Congress Must Demand an Independent FBI Director to Replace James Comey

This all looks very bad for Trump. He deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, but he should lose the benefit of the doubt with Congress.



President Donald Trump's decision on Tuesday evening to fire FBI Director James Comey—apparently without even seeing fit to tell Comey directly, if media reports are to be believed—is a truly stunning development even by the standards of the Trump administration.

It will take days, perhaps weeks (perhaps longer) to understand all the ramifications of Tuesday's firing of Comey. Much will depend on who Trump appoints to lead the FBI and who, if anyone, he (or Congress) appoints to continue the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.

In the short term, though, this looks very, very bad for Trump.

The three-paragraph letter announcing Comey's firing reads like the world's worst "the dog ate my homework" note and is hard to take seriously. Trump blames Comey's firing on, of all things, Comey's handling of Hilary Clinton's classified emails last summer and makes a lame, backhanded attempt at clearing his own name ("While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation…," Trump wrote). It would be laughable if the matter were not so serious.

At Talking Points Memo, John Marshall writes that "the idea that Trump fired Comey because he was unfair to Hillary Clinton or set aside DOJ guidelines in a way that was damaging to her is clearly not true. Indeed, it is so transparently nonsensical that putting it forward as a rationale suggests a certain presidential indifference to what anyone thinks."

The reaction from thoughtful corners of the political right has been similar. "This just doesn't make any sense," writes Jonah Goldberg at National Review. "Nor does the idea that Donald Trump believes that Comey's actions during the campaign were grounds for this termination."

"I suspect," Goldberg concludes, "Trump wanted to fire Comey and that they scrambled to find a narrative to support it."

But why would Trump want to fire Comey, and why right now? It could possibly have something to do with the grand jury subpoenas issued as part of the aforementioned FBI investigation into the Trump campaign's connections to the Russian government. At least, I'll admit, that's where my mind went when CNN reported the existence of those subpoenas just a few hours after the news of Comey's firing broke.

Here's how Marshall puts it: "There is only one reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the decision to fire Comey: that there is grave wrongdoing at the center of the Russia scandal and that it implicates the President. As I write this, I have a difficult time believing that last sentence myself. But sometimes you have to step back from your assumptions and simply look at what the available evidence is telling you. It's speaking clearly: the only reasonable explanation is that the President has something immense to hide and needs someone in charge of the FBI who he believes is loyal."

I don't know that we can draw that conclusion from the facts as they exist right now, but I think Marshall is right that we should be highly suspicious of that possibility.

We don't know whether Comey's firing is a shrewd political calculation designed to cover-up something Trump doesn't want the world to know—"Nixonian" has been the word of evening on cable news—or whether it was the impulsive decision of a president who appears to lack much concern for the prestige of the office he holds or for the limits of its powers.

On the question of whether Trump broke laws or whether Comey's firing was part of a cover-up, Trump deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. The same principle does not apply to the political ramifications of Tuesday's firing.

Trump should lose any benefit of the doubt that he's been getting from members of Congress and the general public. The onus is on Trump to replace Comey with someone of unassailable character to run the FBI, but I'm not sure we can expect him to do that without being told, in clear terms, that no other outcome is acceptable. That, in turn, means the onus is on Senate Republicans—Democrats are mostly powerless since Trump needs only 51 votes to appoint a new FBI director—to stop Trump from appointing a friend, an ally, a lackey, a hack, or anyone who can even remotely be described as any one of those things. This is about more than stopping Trump from potentially undermining an ongoing federal investigation; it's about the very separation of powers that the American system of government has as its bedrock.

This all looks very, very bad for Trump, but we should wait for the rest of the facts before drawing any conclusions about the motivation for Comey's firing.

It will be very, very bad for the country if Congress does not assert itself in the days to come.

NEXT: In Wake of Comey Firing, Amash and McCain Demand Special Commission

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  1. If you’re going to claim something is nonsensical, start with the ever more incoherent claims of Russian influence on Trump’s campaign. My scorecard is totally full and mucked up trying to keep track of who was supposed to benefit and how in this conspiracy, which still has not a shred of evidence to back it up.

