pretty much eliminates the typical cuisines of Thailand, Indonesia, Sichuan China, and southern India as well as any good southern Italian tomato sauce (in my opinion).

        Cultural appropriation of the capsicum pepper is endemic in all all piquante dishes other than genuine Mexican.

        The burrito will also have to do without the onion since it is not native to North America.

        1. The burrito will also have to do without the onion since it is not native to North America.

          Well, it will have to do without yellow, white, or red onions at any rate. There are varieties of onions native to North America, but I don’t know how good they are in a burrito:

        2. Frescos at Pompeii show cooks making pizza…but without tomatoes, obviously. Pesto sauce pizza?

        3. Enjoy your guinea pig burrito. Beef, chicken and pork are not native to the Americas.

          1. Nutria Tacos on Friday!

        4. To be fair, Mexicans are , um Hispanics, so they DO get to use shit that comes from Spain.

          1. Hispanic is a made up US Government racial classification. It is not accepted outside of that context.

      2. Any non-Native American dish containing corn, tomatoes, potatoes, or peanuts is cultural appropriation, since all of those things were only native to the Americas before global trade.

        Which pretty much eliminates Indian food altogether. The Asian kind, I mean.

      3. Is calling maize “corn” cultural appropriation?

        Just teying to keep up

        1. “corn” as a word originally referred to all grains.

          1. Including grains of salt.

            Hence “Corned Beef”

            /Royal Navy

            1. I literally did not know that. Thanks for the educational moment. (I always wondered what the phrase meant, but never bothered to look)

              1. corned = salt cured.

                It’s used on more than beef.

      4. “Any non-Native American dish containing corn, tomatoes, potatoes, or peanuts is cultural appropriation, since all of those things were only native to the Americas before global trade.”

        Don’t forget most beans, squash, avocados, turkey, and last, but definitely not least, chocolate.

        I can’t wait for this particular SWJ franchise to figure this issue out to the point where they feel guilty if they are enjoying cacao products which are not made in an approved Nahuatl recipe by certified cultural representatives.

        1. What do you think is going to happen when they figure out that pasta originated in China and was “appropriated” to Italy by the Marco-Pollo expeditions?

  13. peeking into windows was certainly rude

    Where I come from peeking into someone’s windows is a sign of respect.

    1. Where I come from peeking into someone’s windows is a sign of respect.

      I assumed it was an esoteric quasi-ethnic euphemism, like ‘polishing mirrors’.

      1. “I’m polishing mirrors while peeking in your window…”

        what kind of euphemism is that?

  14. Goddamn these fucking Progtard assholes.

    Please, oh, please, when will the entire Left Coast slide into the Pacific?

    Also, you people.

    1. when will the entire Left Coast slide into the Pacific?

      Same day as the Rapture?

    2. Why do you care what some of the people from one American city think? Is anyone forcing you to live there?

      1. Why do you care what Entropy Drehmaschine Void thinks?

        1. Why do you care what I think(s)?

          1. Baby, no one cares what you think. We come for that great internet bod. :3

      2. “Government is the things we choose (are forced to) do together.”
        IOW, if we’re all paying for shit together, and subject to all the rules imposed upon us by the 51%, why shouldn’t we all take advantaged of the implied right to butt into other people’s business? Hey, maybe at some point it’ll annoy them enough to rediscover the value of federalism.

        1. MYOB = BYOB

          Hey, I like that!

  15. I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food, but this makes me want to go eat burritos from those restaurants, just to show support and stick it to those SJW lunatics.

    1. Mi Mero Mole is delicious.

    2. ^This^

      If I’m ever in Portland I might have to look up some these fine establishments. And then maybe while I’m there, I’ll see if I can sneak a peak into the kitchen to see how many “POC” are employed there. And then see what these fuckwits who made this pathetic list have to say when it’s pointed out to them that if they get their wish, and these restaurants close down, they’ll be putting a lot of their precious POCs out of work. Something tells me they won’t give 2 shits.

      1. No, you see the point is that once goodthinkful people stop going to those restaurants, the value of the restaurant will fall to the price level where the oppressed POC workers will be able to afford to buy it. Then the restaurant can be removed from the list and all goodthinkful people will resume eating there, creating a less repressive economy.

        It’s just simple logic, really.

  16. This is my favorite thing of this week:

    A black woman, who is apparently a lawyer, saw a sign for a Caucasian Restaurant and went in angrily demanding to know if they only serve food to white people and posted about it on Twitter, and then doubled down about how offensive and racist it was. The restaurant owners were immigrants from the Caucasus.

    1. Got a link? Google does nothing.

      1. Original tweet was deleted, of course, but here’s an archived copy:

    2. I wonder what she would do at Niger Restaurant.

      1. Goddamn, what I wouldn’t give to have the two restaurants located side by side and looking almost identical.

        1. I bet you FYCS’s restaurant has better fried chicken.

        2. Caucasus on one side, Niger on the other.

    3. The restaurant owners were immigrants from the Caucasus.

      In all fairness, it’s possible she was the first black customer if not person either of them had seen and neither was sure they would serve her.

  17. The spreadsheet also lists competing restaurants that are owned by people of color and urges customers to try them instead.

    Well, you know who else urged citizens to stop patronizing businesses owned by a particular ethnicity?

    1. He believed in the broken window theory too.

      1. Pretty sure he also believed in making lists of “undesirables.”

    2. Jesse “Oh, no, that is just salad dressing” Jackson?

  18. Turn that frown upside down (no-one can see it under the face-palm anyway).

    In order to believe that an “action” can be “intellectual property theft”, you should believe

    (1) Intellectual Property is a special kind of Property.
    (2) Property is something can be owned;
    (3) Property is something that an owner can be illegitimately deprived of.

