White House Didn't Expect Fallout From Comey Firing, Census Director Resigns, Reporter's Statehouse Arrest Sparks Controversy: A.M. Links


  • Ron Sachs/CNP / Polaris/Newscom

    President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey is pretty much the only thing on media radar this morning, as Trump tweets about the decision, a host of politicians condemn it, and everyone else tries to figure out just what the hell is going on. "They just barely got the tiniest bit of momentum going after the House health care bill, and now it's like the engine has fallen out of the car," an unnamed adviser to the West Wing told Axios. "This was a tremendous miscalculation."

  • "The fallout [from Comey's firing] seemed to take the White House by surprise," reports Politico. "White House officials believed it would be a 'win-win' because Republicans and Democrats alike have problems with the FBI director, one person briefed on their deliberations said."

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  1. President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is pretty much the only thing on media radar this morning…

    Everyone totally surprised to learn that his days were numbered. Both parties seemed to love him.

    1. Here’s an LA Times article from 2016 calling for him to be fired, and pointing out the political risks in doing so.

      Oh, the Chicago Tribune agreed back in November. Even more so.

      Google turns up loads and loads of such articles dating to before Trump took office.

      People are interesting.

      1. Reality doesn’t matter in the Trump Era.

      2. Here’s the author of the piece that the tribune ran calling for Comey to be fired, commenting after her call to fire him is heeded. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t praise Trump for following her demand that Comey be fired.

        1. Oh please do link to Sessions’ “complete confidence” in Comey statement. Please?!
          Also, slurp.

          1. You don’t have to cite Sessions. You can go directly to Trump. Said several times he was doing a great job.

            1. In Trump’s world there are two kinds of people:

              Great, really great, doing a great job, the best, so proud of him, believe me.


              Pathetic, loser, the worst, really sad, believe me.

              It should surprise no one that he flips his “opinion” in a matter of days or weeks or months to fit the occasion.

              He’s an idiot salesman. Hyperbole. Emotional persuasion. It’s what he does.

              1. So in other words if Trump is praising you be prepared to be fired. I had a boss who praised me right up until I was fired.

                1. doesnt really seem like a great management technique

      3. Of course democrats wanted Comey fired after the election. I think Hilary was a shit candidate that basically beat herself, and I was for the FBI investigating her, but what happened obviously helped Trump. Republicans would have been saying the same things if roles were reversed. Timing.

        If Trump had fired him when he was initially inaugurated, you might be close to having some type of point. That he fired Comey recently makes it look like he’s attempting to interfere with the investigation into Russian meddling. So, either that’s literally what he is trying to do, or he and his administration are fucking imbeciles for not being able to foresee this reaction.

        Also, this place is deservedly dead. Keep on being delusional. Good day.

        1. Yeah. But none of that explains pounding the desk that he be fired, and then pounding the desk in protest when he is subsequently fired.

          That part is 100% partisan.

          Comey is who he is. He was that guy in August. He was the same guy in October. He was the same in December. And the same last month and yesterday.

          You cannot pretend to be anything other than a partisan hack if you were out calling for his scalp (in a syndicated editorial no less, not a blog post) and then when you get your wish you immediately call it a conspiracy.

          It doesn’t mean that Trump is anything less than a shit flinging monkey. It has nothing to do with Trump, it has everything to do with exposing the deranged thinking that drives most people throughout their day.

          1. I’m not claiming that liberals are being reasonable. I’m just claiming that the response was predictable, and I could easily see both sides reacting similarly.

            Being that I don’t identify with either of the aforementioned parties, it looks incredibly suspicious from my perspective. Considering that you could say that Comey did Trump a huge solid in bringing the emails back up so close to the election, it makes me think the FBI was on the verge of uncovering some especially damning shit. There is no other explanation that makes as much sense.

            I’m more worried about the administration than journalists that I don’t follow or ever hear from. Exposing them is fine, as I love exposing irrational, partisan people, but I can’t say that it’s remotely important.

            1. Considering that you could say that Comey did Trump a huge solid in bringing the emails back up so close to the election, it makes me think the FBI was on the verge of uncovering some especially damning shit. There is no other explanation that makes as much sense.

              Please. Both Trump and Hillary had plenty of political and logistical reasons for canning him. The only interesting thing about it finally happening is watching leftists who were complaining, not even a week ago, that Comey cost Hillary the election whip around like the Disneyland teacup ride and complain that this move was Nixon-esque.

              They’re seeing what they want to see because they’re still in ass-pain that Her Highness was “robbed” of her blessed coronation, nothing more.

