Watch Nick Gillespie Talk Taxes and Spending on Fox Business's Kennedy Tonight at 8 P.M. ET


Fox Business

I'll be on Fox Business's Kennedy show tonight, talking about tax deadlines, the possibility of systemic reform, and what the function of taxes should be. Hint: I argue that taxes should be less about gulling people into certain types of behavior (such as buying homes or insurance) and more about paying for the government services that we agree should be provided.

By failing to account for the full cost of government, I suggest that people are willing to buy more government. If the government is borrowing 20 or 25 or even 30 cents on each dollar of what it spends, it makes government seem less expensive than it really is (even as it grows the national debt which will eventually need to be paid or inflated away).

More in that vein here.

The show starts at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time and will be rerun later in the evening. Check your local cable listings for more information.