Budget 'Compromise' Means More Spending, Trump Learning About This Whole Civil War Thing, School Lunch Rules Scaled Back: P.M. Links


  • School lunch
    Photoeuphoria / Dreamstime.com

    The two parties reached a "compromise" budget deal which essentially means more money will be spent on everything! Yay! (That was sarcasm.) There is no funding for the border wall, though. Yay! (That was not sarcasm.)

  • In an interview, Trump seems to suggest that he doesn't grasp a whole lot about the Civil War and why it happened. He also seems to think nobody else knows either.
  • A teen passenger in a vehicle was shot and killed by police in a suburb of Dallas over the weekend, and there are wildly divergent explanations of what happened.
  • It's okay to root against both sides when May Day participants protest the Trump administration.
  • The Trump administration is rolling back federal school lunch rules (some of which are based on bad science, like restrictions on salt content) pushed by the Obama administration.
  • Sebastian Gorka may be out as a White House adviser, sources say.
  • The federal government seems to be acknowledging that marijuana use helps reduce the tendency to turn to addictive opioids to fight pain.
  • There's a leadership shake-up at Fox News.

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