Trump's Bad Week Continues, Canadians Really Hate Cultural Appropriation: P.M. Links


  • Trump

    Some are pushing back against The Washington Post's report about the Russian investigation identifying a White House official as a "person of interest."

  • Canadian writer gets burned at the stake (figuratively) for writing in praise of cultural appropriation.
  • Feminism isn't cancer. Feminism is a virus—according to feminists.
  • Fox News fired Bob Beckel again.
  • The channel's ratings are slipping.
  • Huma Abedin is leaving Anthony Weiner.

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  1. Huma Abedin is leaving Anthony Weiner.

    Noooooooooo. Not America’s sweethearts.

    1. I heard she’s leaving him for Carlos Danger.

      1. Goddamnit, Jerry.

        [Helplessly breaks out into Carlos Danger dance]

        1. That’s the one where you do a shoulder shimmy and then text a picture of the outline of your junk to a teenager, right?

        2. But … But … But what about Andrew???

    2. But not until he pleaded guilty. Why wait?

      1. What other point between the end of the Clinton campaign and now would give her an excuse to claim she didn’t just delay to wait until the Clinton campaign was over?

    3. Weren’t they the inspiration for Love Story?

  2. Huma Abedin is leaving Anthony Weiner.

    My God, what material Mikey will mine from these six words.

    1. So, she is single?

      1. 8====D~~~~

    2. Little Weiner deserves to get his face smashed in even more than you do, and that’s saying a lot.

      He probably won’t even end up going to prison, but I hope that he does so that it happens.

      1. Little Weiner?

        Mike M: Dixpert.

      2. You never fail to disappoint, Simple Mikey.

      3. Conspiratorial thinking, subnormal violent fantasies, you’re clearly headed for a crisis…listen, I lied before, I don’t want you to get help for your own sake, I just don’t want to see headlines about “Prominent Reason commenter burns down local Dairy Queen, claiming it was a criminal front for the Clinton Foundation”

        1. Where’s Mikey from, by the way? You don’t think…?

          “Florida Man and Prominent Reason commenter burns down local Dairy Queen, claiming it was a criminal front for the Clinton Foundation”

  3. Feminism is a virus?according to feminists.

    A mutating one.

    1. we then investigate how both women’s studies and the spread of actual viruses (e.g. Ebola HIV) produce similar kinds of emotional responses in others

      Seems weird that they didn’t think to compare/contrast it with any ‘burns when I pee’ viruses.

    2. Viruses are also really, really weird. Like alien weird. Like interesting in real life, but always a villain in movies weird. Like try-hard edgy teenager band name weird. I don’t think the comparison means what they think it means.

      Also, I had to take a class in women’s studies during college because I went to a woman’s college. I took an Intro to Evolution, but there were a lot of non-sociology classes offered to fulfill the requirement. This was early 2000’s. So, you know, actual science. Not well worn metaphor based on cursory knowledge of a thing.

  4. Trump’s Bad Week

    Fake news, fake news! It was a great week you cosmo cocktail bastards!

    1. *

      1. Yay, my stalker is back!
        Hi stalker!

        1. But aren’t you our stalker?

      2. What the fuck, dude? Don’t respond to it.

        1. Stalkers have no choice. It’s a sickness.

        2. What the fuck, dude? Don’t respond to it.

          Oh, how can you not? It’s just so desperate for attention. Like an angry little Pikachu.

          1. Aw, cute.

            [Pokes DanO’s belly]

            1. You better wash that finger now. With soap.

              1. [dips finger in bleach]

                1. Fun fact: Chipper Morning’s elderly neighbor’s nickname is, in fact, “Bleach.”

                  1. Bleach is Hella Senile.

              2. Who said anything about a finger?

      3. So is * code for chocolate starfish? Asking for a friend.

        1. [backs away slowly, fades into hedge]

        2. ( )*( )

          1. missing the cat ears or tail.

    2. “dozens of other outrageous stories that could fill their own news cycle in any other week ? if not a book.” I’ll wait for the Cliff’s Notes Version.

  5. Fox News fired Bob Beckel again.

    What litmus test is he failing?

  6. ‘I don’t think it’s possible: Medical examiner disputes murder suspect’s claim that his girlfriend, 60, died choking on his penis during oral sex

    Ahead of Patterson’s trial, his penis has emerged as a bone of contention between the defense and the prosecution, with the former seeking to have it shown to the jury and the latter insisting that if presented in court, the sex organ must be erect.