    If Putin agreed to hack the DNC and Podesta emails (which just happened to be chock full of real scandal that you can hardly blame the Russians for) in return for favorable treatment by Trump, he got a pretty damned raw deal. Sanctions are still in place and we’re now in a hot war against Assad. Talk about art of the deal! If Trump swung that deal, and apparently got away with ripping Vlad off completely, he’ll be a great president for negotiating with foreign leaders.

    As for Comey, weren’t the Democrats screaming for him to be fired after the election for exactly the same reasons? Had Obama fired him in January they would have been dancing in the streets, but now when Trump does it it’s a scandal that shakes the bedrock of the Republic!

    If you seriously believe that Comey was hot on the trail of a smoking gun in the Russia investigation, but now that he’s gone nobody will be able to bring it to light…. I’ve got a Hillary Clinton inauguration speech to sell you real cheap.

    1. Who can possibly investigate any Trump-Russia connections now that Comey is gone? Literally no one else.

      1. Yea its like Comey was doing all the leg work and everyone else at the FBI are just guidless children, but then again maybe they are

        1. In appearance both daring and unpresidented, firing Comey was actually an astute political move that furthered one of the key goals of Trump’s presidency???to distract the public from developments in America’s leading criminal “satire” case. See the documentation at: http://raphaelgolbtrial.wordpress.com/.

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    2. The entire Trump Russia meme never made sense from the begining and smells worse over time.
      Increasingly it is an aspiration of the left – their world collapsed when Trump was elected and there is no fix short of impeaching Trump. Hillary was the anointed successor. It was here turn.
      Like her they did not understand why she was not leading by 50 points – and she actually lost.

      I am no Trump fan. I did not vote for him – or her.
      I said the same prayer when he was elected as I did when Obama was
      Please god either:
      let me be wrong about everything I beleive and Trump’s nonsensical ideas of what we need actually work or
      let Trump as president see the light and focus on actually making america great.

      I have slightly more hope with Trump than Obama – if we avoid a nuclear disaster and a trade war.

      1. But my disdain for Trump does not make the Russia meme any more plausible than it was before the election.

        Yes, Trump had a one way bromance with Putin.
        But Trump’s policies are pretty much the worst thing that could happen to Russia and I can not really beleive Putin is so stupid as to prefer pro fracking, pro pipeline pro energy Trump to Clinton whose policies would do just about everything possible to raise the price of oil – which Russia desparately needs.

        BEFORE the election we had far more evidence of ties between Clinton and the Russians.
        She did not broker a billion dollar uranium deal for Ghana.

        Then we find out about this Steele Dossier – and the more we find the more it stinks.
        Who hired Steele ? First a Pro Jeb Bush PAC. Then after Bush was out a Clinton PAC funder him.
        Where was is information coming from ? Russian operatives.
        So we have A Clinton PAC paying an MI-6 operative to get dirt on Trump from Russians.
        Isn’t that actually WORSE than what Trump is being accused of ?
        Then this Dossier gets Walked to the FBI by …. John McCain ?
        Alright McCain hates Trump – and frankly for good reason. Still sicking the FBI on him is pretty vile.
        And the FBI dances arround with this for a while – maybe Paying Steele some more.
        Exactly what is the FBI doing utilizing OPO research done by a candidates political oponents ?
        Is that really really troublesome ? I would fire Comey for that.

        1. Now we have been told over and over that the Russians were out to get Clinton.
          If so then why were they ALSO providing all this dirt on Trump ?
          Were they trying to get both of them to lose ?

          Or maybe the real truth is the the DNC was an inside job – Like Asange says, and the Russians were out to F Trump not Clinton.

          Probably we will never know. Its the Russians – they could have been doing both.
          I heard one theory that Russia was trying to F over Clinton because like everyone else they thought she would win by 50 points and they hoped to cut that down to 2 and oops she lost which was not what they wanted.

          Anyway, alot of what I said above is solid. Some is sketchier. NONE is more sketchy than the claim that Trump conspired with Putin to win the election.

          Yes, it could be true. But of all the possibilities that is increasingly among the least likely.
          And as time goes on – no substance gets added to the claim, but as more and more comes out – lots of other people look to be in trouble.
          It is increasingly likely that the Obama administration WAS using foreign intelligence resources to manipulate the US election. It is increasingly likely that Hillary was atleast indirectly working with the Russians.
          It is near certain that many former Obama staff are actively engaged in criminal misconduct with intelligence in a effort to make something stick to Trump.

