Nunes' Info Allegedly Came from White House, Russia's Election Influence Debated, Trump Attacks Freedom Caucus: P.M. Links


  • Nunes
    Michael Reynolds/EPA/Newscom

    The leaks are coming from inside the house! The White House, apparently. Sources told the New York Times that the classified intel being provided to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) that shows incidental post-election surveillance of President Donald Trump's team came from two White House officials.

  • Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied that his government attempted to meddle with America's 2016 elections.
  • Meanwhile meanwhile, the Senate's Intelligence Committee is having a hearing to discuss all the ways that Russia attempts to meddle with other countries' elections.
  • Trump's idea of trying to unite the country apparently includes attacking the Republican Freedom Caucus on Twitter for not voting for his health care reform proposals and suggesting its members need to be fought just like the Democrats.
  • It appears as though North Carolina will repeal its controversial transgender bathroom law and replace it with a new law that simply bans cities from adding new categories to antidiscrimination and public accommodation ordinances. The new legislation (that I discussed earlier here) has passed the legislature and has just been signed by the governor.
  • The Trump administration is reportedly relaxing rules of engagement intended to prevent civilian casualties in military counterterror strikes in Somalia.

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