    These are radical propositions in Portlandia, like a Fixie in the path of the Light Rail To Serfdom

    1. But you see, they’re not talking about filthy individual intellectual property that can be exploited for profit. No, they’re talking about (self) righteous and ideologically pure cultural property that is owned by *everyone* of the appropriate race (and ideological leanings.) And gtfo with your logic here, they feel it’s right, therefore it is!

    2. Imaginary property is a legal fiction which pervades our society, probably to its overall detriment. However, it is the mechanism by which we currently reward good ideas.

      Culture, on the other hand, can’t be owned in reality, or in legal fiction. If we did assign fictitious “ownership” to culture, we would, among other things, reward every person who fails to assimilate, or who refuses to adapt their culture to modern ethical/moral standards (like the Philippines, or Saudi Arabia).

  19. white folks profiting off the labor of people of color

    So, if black people did that it’d be cool?

    1. Also, aren’t Hispanics officially white?

      1. Only when necessary to further the narrative.

        1. +1 “White Hispanic”

      2. Well, considering Hispanic is based on what language people speak…

        1. I can tell you from personal experience that these type of people believe Hispanic is a race.

          In some ways, things were better when the only propagators of the “race” meme were racists. Now even anti-racists believe that race is an actual, empirical thing. The reality is these people don’t *want* harmony among humans; they identify themselves based on the same tribalistic fantasies as the KKK, and they will happily sacrifice anything to keep that fantasy alive.

          1. Because at heart, we all want to be gang members. Membership in a tribe makes on part of the gang.

            This has become especially useful to select tribes who have been identified as victims. Government likes to provide special dispensation to tribal members from those that have been become bonefide victims.

            Sadly, other than certain religions, no members of any tribe that eminated from Europe has achieved victim status and thus is fair game for any bloodletting and bashing that is going on at the moment.

    2. Hispanic is a broad category of people and includes those of purely Caucasoid (via descent from Iberian peoples) to those of almost entirely Mongoloid composition (via Native American descent), and a great deal of mixing between. Hispanic seems to be a cultural division more than any type of ethnic or racial category.

      The category that baffles me is “People of Color” which apparently is everyone except for certain particular sub-races of Caucasians, and in fact includes numerous Caucasians within its definition. (For instance, “Muslims” in SJW speak means anyone of Middle-Eastern descent, the vast majority of whom are Caucasian, but who are considered PoC.) Demographically, the term “People of Color” would include over 80% of the worlds population according to how the SJWs define it.

      1. So … does “people of Color” include Colored People?

        /Steve Dallas’s Mom

  20. Sorry, we are not taking media inquiries.

    Talking to journalists is the white man’s game.

  21. White People.

    Better at everything than anyone.

    1. African Americans DID appropriate basketball from white culture.

      1. And football too!

        When are we going to pressure the NFL and the NBA to become more inclusive?

        Certainly white men CAN be trained to jump!

  22. I will not rest until I receive a tearful apology from the white women of Portlandia.

    1. Where day at anyway?

  23. Spreadsheet?
    Computer spreadsheet?

    As in Dan Briklin Frankston, Mitch Kapor & Jonathan Sachs spreadsheet?


    1. Damn you!

      *smacks temple* Refresh! Refresh!

  24. Well there goes Taco Bell, Taco Time, Taco John’s, etc.

    1. Not to mention Taco Tuesday.

      1. And taco night. Damn, I will miss that delicious ground check flavored with a packet of spices and spread in a flour tortilla.

    2. Just as long as they leave my Margarita alone!!!

  25. The main benefit of “diversity” is adopting the knowledge of other cultures and learning from their traditions. That is what is being called “appropriation” and it is a lie. Without so-called appropriation there is no reason whatsoever to promote diversity.

    1. I have never seen where diversity is proven to provide any more “benefits” than homogeneity. In fact, one might be able to show the exact opposite.

      I hate having “diversity” shoved down my throat as a goal we should always work towards. I live in what is frequently heralded as one of the most “diverse” cities in the US – Vallejo, CA. My own small neighborhood is the freakin rainbow coalition.

      But, diversity alone means nothing. What I like about the “diversity” that I live in is that, no one really seems to care, except the politicians. The rest of us common folk just mix and mingle and get along and have fun together without focusing or expending energy on our racial/ethnic/religious differences. It just is what it is!

  26. I’m totally down with the stand against cultural appropriation and sticking with my own culture. That’s why I won’t eat in a restaurant that serves black people.

    1. I am also opposed to cannibalism.

  27. The list, a Google Docs spreadsheet

    Using spreadsheets is cultural appropriation. The only way it could get better is if the spreadsheet was uploaded from a local coffee shop where the collaborators split their bill across several iPhones and 1-2 contributors who didn’t have the app nor change for a $20.

  28. It will be nice to see Michelle Obama in a fro again.


  29. Well there goes my idea for a Mexican-German Fusion restaurant. Signature dishes Pork Schnitzel with Mole sauce, Sauerbraten Tacos and Bean and Bratwurst Burritos.

    1. I’m kinda surprised churros and mustard and steins of Tequila didn’t poll well with focus groups.

      1. After a couple of steins of tequila, churros and mustard would be fine.

    2. Signature dishes Pork Schnitzel with Mole sauce, Sauerbraten Tacos and Bean and Bratwurst Burritos.

      Am I crazy, or does that actually not sound that bad?

      1. I propose Frybread In A Blanket.

  30. Were the races of the people who made this list the same as those of the people who invented the spreadsheet?

    1. We really ought to troll the shit out of these fuckwits over that.

  31. modifying foods to market to white palates.

    People of color owned restaurants also modify foods to market to white palates, depending on the local customer base. People of color in other countries modify American and European cuisine to fit the local palates as well. Oftentimes these modifications are strange and weird, sometimes they end up becoming new beloved traditions. In this area, there are enough Indian-Americans that there are Indian restaurants that specialize in Indo-Chinese food, things like the Indian version of General Tso’s Chicken, or dishes with paneer where most Chinese food would have tofu.

    Whether people want food as prepared for foreign palates or adapted is one thing, and it’s fine to distinguish that, but this list is creepy and weird.

