Tillerson's 'Patience Has Ended' With North Korea, Venezuela Attacks Bread Shortage by Seizing Bakeries, Cincy Cop's Drunk AR-15 Antics Lead to Arrest: A.M. Links


South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se (R) shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in South Korea on March 17
Newsis Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

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  1. What’s the best green beer?

    1. Hello.

      Who the fuck quotes Beyonce?

      Beyonce. And Michael Strayhan.

      I don’t get it.

      1. The candidate was showing off her new freakum dress.

  2. “Let me be very clear: the policy of strategic patience has ended,” Tillerson said.

    Time for an era of patient strategy.

    1. Luck o’ the Bee Tagger.

  3. Quoting Beyonce while white is cultural appropriation.

    And a little silly.

    1. What if you are only quoting the white part of Beyonce?

      1. White Beyonc? wouldn’t be singing about kicking a man to the curb.

  4. Okla. governor calls for resignation of state senator accused of trying to have sex with teen boy

    A Republican state senator from Oklahoma is facing prostitution charges after he was caught in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy to whom he offered money in exchange for “‘sexual’ stuff,” authorities said.

    The charges against Sen. Ralph Shortey were filed Thursday, one week after he and the teenager were found at a Super 8 motel in Moore, Okla., just south of Oklahoma City, according to an affidavit. Authorities said the two met through an online personal ad about a year ago and had been texting since.

    Shortey is married to his “high school sweetheart” and attended Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, according to his Senate biography.

    In 2012, Shortey stirred controversy by authoring a bill to prohibit “the manufacture or sale of food products which use aborted human fetuses.” “People are thinking that this has to do with fetuses being chopped up and put in our burritos,” Shortey said, according to the Oklahoman. “That’s not the case. It’s beyond that.”

    Shortey’s defenders pointed out that it’s not “prostitution” — it’s “sex work.”

  5. Venezuela’s government is addressing a national bread shortage by lashing out at bakers and seizing bakeries.

    They’re just one industry nationalization away from solving this thing!

    1. Bread lines are a sign of a healthy economy comrade

  6. Quoting Beyonce while white is cultural appropriation.

    Just attribute it to Winston Churchill.

    1. 98% of all internet quotations are made up.
      — Abraham Lincoln

      1. He spelled out ninety-eight! At least quote him accurately.

        1. “Fourscore and eighteen% of all internet quotations are made up.”

    2. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”

      -Winston Churchill


    3. “I got a string attached to my thing / and when you pull my string, / I can do my hint underwater.”

      — Benjamin Disraeli

      1. Ugh. hint -> thing. Thank you once again, spell correction, for ruining everything.

  7. Donald Trump’s budget plan isn’t likely to go far on Capitol Hill.

    Is it because it’s too much spending for Congress or that Congress is allergic to budgets in general?

    1. So what was the freak out for?

      1. It’s Literally Hitler’s budget, that’s why.

  8. and pretending to be on duty while actually drunk and off duty.

    The off duty part of that seems less important.

    1. You’ll never make it through the police academy with that attitude.

  9. Coming later today at Reason:

    The libertarian case against cutting federal spending

    TL/dr – Trumps a poopy head with bad intentions.

    1. But he’s not reducing federal spending. He is simply reallocating it to the military. I don’t give a shit about any of the programs he wants to cut. Cut more! I just wish it was accompanied by equally drastic cuts to the military.

    2. Who the fuck thinks moving spending from one terrible thing to another is the same as “cutting spending”??

      Sure there are cuts. But the budget uses all the cuts to expand the military budget by the same amount as the cuts. Its a net change of jack shit. And yeah, it’s better than raising spending, but it’s not THAT much better.

      You can bitch when there are actual cuts.

      1. It’s like saying “To save money, instead of spending $10 at McDonalds every day for lunch, instead I’m gonna spend $10 at Burger King.”

