Hillary Clinton Blames Loss on James Comey, Trump Says Government Needs a Shutdown: P.M. Links


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    In an interview, Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House. "If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president," she said.

  • President Trump: the government "needs a good shutdown."
  • "This Is What a Modern Day Witch Hunt Looks Like," by New York Magazine's Jesse Singal.
  • Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him before Michelle.
  • What Finland gets right about public education.

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  1. President Trump: the government “needs a good shutdown.”

    And an enema!

    1. Too bad all we ever get is some half-assed “shutdown” that doesn’t really shut anything down.

      1. I recall parks shutting down. Even parks that lacked gates, entrance fees, staff, …

        1. That was to punish the serfs for thinking the parks and land belong to you. The government can’t have you wandering in the forest without permission, didn’t you know that? What’re you, one of those people always mumbling about freedom or something? As if you were actually free? C’mon man, get with the program. You have to be punished for resisting endless spending on the credit card with everyone’s name on it.

          1. I particularly enjoyed that the NPS said they didn’t have enough personnel to open the memorials, yet they posted guards to prevent people from entering.

    2. Hello.

      “In an interview, Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” she said.”

      For the love of…what a fricken loser. And I meant this in the literal and classic sense.

      Shut up already loser.

      1. Come on, Rufus, it is entertaining.

        1. And, hopefully, tremendously embarrassing for those who supported her.

          1. That is a large part of the entertainment.

          2. Hey, so I watched Colbert’s monologue, which everyone is raving about, and it was the lamest, most unoriginal crap ever. Not even a sensible chuckle. What an angry partisan hack. I’ve heard traffic reports that were funnier. This should be easy. Come on, it’s Trump.

            1. Personally, the funniest part is that people are upset about the homophobic rhetoric (and gloss over bald = skinhead rhetoric).

          3. Hillary Clinton has never been amusing in her entire pathetic and evil existence.
            Laughable, yes, but amusing? I think not.

        2. Yes but grotesquely embarrassing.

      2. And maybe if you had not routed her State Department email throgh a private server, she might be President and had not demonstrated arrogant incompetence.

      3. So long as she continues to deflect the blame for the loss then she will always and forever be the loser. Personally speaking, I’m ok with that. You might say I even encourage such thinking.

      4. “If it hadn’t been for those pesky, meddling kids…” who discovered that this woman cannot even hold her dental floss in a straight line, let alone do anything–ANYTHING–honestly, ethically, or competently. She cheated like a gypsy the entire election cycle, and still couldn’t win. That’s how ham-fisted and incompetent she is.

      5. Not that anyone here supported Trump.

    3. “This is what winning looks like.” I guess he never saw the video.


  2. Republicans’ Complete Surrender on Budget Has Democrats Feeling, for Some Unexplained Reason, That They Can Bully Republicans Into Surrendering on All Other Agenda Items Too
    …In 2009-2010, the Democrats demanded that their at-risk House members vote for the unpopular Obamacare even if it meant most of them being wiped out in the midterms, which most of them were. Nevertheless, they dutifully walked the plank in service of commitments they’d made to their voters.

    And what do we get, when we have the same situation? We have a budget-giveaway to make sure Barbara Comstock doesn’t lose her meaningless blue-ish district seat by having to vote on anything that could upset “moderates.”…

  3. …Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House.

    She would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

  4. Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him before Michelle.

    But she refused because he couldn’t produce a long form marriage proposal.

    1. Beautiful.

    2. Is that a euphemism for erectile dysfunction?

  5. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” she said.

    And if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

    1. Only if xe identified as your uncle, shitlord.

  6. In an interview, Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” she said.

    Which one is the darkest timeline? I forget.

    1. You only see the one without Hitler once. Then the rest don’t seem so bad.

  7. “This Is What a Modern Day Witch Hunt Looks Like,” by New York Magazine‘s Jesse Singal.

    We’re a culture not a catchphrase. Wicca is who I am and this is not okay.

    1. That’s actually a pretty good article. How long before lefties start disappearing in puffs of logic?

      1. They’re immune. By the way, as we’re comparing transracial with transgender, I regard gingers who wear sunblock as transracial.