    Read that, people. READ IT!

    1. his penis has emerged as a bone of contention

      I… i think i love the Daily Mail.

      1. Padowitz said that he has already furnished the prosecution with photos of his client’s sexual organ, including one in which the penis is seen next to a tape measure, and another in which Patterson appears naked front the waist down.

        Judge Porter inquired in court about the state of the defendant’s manhood in those images.

        ‘It’s definitely not erect,’ Sapak replied.

        There is no word on when Judge Porter will rule on Padowitz’s motion.

        If his request is turned down, Padowitz previously said he would consider making a mold of his client’s sex organ to show the jurors.

        1. The only way this article could be better if the medical expert had used the term “half-chubbed.”

        2. If his request is turned down, Padowitz previously said he would consider making a mold of his client’s sex organ to show the jurors.
          Give each juror a Junior Patrick to examine in private. It may sway a few.

    2. DanO.-

      Please be careful, your autofellation could result in autoasphysiation.

      Believe me, I know.

      /David C. from beyond

      1. You are a ghost?

    3. If the mouth doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

      1. If the cock fit is strict, you must convict.

        1. *spews coffee*

          Whether it fits or not, I’ll always remember it as the corpse rape we all performed together.

    4. I actually saw that story in the – you guessed it! – Florida Man thread on reddit. (In my defense I don’t actually use reddit regularly)

  7. U.S. Shale Roars Back at OPEC

    As OPEC and non-OPEC producers (namely Russia) cut back on production, U.S. shale producers are moving to quickly fill the gap. Their output increase is equal to about half of the OPEC cuts and twice that of Russia’s cuts, according to a report out this week by Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank.

    “If the production cuts were to be extended, the participating countries would lose further market shares, which they are hardly likely to accept for any length of time,” the report said.

    Cum on our dick, suck on our balls!

    1. You know who else moved quickly to fill the gap?

  8. Anyway, I am so looking forward to the photo of Trump holding hands with the Muslim Saudi king.

    1. * *

      1. My stalker is back! Hurrah!

        1. Suck it, you deranged freak.

          You have more that one stalker.

  9. Sobering Success

    Re drunk driving:

    That’s what real, effective social change looks like: a role for public policy, sure, but also changes in personal behavior, social norms, and economic activity, coupled with trade-offs and progress that is meaningful if modest.

    It’s an interesting read, peeps.

    1. In the 1970s, alcohol was a factor in 60 percent of traffic deaths and nearly 70 percent of traffic deaths involving young people. Today, that share is closer to a third in both groups.

      Because less drunk driving or because safer cars?

      1. Or more WEED traffic deaths?

        1. It’s hard to get into a fatal car accident at 4 miles per hour.

          1. Not if you are on a bridge.

          2. “Is that cop still behind us?”

            “Yeah – but now he’s in a truck.”

            1. My unscientific data collection suggests it’s just that more people don’t even bother to get drunk as an excuse before driving like assholes.

      2. I would say less drunk driving. The problem I had with the article was it seemed to put more emphasis on the public policy aspect and less on the social change. And, I say that because during the same time frame, smoking has declined at an even greater rate. Of course some of that change was due to higher taxes on cigarettes (public policy). But, I think most of it was due to changes in social norms.

        1. ^ This.

          As my father-in-law, who’s been drunk since 1977, tried to explain to an officer who was arresting him for a DUI, prior to the 1970s drunken driving was pretty much encouraged.

          I doubt, as you say, that the laws themselves really had much effect, since, as Kinison once put it, “most of us get away with it every fuckin’ night.”

          However, it’s just not socially acceptable anymore, which is what actually reins people in.

  10. First off, the sources are implicating a whole group of people (White House advisers close to the president) while deliberately not naming the one “person of interest.” Secondly, that term?”person of interest”?is hopelessly vague.

    I’m beginning to suspect an inside job to discredit political reporting as a whole.

    1. They have met the enemy, and he is them.

    2. I’m honestly surprised that Trump’s team hasn’t just begun posing as “leakers” to catfish reporters. If I’m looking to discredit an entire media industry looking to re-enact the Nixon years, it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard these days to throw out a bunch of false flags, wait for the uproar, and then swerve them.