        1. “Instead of lighting this money on fire, we’re going to dump it into a giant industrial shredder.”

          1. But someone has to build those shredders, damn it!

          2. Because spending money to strengthen the military is exactly like throwing it in a shredder.

            1. Pretty much, yeah.

      2. And when you factor in entitlement spending that’s left on autopilot, spending will almost certainly increase.

      3. I give him credit for at least trying. It is pretty fucking scary when DT is the only grownup in the room.

        He wants to accomplish his policy goals of more war and security theater but he says “I’m a republican we’re suppose to be fiscally conservative, so how am I going to pay for my wall?” Cut entitlements?- no way! people love free stuff. Discretionary spending then- 15% reduction* across the board to pay for the military and border.”

        The republicans in congress respond “Oh no, not muh farms!” And “Won’t anyone think of poor Lake Erie?” Every dollar Washington spends is an “essential government service” to someone which basically means no cuts. And the hawks go “Trump only wants to raise spending to 4 times as much as our rivals, he is stripping our military to the bone and leaving us terribly vulnerable.” DT budget could of been better by cutting defense and entitlements to actually reduce spending but the Repub response to it is depressing and makes DT look good in comparison.

        *Of course such draconian cuts would take us back to the dark, dark, days of 2003 when anarchy was loosed upon the world, children starved and wild dogs wandered the deserted streets.

    3. Trumps a poopy head with bad intentions.


  10. Venezuela’s government is addressing a national bread shortage by lashing out at bakers and seizing bakeries.


    1. Oh, dear.

  11. ENB should do a piece rating the best sex dolls.

    Hey man, I just put the ideas out there.

    1. I would be genuinely surprised if she hasn’t already.

    2. Just send me an email Rufus, and I will let hook you up with the information you are looking for, including videos shot from many different angles.

    3. But wouldn’t she need to like try them out first?

      It seems like having Robbie contribute to the piece might make sense too

  12. VA Hospital Removes Portraits of Dear Leader Hung by Vets

    When Republican congressman and Army veteran Brian Mast saw that a Florida VA hospital didn’t have photographs of President Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin hanging in the lobby, he took action.

    Mast and a group of local veterans brought portraits of Trump and Shulkin to the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center and demanded they be installed, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

    Mast joined “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, explaining that when veterans see a problem, they take action. “This is exactly what pisses people off about the government is they don’t have that kind of reactionary capability to just fix a problem immediately.”

    Dear Leader had no immediate comment.

    1. For context to those who read about this story: it is customary for most public military buildings to display pictures of the people in the chain of command that apply to said building, going all the way up to the president. Growing up around army bases as the child of a soldier, I’ve seen more pictures of Clinton, Bush, and Obama than I’d ever care to. The vets in this story probably figured that if they had to look at Obama’s face everywhere they went for the last 8 years that turnabout is fair play.


  13. “Venezuela’s government is addressing a national bread shortage by lashing out at bakers and seizing bakeries.”

    FINALLY!! A reasonable solution that we can all agree on.

    1. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we’re not all living in peaceful communism yet!

      1. Are gay wedding couples first in line for the cakes?

      2. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we’re not all living in peaceful communism yet!

        Because “Hitler”?

  14. A Cincinnati, Ohio, police officer was arrested this week for allegedly pointing his AR-15 rifle at another cop and pretending to be on duty while actually drunk and off duty.

    If he had been on duty, the drunkenness and the brandishing would have been totally cool though.

    1. No, because he brandished the gun at another cop. If he’d brandished his gun at some commoner then it he would be a “brave hero.” But since this was another King’s Man, he’ll be forced to take a 2-week paid vacation.

      1. Well, yeah, that too.

        And if he’d brandished his gun at Warty, the headline would have read “Cincinnati Cop Makes Mistake; Here Are Some Of His Limbs.”

  15. Am I crazy, or is pinching someone for not wearing green today a hate crime? You are physically initiating violence against someone else because they refused to engage in cultural appropriation. It’s the most violency violence possible.

