Gorsuch Joins the Bench, Chicago Judge Shot Dead, PR Word of the Day Is 'Re-Accommodate': P.M. Links


  • Gorsuch

    Neil Gorsuch is now officially Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch after his swearing in ceremony today.

  • A former U.S. ambassador to Syria believes President Bashar Assad will attempt additional chemical weapon attacks, which means more people arguing for more intervention in the country, no doubt.
  • Sources say the governor of Alabama will be announcing his resignation over his impeachment and sex scandal.
  • Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has pleaded guilty to the state-level charges of murder, which avoids another trial and potential death sentence. He has already been found guilty and sentenced to death in federal court.
  • So the buzz on social media today is all about how United airlines attempted to "re-accommodate" a man from an overbooked flight by having him violently and forcibly removed by Chicago police.
  • A Cook County judge was shot dead outside his Chicago home early this morning and a woman was wounded. Police say they're pursuing "multiple leads."
  • New York will become the first state to offer free four-year college tuition to families with annual incomes of less than $125,000.
  • Two adults are dead in an elementary school shooting in San Bernardino, California. Officials believe it may have been a murder-suicide. Two children were also injured.
  • Pulitzer Prizes were reporting and books from 2016 were handed out today.

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