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A photo of the Big Lake High School trap shooting team will appear in the yearbook after all. Officials at the Minnesota school had banned a photo of the team holding its guns because it violated a district policy forbidding the depiction of firearms in the yearbook. After local media picked up the story, thte school system changed the policy to create a specific exemption for the team and its competition firearms.

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  1. The school’s Pop Tart Art team, however…

  2. Please help stop the slaughter of CLAY pigeons. Donations can be sent directly to my checking account.

    1. I want donate! I promise! Just give me the routing and account numbers.

    2. Set up a web page and insert a picture of a cute little bird called “skeet” and watch the money pour in.

  3. It would seem that lefty agendas are being challenged on all fronts.

    Glad to hear it.

  4. “We will permit the photos.”

    /waits for bows

    “HOWEVER, you will use these neat 3-D replicas just to be safe! Win-win!’

    /waits for cheers and applause.

  5. I wonder if their history books show any weapons when covering the Rev War, Civil War, WWI, etc.? Ships blowing up at Pearl Harbor? No, let’s show smiling Japanese soldiers eating rice and sushi.

    1. But not Kamikazes drinking sake.

    2. Their US History textbook shows the Minutemen not with muskets, but singing “Kumbaya” to drive the British out.

    3. That’s funny that you think a government school teaches history!

  6. “It is important to remember that a school district has rules and procedures that need to be followed,” the release stated.
    Constitution be damned! We have rules here!
    I would submit that any picture showing a teacher should be suppressed as child abuse.

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