      1. If only they were so clever.

    3. Of course the Person of Interest is vague, the machine only gives them a social security number, that’s the whole premise of the show!

      1. But is the WH official a perpetrator or a victim?

  11. Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift: Pop Stars’ Beef History Explained

    In one of her first interviews about the album, Perry remained vague about the subject of “Bad Blood,” telling Entertainment Weekly that it’s “not my question to answer.” Switching gears, she remained lightly menacing.

    “One thing to note is: You can’t mistake kindness for weakness and don’t come for me,” she continued. “Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. And that’s not to any one persona and don’t quote me that it is, because it’s not. It’s not about that. Honestly, when women come together and they decide to unite, this world is going to be a better place. Period end of story.”

    1. The only way to truly settle this is a bikini mud-wrestling contest. The gods will decide who is telling the truth.

      1. bikini mud-wrestling contest…

        In my backyard.

        1. Fuck bikinis.

          I want a scissoring contest.

      2. I prefer baby oil. Mud covers the flesh.

        1. Ok. I’ll be on my lawn.
          (Because in libertopia, a man would be able to masturbate anywhere on his property)

          1. Ew, gives new meaning to “getting off” your lawn

            1. If Katy and Taylor are scissoring on his lawn, I’ll be seeding it.

              No euphemisms.

              1. Nude bondage match: Who hogties the other first wins,

                Mud, oil, scissoring, and/or lawns optional but encouraged.

  12. Huma Abedin is leaving Anthony Weiner.

    Now he’ll *really* be able to do his thing. 8-(

  13. Fox News Ratings Slip

    Rigidly focused on mounting what Brian Stelter has described as a “counter narrative” to negative media coverage of Trump, the anchors of Fox News oscillated between downplaying the stories as insignificant, to painting negative reports as part of an unfair media conspiracy on an otherwise well-functioning administration.

    Sean Hannity derided the reports as “fake news,” and led his Tuesday night show with a debunked conspiracy theory surrounding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Tucker Carlson claimed “Russia Hysteria” and dismissed the stories as unimportant compared the opioid crisis, deploying the classic Fox trope of ‘what real Americans care about’. The famously astute Jesse Watters referred to one of the scandals miring Trump’s White House as a “boring controversy”, and Fox & Friends got into the weeds discussing Comey’s procedural missteps.

    I’m surprised those anchors have time to anchor, what with their trolling this place.

    1. *

      1. Hi Sean!

  14. Foreign Head of State seen influencing President Trump!

    Heads explode!

  15. Latest Washington Post scoop pretty thin on reported details

    Is that the actual headline for the article or is that the placeholder template somebody forgot to write the real headline for?

    1. Less of a scoop znd more of a scrape.

  16. Some are pushing back against The Washington Post’s report

    yes, but that’s no reason not to pass on their claims as established fact, right?


      1. *

        1. Hiya stalker! How’s it going? Sad?

  17. re: Canadian Appropriation Prize

    OK, so I listen to a lot of CBC radio, so I was predisposed to like Jesse Wente (he has made some wizecracks about Canada’s 150 that were just perfect), and as a white person who grew up in a majority black social situation, I’m already aware of unwritten cultural rules where a lot of people can do/say/think a thing, but I can’t. I love jazz and have talked a lot about the terrible cultural history of it (and whether it’s okay to like Bill Evans – the answer is yes, if you’ve paid your deference).

    But damn it, the weepy, whiney victim bullshit makes me want to boycott anyone crying over a suggestion, from the editor of a writing magazine who put together an issue with native writers, that everyone needs to seek out and get in the head space of people not like you. Basically, if they don’t want people to pay attention to them, I’m happy to grant them that. Ignore anyone who complains about cultural appropriation! They don’t want anyone playing in their sandbox, so let ’em build a wall.

    1. I’m already aware of unwritten cultural rules where a lot of people can do/say/think a thing, but I can’t. I love jazz

      This notion jazz belongs to a particular race has long annoyed me – talk about some revisionist history!

      I think it goes back to Dave Brubeck being the first jazz figure to get real national recognition, and Brubeck basically saying “hey – you know Duke Ellington deserves all this attention way more than I do!”

      That seems to have started this “white people stole jazz” narrative, which replaced the “jazz is a uniquely American jumble of music from a number of different cultural backgrounds” narrative. But I believe it was Ellington who pointedly said “Jazz is American music.”