      1. Yes, it’s pretty interesting. They also do tarako spaghetti and other weird J-Italian dishes. There’s a whole Japanese tradition of “Western food” (??) that is adapted to Japanese tastes.

      2. California pizza is too weird for me, let alone Japanese pizza.

        1. California is diverse. We have many, many kinds of pizzas.

          Are you sure your not thinking of California Pizza Kitchen, a brand but not the only version of pizza here?

  32. There’s a place here in Dallas that serves some southern cooking/TexMex fusion. My favorite is the chicken fried steak smothered in green sauce with sour cream and cheese, rice and beans side.

    The late owner has some cookbooks at amazon. Matt Martinez. The restaurant is Matt’s Rancho Martinez. There are a lot of good recipes.

    Your signature dishes sound good.

    1. Like my grandmother used to say, “It all ends up in the same place”.

  33. 80 comments and counting… this must be a slow news day for people to spend their time commenting on this nothing burger.

    1. Wherever I go the comment count bloats because I am a blowhard lol.

  34. What I wonder is what does this mean about serving Coke in restaurants? Coca leaves are from South America, and I suppose would “belong” to South American natives, while cola beans are from Africa, and so I suppose would belong to African natives.

    I guess Coke should be illegal?

    1. What I wonder is what does this mean about serving Coke in restaurants? Coca leaves are from South America, and I suppose would “belong” to South American natives, while cola beans are from Africa, and so I suppose would belong to African natives.

      And was invented by a white dude. I just… I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN! /progtard

  35. “Cultural Appropriation” appears to be a major tenet of the Church of the Perpetually Offended, a quasi-religious order whose primary raison d’?tre is to take offense at nominally innocuous things on behalf of another group which the Church deems too benighted to take offense independently on its own behalf.

  36. There goes my business idea! When I move to Germany I was going to open and “American” restaurant and serve sweet and sour chicken, tacos, pizza, kolaches etc.

    1. When I was in Portugal, we went to an “American Burger Stand” on the beach.

      Their concept of what constitutes an American hamburger needs refinement. Lots of it.

      And yet, I can go to my local supermarket here and pick up absolutely identical Linquica to what is sold in Portugal.

      Go figure.

  37. Robby using a picture of a little girl showing a double white power gesture – do Racist!

  38. Robby using a picture of a little girl showing a double white power gesture – do Racist!

  39. Dear conservatives:

    I’m a liberal living in Portland. My friends are mostly liberals. The people I interact with on the Internet from Portland are mostly liberal. I have yet to interact with a SINGLE person who doesn’t think that this is a huge joke. Everyone I know is baffled that there are enough crazies out there to cause this place to close.

    What I’m trying to say is that the number of people who are outraged by this is very, very, very small. It’s just that those people are apparently unbelievably loud and pushy.

    We’re just as pissed off about this sh*t as you are.


    1. Where is the list of demands?

    2. Yes unfortunately a small group of very loud, idiotic people usually can get shit done when they put their feeble hive minds to it. The rest of us sane, reasonable folk just tend to stay out of their way.

      By the way, not everyone here is a conservative. Reason is a Libertarian rag, which means a lot of its readers lean left on a lot of issues too. There’s a big difference between classical liberalism and modern day progressiveness.

    3. All I got from your letter is that you’re so overexposed by liberal (progressive) personalities, you can’t tell the difference between conservatives throwing a fit and libertarians having a laugh.

      But cheers for having the courage to come here and speak true to power! Soon our alliance will be made!

    4. I have yet to interact with a SINGLE person who doesn’t think that this is a huge joke.

      Way to spoil our collectivism, P.

    5. I feel the same way about the alt-right. I’m absolutely baffled there are enough of those retrograde troglodytes around to elect Trump.

      1. It was the closet alt-righters. Plenty of those around…..I guess. 😉

    6. If there’s a lot more of you than the butthurt SJWs, can’t y’all convince the Kooks to open up shop again?

    7. Dear conservatives:



    8. Dear conservatives:



      Go crawl back under a rock, you tribalistic halfwit. You are literally so wrapped up in your labels that you live in an alternate reality.

    9. Do you have a NextDoor account by any chance?

      It’s just further proof of why we shouldn’t allow just anyone to vote!

  40. OK, I’m lost there. Didn’t a bunch of white guys put together the parts to make the first PC’s? And Excel? And the World Wide Web? Isn’t that cultural appropriation too?

  41. Been to plenty of Mexican owned restaurants that were awful Mexican food and the same goes for Asian. Ironicly a local asian couple runs a fish and chips place that is all the rage apparently

    1. Koreans can make some good sushi.

      1. Koreans can make some good sushi.

        And BBQ.

        How do you say “Muchas Gracias” in Korean?

    2. The worst Mexican meal I ever had was in Ensenada. And the worst strip show. Not that I’m a connoisseur or anything.

    3. I used to work in downtown Oakland in the heart of Oakland’s “Chinatown”.

      My Asian coworkers liked to point out that almost all of the Chinese restaurants we frequented were owned and operated by Japanese and all the Sushi restaurants we went to were owned and operated by Koreans.

      I didn’t really care one way or the other. It was just good food to me. But, it was also the beginning of my slide into obesity. I had pretty much “brown bagged” it up until that point of my life because I had been poor. 🙁

  42. It’s not clear who is behind the spreadsheet, but the authors claim it was compiled “by several people of color.”

    Prove it, fuckwits. I’m calling bullshit. I suspect the spreadsheet was created by a couple of whiny-assed lily white Portlandia hipster fucks. Probably why they aren’t willing to take media inquiries.

    1. Portland is not nearly as “diverse” as the local SJW’s would like. Perhaps that’s why they go off the rails at the slightest provocation.

  43. This advocacy is non-coercive and is exactly the way we say the market should solve problems. I applaud this call out. Its reasoning is sound.