              1. This was a terrible post. You provided zero detail for your baseless claims. Congrats. At least you get to relish in leftists complaining.

                1. This was a terrible post. You provided zero detail for your baseless claims.

                  Lol, it’s not hard to look.

            2. Considering that you could say that Comey did Trump a huge solid in bringing the emails back up so close to the election, it makes me think the FBI was on the verge of uncovering some especially damning shit. There is no other explanation that makes as much sense.

              I don’t know, I think “bumbling, impulsive narcissist fires universally hated hack in an attempt to buy some positive spin, without considering how toxic the action would be viewed in the context of wild rumors flying everywhere” is MUCH more realistic and logical than “President fires FBI director over alleged Russian investigation that so far has yielded zero evidence, and that no one anywhere with knowledge is claiming was at any point actually threatening to the President”.

              I would be much more open to accepting that this had something to do with the Russia investigation, if there was LITERALLY ANY reason to believe there is even an ounce of truth to ANY of the fevered delusions of Russian conspiracies, conspiracies that the power structure and prevailing media have already been caught red-handed lying about on dozens of occasions this young year alone.

              1. I agree that it’s possible they’re that incompetent. That’s probably the second most likely scenario, but it’s hard for me to believe that Trump and his team are that fucking stupid.

                As for Russia, there were obvious connections between them and the Trump campaign. Claiming that there isn’t an ounce of truth to any of it is pretty silly on your part. The existence of Michael Flynn alone, and the fact that it took them as long as it did to get rid of him when they had reason to believe he had improper communications with the Russians, makes this a concrete fact. There is no way to claim that there is zero truth to the Russian conspiracies at this point. It’s only a matter of how much Russia was colluded with, and whether or not Trump was aware of this. I will say this: Trump has proven to be an unusually dumb dude. Maybe he didn’t know.

                1. Yeah, none of this is true.

                  There is not one piece of legitimate evidence tying Trump or his team to anything nefarious with Russia. If you have some, please do post it, as it will be the first. Constant hand-wringing and pants-shitting over the fact that a billionaire has contacts in the nation of Russia is not the same thing as evidence.

                  Oh, and Michael Flynn forgetting that he told a Russian dude that he couldn’t talk to him about sanctions until after the inauguration hardly counts, either.

        2. Also, this place is deservedly dead. Keep on being delusional. Good day.

          Does this mean you’re leaving and not coming back? If so, I hope you remembered to stomp your foot and slam the door on the way out.

          1. I have no clue who you are, and I don’t care. Thanks for remembering me though.

            1. Huh, I literally can’t even

            2. (psssst!)

              I think he is Tulpafying you.

              It’s a sockpuppet thang.

              1. Stupid must be contagious here.

                1. Stupid must be contagious here.

                  You should probably go before you….

                  Never mind, too late. You cought teh dumbz.

              2. I think he is Tulpafying you.

                I know, but that’s ok. Even Tulpa can have his say.

        3. Who the fook is this guy?

          1. Some other new guy says he’s Tulpa.

            1. They all Tulp down here.

    2. Hello.

      My God the left suffer from a serious mental disorder.

      1. The good thing is that the right suffers from a perfectly complementary serious mental disorder.

        1. Not sure I buy into this entirely.

          1. They nominated Trump. That constitutes suffering from some fucked up shit.

            1. You are aware he won the election, right?

              1. No, I was completely unaware. Great point.

        2. Well, that’s what you get when the only uniting principle each party has is opposition to the opposing party in a two-party system.

          1. And taxes. Don’t forget the insane thieving taxes!

    3. This is only the second time the FBI director was fired. Guess which President did the first firing of an FBI director?

      1. Hitler?

        1. No, silly.

          General Cheeto IS already LITERALLY HITLER.

      2. “This is only the second time the FBI director was fired”

        If that’s true, Trump just leap-frogged up the list of Presidential rankings.

  2. They just barely got the tiniest bit of momentum going after the House health care bill, and now it’s like the engine has fallen out of the car…

    Backward momentum I suppose counts as momentum.

    1. I prefer “The wheels have come off.” This is the most incompetent administration since early Clinton, and they have only the Boss to blame.

    2. “momentum” does not connote a direction.

      1. (yes, yes, in the context they’re clearly referring to forward momentum, but that’s NOT THE LANGUAGE THEY USED SO FUCK THEM.)

  3. Awesome. Now Hildog, Obama, and all the Hildog and Obama loving fakers and shitbags who convinced themselves that Comey cost her the election and have been fuming ever since get to pretend that they love him and that he’s a victim of some kind of travesty.

