A.M. Links: Trump Administration Reaches Out to Freedom Caucus on Obamacare, Suspected Chemical Gas Attack in Syria, St. Petersburg Subway Bombing 'Possibly a Suicide Attack'


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    The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch by a party-line vote of 11-9. Gorsuch's nomination now heads to the full Senate, where Democrats are threatening to mount a filibuster against him and Republicans are threatening to go "nuclear" and eliminate the filibuster for all SCOTUS nominees.

  • The Trump administration is reportedly reaching out to members of the House Freedom Caucus in an attempt to modify and revive the failed Obamacare replacement bill.
  • A suspected chemical gas attack in Syria has killed dozens.
  • Authorities in Russia now say that yesterday's bombing on the St. Petersburg subway was "possibly a suicide attack."
  • "Two years before joining the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser, New York business consultant Carter Page was targeted for recruitment as an intelligence source by Russian spies promising favors for business opportunities in Russia, according to a sealed FBI complaint."

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