    1. The only sound is derisive laughter

  44. Two Problems.

    Portland is the whitest city in the US with a long history of racism.…..nd/492035/

    Why does Robby always kinda go along with this shite? Libertarian….it’s a thing, Robby

  45. I’ve been to pizza joints (non deep dish, of course) run by Latinos instead of Italians. Does that qualify as tan on tan appropriation?

    And what about Asian restaurants in Moscow. If a Russian cooks in a wok, is that kulturny?

    How about if these culinary philistines just stick with their mac and cheese, fuck off, and let the rest of us enjoy our ethnic dining experiences in peace?

    1. Most of the pizza joints I go to are run by Italians but all the cooks are Mexicans.

      Does that qualify as tan on tan appropriation?

      I would have gone with grease ball.

      1. As a mutt myself (which these SJWs conveniently deny the existence of), I wouldn’t use that term for the staff. But it does apply to the pizza sometimes. I wish it did not, but even avoiding the hated deep dish is not a guarantee you won’t end up with an oily pie.

    2. I refuse to eat Asian food not prepared by Hispanics. You’re asking for trouble otherwise.

    3. I had some freakin AWESOME Catalan pizza with a touch of curry, made by two Libyan brothers in a tiny pizza/burger in Barcelona. Cultural appropriation RULES!

    4. In Russia, appropriation cultures you.

  46. I live in Oregon and I will now refuse to pay taxes as long as the tax bill is written with arabic numerals because cultural appropriation.

    1. Good point! Ignore any tax bills not expressed in Roman numerals.

      And those so-called Arabic numbers? They were appropriated from the Hindus. But of course an SJW couldn’t tell an Arab and an Indian apart. They just know both were some kind of headgear and/or run convenience stores. Sanctimonious bigots that they are!

      1. LOL – snort!

        I blew the Slurpee I was sucking on from the local, Indian owned, 7-11 right out of my nose as I read that.

    2. Fuck You – Fuck You

    3. “Enough, enough! I will never understand this decimal nonsense if I live to be C!” — The Frantics

  47. Vietnamese pho was inspired by French cuisine. Just saying… Mexican food is appropriated from 2 cultures who created a new culture and a new cuisine. These people just show how ignorant they are.

    1. A nutritionist in a class I was taking pointed out that personal weight was an issue in modern Mexico while it was not in the pre-colonial period. The mix of corn (tortillas) with beans was a perfectly complimentary pairing in nutritional values.

      It was the introduction of wheat flour for tortillas that messed this up and led to obesity.

      Cultural appropriation has consequences.

  48. As a person of Western European ancestry I insist that non-European persons stop appropriating Western European medicine, sanitation, industrial and financial culture.

    1. A nutritionist in a class I was taking pointed out that personal weight was an issue in modern Mexico while it was not in the pre-colonial period. The mix of corn (tortillas) with beans was a perfectly complimentary pairing in nutritional values.

      It was the introduction of wheat flour for tortillas that messed this up and led to obesity.

      Cultural appropriation has consequences.

    2. Damn Greeks!

  49. I want to know if any of the several thousand brewpubs in Portland have any non-white owners and workers who are selling British, American, German, or Belgian style beers. Because fair is fair.

  50. A few questions:
    Wasn’t food fusion a big thing a while back? But this would require both the owners and cooks to be biracial, right?
    If white people have $ and open a restaurant and hire ethnic cooks, isn’t that a good thing?
    If a restaurant serves more than a single ethnic type of food, isn’t this against the rules?
    If non-Italians are making pizza, is this a violation? Or are Italians no longer ethnic? (yeah yeah I know the rules)

    1. “Wasn’t food fusion a big thing a while back?”

      It was and still is, as long as idiots like the ones in this article don’t prevail.

      But unfortunately, the technology to make it practical and available is always 10-20 years away.

  51. Property rights for cooking food.
    Who would have thought?

  52. Portland should pass an ordinance compelling PC Antifusion Cuisine Brigade to transmit it without appropriating other peoples media- Non-nonwhite purveyors of pepper water & bushmeat stews should properly be denounced only by talking drums and Fang-fluent griots, the Burmese Wok Bandit forced to slurp his own pig’s brain soup, and taco venders dispensing their wares on plastic should have their tableware confiscated and shipped to Denmark for recycling as Lego blocks.

  53. Can someone just tell me if I can eat at my local pizza joint? It’s own by Greeks. Also, I haven’t done the research, but did the Vietnamese invent nail polish? Now I don’t know if I can find an authentic culturally appropriate nail salon.

  54. Complaint about cultural appropriation made on a service created by white folks. Stop appropriating white culture, mongrels.

    Also nice to see them claim that whites make their food better than they do.

  55. Fortune cookies were created here in the States. There were so popular, you can’t find a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t serve them today regardless of how otherwise authentic they are. The point is that when people want something, it makes good economic sense for restaurateurs to provide it for them. It’s not cultural appropriation. It’s good business sense.

  56. This is a joke…..right. There can’t really be someone who could actually believe this BS could there? Wait…it did say it was from Portlandia, makes sense now. Everyone must walk around offended all of the time, I know I get pissed when white people wear clothes made in China….Take them off!

    1. Please. Only the women.

      Wait. Is that sexist?

  57. When will the Chinese be shamed for owning and “appropriating” Japanese sushi restaurants?

    1. I had the worst hamburger of my life in Guangzhou. And I’ve had some pretty bad ones in the states.

      The Chinese McDonalds are also very inauthentic — their food actually tastes decent.

    2. When will the Chinese be shamed for owning and “appropriating” Japanese sushi restaurants?

      On the next anniversary of “The Rape of Nanking”.

    3. No shit man. The Chinese are notorious for appropriating whatever maximizes their profit margins. Sushi restaurants, smart phones, Hollywood movies, etc.

  58. You’d think in a white supremacist society like ours, uppity colored ladies would be too scared to open their yaps about stuff like this. White supremacy ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, I guess.

