Brickbat: What Are You Smiling About?


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Rhode Island's Division of Motor Vehicles says that drivers will no longer be allowed to smile in their driver's license photos. They will be required to maintain a neutral facial expression. They say this is necessary to comply with federal security standards.

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  1. The government has officially mandated unhappiness. Bureaucrats doing what they do.

    “I’m sorry sir, we can’t let you bribe us today. You’re too happy.”

  2. Link to a brickbat. Or bouquet. You decide.…..icers.html

    “The Raleigh Police Protective Association on Friday accused workers at a Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q in Garner of singing N.W.A.’s song “F— Tha Police” to the officers as they were having a meal, WTVD reports.”

    1. I’d suggest next time some Frankie Valli – “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. The Raleigh PD must be some manly men there, whining about some hurtful words.

      1. I’m not convinced the story was even true — it looks like the union’s tweet has been deleted!

        1. Are you suggesting this is a case of “Blue Lies Matter”?

          1. “Officers are calling for the employees to be disciplined. “Suspension and/or including termination,” Armstrong said.”

            I can’t find a font big enough to point out this irony.

            1. This is like O. Henry and Alanis Morissette had a baby and named it this exact situation.


        1. neither is guacamole, so what?

  3. Same rule up here.

    1. Goes to show, driver’s licenses are not about minimum driving ability.

      They are clearly being used as: National ID card, baseline image for facial recognition, way to keep people face-to-face with bureaucrats every 2-4-6-8 years….

      1. ” . . .way to keep people face-to-face with bureaucrats every 2-4-6-8 years…. ‘

        Wouldn’t you think that when I renew my car tags, it would be *cheaper* to do it by mail than to walk in to an office and converse with a DMV employee? Not in my county. I get charged an extra 75 cents or so to renew by mail.

        1. Weird. Here in Indiana, I get a small discount for renewing my plates on line and letting them mail me the new stickers. And that’s on top of the bonus of not having to go to the BMV.

  4. My religion demands that I scowl at all times, while wearing a hooded robe and wielding a lightsaber.

    1. Kinky

  5. I thought the whole point of DMVs was to eliminate any desire people might have to smile. That’s not new news, although I suppose it’s typical that it took them decades to formalize the policy with a rule.

  6. The joke’s on you, suckers. No one can see me smiling underneath my burka.

  7. Actually, if they were really interested in a photograph an officer could use to verify identity, they would put in a low light room that is painted like a roadside, and take the picture by shining a flashlight in your eyes.

    1. Remember, never wear pants while driving. They have no excuse to shoot you if you don’t have a waistband.

  8. Resting Bitch Face could keep some people from getting a license…

  9. Don’t worry. I know a guy down in Cranston who can get you any picture you want on your driver’s license. I helped him out with a favor back when he was applying for a variance to build a treehouse in his backyard, just tell him Ken from Portsmouth sent you.

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