  2. Can’t believe that guy at the Democrat talking points website finally turned on Trump.

    1. Comey helped Hillary by not recommending indictment and he was one of the few Democrats left in the trump administration.

      Comey being fired means that Trump can get someone nominated to recommend indictment for Hillary and he corrupt cohorts. It is literally scaring the shit out of Democrats at this moment. Its why Democrats talked shit about Comey but talked shit about his firing.

  3. is it supposed to be meaningful that someone like Jeff Flake is “troubled” or whatever the word of the day is? Pubs dislike Trump as much as Dems. Thus far, we know James Clapper lied, we know Susan Rice lied, we know the DNC was actually involved in rigging the vote, and Putin is not getting much from his alleged investment. But sure; Trump’s in heep big trouble.

    1. Considering he’s a senator, and this post is about the Senate using its power to check Trump’s executive power, it has more meaning than any of the bullshit we circulate around here.

      1. the Senate using its power to check Trump’s executive power

        the senate has no say in who Trump decides to fire.

        their opinion only matters re: appointments. Flakes’ opinion on the firing means jack shit.

        1. On the replacement. Doi.

          1. his comments weren’t about the replacement. his comments pretended he needed to know an “acceptable rationale” for the firing, when he doesn’t need or deserve any rationale at all. and you were pretending this grandstanding made any fucking sense.

            “duh doi” indeed

            1. You’re right, Flake’s reaction to this firing provides no indication as to how a member of the Senate may treat Trump’s replacement pick, or whether this will motivate a congressional inquiry, or just how one member of one branch of government views the actions of a member of another branch and how that may affect future work between them. It’s pointless talk by a pointless man, and totally irrelevant to Eric’s argument.

      2. 1) What Senator?

        2) Has anyone found any evidence of Russian influence after 6 months? Not baseless accusations, but actual facts.

        3) Hilary’s emails were from the DNC, Wikileaks has said this from the start, and they have yet to be caught in a lie (unlike the FBI, CIA, ABC, Reuters, DNC, GOP, MSNBC,…).

        4) Trump’s failure to fire Comey on day one is #17 on my list, but appointing the ten judges still have him going gangbusters.

        1. Jeff Flake, one of two senators for Arizona. The person wareagle is complaining about.

          I know you don’t like Hillary.

  4. LOL, everything Trump does is suspicious to certain people. People are literally wetting their pants. Comey was on the chopping block long ago. The whole Russian hacked the election angle is desperate and idiotic. Any rational thinking individual knows there was nothing the Russians did that changed the result.

  5. The idea that Comey’s firing ensures a more Trump-friendly FBI is also ludicrous, considering it will now be headed by Clinton stooge and Obama appointee Andrew McCabe.

    McCabe’s name caught the spotlight during the investigation into Clinton’s emails last year, when it become known that a Clinton ally donated almost $500,000 dollars to his wife’s 2015 state Senate campaign. A Republican state lawmaker called at the time for McCabe to resign, saying his Democratic ties would affect whether the FBI could objectively investigate Clinton.

    1. That’s different?

  6. if media reports are to be believed?is a truly stunning development even by the standards of the Trump administration.

    It will take days, perhaps weeks (perhaps longer) to understand all the ramifications of Tuesday’s firing of Comey.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll throw some spaghetti against the wall anyway

    It could possibly have something to do with the grand jury subpoenas issued as part of the aforementioned FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s connections to the Russian government

    and there we go.

    ‘ll admit, that’s where my mind went when CNN reported the existence of those subpoenas j

    that’s the kind of independent thinking i come here for.

    We don’t know whether Comey’s firing is a shrewd political calculation designed to cover-up something Trump doesn’t want the world to know

    We also don’t know if its preparing America for the Alien investigation. Since we’re pitching ideas, why stop with the low-budget stuff? What about all the secret pussies he might have grabbed since taking office? Enquiring minds, yo

    Trump deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

    actually there hasn’t even been any *charge* yet, but that’s still white of you.

    we should wait for the rest of the facts before drawing any conclusions

    wait, there were facts here?

