Gorsuch Hears First SCOTUS Cases, North Korea Promises More Missile Tests, Arkansas Fights Court to Execute Prisoners: P.M. Links


  • North Korea
    Yonhap News/YNA/Newscom

    Justice Neil Gorsuch heard his first cases on the Supreme Court today and asked several questions, taking up a good chunk of time in one case.

  • Arrests of illegal immigrants jumped by about one-third in the first weeks of President Donald Trump's administration. There's a notable jump in the increase in the arrests of those charged with no other crimes besides being in the country illegally.
  • A North Korean official told the BBC the country will be conducting more missile tests, possibly weekly.
  • The state of Arkansas is fighting with the courts to try to execute eight men. The courts have barred them from carrying out the executions over the drugs it planned to use. If the rulings are overruled by tonight, they would be ready to execute one prisoner this evening.
  • The White House held its Easter egg roll this morning and CNN has more than you can possibly care to read or watch about it.
  • Would Trump's border wall (assuming it actually gets built) leave some Americans on the wrong side of it?
  • Some court documents related to the investigation of Prince's opioid-caused death have been unsealed. Some painkillers had been prescribed to Prince's former drummer in order to protect Prince's privacy.
  • If you're tired of both the bitching about and the defenses of Lena Dunham's Girls, you will be happy to know that last night the comedy's final episode aired.

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