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Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina says it has suspended its cheer leading team indefinitely. The team's section has been removed from the school's website. One of the cheerleaders says team members were taken by campus police and questioned and had their cellphones searched after the university received an anonymous letter accusing some of them of prostitution, buying alcohol for underage team members, and paying others to do their homework.

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  1. WMBF News has requested communications pertaining to the cheerleading team, as well as the letter allegedly sent to CCU President DeCenzo, through a Freedom of Information Act request. The school’s FOIA office denied the request, stating the request concerns a pending investigation.

    The old pending investigation trick. That can keep your secrets better than a family priest. And I’m pretty sure this is the work of that nasty rival cheer squad. It’s all from the plot of Bring It On 11: Ya Been Swatted!.

    1. This has all the markings of the ‘alt-right’.

    2. From the article:

      “The HTC Center confirmed that a cheerleading showcase scheduled for April 4 is no longer on the center’s schedule for the week. The showcase was to be held ahead of the team’s scheduled appearance at a national competition in Florida. The cheerleader said they were told they will no longer be able to attend the competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.”

      Finding a motive behind that anonymous letter is going to be tough.

      1. Bitches be catfightin, ammirite. Case Closed.

  2. oooooh, bad girl cheer leaders! the best kind, I hope they forgo undergarments while cheering!!!

    1. I bet the campus police made a in depth search of the phones for any video or picture ‘evidence.’

    2. You wouldn’t believe what they’d do for a couple of lines after they graduate.

  3. First the music dies with Buddy Holly, then the apple pie became cynical pie and NOW this?


    Also. Pics? Must I ask for everything?

  4. “. . . prostitution, buying alcohol for underage team members, and paying others to do their homework.”

    As a wise man once said, there’s a time and place for everything, and that time and place is college.

  5. Wait a minute! They were anonymously accused of a sexual act. Title IX requires immediate expulsion upon accusation. Why were the police involved? Gender discrimination! Men would be gone already.

  6. Wow,

    Just, wow.

    1. no, that’s WOW

  7. Girl wants to work her way through college but the man wants to keep her down and in debt with student loans.

  8. They did this on the basis of an anonymous letter? No fourth or fifth amendment rights for cheerleaders? I hope the cheerleaders were smart enough not to talk to police.

    “…According to the cheerleader, the team was met by police outside the HTC Center after practice, who called the names of individual team members, and took them to CCU’s police station for questioning. During the questioning, the cheerleader said police searched through their cell phones…”

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