  59. Are non-Greek homosexual women also engaging in cultural appropriation?

  60. I wonder if these idiots are Cipotle fans – which was started and is still run by a white gay man (who was a classically trained chef and worked under Thomas Keller before opening his first Cipotle about 20 years ago). Now he’s a centa-millionaire thanks mainly to urban milllenials who love his food. And many of them are also bat shit crazy as well.

    1. And for some period of time, a lot of them quite ill.
      The man was more than happy to sell ‘organic’ food poisoning to his customers.

  61. I absolutely have to comment after seeing more and more of a push for this kind of thing. I was born, bred, and grown in the Far East, as “Authentically Asian” or “Non-White” as you can get. Too many of us from the Far East think this “cultural appropriation” thing is massively stupid. We call it, in direct translation, “Have nothing to do”. No one that I know subscribes to it and we are all colours of Asia but white. Many of us also think it’s condescending and pretty patronizing. Who are you, whoever you are, to “think” for us? And why isn’t cultural appropriation mentioned when hamburgers, pizza, pasta, quiches, fajitas, swedish meatballs, tea and cucumber sandwiches, fish and chips, french crepes, shepherd’s pies, pretzels, etc are made everywhere by non-whites and non-cultural representatives in the Far East and rest of Asia? By the way, we “culturally appropriate” among ourselves all the time, have been for thousands of years.

    1. “We call it, in direct translation, “Have nothing to do”.”

      I should learn to speak your language.

  62. I’m upset that these ethnic-owned restaurants are serving Coke, Pepsi and local Portland craft brews! Oh, and they also use the Internet, phones, electricity, PCs. The employees wear blue jeans, tennis shoes and bifocals. All of these things, they have appropriated from my United Statesian culture!

  63. When I hear or read Portland I think concrete/cement. Is Quik-Crete an appropriation?

    1. Maybe. Maybe not.

      But burying these folks in it would help us out quite a bit.

  64. “…modifying foods to market to white palates…”

    Yes, how can that be legal? :))

  65. Portlanders are under the influence of Nazis. This is beginning to sound more and more like racial purity laws and tests.

  66. I used to want to live in the Pacific Northwest. I used to a lot of things…now I’m just hungry.

  67. I guess as “Whitey” we need to stop “cultural appropriation” by stopping eating in ethnic restaurants completely. That means NOT spending our MONEY in those same restaurants. I mean if I can’t cook a taco, then I should not be eating a taco either.

    I am sure those cultural restaurants won’t mind. They will want Yens, Lira and Pesos rather than Dollars anyway!

    Vote with those Dollars people.

    1. “Vote with those Dollars people.”
      Ironically, that’s exactly what the referred to list is about.

      1. And, it is something we do every day. Thank God!

        It’s the only reality that can overcome all of these people with nothing better to do than whine.

      2. “Ironically, that’s exactly what the referred to list is about.”

        Until it doesn’t work, and they ask for government ‘assistance’ (with guns).

  68. So, after a brief interlude of nominally supporting coexistence and integration, progressives are back to favoring to their traditional policy of segregation and anti-miscegenation?

    1. Well, this is coming from Oregon. It was literally founded as a white utopia, and today there are still barely any black people there.

  69. Did you drive here in a car? Because Whitey invented that.
    Use western medicine? Whitey invented that.
    TV? The internet? Cell PhoneS? Whitey invented that.
    Also, go tell your muslim jihadi brothers, Whitey invented explosives and guns. They need to stop it with the cultural appropriation.

    1. “TV?”

      Wasn’t that invented by a Russian? A nation notorious for its mongrelizing mixing.

      1. Wasn’t that invented by a Russian?

        Emphatic No!

        There’s a damning paper trail of patents and purchases, but the crystallization would be witnesses to Zworykin’s visit to Philo Farnsworth’s lab and the pronouncement that “I wish that I might have invented it.”

        1. (Maybe your point and I’m missing it but…) This should not be construed as a whole-hearted endorsement of Farnsworth as *the* inventor as much as a dissociation of the notion ‘A Russian invented the TV.’ as anything more than a selective reading reading of history. The Russians involved in the early TV were either equal players in a team effort, one frog in a series of leaps that eventually led to what we would recognize as TV, or weren’t doing anything marketable or effective.

          This isn’t really a case of ‘Who gets the credit for the lightbulb/electrical lighting because carbon arc lamps…’ The TV is emphatically different as image capture *and* display weren’t feasible prior to Farnsworth, were enhanced to a more functional/commercial state by Zworykin, but was finally used commercially by the BBC absent nearly all of Zworykin’s work and much of Farnsworth’s. The idea that a Russian invented TV is akin to a Hindu or a Jew inventing the nuclear bomb.

          1. I thought the implication that Russians were somehow not white was amusing. Anyway ‘Philo’ has a distinctly Russian ring to it. Definitely unwhite.

            As for the rest of it, when does TV become TV? I don’t think there’s one answer to it.

    2. ” Whitey invented explosives and guns”

      I thought that was the Chinese?

  70. “they are often irritated that a non-ethnic person has pilfered an ethnic tradition in an insufficiently authentic manner”

    A ‘non-ethnic’ person? Do such persons exist?

    1. Albinos.

  71. We should have a free society where businesses offer legal services that they choose to? Can’t allow that, only the elite are allowed to do that! You know, MSM dictatorial wannabes like only HE knows Ted Koppel, most of the MSM, many Democrat (read Socialist Fascist) politicians and University profs. Freedom is dead, ask the 9th Circuit who are rewriting the Constitution.

  72. This is nothing more than Prog virtue signaling at it’s most venal. Some time back, this kind of idiocy got aimed at Chef Boyardee (Boiardi), I think this was after his death in ’85, but ConAgra squashed the evil via press releases. Cowardly hit squads like this are rarely ‘PoC’ and more likely evidence of WLG (White Liberal Guilt) expressed outwardly as White Liberal Hate/Hypocrisy. The fact they are anonymous supports the ‘drive-by’ focus on lack of responsibility.

