Where Science—And Sexuality—Goes To Die: Bill Nye's Netflix Show

There's bad and indescribably bad. And then there's "My Sex Junk," a segment on Bill Nye Saves the World.


A few days ago, Netflix dropped its series Bill Nye Saves the World in which the eponymous host "explores various problems and misconceptions from a scientific point of view."

Well, at least when he isn't hosting godawful video bits like this one featuring Rachel Bloom, one of the creators and stars of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Titled "My Sex Junk," I first saw this in my Twitter feed yesterday, where any number of people pointed out that whatever your feelings about the topics under discussion, this video pretty much makes all of humanity want to cringe and die.

There is so much wrong here, it's almost painful. But we should ask, who is the possible audience for this sort of thing? It seems both smug and off-putting in equal measures, so much so I can't imagine anyone wanting to be identified with it under any circumstances. But that only means I am not the target audience, I suppose.

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  1. We’re so far removed from God’s love.

    1. You’re right. We’re not a Bible-believing nation anymore. Conservatives are correct – we need to turn back to Gawd.

      1. In five years this’ll be the centerpiece of conservatism.

  2. WTF is “wrong” with this other than its just stupid?

    The singer is bi? So fucking what?

    When Natalie and Mila nipped on each other’s tidbits in ‘The Black Swan’ was that wrong? I thought it was hot – not wrong and not stupid at all.

    So it has little to do with science – so what?

    1. Yeah, this was just like The Black Swan.

      1. You must consider girl-on-girl action “wrong”.

        And you post here?

        Please tell us how wrong it is?

        1. Pretty sure he was being sarcastic, dumbass.

          Oh, and pay your bet, cockthistle.

          1. No, Crusty is pretty fucking stupid. He thought I was elevating the lame vid to Black Swan status.

    2. The scene from The Black Swan was hot. This made my balls try to retract back up, like a reverse puberty.

      It wasn’t just that is was stupid, or vapid, or that the lyrics were embarrassingly bad, or even that Rachel Bloom is a horrible singer, or unattractive.

      All of the above are reasons why this sucks, yet somehow the total amount of suckage is greater than the sum of all of the sucky parts. I can’t fully explain why it was so bad, it just is.

      1. Yes, ‘The Black Swan’ was hot – no question.

        But we are discussing WRONG. How is this video “wrong” (maybe I am the only one who interprets “wrong” in a moral way).

        This video is vapid no doubt. But how is it wrong?

        1. Its not “wrong” because its not even trying to say anything that amounts to a rational claim.

          e.g. *(quoting derptologist)

          – Wrong: 2+2 = 5
          – Wronger: 2+2 = -17
          – Not even wrong: Rotten Cantaloupe + Magnesium = January

          this falls in that last category = something so stupid, pointless and nonsensical that it simply is a waste of energy even attempting to comprehend what they were trying to communicate.

          Naturally, you can’t tell the difference between any of these things because you’re a complete fucking idiot

          1. Of course it is not WRONG – as I have been saying you brain-addled dipshit.


          2. something so stupid, pointless and nonsensical that it simply is a waste of energy even attempting to comprehend

            As he comments anyway.

            1. Little too meta for you?

    3. “WTF is “wrong” with this …”

      Every. thing. Every last thing in it is so very wrong.

    4. Re: Peter Caca,

      WTF is “wrong” with this other than its just stupid?

      It’s tacky, it’s ridiculous, and it looks more like an attempt by people who, deep down, don’t like the LGBT community, to make fun of them and smear them, than an attempt by someone who supports the LGBT to make the community seem more mainstream.

      Bill Nye, The Saboteur Guy.

    5. What I’m getting out of all these comments is, I need to go see Black Swan!

      1. ^ THIS.

  3. There is so much wrong here, it’s almost painful. But we should ask, who is the possible audience for this sort of thing?

    Crusty? SugarFree maybe?

    1. Who?

  4. That was worse than the Tom Hanks/Dan Aykroyd wrap at the end of Dragnet.

    “Exactly the right message, Rachel.” If the message was that cultural appropriation should be banned, then yes it was the right message.

    1. Reading about her show, it sounds a lot like Girls in that when you watch it, you think it’s satire, but then you slowly realize that these people are simply being themselves and they really are that horrible, miserable, and neurotic.

  5. Back in ~2010 Bill was a neighbor of musician Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo. At the time Hanley was part of a project called Palmdale. She prevailed upon Nye to appear in the first video, which was filmed in part at her home.

  6. Bill Nye the engineering guy?
    What, exactly, are his science credentials? (No fair using “I played a scientist on TV”)
    As I often told the kids when they were young, “No, that is not real, it is just TV”.

    1. He studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University (where he took an astronomy class taught by Carl Sagan)[10] and graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering in 1977.[11] Nye occasionally returns to Cornell as a guest-lecturer of introductory-level astronomy and human ecology classes.[12] (Wikipedia)

      Yes, he is a lowly engineer. I did not know that until now.

      Something tells me you would attack Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson too.

      It is sad that wingnuts have politicized science.

      1. Sagan was all right. Tyson and Nye are insufferable morons.

        1. Tyson is more of an idiot-savant.

        2. Tyson is an awful commie dbag.

        3. Go and watch some of Sagan’s video’s from back in the 1970’s, they’re worth it for the snooze factor and those ‘WTF 70’s’ moments.

          1. Sagan was a powerful man, indeed:

      2. I’ll make sure to be careful around you buttplug, I wouldn’t want to accidentally knock that chip off your shoulder, it looks like a big one.

      3. Oh, and btw, Tyson/Nye youtube videos aren’t science. They’re ‘popular science.’ Not the same thing, and often very adverse from each other.