    1. Pinching? Is that really a thing? I’ve never heard that before.

      1. Me neither. Must be a millenial thing.

        1. What? Did you people not go to elementary school ever?

          1. The only thing I ever heard of was that wearing orange on St Patrick’s Day is a hate crime. I’ve never heard of the pinching thing. Maybe I just live in a civilized area.

          2. Yes, and we didn’t need an excuse to assault each other.

          3. What? Did you people not go to elementary school ever?

            Every memory I had of it, it had that very ‘elf on the shelf’, ‘sweetest day’, ‘made up bullshit’ feel to it even then. Of course, Saint Patty’s Day itself has always had that feel personally.

    2. That would be abuse of the disabled, unless you can prove you somehow know beforehand the person is not color blind.

  16. “New Democratic party candidate Niki Ashton has deleted her social-media posts containing Beyonc? lyrics because a Twitter account attributed to Vancouver’s Black Lives Matter said that using those lyrics was “appropriating black culture.”

    It’s displays of this kind of moral courage that has put Democrats in the majority at state and federal levels.

    1. Since when are there black people in Vancouver?

      1. Plenty of imported yellow brothers of different mothers.

      2. Good question. Seems that except for July (called summer), everybody outside in Vancouver is white.

      3. 1889 or something? What they don’t tell you is that there’s only six of them.

        1. And they’re all there filming a pilot for the CW.

          1. “The Blackanucks” coming soon to the CW.

            1. I would watch the shit out of that.

    2. Wait, doesn’t Beyonce dye her hair blonde?

      1. Hair straightening is basically blackface.

    3. So, you show that you think Beyonce is cool by quoting her but that is bad. I guess they want everyone to never admit another race exists, never quote them, never refer to them? Kind of like denying their existence? I will never get out of jail for all the times I’ve gone around singing snippets of songs by black singers. Bad me.

  17. I find outrage over people saying “military options” are on the table as a little ridiculous. The military has plans and military options to invade or overthrow every country in the world. Military options are always on the table. Kim Jung Un is the most unstable, reckless, and dangerous of the lot. I doubt he can even reach Japan with his failing missiles, but South Korea is indeed under an incredible threat, which I believe is worse than under his father or grandfather.

    1. Hell, yes. The plans that Gen. McClellan had to “take Richmond” are still floating around the Pentagon somewhere just in case the South rises again!

      1. “When.” It’s “when.”

      2. I bet you cannot find them. A true patriot removed them in the sixties.

        1. Why were they removed? As I recall, McClellan’s plans were terribly flawed. (Or maybe the plans were solid and McClellan was flawed?)

          1. McClellan was flawed

            He was tentative and reluctant to fight.

    2. I find outrage over people saying “military options” are on the table as a little ridiculous.

      I wish they opposed the actual conflicts *and* the funding as much as they opposed the grandstanding. I guess spending the GDP of the next n-nation’s combined on defense and never breathing a word about it could be effective as a psychologically trick.

  18. “Ashton had posted “Like Beyonc? says, to the left.”

    Excuse the hell out of me, but I think Riff Raff said this first. Beyonce is the one who’s appropriating white culture.

    1. Assimilation good, appropriation bad? Weird.

      1. The citizenship swearing in ceremony that I witnessed last week featured a number of local politicians and federal judges speaking and they all agreed that the immigrants “yearn to breath free” because they come from hellhole countries, yet they should not try to assimilate and should pass on their hellhole values to their children because diversity is our strength or something.

    2. Riff Raff stole it from FDR.

    3. I thought Buck Henry said it first on “Samurai Tailor”.

  19. Are we still pretending the Norks aren’t Chinese puppets? We’re going to invite Montenegro into NATO to get some shit started with the Rooskies plus get into China’s internal affairs or is this an either/or situation where we just want a war with a heavyweight who fights conventionally instead of another decade or so of this trying to kill flies with a shotgun crap we’ve been failing at since Vietnam?