    1. I’m sure we have conclusions though.

    2. He lost me when he lamented the lost prestige of the office of the presidency. Reason, seriously?

      1. I just want a dreamy president, is that too much to ask for?

        1. Still waiting to dust off those Gary Hart campaign signs, huh.

          Or is it John Edwards …

        2. I don’t think Zaphod Beeblebrox is available for POTUS, although he *was* galactic president once.

    3. Alien investigation? Art Bell for FBI Director?

  7. I won’t put a lot past Trump. However it is odd to me that in this hedging article full of even-handed tone, the author couldn’t even contemplate a non-nefarious reason Trump would want to fire Comey.

    That guy has been on job-watch for 6 months. He alienated the Dems with his investigation of Clinton. He alienated the GOP with his investigation of Clinton. His office has been a cess pit of leaks. Whether it has been Russians, or email servers, they have been masters of leaking “Oh shit look at all the smoke” only to come back several weeks later to say, “Hey look, no fire.”

    You want a reason to fire Comey? How about a parade of scandalous leaks to say the FBI is investigating political malfeasance that send the nation into a tizzy only to be followed up by convoluted testimony amounting to “No wait, nothing to prosecute, but have some red meat for your pundits”.

    The FBI is supposed to be an arm of the law. They aren’t supposed to be a tavern for everyone to gather and hear the dirt on their enemies. And yet, over the past year or so, that has been what it is. Leaks to damage politicians but no actual action from the law behind it. And Boehn can’t think that such a state MIGHT be a reason to send Comey packing? Really?

    Again, it may be that Trump is hiding something. But then again, it just might be that Trump was sick of his police being more interested in cashing political chips than actually collecting evidence to prosecute people in court.

    1. the author couldn’t even contemplate a non-nefarious reason Trump would want to fire Comey.

      awww no fun

    2. There are links from Chip in the last article that have the left giving reasons to fire him on laws he’s admitted breaking. Technicalities they might now be called. felonies?
      this seems like a time for Occam’s razor or something.
      Dwight Shrute’s ‘most medium suspect’ theory?

    3. I think the most obvious “non-nefarious reason” was actually in the news less than 24 hours ago

      the FBI was so embarrassed by Comey’s congressional testimony that they had to issue subsequent ‘corrections’

      Comey was confronted with patently illegal behavior by Huma and Weiner, and when asked why there was no pursuit of charges, he waffled about how he’d been unable to interview Weiner because of ‘other charges’ (polite term), and, well, you know. The Law Is Hard!

      Then the FBI had to follow up and say, “actually the boss has no fucking idea what he’s talking about”

      apparently this very recent and pertinent information wasn’t nearly important as speculating about (cue scary music) THE RUSSIANS!!!… bwa haahahaha ha haha ahaaa!!! WHAT WILL SECRET NAZI PRESIDENT TRY NEXT!?? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK

      1. patently illegal behavior by Huma and Weiner

        Not the kind that’s only illegal in Alabama either.

      2. The deep state is never going to recover after Comey — a through and through honest to god hero (confirmed by both sides) — has his 10 year term cut short. Do people think bureaucrats just grow on trees?! This is a Top. Man. Irreplaceable; and we’ll never see his like again.

        1. What’s so pathetic about all this is that Comey’s reputation is completely in tatters now. This is a guy who, before the election, had a reputation as a straight shooter with unimpeachable integrity; someone so clean that Obama kept him on despite his Republican political leanings.

          And he essentially blew it all by refusing to recommend prosecution for Hillary’s malfeaseance–something that would have been completely appropriate within the actual definition of the laws and regs in question–and subsequently resigning. Maybe he thought he’d be able to ride the fence for another 3 years to get his 30-year retirement check, but his career was done after that. It was just a question of who was going to get rid of him, Hillary or Trump.

          1. its okay since I’m sure Comey will be offered a consultant job in no time at all. oh I forgot he has he already does,.

      3. I agree with this in part, but the articles I saw used a lot of weasel words. For example, while there were not hundreds of thousands (as Comey said) forwarded to Weiner’s computer, there were possibly that many transferred there by putting them on a USB stick and moving them there. If true, I’m not certain Comey misspoke all that seriously.