        1. Do you know what I call gingers who wear sunblock? Still living.

          1. Daywalkers can survive direct sunlight without sunblock. They still have no soul.

      2. I thought it was a really good article. As takedowns go, it was complete, well footnoted and effective.

        One complaint: the notion that gender is determined by biology is ridiculed as obviously false by all parties involved. This is just plain stupid.

        Everything about every single one of us is determined by biology. We are meat, plain and simple. Our brains are biological every bit as much as our girly/manly bits. And all of our thinking takes place in our brains, using biological processes.

        One step removed from this obvious fact, they seem to be attacking the underlying assumption, that your girly bits are what makes you a woman. While this is obviously too simplistic, it is pretty well established that there is an interplay of hormones from the body and the brain that control things like our sexuality.

        I don’t get where the activist types are going with this. They lurch back and forth from “it isn’t a choice” to “it is a choice” as their mood suits them. They gladly medically treat the physical mismatch of jiggly bits, but violently oppose any notion of treating the mismatch in the brain. (not that I’m claiming that any such treatment exists or is on the horizon at this point)

        The whole thing is a complete failure of reason, science and simple human decency on all sides.

  8. Transracialism: Dolenzol’s crime was not pretending to be Black. Her crime was pretending to be Black in a culture that has setasides for Blacks.

    I am not saying she ever collected any of those setasides, but so long as we treat races as things that must be kept separate so the government can properly dole out privileges and remunerations and priorities, pretending to be a race that you are not is a serious problem. Setasides mean nothing if I get to pick which quota group I get to be a part of.

    1. Gaaaawd. Who the fuck gives a shit. Dolezal can call herself whatever race she wants. As for what other people should call her, why shouls her race even come up in a conversation, unless she is banging some dude and yells out “tell me I am black!”

      1. She can call herself anything she wants, she can even pretend to be oppressed. But she should not get the privilege to butt ahead of me in line because she is black, when she is not black.

        Now I don’t really know what Rachel Dolenzol has collected because of her “blackness”, but I do know that people like Elizabeth Warren got special privileges at Harvard for being a race that she was not.

    2. I’m strongly in favor of transracialism. Anyone should be able to legally identify themselves as whatever race they want and for legal purposes that should be that. While we’re at it, you should be able to legally change your sex and age too. Why not?

      1. Don’t forget the helisexuals. Transpecies and transobjects are people too.

        1. Finally, Thank God! I’ve waited over 30 yrs. to be legally classified as a living weapon!

      2. want and for legal purposes that should be that.

        I’m for it too. Anyone and everyone should be eligible for set-asides and goodies that government doles out to protected groups.

        Low-interest loans for women-owned businesses? Today, I’m a woman, gimme my shit.

  9. What Finland gets right about public education.

    A mono-ethnic classroom?

  10. A woman is a woman and a man ain’t nothin’ but a male
    A woman is a woman and a man ain’t nothin’ but a male
    One good thing about him
    He knows how to jive and wail

    You gotta jump, jive and then you wail
    You gotta jump, jive and then you wail
    You gotta jump, jive and then you wail
    You gotto jump, jive and then you wail
    You gotta jump, jive and then you wail

    1. How did you manage not to incorporate “jabroni” into your rhyme?

      1. Brian Setzer was far too classy to call someone a jabroni in public.

        1. But not Louis Prima?

  11. Trump loses again, peevishly calls for a “a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!”

    The declaration, in a pair of posts on Twitter, appeared aimed at defending a spending package that Congress is likely to clear this week, but that fails to accomplish many of Mr. Trump’s stated goals, including allocating any money to build a wall on the southern border ? a project that was his most talked-about campaign promise.

    What General Cheeto needs is a good war. Any ideas?

    1. What General Cheeto needs is a good war. Any ideas?

      Your ass?

      1. Very poor.

  12. Angie’s List to be acquired by HomeAdvisor parent company

    The arrangement raises questions about the future of Angie’s List’s Indianapolis footprint, as well as how many employees will remain with the combined company. IAC expects to cut $50 million to $75 million a year in costs by the end of 2018.

    “There will be cuts,” said Ken Copley, an analyst and portfolio manager with Iowa-based Capital Executive LLC, who follows Angie’s List. “You don’t make an acquisition like that and keep everything intact.”

    Angie’s List has employed up to 1,800 employees in Indianapolis, although it announced a round of 150 layoffs late last year.