    1. It has been a while since we last fought a real, all out World War against a country that wasn’t completely over-matched. I kind of feel a little bit like we’re Rocky in the beginning of Rocky III when his manager was protecting him by having him fight lesser opponents in order to keep his belt. Maybe we need a Clubber Lang to come along so that we can get “the eye of the tiger” make America great again.

  20. Tillerson’s remarks, ruling out diplomatic talks…

    And then three sentences later:

    “We’re exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures. All options are on the table,” Tillerson said,

    Would get red circled by a 7th grade composition class teacher, but not a WaPo editor, if such a think still exists.

    1. I get the feeling that the media is almost hoping that Trump starts a war with someone, the bigger the better, just so they can they can say “See! We told you so! Literally Hitler! And yet you mouthbreathers still elected this ‘Nazi’! We can’t even with you people right now!!!1!!1!!!!!”

      Nevermind the consequences of starting such a war. It’s more important that they be proven “right” all along about how awful Trump is.

  21. Venezuela’s government is addressing a national bread shortage by lashing out at bakers and seizing bakeries.

    Of course they are. When Socialism fails that just means you have to “Socialist harder.” It doesn’t mean the system itself is a failure. It’s those “wreckers and saboteurs” fault.

    1. The funny thing about progs who love socialism and bring up somalia as libertarian paradise.

      Somalia became socialist which morphed into dictatorship only to collapse like Venezuela is in the process of (morph to dictatorship)

      1. And Somalia has been about par for the course compared to similar African countries

    2. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  22. Trump’s budget isn’t likely to go far on Capitol Hill….. That raises an interesting question.

    When was the last time a president’s budget did go far on Capitol Hill? I remember Tip O’Neil making a big show of declaring Reagan’s budget DOA. Obama famously didn’t even bother submitting a budget… and that’s with Democrat majorities for the first couple of years.

    Funny how this stuff works. All of the news shows last night and this morning were saying things like “more trouble for the Trump administration” and “Trump getting little support for his budget”… Everything in the spin cycle talking about how the budget is a huge blow to Trump and he’s terrible because it isn’t going to be passed by unanimous consent.

    Factually, the president’s budget means exactly jack squat. It is the House that writes the real budget. That’s kinda a constitutional requirement. Practically, his budget is a negotiating position…. he has the advantage of laying down the starting point for negotiations. That’s all.

    But somehow the spin was different when Obama wasn’t getting his way. And there wasn’t even any spin when Obama and the Congress decided to punt and use a “continuing resolution” process to lock in supposed “one time spending increases” of the stimulus era. Nobody even mentioned that it existed.

    It is like the only coverage on matters of state is from the point of view of the political horse race. It is really a dumb way to inform the nation.

    1. “Informing the nation” is in no way the point, of course.

    2. Obama famously didn’t even bother submitting a budget… and that’s with Democrat majorities for the first couple of years.

      I seem to remember Obama submitting budget proposals his first couple of years. I was working on the Orion program (NASA’s ill conceived lunar capsule boondoggle) and his first budget proposal had it zeroed out. Then after much wailing and gnashing of teeth from mainly FL, AL, TX, & CO congress-critters (some of whom were fellow Dems), he appointed the “blue-ribbon” Augustine Commission to study options for NASA’s manned space program, and eventually Congress just kind of decided to go ahead and keep funding a capsule that has no destination (allegedly asteroids, maybe someday) and a big rocket that isn’t necessary.

      I think after seeing how Congress just did whatever they wanted anyway (not just on NASA, but everything) he just kind of said “fuck it” and gave up. That and by not bothering to submit a budget proposal he could play politics and blame “obstrukshunist RethugliKKKanz” in Congress for the gridlock.

      I agree with your point about how differently the media coverage of the two are.

