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Since last October, we've been producing the Reason Podcast, thrice-weekly conversations featuring provocative, in-depth interviews with authors, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, economists, scientists, business leaders, and elected officials. Each Monday, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and I chew over the week's news in a wide-ranging, iconoclastic conversation. Click below to here the latest edition of that or subscribe at iTunes and have the Reason Podcast delivered directly to your computer, tablet, or phone.

Other recent shows have featured P.J. O'Rourke talking about his new book on the 2016 election, Rand Paul explaining whether Donald Trump learned any foreign-policy lessons from Iraq and Libya, and Kari DePhillips and Kelly Chase making the case for living as "digital nomads" who travel the globe while spending less than they would at home.

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