    1. The fuck kind of links are these, Crusty. Where mah Lena Dunham links gone.

        1. I saw this one on Snapchat this morning and thought for sure it would be the Dunham article of the day – apparently someone showed up to the funtion in (essentially) the same outfit . Her face is the best part.

          1. Whoa… she’s the most attractive person in those pictures. After the Jonas brother, anyway.

  13. “This Is What a Modern Day Witch Hunt Looks Like,” by New York Magazine’s Jesse Singal.

    If Socrates were around today, it would be the youth forcing him to drink the poison.

  14. Why THAAD is controversial in South Korea, China and Russia

    The objective of the THAAD deployment, which the U.S. agreed to pay for under an agreement between the Obama administration and South Korea, is to protect U.S. troops in Asia and allies like South Korea and Japan from a potential North Korean attack. But opposition to it has been fierce, and it has already had very real implications.

  15. Partygoer ‘drugged men, had sex with them and stole tens of thousands of dollars and designer jewelry from their hotel rooms’ in a scam where she targeted victims at Miami clubs

    Surveillance footage shows what Galette said was him and Fouad entering his building, and then Fouad leaving by herself with his belongings.

    ‘I wake up drugged, not knowing what’s going on, and all my stuff missing,’ he said.

    ‘She was an innocent face,’ Galette added. ‘I was not expecting that from her.’

    Galette, a music industry professional, said he did not know at the time that Fouad was a prostitute.

    Ban sex work. Oh wait…

    1. Men with thousands of dollars of designer jewelry? Definitely sounds like Miami. Or possibly one of the heavily-Persian areas of Los Angeles.

      1. Yomna Fouad

        Sounds like she was with her people.

        Oh, and would.

    2. Much better.

    3. I’m not any kind of expert, but doesn’t prostitution usually involve a voluntary exchange of money?

      1. I’m a little fuzzy on the lack of rape charges.

        I can’t possibly imagine a guy saying, “I only had sex with her so I could steal her stuff. Honest! It wasn’t rape. She consented, you’ve got the video!” and getting anything except a vice applied to his balls.

        1. Considering the drugging, it definitely should be considered rape. And definitely would if the sexes were reversed.

  16. Obama believed that he had a “calling,” Garrow writes, and in his case it was “coupled with a heightened awareness that to pursue it he had to fully identify as African American.”… “a non-African-American spouse could be a liability.”

    This sounds so much less romantic than that Southside With You movie made it out to be.*

    *I did not see the movie and do not know anyone who did. Just saw some articles about it.

    1. *I did not see the movie and do not know anyone who did

      You know, it’s okay to have bad taste in movies. I mean, everyone has their faults, you know, like Zeb with beer, and Rufus with poutine, and Fist with a crabfries, etc.

      1. I thought Fist’s weakness was a Philly cheesesteak bought in downtown Philly.

        1. They didn’t create that delicacy, they stole it.

      2. Lol, I honestly didn’t, but I realize I have no way of proving that so ?\_(?)_/?

    2. Well, her certainly couldn’t have picked a better candidate for “fully identifying as African-American” than Michelle “Angry Eyebrows” Robinson.

      1. Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
        Going to the candidates’ debate
        Laugh about it, shout about it
        When you’ve got to choose
        Every way you look at it you lose

  17. President Trump: the government “needs a good shutdown.”

    Hallelujah, our libertarian savior! Not even Ron Paul would have said something like this!

    1. Next time! Needs a good shutdown next time, lol. Fucking pathetic.

  18. I hope the GOP voters are keeping track of their representatives who support this abortion of a budget bill.

    /Ignatius J. Reilly

  19. “clarkesq
    4:53 PM EDT
    The man was driven, which is required to be President, and he had a sense of destiny. Turns out he was right.”

    I swear. These people.

    I wonder if they’d say the same if it was…Trump?

  20. Yep, no doubt at all.
    It was Comey who bought and installed the email server in her basement.
    It was Comey who said the video caused the Bengazi fiasco.
    It was Comey who prevented her from making speeches to explain her political philosophy and agenda.
    It was Comey who gave all the uranium to Russia in her name.
    It was Comey who tripped her and made it look like she fainted.
    It was Comey
    It was Comey
    Come on now, everybody sing it together – – – – –

    1. Nate Silver said it was so. He’s got graphs and stuff.

  21. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” she said.