    And Reason should celebrate the Boiardi story, Horatio Alger writ large.

  73. The competitive cooking shows on Food Network must trigger the hell out of these guys.

  74. I am so sick of this Cultural Marxist bullshit. If you would just stop reporting on these idiots then maybe just maybe they would stop competing with each other on who could come with the most outlandish thing next. We really don’t need to hear about these whiney little bastards everyday.

    1. No, no, no. “Tolerance” and all that stuff.

    2. They have to keep reporting on it, for look how these 2 intelligent & enterprising women got screwed….If they get enough people upset by reporting it, maybe those not Brain-Washed by this PC BS can help!!

  75. One of the better Italian restaurants in Dallas is wholly Mexican owned and operated. They use the original owner’s recipes and don’t buy sauce from the generic distributor that most of the Algerian run Italian restaurants in the area do. Should I be offended, or should I just enjoy the fact that they make a decent linguine w/white clam sauce?

    tl;dr – Screw the idiotic cultural appropriation movement and evey one in it.

  76. “This is NOT about cooking at home or historical influences on cuisines; it’s about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture…”

    I’m at a loss for words to describe how insane this is.

    1. I’m at a loss for words to describe how insane this is.

      I think “Stupid Marxists” sums it up nicely.

  77. Seriously fuck the creators of this spreadsheet.

  78. This may be more of a critique of intellectual property rights. We have an economic system with all kinds of “rents” built into it. People copyright and patent ludicrous things. Where is the outrage over that? At any rate, if you accept our economic system that allows these rents to exist then you should be outraged when these two women steal a recipe. If they want to sell “authentic” burritos they should be paying royalties, no? Many complaints of cultural appropriation stem from this economic argument. For centuries Andean farmers cultivate novel grains and potatoes and then big ag companies come along and tweak a few things and patent their products and then turn around and force farmers down south to pay royalties. That’s sic. So until we get outraged about these economic rents stop whining about people being outraged when they are not allowed to steal these cultural products.

    1. you should be outraged when these two women steal a recipe

      Is there an existing copyright? Did the multitude of tortilla ladies even have a written recipe? Or did these ladies copy a Spanish recipe? Chickens, bovine, pigs, and horses all came to the west via Europe.

      1. They no more stole a recipe by watching others cook than I stole a dance by watching someone else do it.
        I don’t see this as an intellectual property issue, they did not (nor should they have) tried to stop anyone from making the same items.

      2. And the west sent corn, tomatoes, potatoes – and syphilis (debated) – back to Europe in return.

    2. I’m white and i made my own burrito recipie and guess what it is better and more original than my Mexican Stepmoms. of course when it comes to burritos there is no such thing as original since most cultures have a form of burrito they just call it something else

    3. “…and then turn around and force farmers down south to pay royalties….”

      Yep, walk by a seed store and there’s armed guards out front FORCING you to go in and buy seeds.
      Do you get this stupid by birth, or does it take long years of reading lefty bullshit?

    4. [“Many complaints of cultural appropriation stem from this economic argument.”]

      No they don’t. Only in your ludicrous mind would that thought ever occur to a human being.

  79. These white-owned businesses hamper the ability for POC [people of color] to run successful businesses of their own (cooking their own cuisines) by either consuming market share with their attempt at authenticity or by modifying foods to market to white palates

    Because Asians, Mexican, and Indians would NEVER EVER modify foods to market to white palates.

    Excuse me while I go order some General Tso’s Chicken and some Chicken Tikka Masala.

  80. There are so many “outrage generating” articles in the liberal press. I just hate to see the same sort of thing in this space. This is a nothing, nothing issue for a tiny minority of places.

  81. The day these assholes force Del Taco to shut down because it was founded by two white guys, I am going to fucking riot.

  82. When you tell a person that they cannot do something because of their race, it’s racism.

  83. When people criticize cultural appropriation

    There is no such thing as “cultural appropriation”. Anyone bitching about it is simply posturing for attention, and they should be derided and dismissed as the snotty little shits they are.


  84. Ruh tart ted

  85. Dear Social Justice Warriors:

    I’m a white guy but I was born in Brazil. Can I drink caipirinha and eat feijoada? How about mess around with putas?

    Diabo Branco

  86. Word up:

    “The personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century (its origin may even go back to Ancient Greece, before the Roman period).”

    Word out to all other ethnics – stop using forks and knives – you’re appropriating someone else’s culture…

    And don’t EVEN get me started on bathing or covering our bodies with clothing…

  87. So, I guess I should get upset when Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach???

    1. I’m thinking the social justice warriors would claim that your right to be offended (if!) is canceled out by your dominant white privilege.

      1. Damn,…U is right, I shoulda thought of that!!…We know this crap only flows in one direction!

  88. Gee, I don’t know what to do. My Son-in-law owns an excellent Hunan Chinese restaurant. My wife and daughter are Chinese and we all like to and frequently dine together . . . eating and enjoying authentic Hunan Chinese food.

    In the supremely arrogant imaginings of these guardians of ethnic purity of taste and preferences, am I ‘culturally appropriating the pleasures of ethnic foods’ by eating and enjoying them. Is my Son-in-law, committing a mortal offense of cultural appropriation, if he modifies a Hunan recipe to better suit the taste preferences of his customers?

    The road to Hell is not the only paving material used in constructing its load-bearing surfaces. There are long stretches of that road paved with moral pretense, especially the ones meandering through Oregon. GodSpeed, boys and girls.

    1. When the Asians crossed the Bering Strait they passed Oregon and kept going.

  89. Out of curiosity, I used a little google foo. According to the 2010 census, Oregon is 83% white. The “spreadsheet” starts with a comment that “White people are nearly 50% more likely than people of color to own a business in the state of Oregon.” Well isn’t that something! What if that number is as high as 83% then? It would be NORMAL and free of any form of racism, etc.