      1. He’s right.

        The only slurping that happens around this once great place happens with the prog hacks around here.

          1. Not enough Republicans around this once great place. Where did they all go? Anyway, their palms must be red this morning, what with all the competition to stroke the General’s Cheeto.

          2. The only time people mention Hillary or Bernie or Warren around here, it’s to suck their cocks. It’s awful.

    1. Fact: “some kind of travesty” is exactly how the ob-gyn described newborn Mike M., just before slapping his mother.

      1. Fun Fact: that OBGYN went on to become technopop star Prodigy.

        1. another fun fact: Mike M. is the inspiration for most Prodigy lyrics

          1. -1 Spitfire
            -1 Their Law

  4. “This was a tremendous miscalculation.”

    Trump has surrounded himself with limited thinkers who can’t do the big math. Sad!

  5. “White House officials believed it would be a ‘win-win’ because Republicans and Democrats alike have problems with the FBI director, one person briefed on their deliberations said.”

    Haven’t quite figured out the mechanics of opportunistic politics (and journalism) yet, but they’ll get there.

  6. Donald J. Trump
    ? @realDonaldTrump
    I am NOT a crook! And I WILL release my tax forms! Just as soon as I DON’T cum in your mouth!
    4:26 AM – 10 May 2017

    1. “If you like my dick down your throat, you can keep my dick down your throat!”

      Obama to DanO.

      1. Which explains his constant slurping.

  7. The U.S. Census Bureau director has resigned, citing a looming funding crisis for the 2020 census.

    Fuck it. Just take what the count was in 2010 and add 10% in whatever various flavors you’d like.

    1. Thompson said that a $656 million cost estimate from 2013 for the new system had been off and the current projected cost was $965 million.

      Hm… I’m thinking that if I had a cost overrun of $300 million at my job, I just possibly might have been fired by now.

      1. I’m guessing you don’t work for the federal government.

        1. Fuck no.

      2. I was curious what they’re spending money on in the decade between doing their job. New counting hardware, duh.

        1. Imagine getting nine years of graft-bucks with nobody looking over your shoulder for every one year of actual work.

          1. It’s like working an oil rig, without all the grime and danger. or work.

          2. Its really good work if you can get it.

          3. You guys keep using that word, “work”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    2. Really, there’s enough data out there to pretty accurately forecast demographics at this point. We could probably move to a full census every 25 years.

      1. Get a load of Mr. Amend the Constitution over here.

    3. Why do we even need a census now? It’s not like we are adjusting the size of the House to account for population. The only ‘apportionment’ of the House that occurs now is internal partisan decisions about which incumbents they will expose to competition and which shiny new toys they will reward with career incumbency.

      1. They still have to apportion the representatives between the states. Seems like they should be able to work that out for under a billion dollars.

  8. “This was a tremendous miscalculation.”

    Was it? What if your goal was a breakdown of the Republican Party?

  9. But the fact that the reporter was asking about domestic-violence as a preexisting condition has given the incident special conspiracy cache on social media.

    I guess social media hasn’t heard about Comey yet.

  10. Next to go: Ernst R?hm.

    1. GENERAL CHEETO IS LITERALLY A LITERAL H I T L E R !!!!111!!!!!111!!!!111!!!!!


      1. No, that would be Hillary with the periods.

        1. Those are Trumps’ fault too.

        2. Hillary hasn’t had a period in 20 years…

  11. “This was a tremendous miscalculation.”

    From this administration? You don’t say.

  12. No sex links??

    1. The “bushes” in the Spicer link is a euphemism.

    2. “Firing my Comey” has become the top euphemism on social media today.

  13. Sheryl Sandberg says a woman should ALWAYS ask a man if he will support her career on the first date – and insists marrying a ‘nerd or a good guy’ is the secret to a happy relationship

    She added that it’s fine to have fun with those who don’t live up to expectations, but not in the long term.

    ‘You can date whoever you want, but you should marry the nerds and the good guys,’ she explained.

    Lean in to nerd sex, people.

    1. I don’t know, do nerds really want to marry sluts?

      1. Nerds and Sluts: the ’80s teen sex romp franchise America never knew it needed.

        1. Wasn’t that basically Porky’s?

    2. If you’re real man you walk away from a person like that.

      1. a real

    3. You know who else asks on the first date if you will support her career? Prostitutes.

      1. I used to be a salesman – it’s a tough racket *throws back fake drink*

  14. Spicer got his wish and was soon standing in near darkness between two tall hedges, with more than a dozen reporters closely gathered around him.