    “Clinton, aides and friends say, has grown more at peace with her loss in recent months . . .”

    Ha! Many of us on these pages said, during the campaign, that a Trump win was worth it if only for the comedic value. How many of us guessed that half of the comedic value would be Clinton still rehashing the campaign at this point?? Comey gold, Jerry!

    1. Remember when the msm was all O.M.G. because Trump and his supporters might not accept the results of the voting?

  22. Regarding that witch hunt, it’s a philosophy professor “debunking” arguments against transracialism (remember the white NAACP woman who self-identified as black?). It’s a typical stupid argument, quibbling over all sorts of petty trivialities, which strenuously avoiding the bigger picture (that race, gender, culture, etc are all just ways for statists to divide people, and especially ways for progressives to blame one particular set of traits (white males) for all of society’s ills, so that other people can lay out specific traits that deserve redistribution from the chosen bad guys.

    Anyone can predict the obvious consequences, that pretty soon everyone has a carve-out and nobody is producing any more. The funny part is when one person (the NAACP whack (new portmanteau!)) chooses traits that others claim, and everyone quivers in paralysis from not knowing which cultural appropriation will be considered worse tomorrow when the blaming begins.

  23. Finland
    5.5 million people.
    88.7 Finnish, 5.9 foreign born. Children of non-citizens do not become citizens.
    89% of the population speaks Finnish.
    71.9% of the population belongs to the Lutheran Church.

    So we just need to kill off all of our citizens except part of Manhattan, force three out of four into a single religion, stop printing things in Spanish, and put off school until age seven.
    Sound like a plan!

    1. You left off:

      Have a world superpower keep the Russians off your doorstep.

  24. In an interview, Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” she said.

    Not my president.

  25. Wait, so it was Comey and the Russians cost her the election? Was it them who prevented her from travelling in person to the swing states. Pretty unbelievable. As in, I don’t believe it.

    At least she hit PA in the final days. Sure, it was only Philly but it had a great parade of celebrities, which I’m sure thoroughly resonated with the rural communities in the rest of the state.

    1. Either Comey OR the Russians; I forget which. I think it depends on the day of the week, or else on the last meds taken.

      1. And don’t forget all those third party votes that were stolen from her!

        1. And those third party votes went to candidates that weren’t even good enough to get invited to the debates!

          The nerve of those people

  26. Dems can never accept personal responsibility for anything. Clinton losing wasn’t because she was one of the most corrupt frauds to ever run for office, no, it’s someone else’s fault!

  27. So Clinton claims to take absolute responsibility, but then blames others. Par for the course.

  28. So, Hillary, why was your margin, against Trump of all people, so narrow that Comey could sink you?

    1. Right, has she explained why she wasn’t 50 points ahead?

      1. And, of course, the obvious counter-position to take to the Trumpeters is, “Hey, if Trump’s so great, why did he almost lose — and did lose the popular vote — to someone as disliked and incompetent at campaigning as Hillary?”

        And, frankly, the Libertarians should be asking themselves why they couldn’t get 5% — well under Perot’s 1996 run — given what a shitshow the major party candidates were. It’s not like “principle!” has much of an argument after Weld was selected for VP.

        1. They didn’t even succeed in getting the libertarian message out there. I was hoping that at a minimum we would have a good introduction of libertarian philosophy to the general public. But that didn’t happen.

          The libertarian moment arrived and we forgot to show up.

  29. “In an interview, Hillary Clinton said the James Comey letter cost her the White House.”

    Serious question: if the Democratic estblishment wanted to lose the election in 2020, what would they be doing differently than they are now? 4 years of sounding like a sore loser is a great way to convince people not to vote for you or your party.

    1. if the Democratic estblishment wanted to lose the election in 2020, what would they be doing differently than they are now?

      that’s a tough one.

      Making Bernie Sanders the face of The New Democrat Party?

    2. My working theory is that neither party ever wins elections anymore…the other party just loses.

  30. Comey something something Comey something Hitlery something something oh yeah Comey something poor loser something not that I supported Trump something something…

  31. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,”
    Sure, why not? But if an election had been on July 4, 1992, Ross Perot would have been president and your resume would stop at “former first lady, State of Arkansas.” We all have regrets, lady.

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