Trump Tax Return Origin Questioned, the Equal Rights Amendment Is Back, Why the Alt-Right Loves Jane Austen: A.M. Links


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  1. “the lack of any sort of smoking gun in the tax filings and the fact that they’re apparently labeled ‘client copy’ are already leading to theories that Trump himself had them leaked.”

    So Trump’s long form tax return does melt steel after all?

    1. Hello.

      Remind me not to got to Utah.

      1. I’m not Mormon, but even the rare times I do drink, I do it at home so this law wouldn’t affect me all that much when I visit the state. This is really going to have more impact on all the California migrants to SLC than anyone else.

        1. This is really going to have more impact on all the California migrants to SLC than anyone else.

          If this is the case, then there may be an ulterior motive to the law…annoy the Californians so they leave/stay away.

          1. There really isn’t a ulterior motive here, it’s obvious to anyone who lives in Utah — Mormons think drinking is a sin, and think laws to impede that are a good idea, and they outvote the non-Mormons there.

            Welcome to the entire U.S. in a hundred years or so, when the Mormons outbreed everyone else and take control of the government nationwide, and someone like Evan McMullin isn’t just a protest vote who can’t even take Utah.

  2. Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, “went to his mailbox” and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!

    The mailbox is the hardest part to believe.

  3. Hoaxers are playing on people’s anti-Trump attitudes to promulgate fake documents that generate fake news stories.

    And now the real fun begins.

    1. Don’t read the comments on that article…

    2. I wonder if 4channers ever imagined they’d have the chance to influence national media to this degree.

    3. Its a story BY Buzzfeed news about HOW people are exploiting frothing retards like Buzzfeed news.

      They’re so subtle in how they handle covering getting ripped-off by hoaxers =

      ….Ariel passed the documents to a network of Democratic and anti-Trump activists who in turn shared them with prominent news organizations including BuzzFeed News.

      The only problem: The documents were phony…

      Basically the whole story is about how they themselves are desperate whores who desperately want dirt on Trump, so people keep trying to rip them off. Lacking any real dirt, they write a story about *themselves getting ripped off*, as tho that somehow meets the public-interest test, or somehow makes them not look like idiots.

      This is passed on to you as an actual story because, …. well, because.

      1. does “frothing retards” = frothtards?

        Sorry, it’s one of those mornings.

  4. Why the alt-right loves Jane Austen.

    Because it’s unexpected and people will report on it?

    1. Oh god, now the alt-right is going for prudeness as well? And I thought they could not get more boring.

      1. Cover up those ankles, slut.

      2. There’s always been an undercurrent of “the white woman exists for the propagation of the white race!”. So 1930s Germany-style “have five kids for the Reich” stuff.

      3. “As well”? “Alt.right” is such a catch-all term, “it” goes for everything.

        1. Alt-right == non-left

    2. Because somewhere, sometime, one of their unibrowed and unwashed knuckle-draggers saw part of a movie in which Alan Rickman played a gentlemen and they learned from IMDB that the movie was an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel. Since then they’ve read the Cliff Notes and thought it sounded like something that made them look better.

      1. Or they could have actually read Austen books and developed a weird interpretation of it. It’s almost like if you read actual alt-right material they show that they’ve clearly read a great deal of Western literature and philosophy. Often selectively and drawing odd conclusions from it, but they’ve read it.

        But you know, fulfilling your fantasies where they’re just stupid is a much more productive use of your time.

        1. I should add that “hey, let’s underestimate our opponents and just pretend they’re stupid” is more reflective of the incompetence of the person making the statement than their opponents. At least the article attempts to directly address their positions rather than engage in idiot strawmen.

          1. I actually have read some alt right stuff, and some of them probably have read Austen. Their interpretation is so beyond strained as to be useless. To use one example, in P & P Darcy intervenes to save Lydia, thus proving his merit to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Bennett herself is not of the same social class as Darcy, comes from a strange family, and doesn’t behave like a gentle woman of the period. She is, nevertheless, the heroine of the novel and gets a happy ending. The alt right knuckleheads wrench this into support for women have to be dimwitted doormats and things were better when everyone was Anglo Saxon.

