Border zone

Do You Live in a Border Zone?


Joanna Andreasson

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  1. They are customs agents – wait until they decide any area within 100 miles of an international airport is a customs zone.

    1. Wait till they decide that the borders with the Indian Nations count too.

  2. When the Constitution was first adopted, more than 9 out of 10 Americans probably lived within 100 miles of the Atlantic coast. Maybe closer to 99 out of 100. Obviously, the Fourth Amendment was meant for them, not the few people on what was then the western frontier.

  3. I’m not worried, and I will lose zero minutes of sleep over this.

    1. That’s what they like to hear.

    2. This comment proves DanO is a libertarian, only he likes to troll. A true leftist would be outraged at the lack of civil rights, therefore DanO isn’t really a leftist. I wager most of us already knew this, but it’s good to point out clear examples.

      Congrats, but sadly Tony still does it better than you. You’ll need to step up your game a bit to rival him.

  4. Yes.

  5. Hmmm — Lake Michigan (unlike the rest of the Great Lakes) is entirely within the U.S. So why are the coasts of Lake Michigan colored in as ‘border zones’? Apparently, the ACLU wonders about this as well:…../94674866/

  6. Excellent infographic, thanks C.J. this really helps people get it.

  7. I suspect that until border patrol starts stopping people for looking suspiciously European, that this will not change.

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