Brickbat: But the Coyote Is Still Alive


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A cyanide bomb planted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture sent a 14-year-old Idaho boy to the hospital and killed his dog. The devices are used to kill coyotes and other predators. The USDA is supposed to put signs up around them, but both the boy and the local sheriff say there were no signs around that bomb, which was planted near the boy's home.

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  1. Wow, that’s really evil.

  2. Canyon’s mother, Theresa Mansfield, said she wants to make the public aware of this situation and doesn’t want to see another pet or child put in danger.

    “This is horrific,” Theresa said. “This is like terrorism in my backyard.”

    Except it wasn’t your backyard, it was someone else’s. It’s always a good idea to get permission from property owners to use their land. That permission would probably have come with a warning. Having said that, this is a highly questionable pest control tactic, even with warning signs posted.

    1. The most questionable part is my taxes going to the predators in the USDA to protect somebody’s livestock from predators. The wolves protecting the flock from coyotes.

      1. Look, inadvertently injuring a boy and killing his dog while attempting to poison coyotes with exploding shells containing lethal amounts of cyanide is just something we all do together.

        1. I built that!

  3. DofA: The bomb was meant for coyotes. Why was the boy there?

    /Agent hands card that reads: Agent Wiley E. Johnson – GENIUS.

  4. ACME Cyanide Bomb…Pat. Pending?

    1. If it was ACME it would have actually blown up the coyote.

  5. Interesting story.
    1. In the story, it is mentioned both that the area was BLM controlled, and that it was private property where the owner gave permission. It is probably important to know which, as BLM land would be open to public use. The kid said he walked there all the time, so if it was private land, it would seem the owner did not object. People in Idaho are like that. You know, neighbors and all that.
    2. Evidently, the US government is using land mines in the United States. There are 162 signatories to the Ottawa treaty to ban land mines (other side; there are 34 UN members who refuse to sign the treaty, including the US). Given the second amendment, can I get a few to protect my property? Say from a midnight no knock warrant? Or in case a militia unit is called up in my area?
    3. Maybe the federal government should start selling off all of the lands it confiscated, and pull back the militarized employees who cannot plant warning signs as required. Make a small dent in the debt maybe?

    1. pretty sure US treaties don’t apply to citizens and i would argue you are allowed to have landmines…you are just liable for them….

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