Taking Private Property in the Trump Era

New film dramatizes landmark Supreme Court decision on eminent domain.


President Donald Trump called eminent domain "absolute necessity," during the 2016 Presidential campaign and he has a record of pushing for the government practice to make way for his real estate projects in the past. Eminent domain is the taking of private land for public use and back in 2005 the Supreme Court handed down an unpopular opinion on its use, saying that government had the power to seize land from a private owner and give it to another private owner. Trump at the time said he, "happen to agree with it 100 percent."

A new feature film about that Supreme Court case called Little Pink House is being released just as many people are beginning to question how eminent domain may play into the Trump era. The film stars Academy Award nominated actress Catherine Keener and Jean Tripplehorn and it recently picked up the audience award at the Vail Film Festival.

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