Why House Intel Hearing Was Cancelled, SCOTUS Blocks Texas Execution, Spiders, Spiders, Spiders, Spiders, and More Spiders: P.M. Links


  • spider
    Michaela Mikulikova / Dreamstime.com

    The latest in the President Donald Trump/Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.)/Russian government/intelligence leaks epic drama: According to letters received by The Washington Post, Nunes cancelled a House Intelligence Committee hearing in order to keep fired former acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying what she knew about links to Russia.

  • Trump plans to respond to a defamation suit against him by claiming that, as president, he's immune to all civil suits until he leaves office.
  • The Supreme Court ruled today, 5-3, that Texas didn't properly evaluate the intellectual disabilities of a man on death row and reversed a lower court ruling, blocking his execution.
  • Scotland's parliament has voted to support a referendum as to whether they want to be part of the Brexit or not.
  • U.S. officials say there's a "fair chance" that a recent airstrike in Mosul, Iraq, killed civilians. So far more than 100 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of a strike from earlier in the month.
  • Will Congress actually fund Trump's wall?
  • And the most important question of the day: Are spiders coming to eat you and all your loved ones? Because they could. And here everybody was worried about a nuclear war.

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