Fake Trumps


While Donald Trump uses Twitter to delight his fans and aggravate his foes, a host of parody accounts have arisen to torment him where he lives.

@MatureTrumpTwts rewrites Trump's posts to make them sound more presidential. Accounts like @realDonaldTrunp strive to out-Trump him. "I'm burning through pens in my first month as President faster than Bill Clinton burned through chubby interns!" a typical tweet reads. These are the accounts most often mistaken for Trump himself.

Meanwhile, accounts like @Donaeldunready, which wonders what Trump might sound like as a medieval king, are more high-concept: "Canute. What a loser. Can't even hold back the sea. It's just water. We're going to be so tough on the sea. Canute was too soft. Sad."

Some didn't make it to Election Day. One account, @ArtHouseTrump, which imagined the man as a cinema snob ("I am tough on Russia! There is not one Sokurov in my top 100!"), threw in the towel in October, complaining that Trump "is not actually funny."