    3. I seem to recall him submitting budget proposals. I just remember them being unrealistic and never gonna get through Congress, so instead we got continuing resolutions for years.

  23. Someone brought up a good point yesterday…if you can’t cut things like the NEA, public broadcasting, airport subsidies in middle of nowhere…there is no way in heck that entitlements will be cut. So let’s hope for at least some small stuff which is just popular with very small special interests

    1. The fact that the president and most of congress have said explicitly that they don’t want to cut entitlements (the ones that old people get, at least) is also a good sign that they won’t be cut.

      1. Let’s not go taking elected officials at their word just yet.

  24. Wanted to say props to Reason as of late. I admit there was a time when i was wavering when articles are non-stop hysterics about Trump (or Trump all the time)

    Now there are only a few about Trump with a host of other topics including science, state governments, just general stuff etc. And yesterday even though there were a lot Trump articles regarding budget…each was a UNIQUE specific topic in them such that they weren’t redundant or repetitive

    1. They do seem to be easing up on the “all Trump all the time” throttle. I’m not sure if it’s because of the mass exodus of so many commenters reducing their page views or if it’s the natural progression of getting past the first few weeks of Trump’s presidency and seeing that the sky isn’t actually falling that they’re now able to take a few deep breathes and stop hyperventilating. Either way, it’s good to see.

      1. It helps that there is actual stuff to criticize him about now.

      2. Yea perhaps a bit of both though i would say sky isnt falling is bigger

    1. Not sure if that’s ironic or the exact opposite of ironic…

      1. Well was he on the list?

  25. Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her

    Students as young as those in Year 5, according to the Daily Telegraph, are making the violent threats and pressuring others to read the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney.

    I blame it on the name of the school.

    1. Look, those kids have just assimilated remarkably well to Australia. EVERYTHING there wants to kill you, it is known.

    2. Literally turds in the Punchbowl.

    3. What Australia really needs, is more Muslim migrants.

  26. Today in Deblasio ridiculousness:

    My cable operator’s DNC mouthpiece (i.e. the morning news) had the chutzpah to follow a report showing Deblasio vowing to fight Trump at every turn with a report of how easy it will be for him to waltz into City Hall for a second term now that he’s been “cleared of any wrongdoing“. I guess “fighting Trump at every turn” doesn’t include Trump’s decision to fire the guy who was in middle of bringing you down.

  27. Venezuela’s government is addressing a national bread shortage by lashing out at bakers and seizing bakeries.

    When your central planning fails, centrally plan harder! This will get worse before it gets better, I’m afraid.

    1. So uncivilized. Here in Murica, we only lash out against bakers that don’t service gays.

      1. Phrasing!

        1. I know what I’m doing.

    2. So uncivilized. Here in Murica, we only lash out against bakers that don’t service gays.

      1. Here in Murica, we only lash out against bakers that don’t service gays.

        And skwirrelz.

  28. were using price-regulated flour to illegally make specialty items, like sweet rolls and croissants.

    Burn ’em!!

  29. The police action / conflict / struggle / armed battle between national armies (anything but a war) in Korea ended in a cease fire, not a peace treaty. North Korea has repudiated the cease fire several times. Therefore, the cease fire is not in force. So any party can start shooting at any time without “war crimes” accusations.
    But I think, that if the million man army of the north started marching south, it would be an effective tactic to offer to trade three hot meals for weapons. Most of the NKs would probably go for that.

    1. But I think, that if the million man army of the north started marching south, it would be an effective tactic to offer to trade three hot meals for weapons. Most of the NKs would probably go for that.

      IDK, they probably feed their soldiers relatively well compared to the average NK peasant. Either that or they’ve managed to figure out some really good brain-washing techniques in order to keep those soldiers from turning their weapons on their leaders.

      At the very least I suspect that soldiers get fed actual rice as opposed to whatever gruel and tree bark the peasants are forced to subsist on.

