Brickbat: Gone to the Dogs


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Dog walkers in Richmond, London, England, are upset with a proposal by the local council to limit people from walking more than four dogs at once. Council members say they are just reacting to reports of walkers not having dogs under control. But dog walkers say they should punish those who don't control their dogs, not those who can.

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  1. But dog walkers say they should punish those who don’t control their dogs, not those who can.

    But that would require having to actually catch the bad actors. Isn’t it easier just to do a blanket ban? And, ultimately, isn’t what’s most convenient for authorities also most convenient for everyone?

    1. One size fits all rules are the price to pay for civilization, brah.

    2. Proving someone is a bad actor requires work and is too subjective. Just declare technical limits for crime. Walking more than 4 dogs is failing to control them. Driving 80 in a 70 is reckless driving. Possession or more than an ounce is dealing. Commenting on Reason is treason.

    3. The prophylactic state.

    4. Re: Fist of Etiquette,

      Isn’t it easier just to do a blanket ban?

      Indeed. All prohibitions work that way, hence the current immigration policies. The war on drugs. Etc.

  2. just shoot all the dogs and be done with it…complete & absolute control at all times

  3. Duh – just establish a bureau of dogwalking with examiners and inspectors and undercover enforcement teams, have the dogwalkers take 1600 hours of training and get certified to buy the necessary license and permit and annual certification review to walk more than 4 dogs at one time. Problem solved.

    1. plus special leashes and collars…which can only be purchased through the AGENCY!!

  4. The only good dog is one that is boiling in a pot.

    1. You seem like a dog could be good for you. You like to rule over things anyway.

  5. Thanks for the information.

  6. Silly dog walkers. trying to be independent business owners instead of being on the dole. And really! Charging reasonable prices? Outrageous! They must be stopped; out with regulations “to protect the children”.
    Make them get an nice boring job inside, no more of this foolish fresh air and sunshine madness. Then when they go mad, we can fund a bunch of government studies to find out why. And continue to ignore studies saying having a pet is good for you.
    (Must be a bunch of cat owners on the council)

    1. Cat owners should beware, they’re next, they’ll be coming for the catnip soon and the dangly toys soon.

      1. Good point! Those dangly toys are a clear choking hazard! Some kid might break in and strangle himself.
        So, for the children, no more cats!

  7. So now that we’ve solved all other issues plaguing society, we need to solve this dog walking problem. 1 person had a negative response to dog walkers and this just can’t be forgiven.

    For fucks sake, can’t we maybe focus, even at the municipal level, on shit the fucking matters? Rather than going after low hanging fruit that is easy to legislate but provides little to no effect, can’t we talk about how previous onerous legislation needs to be scrapped?

    Goddammit, people. (Not Reason commentors)

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