    That alone is enough to know that the idiot(s) who created the list is a raving lunatic.

  90. How about Rachel Dolezal. Would it be Ok if she opened a Soul food restaurant?

    1. As long as she didn’t spell it “Seoul”.

  91. Lib-tards everywhere gave a consensual orgasmic shudder of social justice umbrage upon reading that list.

    Does this mean Mexicans and Central Americans working in the back of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and other such non-Latino cuisine restaurants are also engaging in cultural appropriation, cooking food not of their own ethnic background?

    1. Apparently so!?and you can bet it’s common, as I’ve known Asian owners of Chinese restaurants who’ve richly staffed their kitchen with latino workers.

  92. 1) If I lived in Oregon, I’d check out each and every restaurant and find a few favorites.
    2) Generally, I actually prefer “non-appropriated” food, not because I give a damn about the BS politics, but because I’d rather have “ethnic food” made by the people who knew what it was supposed to be like. Sadly, most Chinese food, for example, even when made by “Chinese” people (often Taiwanese or other Han), isn’t remotely authentic.

  93. How many chinese restaurants have I been into where the whole crew in the kitchen are mexican? How do I know they ARE Mexican? Asked….. they told,

    So WHAT is the deal here, anyway? Since when is it righteous to pillory someone for learning a cooking style of a culture other than that of her birth? I know a blonde haired blue eyed white girl can cook up a curry so authentic it regularly fools Indians…. dot kind. She could open a restaurant, in Portland, where she lives, that would rival any “authentic Indian cuisine” place…. and get herself pilloried by these phoney self-righteous eedjits (that’s an Irish word for “idiot”, which I can legally use cause I’m aboiut 40% Irish). HOW can this be? Simple.. through NO choice of her own, she was born and raised in India….
    so, what culture are these complainers and detractors “coopting” as they break from the long American tradition of letting others live their own lives free from THEIR haughty judgement?

  94. The solution to progholes may well be a one-way helicopter ride.

    Or a woodchipper.

  95. Oh, the irony. Stupid white liberals been preaching this nonsense since the 60s, now it’s coming back to haunt them. Never saw this coming. God is good.

  96. Voodoo donuts is on this list, they list the POC alternative. Is this not cultural appropriation of white cultural, since some white guy supposedly invented donuts.

  97. If North Korea launches a missile targeting San Francisco and hits Portland Oregon should the United States retaliate?

  98. Ahhhh yes. The ridiculously arrogant yet completely sciolist psuedoscience spouting pseudo-intellectual self-righteous Portlandian. It’s a fucking cancer on my hometown and a primary reason I now live on the opposite side of the country… The whole region is so indoctrinated by rhetorical logical fallacies and sheer mythomane idiocy it is a surprise that they haven’t started burning innocent people at the stake as witches by now. Except instead of witches they burn anyone with intellect above an obsequeent amoeba.

    This Logically fallacious idiocy called cultural appropriation sounds like some mentally retarded bullshit a self-loathing pimple faced white suburbanite ANTIFA fag from Laurelhurst came up with while he was high on bath salts and meth. That’s the reality of Portlandia. A shit hole of repugnant ignorance and abject mythomane idiocy… Heavily saturated with drugs.

    What kind of a MORON thinks burritos are Mexican food? How does an ENTIRELY Southwestern American food become this so-called cultural appropriation idiocy?

    A burrito is a little donkey… There is no such food in Mexico.

    Chalk up another example of how mentally retarded and completely out of touch with reality the SJWs are.

    1. Well Salem is not so far away. 😉

  99. So…using hyperventilation…

    MacDonald’s is about as American as they come. If a person not born in the U.S. opens a MacDonald franchise, does this make him/her a cultural appropriator?

    You know, like so many dumb left ideas, this can cut both ways.

  100. “White-owned appropriative restaurants” is a load of racist bullshit. Totally unacceptable. Anyone who even considers this nonsense should be embarrassed. If there’s any sort of witch hunt, it should be against corrupt racism like this, not people trying to make a living.

  101. So once the SJWs have hounded out all the small local entrepreneurs that don’t pass muster with the Zampolit, what will they have left? Taco Bell and gas station nachos.


    1. You might want to avoid those gas station nachos…..break.html

  102. Let’s carry this out to its “logical” conclusion (you KNOW it will come to this eventually): Anyone who eats ANY food that isn’t part of THEIR ethnic/racial/cultural heritage is OBVIOUSLY guilty of “cultural appropriation”…

    We’re ALL “guilty” of this most egregious human rights abuse! I won’t apologize — I enjoy appropriating cultures with every bite I take and hope everyone else of sound mind does so as well!

    Forget the oppressed, tyrannized peoples of the world who are dying, being tortured & raped, who are subjected to all sorts of atrocities and deprived of basic human rights & dignity — that doesn’t matter, not in when compared to this abominable practice. Nope, what really is horrific is the “monstrous crime” of learning to cook and then sell delicious food to evil hordes who ONLY eat the tasty, crave-worthy food to enslave & further “victimize” said cultures (despicable)! Yeah, so inhumane, so vile & despicable, so, so crazy…

    I suggest that these gross offenders be subjected to 100 lashes from a wet noodle that has been culturally appropriated from an aggrieved culture (every culture has their own noodle — the opportunities for punishment will know no bounds!)…

    Just in case there is a clueless moron reading this post, this is sarcasm — if you’re offended, please learn to use reason (ha!) & basic commonsense!

    1. Forget the 1,000 lashes. Just send them off on a Peace Core journey to help those you mentioned in foreign lands. Put their money where their mouths are.

  103. Those looney tunes will have to avoid bars owned by anyone except Mexicans when they appropriate Cinco de Mayo and get drunk on Margaritas.

    1. In mentioning Cinco de Mayo, the American celebration of a very minor, Mexican holiday, you’re being sarcastic. Right?