    Even Hitler didn’t do Between Two Ferns.

    1. Yet it is widely regarded as the drink of unwise youths and undiscriminating palates.

      I remember drinking that stuff.

      Freshman year.

  15. Jeffrey Toobin went ballistic about Trump and Comey. It was great TV.

    over on CNN, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin soon was firing on all cylinders. Wolf Blitzer broke the news and intoned that this was “an extraordinary moment in American history.”

    Toobin shot back: “You bet it is, Wolf, and it is a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the United States.”

    Before we could pick our jaws up off the floor, he barreled forward: “This is the kind of things that goes on in non-democracies. That when there is an investigation that reaches near the president of the United States or the leader of a non-democracy, they fire the people who are in charge of the investigation.”

    Without hesi?ta?tion or any need for a Google search, Toobin reached back for historical context: He hadn’t seen such a thing since 1973 when President Nixon fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. That, he noted, was a key factor leading to Nixon’s resignation.

    1. Um… didn’t Clinton do it too?

    2. Eventually, they all drop their masks.

      Like Toobin ever was an ‘impartial’ legal pundit.

      His part of that cliche of lefties who go with ‘the 2A was about arming a militia and not the people’ theory.

    3. I heard that same meme several times last night. Nobody since Nixon has done this. I was fuzzy, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t true.

      Google search…. Oh, look. Clinton fired the FBI director shortly after taking office. Director William Sessions, a Reagan appointee.

      In Clinton’s defense, they took the time to cook up some allegations against him before they fired him. If you remember, it centered around putting a security system in his home on the taxpayer dime. Seems quaint now, huh?

      1. “this” is not referring to merely firing the FBI director.

        It’s like responding to al-Awlaki’s death by saying, “Oh, I think W approved drone strikes, too.”

    4. Shorter Jeffrey Toobin: “I’m dumb as shit, and I’m not going to shut up anymore!”

  16. Lena Dunham Praises ‘Christian’ Abortionist Who Presents ‘Moral Argument’ for Abortion

    “I have been amazed by Dr. Parker’s work: his heroism in comforting women who are, like him, religious and, unlike him, deeply afraid,” Dunham writes, pointing to the African American abortionist’s travels throughout the South, “performing abortions for women who would not otherwise have access due to changing laws and terrified doctors.”

    1. *swoon*

    2. Is there any doubt Lena Dunham would praise Hitler? You can create a Lena Dunham generator and pretty much ascertain her thought process.

  17. Teacher accused of sex with student pleads no contest

    County Attorney David Partsch says since the alleged victim was 16 at the time of the alleged meeting, he could legally consent to sex. So debauching a minor is the toughest charge the prosecutor could file.

    Don’t wanna be a thug, don’t debauch like a thug.

    1. I like this example sentence from Google’s definition of “debauch”:

      seduce (a woman).
      “he debauched sixteen schoolgirls”

      Color me impressed.

  18. Sydney Grammar School teacher, 33, pleads guilty to having sex with 17-year-old student

    A FEMALE teacher at an elite Sydney private school who had sex with a schoolboy and encouraged him to write down his sexual fantasies had been repeatedly warned for years about her inappropriate behaviour around students.

    The former Sydney Grammar School teacher, 33, has pleaded guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to having sex with a 17-year-old student nine times, including in classrooms during school hours, between January and March last year.

    Agreed facts tendered in the case revealed the teacher, who worked at the Darlinghurst-based school for eight years, had been “formally reminded” about her conduct on various ?occasions, including in 2013 when her “inappropriate behaviour towards students” led to a warning not to make “sexual references” to the boys.

    1. Well now we know Crusty has a subscription to some Aussie rag.

      1. It came bundled with his subscriptions to Barrier Daily Truth and Gawler Bunyip.

        1. Any apparent resemblance between Strine and English are purely coincidental.

    2. A 17 year old grammar school student?

  19. The U.S. Census Bureau director has resigned, citing a looming funding crisis for the 2020 census.

    Quit asking dumbass questions about guns, toilets and what time I get home from work, and there is plenty in the budget to do your job.

    1. My favorite Trump-inspired hysteria yet was the “Trump is trying to erase gay people from America!” narrative when the Census announced they wouldn’t be asking people about their sexuality, which has never been done but was a proposal considered under Obama.

      Keep in mind that these same people think Pence is going to round up gays and put them in electrocution camps. Had Trump gone ahead with having sexuality tracked by the Census, the same people would have screamed “OMG Hitler is making a list of the gays to round up and kill!”