            Also, most of them are profoundly ignorant and their leaders are contemptible.

      2. Probably best to not confuse alt-righters with white-knighting gentlesirs.

      3. saw part of a movie in which Alan Rickman played a gentlemen and they learned from IMDB that the movie was an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel.


      4. Oh, good; Karen24 is back to take some of the load off of Tony and DanO.

        1. Ummm, eeeew….

      5. Psssst!

        Karen—wanna buy some documents?

        Pure anti-trump.The good stuff, you know–and all 100% true, not like that fakenews Maddow shovels out–the real thing.

        They’ll believe it, they’re morons, right?

        1. I have my own connection, thanks. He even checks the kerning and translates straight from the Russian.

    3. Pride & prejudice & zombies.

  5. The Equal Rights Amendment is here again.

    Finally, something meaningful to take up all the air in every room you find yourself.

    1. I have a way of stopping any ranting ERA supporter dead cold; “I will take the ERA seriously the minute I encounter a serious campaign for it that includes warning young women to prepare to register for selective service, and not one second before.”

      In principle, I would support an ERA, if it were not supported by EXACTLY the kind of Progressive buttinski who one expects to use it to sue over everything under the sun EXCEPT equal treatment before the law. It is tainted by its associates, who I know to be a bunch of misandrist bullies.

      Want to convince me? Start fighting for fair treatment of men in custody cases. Put an end to the fantastically unfair treatment of men named as fathers and put on the hook for child support who are only allowed very narrow appeals, constrained by procedure rather than informed by facts. If a man who can prove that he is not the biological father of a child he has been paying child support to has a case for stopping those payments, then we can TALK about a legitimate ERA.

      Until then, Andrea Dworkin and the rest of the man-hating scolds can go climb a tree.

      1. Absolutely.

        But don’t hold your breath.

      2. Personally, I oppose everything with the word “equal” in it as a matter of principle.

        1. So, you oppose all such things equally?

          1. He refuses to do math at all.

      3. Agreed, but there should BE no selective service. And if officials don’t respect the Constitution, why should they respect an ERA?

    2. The problem with the ERA is that it will codify into the law the existence of two, just two, sexes…

      1. Well, we already have codified into law two, just two, parties…


  6. “Donald’s had my home number for years,” he said. “”He’s called me at home in the past.”

    The media manipulation is coming from inside the house!

  7. “Donald’s had my home number for years,” he said. “”He’s called me at home in the past.”

    And yet the returns were found on Lois Lerner’s hard drive.

  8. Man, ENB just can’t do a shitty job, no matter how hard she tries. This is how you do links.

    1. No, they’re too busy. Give me five solid, single-sentence links exactly one minute late any day.

      1. Well of course you would say that. It takes longer to read, so you can’t fire off your canned one-liners as fast.

    2. Bullet point fail on the tweets. Looks like they belong to the link above, not below. Bullet should align with the first sentence of the tweet, not the author.

  9. Donald Trump paid $38 million in federal income tax for 2005…

    And totally got $38 million in value back.

    1. Given that only the first page of the 1040 was leaked, not the schedules that show the juicy details, I’m betting Trump himself not only leaked it but there’s a very good reason you’ve never seen Trump and this “David Cay Johnston” person in the same room together. Anybody tried calling the “reporter” and see if the voice on the phone sounds suspiciously like “John Miller”, Trump’s “publicist” from back in the day?

      1. Be funny if it was a 1040EZ.

  10. People are paying for online content “at an accelerating pace, and on a dependable, recurring schedule, often through subscriptions. And they’re paying for everything.”

    I’m not paying for Links, if that’s what you’re getting at, Reason.

    1. I like Reason….but not that much!

      1. They don’t take bills with pictures of monarchs on them anyway.

    2. I decided the subscription model was not for me when I found out that Amazon Prime had just removed the one reason I almost signed up for it (I think it was either ST:DS9 or BSG – something like that). Why on earth would I want to pay every month for content that might disappear? When I can pay for it once, own it forever, and not have to deal with network issues?

      1. DS9 = acceptable
        BSG = unacceptable

      2. I get my money’s worth from Amazon Prime on 2 day shipping alone, so the streaming video and music is just an extra bonus.