    4. In reality wasn’t the FBI always used as a political tool even at its founding. Maybe it is time to drain the swamp and start over with a highly regulated FBI whose only job is bank robberies, kidnapping and racketering like it was originaly of course if they hadn’t had prohibition it would have never been needed in the first place.

      1. Do we really need the FBI to rob banks, kidnap people, and commit racketering?

  8. This would be really BAD for Trump if Comey was a respected FBI director renounced for his integrity or…. something.

    But he wasn’t. He cleared Clinton (who had no right to store classified info on a private home server, even according to the MSM) because of some ‘no criminal intent” nonsense standard that would not have applied to any ordinary FBI personnel.

    He just sort of went through the motions and did things that pissed off both sides. Did he courageously prosecute a democrat royalty to uphold he law? Nope. Did he transparently release all evidence related to the Russian scandal and claim ‘The president isn’t above the law”? Nope.

    He made his fame announcing investigations, and one of them is blamed for costing Clinton a win. That’s it. The Trump side is probably mildly pleased while the left will be predictably unhinged. Everyone in the middle will recognize this as a wild card president haphazardly terminating a controversial and quixotic FBI director who was already on his way out.

    1. But you just summed it all up in a few paragraphs. we can’t get many clicks for that.

      1. Yeah. To your “time for Occam’s razor or something” XM nails it. The leader of the free world might have thought it was his Truman- MacArthur moment. Besides, he misses shit-canning folks for the couch-sitting zombies awaiting Apprentice reruns. Busy with stocking the swamp with his own bottom-feeders, it was time to do the “feign the drain” dance. Mika and Joe were getting too much attention.

  9. Does this increase the odds for impeachment? That would be fun. Actual non-lame charges for a change. Would it have to wait for the next Congress in 2019, or would the GOP hurry it up to finish before the 2018 elections so they’d retain some shred of a chance?

    Wonder what President Pence would be like. He’s a timid insecure killjoy with no strategy other than stopping people from having fun.

    Wonder what will happen at the 2018 and 2020 elections.

    Weird and weirder.

    1. Non-lame charges? Would be the second impeachment for “firing someone Congress liked”, as the same thing happened with Andrew Johnson.

      1. Naw, I meant if the Russian investigation actually found something leading to impeachment for trading with the enemy.

    2. Wonder what President Pence would be like. He’s a timid insecure killjoy with no strategy other than stopping people from having fun.

      When did Pence become a Progressive?

      1. Probably about the time Trump resigned or got kicked out.

      2. A lot of women have been getting IUDs installed; they call it “Pence-proofing” the uterus.

  10. If you think his letter announcing Comey’s firing is weird, you should read his “medical reports” letter he wrote for his stoner doctor to release. High-larious. The dude talks some serious smack, but, no, he lies like a motherfucker.

  11. In 1993, President Bill Clinton ousted William Sessions as FBI director after Sessions refused to voluntarily step down amid ethical concerns. Where was the outrage then???

    1. Going back 24 years for whatabouterry?

      1. Perhaps it’s a demonstration that the firing of a controversial bureaucrat isn’t the end of the republic as we know it?

      2. That’s only three presidents ago and particularly relevant since it was the husband of the most recent Presidential nominee who is directly involved in this scandal…

  12. Jeff Flake: “‘I’ve spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey’s firing”

    So Jeff, you’ve got a shitty employee you’ve been evaluating for 4 months and you’ve decided to fire him. When is the acceptable timing if not immediately?

  13. The Fed gov has two main functions: National security and Rule of Law. The Gorsuch hiring and Comey firing are A+ on Trump’s Rule of Law report card. Jury still out on National security.

    1. The greatest threat to our national security is the national debt. We are not doing so hot.

  14. “Trump should lose any benefit of the doubt that he’s been getting from members of Congress and the general public.”

    I’ve seen very little benefit-of-the-doubt and a lot of assumption-of-guilt from members of Congress, the media, and the general public.

  15. Lyin’ Don Trump in January: Make my Muslim ban not a Muslim ban, while banning Muslims.
    Lyin’ Don Trump in May: Make my firing of Comey look like Sessions’ idea while falsely exonerating me in the process.