      “The Resistance” is somehow even more deluded and insane than Trump supporters.

    2. I toss it, and when they come around in person, tell them I sent it in, and wouldn’t it be a crime to send it in twice, and they say they didn’t receive it, and I ask how they would know if it’s all anonymous.


      I suspect they eventually make stuff up and send it in themselves. One of these decades, I’ll send it in from some other post office, late, and get them in trouble for sending in a fabrication.

      1. I just ignored it. Dude came to my door, and I told him I wouldn’t be filling it out. He told me I had to, I told him I didn’t have to do shit. He got piiiiissed.

        Came back two days later, this time telling me that I didn’t have a choice, I would either fill it out, or he would come back with a cop and have me arrested. I laughed, and literally closed the door in his face while he was still talking.

        Never saw him again.

  20. Why isn’t it obvious to more folks that politics is nothing more than entertainment that sometimes kills people? It’s like the NFL, except simplified and the TEAM superfans don’t wear ridiculous costumes.

    1. My goodness, they wear costumes at events like CPAC, the conventions, and whatever other freak gatherings they have.

      1. Okay, SOME of them do. I try not to pay attention to those mass wankings.

        1. In my world those who donate to a political party and/or aspire to work for a political party will be placed on a watch list.

          1. This is a good plan. Donating to a political party is a sign of mental illness.

  21. The U.S. Census Bureau director has resigned, citing a looming funding crisis for the 2020 census.

    I hope that bastard had to fill out a forty-page exit interview asking him what gender his dog identifies as, how many cans of peas he eats per month, how much change he has under his couch cushions, who he thinks of when he’s jacking it, and a couple hundred other stupid questions that ain’t nobody’s business.

    1. And he’s not allowed to make the help do it.

  22. “White House Didn’t Expect Fallout From Comey Firing”

    MSM shitting its pants (again) doesn’t really constitute “fallout”.

    Haven’t they been shitting their pants every day over something for the past five months?

    1. 5 months of shitting your pants, and that shit is gonna fall out eventually.

  23. Q. What do you call one high-profile career bureaucrat losing his job in a humiliating fashion?

    A. A good start.

  24. In news that matters because it involves a war: White House leakers have new target: H. R. McMaster

    On Tuesday, anonymous White House officials opposed to the proposed Afghanistan offensive described the plan to The Washington Post as “McMaster’s War.”

    A day earlier, Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake reported that Trump was boiling over with rage at McMaster and had berated him in front of White House staff.

    According to that report, Trump has “privately expressed regret” for choosing McMaster to replace Michael Flynn, a fierce Trump loyalist who was fired after only 24 days on the job amid controversy over his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

    1. Ok. Fuck with the Cav, and see how that works out for you.

      I could refer you to some Iraqis and Afghanis to ask about this, but they’re not saying much these days.

  25. James Comey will be replaced by someone who will do a far better job, bringing back the spirit and prestige of the FBI.

    Excellent! A spirited FBI is just what we need! Trump continues to impress this libertarian.

  26. Trump is criticized constantly from all angles, and people honestly believe he expected a positive reaction to this?

  27. 1. So how would the press report this if Hillary had actually won? Justice or revenge?
    2. So how big a budget does the census really need? Let’s look at the constitution (crazy, I know). Oh, wait, it is just to re-apportion the house of representatives. So a post card to each state registrar asking how many voters there are. a few clicks on a calculator, and bingo; done. Let the business community do their own market research by race/sex/gender/fantasy or whatever. Let congress figure out how to divvy up the goodies using numbers the make up completely instead of “adjusting” the census to fit their desires.
    3. The reporter, or course, was not arrested for asking a question. He was arrested for felony stupid. If you can’t figure out you are in the wrong place after the secret service move you “a couple of times”, you have no business out of the “home”. Hint; those guys carry guns.
    4. If two weeks is “suddenly”, and doing what everyone said was needed is now completely arbitrary and wrong, we must be in the swamp. If you serve at the pleasure of the president, why would an explanation beyond “I am no longer pleased” be required?

    1. Succinct, logical, and non-inflammatory, which can only mean one thing.

      A witch!!!!

  28. This whole debate over Comey just goes to show that if Trump helped and elderly lady across the street the Democrats would protest.

    Not defending Trump, I have to add that disclaimer for legal reasons, lest I be burned at the stake too. But geez people, stop acting like this is the first time a president has ever fired a presidential appointee. The “investigation” claim is just a tactic to divert attention away to the fact that this kind of stuff happens in EVERY administration.

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