        1. This is why I’m considering switching from Netflix. My wife gets lots of use out of Netflix but I can rarely find anything worth watching. At least we both order much stuff from Amazon.

          1. $park? is all like “Fuck you, wife, i gotsta get mines!”

  11. Polls show a majority of Americans falsely believe the Constitution already guarantees women equal rights.

    Because if it doesn’t specifically say women, the Constitution is not giving women rights!

    1. Pretty sure that the 14th amendment already does this for most areas of the law.

      1. Only rational basis scrutiny should apply to sex discrimination under the current text of the law.

        Why was the 19th Amendment necessary?

      2. The 5th had it first. But it was held to only apply to the Feds, which is why the 14th repeated it but explicitly against the States.

    2. I’m so old that I can remember that, in the 70s, one argument against the ERA was that we’d no longer have segregated bathrooms. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

    3. I’m not clear on what they hope to achieve. A sign in the picture is advocating for “paid family leave”. That is not “equal rights” – that is “special rights for a protected class”. So is pretty much every other issue listed in the article.

    4. Doesn’t it?

      “All people born or naturalized….”

      1. I figured the whole giving rights thing would give it away.

    5. So if you’re a woman, you have no right to free speech, you have no freedom of religion, you aren’t allowed to carry a gun, police can come search your home or car anytime with no warrant, you can be compelled to testify against yourself, and you have no right to a lawyer. They can even quarter soldiers in your home, if you’re a woman. Fact.

  12. This is ridiculous. .05 is basically zero tolerance.

    WTF? 160 lb male needs 2 drinks to get to 0.05, dropping to 0.04 after 40 minutes.

    I don’t think .05 is a good standard for DUI either, but let’s not overstate things.

    1. Two real drinks or two mini government-defined drinks that have no basis in reality?

        1. It’s 3.2% beer in Utah.

  13. …05 is basically zero tolerance.

    Apparently the tourism lobby is no match for the Mormon lobby. I ascribe purer motives to one than the other.

    1. Hey, the Mormons have a powerful tourism lobby. Who else gets all their people to take a two year vacation in a foreign land?

      1. The Air Force?

        1. Oh, sorry, I forgot the basic rule for this game. I meant “Luftwaffe.”

    2. It’s called the ‘Steed Law’ – after a State trooper her made it a habit to arrest everybody she stopped for DUI.…..isa-steed/

    3. Could be worse: the countries where it’s .02 .

  14. People are paying for online content “at an accelerating pace, and on a dependable, recurring schedule, often through subscriptions. And they’re paying for everything.”

    Especially porn.

    1. Unlike other online content, pr0n actually seems to be becoming less fake. (although my sample of it is small and likely not representative)

  15. The Equal Rights Amendment is here again.

    And this time they’re making sure to exempt the parts of the law that favor women, e.g. rape trials and family court judgements.

  16. The equal rights amendment….what is it looking for?

    All i could tell is something about planned parenthood and obamacare coverage of maternity stuff which seems more like free stuff

    1. What rights are they missing?


        1. Hey, that’s $1.70.

      2. Some rich celebrity women are not as fabulously rich as some celebrity men

    2. The word ‘women’ isn’t in the Constitution. Women will not be equal until it is.

  17. I am pretty sure that the rights the Constution says it protects are “the people’s”, not men specifically. The motive behind the Equal Rights Amendment is untrue. Besides, how do you define “women” in a meaningful legal srnsr anymore?

    1. I remember when trying to get the ERA ratified was a thing and one of the more popular arguments against it was that it would outlaw separate public restrooms for men and women. The ERA supporters scoffed at this “ridiculous” notion that that’s how the law would be interpreted. I can guarantee you that’s where a big chunk of this renewed interest in the ERA is coming from, the transgender bathroom bullshit. You’d have to be insane to think that’s not *exactly* how the amendment would be interpreted – not to mention demands that the NFL require 50% female offensive lines, men have 50% of the menstrual periods and two of the faces on Mt. Rushmore be replaced by Susan B. Anthony and Michelle Obama.

      1. Of course, proponents of the Civil Rights Acts scoffed at the idea it would lead to forced integration or anything remotely resembling busing.

