Trump Drags FBI Director Comey, No Prosecutions in Alton Sterling Shooting, Getting Honest About Liberal Bias: A.M. Links


  • Max Becherer/Polaris/Newscom

    The Justice Department has announced that it won't prosecute two Baton Rouge police officers in the killing of Alton Sterling.

  • Here are two posts that pair nicely together, both from liberals (Freddie de Boer and Slate Star Codex) who would like a little more honesty or self-reflection from their side about liberal biases in academia, media, and other cultural institutions.
  • "People tell me all the time that my 15 minutes are up," former Blaze TV host Tomi Lauren told Playboy. "Well, my 15 minutes have been a couple years now, and every month I seem to have a viral moment."
  • The producers of Netflix's Hot Girls Wanted deny any wrongdoing in the making of their sexploitation docuseries.
  • The president has a case of the Holden Caulfields this morning.

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