Where Science—And Sexuality—Goes To Die: Bill Nye's Netflix Show

There's bad and indescribably bad. And then there's "My Sex Junk," a segment on Bill Nye Saves the World.


A few days ago, Netflix dropped its series Bill Nye Saves the World in which the eponymous host "explores various problems and misconceptions from a scientific point of view."

Well, at least when he isn't hosting godawful video bits like this one featuring Rachel Bloom, one of the creators and stars of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Titled "My Sex Junk," I first saw this in my Twitter feed yesterday, where any number of people pointed out that whatever your feelings about the topics under discussion, this video pretty much makes all of humanity want to cringe and die.

There is so much wrong here, it's almost painful. But we should ask, who is the possible audience for this sort of thing? It seems both smug and off-putting in equal measures, so much so I can't imagine anyone wanting to be identified with it under any circumstances. But that only means I am not the target audience, I suppose.

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