    2. I’m old enough to remember the last time progressives were pushing the ERA.

      Conservatives argued that the ERA would eventually prevent private businesses from establishing their own rules regarding rest rooms and locker rooms, that before long the ERA would interpreted to ban sex-specific facilities of all sorts and that legal recognition of same-sex marriage would be inevitable. Progressives, who back then called themselves “liberals”, responded that such assertions were plainly ridiculous.

    3. I favor just not having any legal definition of sex or gender. Anywhere that sex is actually relevant it can be replaced by more specific characteristics, like possessing certain anatomical features or having the capacity to be pregnant.

      1. I think putting up signs with vaginas and penii would cause a bit of a scandal, Zeb.

        1. I suspect people will be able to figure out which toilet to use without a legal definition for “men” and “women”.

          1. But of course, with all the people out there who think that laws somehow define reality, I could be giving people too much credit. How can we have sex or gender if there aren’t any laws telling us if we are doing it right?

  18. …there is little empirical data demonstrating that public service announcements (PSAs) such as posters in bus stations and airports are effective mechanisms for trafficked persons to access help.

    Why, it’s almost like they’re not designed to do anything but gin up fear and therefore support for increased state power.

  19. Women in Rwanda, Iceland, Vietnam and 131 other nations have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights, but American women do not

    There’s the door.

    1. I’d love to see a chart that compares the freedom experienced by a Rwanda woman to that experienced by an American woman.

      1. She makes a dollar a day just like any man.

      2. Oh, and China has a constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. How’s that working out for them?

      3. Rape as an institutionalized form of warfare, i.e. a literal rape culture. Good job Rwanda.

        1. To be fair, I was surprised to find this on wikipedia:

          “The Parliament consists of two chambers. It makes legislation and is empowered by the constitution to oversee the activities of the President and the Cabinet.[76] The lower chamber is the Chamber of Deputies, which has 80 members serving five-year terms. Twenty-four of these seats are reserved for women, elected through a joint assembly of local government officials; another three seats are reserved for youth and disabled members; the remaining 53 are elected by universal suffrage under a proportional representation system.[77] Following the 2013 election, there are 51 female deputies,[78] up from 45 in 2008;[79] as of 2015, Rwanda is one of only two countries with a female majority in the national parliament.[80] The upper chamber is the 26-seat Senate, whose members are selected by a variety of bodies. A mandatory minimum of 30% of the senators are women. Senators serve eight-year terms.”

          1. Yeah, I’m not impressed by quotas.

          2. Uganda has a similar arrangement. Somehow it has not stopped their militaries from going into villages and gang-raping women.

          3. Temper this with the knowledge that Rwanda is probably a one party state justified by sham elections, so the composition of their legislature may be hand-picked for PR purposes. The President of Rwanda is the same man who conquered the country in 1994 (ending both the civil war and genocide ongoing there), and he has suspiciously received over 90% of the vote each time he’s been elected. I find it hard to believe that you could get 90% of a group of people to agree on anything, let alone on politics, let alone in a nation that has been torn apart by civil war and genocide within recent memory.

            1. I find it hard to believe that you could get 90% of a group of people to agree on anything, let alone on politics, let alone in a nation that has been torn apart by civil war and genocide within recent memory.

              Oh, I suspect you can easily get 90% of the populace to agree they don’t want to get murdered because they checked the wrong box on a “secret” ballot.

    2. Zero is equal to zero

  20. Admiral, seven others charged with corruption in new ‘Fat Leonard’ indictment

    The Navy personnel are accused of taking bribes in the form of lavish gifts, prostitutes and luxury hotel stays courtesy of Leonard Glenn “Fat Leonard” Francis, a Singapore-based defense contractor who has pleaded guilty to defrauding the Navy of tens of millions of dollars.

    According to the charging documents, Francis also frequently sponsored wild sex parties for many officers assigned to the USS Blue Ridge, the flagship of the Navy’s 7th Fleet, and other warships.

    During a port visit by the Blue Ridge to Manila in May 2008, for example, five of the Navy officers attended a “raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes,” at the Shangri-La Hotel, according to the indictment. The group allegedly drank the hotel’s entire supply of Dom P?rignon champagne and rang up expenses exceeding $50,000, which Francis covered in full.