    1. January: Hmm, I thought we had a really clear precedent from the SCOTUS about how much a court should take the comments a politician says when deciding if legislation is constitutional.

      I mean, after all, Obama did say, repeatedly, that Obamacare was not a tax. And the SCOTUS ruled his comments are irrelevant.

      Why does the side who obsesses over precedent always ignore inconvenient ones?

  16. “While I greatly appreciate you informing on three separate occasions that I have a 10-inch dick and that I once shot 3 consecutive holes in one…”

  17. Journolist rises again!

  18. I will do it!!!!

    But I don’t know how to get to Mordor.

  19. Put Giuliani in the position. Say what you will, he is eminently qualified to do it.

    1. I’ll say that he is supremely unqualified to run the FBI’s dog shelter. The one they do not have

  20. “On the question of whether Trump broke laws or whether Comey’s firing was part of a cover-up, Trump deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty”

    :Trump should lose any benefit of the doubt that he’s been getting from members of Congress and the general public. ”

    Now those 2 lines sounds contradictory to me – particularly when made about congress that is part of the system that makes our laws.

  21. Isn’t that position a political appointment who serves at the president’s pleasure? He can fire him for any reason or no reason at all.

  22. In the short term, though, this looks very, very bad for Trump.

    No it doesn’t.

    IMHO, Trump should have fired Comey on Jan 20, 2017. Comey let Hillary slide on mishandling classified information by not recommending prosecution because probable cause exists that Hillary violated federal law.

    Trump is doing great except getting involved in Syria and not publicly pushing for ObamaCare repeal. Gorsuch, firing Comey, draining some of the swamp are examples of Trump doing well.

    1. And he should have also fired McCabe (FBI #2, whose wife got money from Terry McAuliffe) and Koskinen (IRS commissioner). And I hope they find a way to go after Lois Lerner as well. Swamps must be drained.

      1. Trump will. The strategy is to get the Senate to confirm nominees and then clean house. Trump was just waiting for the right time to fire Comey.

        The other thing Trump does is having so many balls in play that the people who want the status quo to stay cannot keep up since politicians don’t normally focus on more than one thing at a time.

      2. The best thing they could do to Lerner is full conditional immunity. Either she spills the whole can of beans or she becomes a felon (the Scooter Libby president.)

        Because, as bad as she might have been, she was only able to do what she did due to a system that supported and encouraged her to do so. Punishing her without altering the system accomplishes nothing of lasting value.

        1. precedent not president

  23. “without even seeing fit to tell Comey directly”

    big fuck deal If all Comey had to do was stay away from DC to keep form getting fired he probably would have. when you have buracracies as large as the U.S. government some have to be fired that way.

  24. Really hard for me to get worked up about this at all whatsoever. If Congress should do anything, it should eliminate the FBI. They screw up just about every function they are supposed to serve – at this point the FBI literally does more harm than good. In recent history alone we found they falsified the lab results on hundreds of murder cases, it was discovered that they hired a serial killer as an undercover informant, they had the 20th hijacker and still couldn’t stop 9/11 because of agency infighting, they had a mountain of evidence to charge Hillary with, and they passed on it… They are about as worthless as Homeland Security.

    1. they had a mountain of evidence to charge Hillary with

      Sore winners are pretty bad. You are a deluded sore winner.

      1. Are you fucking serious?

      2. Sore winner? Sorry – – I vote libertarian – I’d be lucky if we won a city council seat, anywhere in the tri-state region. Does your dad work for the FBI?

  25. This all looks very bad for Drumpf. He deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, but he should lose the benefit of the doubt with Congress.

    LOL, nice try. The next FBI director is going to be someone like Lewandowski, or David Clarke

    And Congress being Republican, the Russia probes are going to end soon

    1. It’s been six months and absolutely zero evidence has been presented, even with Obama “unmasking” as many as he possibly could and sending the info out as widely as he could, to verify even the tiniest sliver of it.

      The probes should end because, like alchemy, they aren’t based on any semblance of reality.

