Donald Trump

Bob Poole, Kmele Foster, Kyle Smith, Matt Welch: Sirius XM Insight, Channel 121, 9-12 am ET

The North Korea missile crisis, Trump's transportation bill, the new Star Wars, bad baseball uniforms, and more


As on last Friday and Tuesday, I will be guest-hosting Sirius XM Insight's Stand UP! with Pete Dominick show today (and tomorrow) from 9-12 am ET. The guests, roughly in order:

* Kyle Smith, National Review movie reviewer and columnist, late of the New York Post. We will be talking about the new Star Wars trailer and such.

* Bob Poole, beloved Reason Foundation transportation policy director. We will be talking about dat transportation bill.

* Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine political correspondent. We will be talking about White House palace intrigue.

* Kmele Foster, beloved FreeThinker and fellow Fifth Columnist. We will be talking about war and race and stuff.

* Todd Radom, sports uniform/logo designer. We will be talking about the joys of ugly baseball uniforms.

Please call anytime at 1-877-974-7487!