      Which then seems ironic in that in, what, the late 50s you get things like Coleman’s This Is Our Music at basically the exact same time that the jazz audience is starting its slow bend to near-universal whiteness.

      1. If there is any Jazz in Canada, that’s proof that it doesn’t belong to a race. There are no black people in Canada.

        1. I’m a jazz fanatic Canadian, as was Oscar Peterson. Not that I’m in anyway comparable to OP.

        2. That does make it somewhat self-evident, doesn’t it?

      2. Yeah, the point that jazz is really just American is the most important point, but like rock and roll, it has a history of being created/innovated/popularized underground by people who were not allowed in non-colored spaces/airwaves. It’s kind of hard to brush away what kind of impact that had on American music and wonder what we might have if we hadn’t had such a racialized society.

        But there’s a world of difference between Led Zepplin thieving without attribution and Bill Evans playing with and promoting African American artists. Between Nanook of the North and a writer calling for more people to write First Nations characters.

        1. Arguably, Jazz is more popular in Europe than in the US today. And I don’t think Americans have any right to be upset about it.

          When one speaks of thieving without attribution, that’s plagiarism. But cultural appropriation – I will insist as long as I live – is not a real thing. No one owns a culture. And every culture that exists (in as much as cultures are erroneously described as discrete entities) was created gradually by taking, butchering, and bastardizing things from other cultures.

          And I don’t even think ignorance is the right response. The right response is to deliver an emphatic non-apology and tell the would-be thought police to go rot in hell, in public, on air. If more people publicly stood up the such people, then maybe everyone else wouldn’t be so afraid of offending them.

    2. I’ve listened to the CBC for the last 35 years and besides about a quarter of The Sunday Edition’s segments the fucking thing will enrage me in mere moments anymore. I say defund the bitch at this point, and it’s not a rare opinion in Canada.

      I probably whooshed on your point but most black jazz piano players after 1958 or so were Bill Evans admirers and assimilated his chord voicing.

  18. This may have been posted or commented here before, or should have, but for a brief respite from Trump Derangement, try Venezuela.

  19. The article about appropriation in Canada is hilarious. The native writer (who doesn’t look very native to me) claims any writing about native peoples is “sacred”. Really? Is he saying that bad writing about certain groups is now not to be allowed? Where can one go to get one’s novel certified PC? Who gets to decide? I guess he would prefer that no one ever include native characters in their fiction? That is easy to do but may not give him what he wants.

    1. Where can one go to get one’s novel certified PC? Who gets to decide?

      Writers’ workshops.

  20. Trump apparently believe that each person’s body stores a finite amount of energy when born and that you die when it runs out. Exercise is a plot to kill people by tricking them into wasting their energy supply:

    Donald Trump has a very strange theory about exercise

    1. So all those hours I’m pissing away on Steam mean I’ll live longer?

      I like this new math.

      I’m just conserving energy you guys, doesn’t that save the planet or something?

    2. This should not surprise anyone. Of course, the Cheeto-lickers will demand your sources and, when you provide them, will scream FAKE NEWS!

      1. DanO, you seem to be annoyed by phake skandals. Benghazi, white water, cattle trading, multiple sexual assaults, people conveniently dying under strange circumstances.

        What do you think of the Seth Rich murder? Just a skilled assassination followed by a bungled robbery?

        1. the Seth Rich murder

          Oh my. Walmart had another tin-foil sale.

          1. wait, are you saying it wasn’t a murder?

            1. Benghazi, white water, cattle trading, multiple sexual assaults, people conveniently dying under strange circumstances…

              Not my words. That would be the guy with the tin-foil hat.

    3. Essentially wear and tear theory?

  21. The fuck is an “indigenous writer”? Anything like a ” nigger Jim”? Both sound like they’re saying the person’s race is their defining feature.

  22. Trump’s Bad Week

    Liar! It was a great week! Trump showed America who was boss while consistently remembering what day it was. He even managed to stop insulting Muslims before his big trip to the Kingdom of Muslims. And he proved indisputably that Comey was insane because he would not confirm Trump’s Historic Landslide Biggest-Crowd-Ever Coronation. While boasting to the Russian press — from the Oval Office — that the pressure was off, so everybody relax, nothing to see here, move along. And all those leaks: never happened. Fake news! Trump’s staff loves him and their lowering of the life rafts only proves their dedication and professionalism. Great week. Great week!

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