    2. Just airdrop Choco Pies on the army, with an offer of many more if they surrender. That should do the trick.

  30. California to Trump: Keep ICE out of our courthouses

    California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye asked the Trump administration on Thursday to stop immigration agents from “stalking” California’s courthouses to make arrests.

    “Courthouses should not be used as bait in the necessary enforcement of our country’s immigration laws,” she wrote in a letter to Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly.

    She said she feared the practice would erode public trust in the state courts.

    “Enforcement policies that include stalking courthouses and arresting undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of whom pose no risk to public safety, are neither safe nor fair,” wrote Cantil-Sakauye, who was appointed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and is considered one of the more conservative justices on the state’s high court.

    “They not only compromise our core value of fairness but they undermine the judiciary’s ability to provide equal access to justice.

    1. Who said undocumented immigrants don’t have Constitutionally protected rights?

  31. FDA Panels Say Risks of Opana ER Outweigh Benefits

    A panel of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts has advised the agency that the risks of an abuse-deterrent extended-release formulation of oxymorphone (Opana ER, Endo Pharmaceuticals) for relief of severe pain now outweigh its benefits.

    There was debate, she said, “but the majority of advisory committee members felt that there needs to be a very significant restriction put in place which cannot be as simple as a medication guide but perhaps should include something like restrictions to certain types of physicians or certain types of patient populations, something that would make it harder to prescribe?as first line treatment if other treatment choices are available adequate and appropriate.”

    There’s always heroin.

  32. Aren’t most of the folks who actually write Beyonc?’s shit songs white?

  33. A Cincinnati, Ohio, police officer was arrested this week for allegedly pointing his AR-15 rifle at another cop and pretending to be on duty while actually drunk and off duty.

    Ah, Cincinnati’s finest. Only cops can be trusted with guns, you guys.

  34. Dine-and-dash-dater strikes again! Man, 44, who lures in women online but runs out on their first dates before the check arrives claims another victim

    A California woman has become the latest victim of alleged dine-and-dash-dater, who is accused of repeatedly skipping out on dates before the bill arrives.

    The woman, who does not want to be named, said she unwittingly joined LA’s most exclusive – and miserable – club on Sunday, when Paul Gonzales fled after eating a small feast at BJ’s in Pasadena

    Perhaps she should have been wary when he ordered around $50 of food for himself alone: ‘A glass of Pinot, a Caesar salad with a side of shrimp, a steak, and a baked potato.’

    That’s $50 of food – not including tax and tip.

    With just half a potato left to go, Gonzales excused himself to take a call on his cell phone – and never returned.

    1. Half A Potato was my nickname in college.

    2. Is $50 supposed to be a lot?

      /New Yorker

  35. Descriptive alt text? I am not sure how I feel about that.

  36. A Cincinnati, Ohio, police officer was arrested this week for allegedly pointing his AR-15 rifle at another cop and pretending to be on duty while actually drunk and off duty.

    The problem was just that he got caught, right? Of the two officers involved, he was the less liked around the station?

  37. Quoting Beyonce while white is cultural appropriation.

    Drinking Guinness until you vomit (if that’s possible) while indulging on cabbage and corned beef is cultural appropriation. //NotMySt.Patty’sDay

  38. Donald Trump’s budget plan isn’t likely to go far on Capitol Hill.

    Of course it isn’t.

    He had the audacity to propose real cuts in budgets. Literally. Cuts, as in literal reductions in spending.

    Trump is so stupid that he thinks Republicans want literal cuts in government spending. But that’s just boob bait for bubba voters.

    1. Real cuts to certain programs. That were off offset by increases in military and homeland security spending. And when combined with the automatic increases in entitlement programs, that means an increase in overall spending.

        1. This is more like a sideways step that is being portrayed as a step forward.

          1. Don’t worry – if we keep digging, we’ll get out of this hole eventually.

  39. Maduro: No one needs 15 choices of baked goods when there are children starving in this country

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