    1. On another port visit by the Blue Ridge to Manila in February 2007, Francis allegedly hosted a sex party for officers in the MacArthur Suite of the Manila hotel. During the party, “historical memorabilia related to General Douglas MacArthur were used by the participants in sexual acts,” according to the indictment.

      Despite rising signs of widespread fraud, the Navy kept awarding business to Francis’s company to resupply its ships and submarines throughout Asia. In 2011, Glenn Defense won deals valued at $200 million to service U.S. vessels at ports stretching from the Russian Far East to Australia. The contracts were canceled after Francis’s arrest in 2013.

      While Francis was already legendary within the Navy for his hedonistic parties, the indictment unsealed Tuesday provided fresh details of how senior officers with the 7th Fleet allegedly became accustomed to living the high life at ports throughout Asia, at Francis’s expense.

      Increase their budget!

      1. Lighten up, Francis.

      2. Did Fat Leonard hire hookers to pee on the hotel bed MacArthur slept in?

        And wild parties involving champagne and hookers and makeshift dildos? In my day, sailors made do with rum, sodomy and the lash.

      3. “historical memorabilia related to General Douglas MacArthur were used by the participants in sexual acts,”

        God, no. Not the pipe. Please tell me it wasn’t the pipe.

        1. +1 corncob in the cornhole

          1. Trying to remember. Didn’t MacArthur tend to carry a swagger stick? Maybe that’s what they used.

            Q “Why are you a masochist?”

            A “Beats me”.

            1. Did you hear about the guy who was into sadism, necrophilia, and bestiality? He gave it all up when he realized he was just beating a dead horse.

    2. I know someone who’s nickname in college was Fat Leonard.

    3. Man, if his name was “Fat Tony” I might have totally gotten the wrong idea about his business dealings.


  21. National Weather Service KNEW it was exaggerating the effects of Storm Stella but decided not to change its forecast because the public might get confused

    Meteorologists knew before snow started to fall that Storm Stella fears had been overhyped – but chose not to change their forecast for fear of confusing the public.

    On Monday, experts from the National Weather Service in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington discussed computer models that predicted less snow than initially expected.

    But they decided to keep the extreme weather warnings in place, it has emerged.

    1. We ended up with about 16″. I don’t recall seeing any hyperventilating reports that it would be even more than that.

      1. I think they predicted two feet for NYC, which received less than ten inches. I am north of the city, and we got the two feet.

      2. I got a prediction of 8-12″ of snow but ended up with 2″ of slush. Places west of me got more snow, though.

    2. I expect this going forward. NYC got caught underprepared for a storm a few years ago, the voters bitched and moaned, and so from then on they freak out like every storm is going to be the storm of the century. I’m sure this is the same phenomenon.

    3. The storm had a line through it where stuff on the west of the line was snow and stuff on the east was sleet. That’s very hard to forecast because small changes in where that line goes can completely change the forecast from lots of snow to almost no snow.

  22. USS Carl Vinson to be deployed in warning to North Korea

    The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is expected to arrive in South Korea Wednesday to take part in joint drills on the peninsula, the U.S. military said.

    The presence of the Nimitz-class supercarrier in South Korea could send a strong warning to North Korea, as the Kim Jong Un regime continues to expand its nuclear weapons and missile program.

    1. I’m super excited to see an aircraft carrier ON a peninsula.

  23. The Equal Rights Amendment is here again.

    No, equal rights for women aren’t in the Constitution. Could Rep. Speier change that?

    I think they mean to say “No, special rights and privileges for women aren’t in the Constitution.”

  24. The reporter who initially received the returns (from an unknown source), David Cay Johnston, previously covered Donald Trump as Atlantic City, New Jersey, bureau chief for The Philadelphia Inquirer from 1988-1991. “Donald’s had my home number for years,” he said. “”He’s called me at home in the past.

    Re: That mailbox.

    I would bet there’s a camera in that neighborhood that glimpsed the unknown source.