      4. Hmm,

        1) Statement is made that Nye has few science credentials
        2) PBP states that the statement is correct.
        3) PBP still attacks the person who made the correct statement and has knowledge that PBP lacks.


        When Tyson discusses things outside of his immediate area of expertise, he tends to be a fucking moron. As most geniuses tend to be. In their field, they make sober and intelligent comments. Step outside of that and they become PBP.

        1. Tyson’s not impressive at all. His remake of Sagan’s old show was a yawn fest. Attenborough has more verve and intelligence in his little finger than Tyson does in his entire over-hyped person.

      5. Tyson’s CV is very weak. Pay up.

      6. But does he have a state license to call himself an engineer? He better never go to Oregon.

  7. Why in the fucking fuck don’t you fuckers love the fucking science?

    1. This shit has as much to do with science as astrology has to do with astronomy.

  8. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. The end is Nye.

    1. He is Nye-intolerable.

    2. Nice, I’ll be using this one.

  10. Bill Nye. Please go back to “Almost Live”.

  11. If you didn’t like the number, you must hate science, dumbass.

  12. Picture Bill Nye singing it. Ha ha ha.

  13. I guess it’s for videos like this one that Netflix did away with their rating system.

    1. I think it was an admission on the part of Netflix that their 5 star system sucked for predicting what someone would want to watch? Or maybe they think that somehow a binary option of ‘yes – no’ is somehow more useful? What’s really confusing is apparently Netflix remembers my star ratings…what the actual fuck are they doing?

      1. I’m going with political conspiracy and needing to virtue signal progressive by not letting people see Amy Schumer’s low movie star rating.

  14. After seeing that video, I’m amazed that anyone would believe anything that Bill Nye says about science (or anything else, for that matter).

    1. If you watch him an interview with anybody but a fawning fan of his, you’d doubt every word he said about science. He’s an imbecile.

  15. This is what happens when we try to turn science into entertainment. It’s not science and it’s not entertaining.

    1. Mr. Wizard would like a word with you. (Don’t go, it always ends with you getting submerged in liquid nitrogen.)

  16. I think there was a moment when we all thought it was hilarious that women comediennes were talking openly about their vaginas, but that was probably back in 2005. Between Shumer and Silverman I think that topic has already been done to death.

    1. Yeah, don’t see why anybody would expect pussy jokes to have longer shelf lives than dick jokes, but man, female “comediennes” sure tapped that well dry fast, didn’t they?

    2. A lot of the self-styled “feminist” comediennes don’t seem to understand that a vagina joke needs the joke part.

  17. “But that only means I am not the target audience, I suppose.”

    This is the most egregious social signaling I’ve ever seen.

  18. Is Bill Nye the new Lena Dunham or the new Lindy West?

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *snort* HAHAHAHAHA. Ok, I think I’m going to have a pretty good morning now. Good stuff.

  20. Re: Peter Caca,

    WTF is “wrong” with this other than its just stupid?

    It’s tacky, it’s ridiculous, and it looks more like an attempt by people who, deep down, don’t like the LGBT community, to make fun of them and smear them, than an attempt by someone who supports the LGBT to make the community seem more mainstream.

    Bill Nye, The Saboteur Guy.

  21. I’m confused as to why they thought having a comedian sing a 2 minute hip hop song could effectively advocate and educate about complex issues like sexuality and transgenderism without turning the whole thing into a mockery, but they certainly created awareness, so check that box off.

    I personally couldn’t get past the line about having Skype sex with a sad clown. Seems to be promoting a lot less sexual/internet safety than most videos targeted at teens, but maybe this is just me being old.

  22. Well we should all give a hearty congratulations to Rachel Bloom here, for topping her previous record setting cringe fest with her “Holy Shit You’ve Got to Vote (for Hillary)” song

  23. I always wondered if Bill Nye was a conservative mole on a mission to make climate alarmists appear stupid, irrational and dangerous. This video supports my hypothesis. That video must be religious right agitprop to present sexual minorities and their allies as fucking dorks.

  24. What is it about science “celebrities” that causes them to grow more arrogant and necessarily less scientific as time goes on. I used to enjoy hearing Nye talk about science. He had that “sense of wonder” as he elucidated actual scientific facts. He’s transformed into an aggressively overbearing, self-important, one-topic screamer.
    “Saves the World”? that’s the issue in a single phrase. He’s actually so full of himself that he thinks he can save the world.

  25. OMFG.

    Bill Nye owes the world some brain bleach.

  26. Sexual degeneracy is dysgenic. That’s fucking science.

  27. What the fuck did I just watch??

  28. Bill Nye has become such self absorbed narcist over his defense of climate change lies that he now believes he will save the world. BTW Bill Nye is not a Scientist so when will Oregon fine him $500 for making such wild claims without a license

  29. Is this better or worse than the “beige power” thing Canada funded?

    1. It’s worse simply by virtue of being Canadian and not one the following

      1) Rush
      2) Trailer Park Boys
      3) Red Green Show
      4) Corner Gas

      If it is Canadian and not one of those things, it is worse.

      1. You left Strange Brew off that list you uncultured swine!

        1. He must not be from the Great White North, eh.

  30. Nye even copies the Tony Heller bowtie!

  31. carmen sandiego > bill nye

  32. Remember when Jonathan Haidt gave that lecture called “It’s hard to gross out a libertarian…?” Well, this did it. I literally couldn’t stomach watching the whole thing.

    Not to mention that Bill Nye has revealed himself — again — to be the *My Feels are Facts* Guy.

    1. In other words he’s just another Generic Leftist “feelings” swine,

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