  26. Reason is such a fucking joke these days. No independent thought at all.

  27. What’s bad about it? The FBI director works for the President; it’s his call.
    If you don’t want him to have that power, don’t set the rules up that way.

    1. This is one of those “Everyone in Washington is concerned so it must be a real thing” moments.

  28. Why does it ‘look very bad’ for Trump? Who is going to shed any tears over Comey’s ouster? The Dems? They hated his guts until about twelve hours ago. The Republicans? They’ve been furious with him since he whiffed on the Hillary e-mail blatant law-breaking.

    If someone can point to the nefarious thing that Trump did or promised to do in exchange for Russia confirming that Hillary and her peeps are the slime that everyone already knew they were, have at it. Otherwise the Russia thing is just noise.

    I’m no fan of Trump, but TDS has already been dialed up to eleven for months now and it’s getting really tiresome.

  29. BTW, can we finally get that snake Koskinen fired, too, as long as we’re axing bureaucrats?

  30. Why does every article about this topic read like someone read the first page of the firing package and not the last three? I expect more.

    1. Because nothing says ‘libertarian’ quite like defending entrenched deep state apparatchiks.

  31. “In the short term, though, this looks very, very bad for Trump.”

    Why? Depending on the month either Democrats or Republicans were calling for him to be fired. Now he has been and suddenly there is all this faux concern for actually doing what they suggested all along. All this exposes is the dishonesty and hypocrisy of politicians?and the press.

  32. Newsflash, the POTUS can fire any appointee in the Executive branch at anytime for any reason…

  33. Is there any such person as an independent enforcer on the payroll of the State? Independent of whom, or what? J. Edgar Hoover was so independent he ran the FBI for decades and accumulated great power he abused. Power centers attract psychopaths.

  34. Serve. At. President’s. Pleasure.

    Trump needs no reason; he had every reason: he is the President. If he finds no pleasure in Comey, he can & will fire him.

    Sorry that makes you butthurt, but at will employment at work – legally & lawfully [unlike almost every b. Hussein o. action ever] is what was done.

    I am so disappointed Reason would have this tripe on here.

  35. This author is unhinged. Comey’s firing in no way stops the Russia investigation, which up to this point has turned up nothing. Keep looking, fine with me.

    Putin’s goal in meddling was to damage Hillary, who he and most everyone else on the planet simply assumed that she was going to win the election. Having her win, and badly damaged based on all the leaked stuff would hamstring her with investigations, rumors and innuendos for years. A weak, damaged U.S. president was his goal.

    And since when is meddling in an election such a big deal? Just last week, I saw a video clip of Obama endorsing the French president Marcon right before the election. That seems like some pretty direct meddling. And didn’t Obama send some of his campaign people to Israel to work with the opposition to oust Netanyahu? Seems like meddling to me, but that is somehow more sinister?

  36. Wow, Reason positively quoting TalkingPointsMemo!

  37. Comey’s relevance was terminated when President Obama announced “There will be no charges filed”.
    “The rule of law, the separation of powers, and the strength and hallmarks of American democracy are at stake” Chuck must have missed Comey’s relevance being terminated when President Obama announced on national television, “There will be no charges filed” mid investigation of Crooked Hillary. Since President Obama’s pronunciamento the FBI Director has been an empty suit yearning to be free. Why else would he continue to make irrelevant and occasionally inaccurate public statements before congress? Maybe Chuck doesn’t understand the concept of the president’s cabinet serves “at the pleasure of the president. Comey had to go now. (Chuck in ’18)

  38. Former FBI Director Comey was an appointee and as such was an “at will employee.” An “at will employee” serves at the will of the employer. Trump was justified in firing him for numerous reasons, mainly not performing his job. For weeks beforehand the Democrats were calling for Comey’s head, Trump finally terminates him and the Democrats are outraged. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

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  41. Replacement: This is a real job, not a spot to park a political hack. The Director must now show up as a cyber expert. Learning on the job would be equivalent to learning English on the job!

  42. Replacement: This is a real job, not a spot to park a political hack. The Director must now show up as a cyber expert. Learning on the job would be equivalent to learning English on the job!

  43. Replacement: This is a real job, not a spot to park a political hack. The Director must now show up as a cyber expert. Learning on the job would be equivalent to learning English on the job!

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