      Well, at least the Margarita was a Mex concoction.…..margarita/

  104. My lefty cousin, who lived and worked for years in Mexico City, is always sneering that burritos are inauthentic, and that no one in Mexico eats them. I think he’s right – they are a Tex Mex invention, or at best a distinctly northern Mexican food. Who knows if people in Puerto Nuevo, which is in Baja California, appropriated the burrito from their California cousins in the first place?

    One thing for sure is that wheat tortillas are appropriated from Europe – real Mexican tortillas are always corn.

  105. So white people food can only be sold by white people restaurants? So can only white people own certain chain restaurants? What a bunch of pure bullshit.

  106. Race will never cease to be a factor until we stop making it a factor.

    “Cultural Appropriation” is cultural assimilation, which is a GOOD thing. We will never stop warring until we become one huge, worldwide, homogeneous culture with shared values. It cannot be forced with Social Engineering, and the NWOs would have you believe, but it CAN be expedited by keeping the Internet free so that people can experience other cultures vicariously, and lose their fear of the different and unknown.

    AND it can be expedited by ridiculing assertions like “Cultural Appropriation” and other such comments that are divisive rather than inclusive.

    The final worldwide culture will be a wonderful amalgam of the best aspects of ALL past cultures, one that celebrates diversity while affirming commonality.

    Meanwhile, we must continue to laugh at articles such as this that fail to realize that racism is just a pigment of one’s imagination.

  107. Cultural appropriation…silliest concept thought of yet. Do “POC” drive cars invented by people in other cultures? Live in houses/apartments designed by those from other cultures? Attend schools at least in part funded by other cultures? Oh, and “white” is a color, so I guess POC would include white people. What are my children, I am white my wife is Hispanic. Or my nephew whose mom is white and dad is black?i wish I could get some food from the ladies’ food truck. Please don’t let these goofy times stop you…it will pass

  108. Since it’s Robby, I skipped all the haters and just submit this;
    What is really needed is a new federal agency to fully research the “true” origins of all foods, and assign each distinct food to a single ethnicity. Then only that ethnicity can prepare or serve that food.
    (to reduce the federal costs, we will graciously defer designation of foods by gender to “phase 2”)
    Think of the huge drop in unemployment!
    First, all the useless culture study and sociology degrees become a ticket to a government job, then all food preparing places have to hive multiple cooks for all shifts, finally, even more feds will be needed for ongoing enforcement.
    While there might be a few whiners complaining about the constitution when the raids on home kitchens begin, it is for the children, after all.

  109. I want royalties for every slice of pizza made outside Italy by non-Italian citizens, and punitive damages for any slices that have ingredients that are not native to Naples. Triple damages for use of pineapple.

  110. UPDATE

    Kooks burritos has had to shut down

    I hope the liberals are proud of putting hard working people out of business

  111. I am OK with this as long as we don’t let any of our third world immigrants do anything related to advances or culture created in Europe and the US. A good example would be playing Bach or Mozart. No Asians or Hispanics need apply.

  112. The melting pot and American dream are dying. The silly concept of “cultural appropriation ” is one nail in it’s coffin.

  113. Anybody who uses the word “cultural appropriation” needs to be throat punched, disemboweled and set on fire. I am getting fucking sick of these little whiney, control freak, bottom feeding shit for brain losers who ruin people. None of these shit stains could ever run a business or anything else, their parasites that need to be burned off the body host.

  114. I wish all the Latin Americans appropriating White and Western culture would stop….

  115. “…restaurants shamed…”? Ah, no. The writers of the spreadsheet made fools of themselves. Laugh and move on. If these people had a valid point, they would be standing up for it. They are hiding. They do not have the courage to defend their ludicrous statements. They rely on cowardly sniping, hit & run. They shame themselves.

    1. Did it dawn on anyone that the writers of the spreadsheet were either the competition or, at least in cahoots with them and not really SJWs? Just oligopolists trying to stifle competition?

      Do you believe all the radically harsh reviews of hotels on Yelp? The competition would never post such things. Right?

  116. Well, you must first understand that this is occurring in Oregon. Then the reason for this idiocy begins to be clear.

    These hothouse SJWs who have never been outdoors by themselves fail to understand that if it wasn’t for the white people, there would be no nation here to be so upset about. There might be Mexicans, but that’s about all.

    And there certainly wouldn’t be any ethnic or cultural restaurants. Mexicans would not tolerate a Chinese restaurant anywhere in their country or whatever it may be.

  117. Is it only Caucasian people (don’t call me “white”, it’s offensive) who are not allowed to “culturally appropriate”, or is it okay for minorities to appropriate each others’ cultures?

  118. Stupid people do and say stupid shit so just ignore them.

  119. Meh slow news day. A couple of snowflakes got together and made a google spreadsheet in their safespace. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s not going to affect any business more than 1% if that. Better to worry about a President colluding with the Russians than this.

  120. So is Oregon where the people kicked out of California for being too liberal go?

  121. White-splaining cultural appropriation by white people.

  122. White-splaining cultural appropriation by white people.

  123. White-splaining cultural appropriation by white people.

  124. White-splaining cultural appropriation by white people.

  125. White-splaining cultural appropriation by white people.

  126. Guess what Portlandia: Mexican speak Spanish.

  127. I wonder, do the people of color owned businesses complaining about cultural appropriation ever serve food not of their own culture?

    If so, wouldn’t that also be cultural appropriation? How about drinks not of their own culture? And wouldn’t serving it in an environment with not-own-culture tableware, or flatware, table and chairs, decor, printed menu, wearing apparel, or speaking a not-own-culture language, also be cultural appropriation? You get the idea….

    1. You mean the Hunter-Gatherer culture, instead of Modern Society???

  128. If I lived in Portland I’d get that boycott list and eat at every one of those establishments. What the LibTards fail to understand is that the victims of their boycott can end up doing better because of the publicity. A bit of Karmic Jiu-Jitsu.(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I like culturally appropriating)

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