    1. How much do you charge Trump to live in your head? Or is he occupying it for free?

  25. Why the alt-right loves Jane Austen.

    In a speech celebrating Trump’s election victory and a new dawn for right-wing nationalism, selections from The Fountainhead or Mein Kampf would not have been out of place

    Ayn Rand quotes and Hitler quotes are basically interchangeable or something.

    1. Look you’re either an sjw or a fascist. There is nothing in between.

    2. They’re interchangeable if you’re a University of Colorado English professor.

  26. Why the alt-right loves Jane Austen.

    The article checks every cliched left-wing English professor box.

    The second paragraph:

    Yiannopoulos’s shtick about humorless lesbians and sensitive liberals was not warmed-over so much as exhumed from William F. Buckley’s Dumpster, plopped in the microwave, and zapped to mush. I was tempted to pack up and head home. Now, though, he had my attention. In a speech celebrating Trump’s election victory and a new dawn for right-wing nationalism, selections from The Fountainhead or Mein Kampf would not have been out of place, but a shout-out to a powerful female author hailed by some as a “feminist icon”? Perhaps Yiannopoulos had glanced at the title of Austen’s most famous novel and assumed that Pride and Prejudice was a justification of white pride and prejudice against ethnic minorities.

    Does she know who William F. Buckley is? When did The Fountainhead become nationalistic?

    1. After all, Austen’s heroines come to distrust men who beguile others through charismatic bluster and expedient lying

      Like Trump. And Obama.

    2. If leftists were to depict their enemies in a Venn diagram, everything (from low taxes to homeschooling) would be surrounded by a circle labeled alt-right/Hitler

      1. It’s become that, but AFAIK initially alt.right was primarily concerned w distinguishing themselves from the Establishment “right”, not mostly from the “left”.

        1. As far as I can tell, that’s only sort-of correct. The reason they wanted to separate themselves from the establishment right is because they felt that the latter was too closely aligned with the left. Hence pejoratives like “cuck”. In their narrative, the establishment right is just the unwitting vanguard for the greater scope problem of leftism.

          So they distance themselves from the establishment right in order to more clearly distance themselves from the left.

    3. Did Milo even mention Jane Austen? Or did he say “Victorian era author” and English prof just figured he must’ve meant Jane Austen, even though as even she pointed out, Austen was not in the Victorian Era?

  27. This morning in the garage i parked between a pickup truck with a Trump “I AM YOUR VOICE” sticker and a beater hatchback whose driver’s seat contained a sloppy dude who was breakfasting on a large soda and some reefer.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, except that life is a strange and marvelous phenomenon.

    1. The hatchback didn’t have a “Feel the Bern!” stickee?

    2. Was it Mike M?

    3. Why are you letting all of these weirdos park in your garage?

  28. This comments section would be a lot more successful if we dredged up all the memes and inside jokes since 2001 and repeated them 370 times. What am I paying for? 86 lousy comments? This is unacceptable.

    1. You know what else was “unacceptable”?

  29. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep TDS going!

    “US applications for New Zealand citizenship jump post-Trump”
    “In New Zealand, the number of Americans who applied for a grant of citizenship rose to 170 in the 12 weeks after the election of President Trump from 100 in the same period a year earlier, immigration records show.”…..001581.php

  30. This isn’t “censorship, you understand. Nope, not “censorship”. Just for your own good!

    “Facebook, Twitter could face fines in Germany over hate speech”
    “On Tuesday, Heiko Maas, Germany’s minister of justice and consumer protection, said he would propose a law that would impose stiff fines on tech companies whose social media platforms did not respond swiftly enough to complaints about illegal content. Maas has been a vocal critic of how such companies treat online content that violates his country’s strict rules on hate speech.”…..002002.php

    1. “It doesn’t mean that the Internet will no longer be a free space,” said Birgit Stark, head of the institute for communications at the University of Mainz.

      It will be as free as your country is – that’s the whole point, isn’t it? You obviously don’t have free speech in your country and you want to apply the same rules to companies that don’t operate there.

    2. Many of these companies also have been accused of not doing enough to tackle fake news, which became endemic on many social media sites ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November.


      1. Heaven forbid people read things that haven’t been approved and vetted by the authorities. There is one truth, and you can read it all in Pravda.

  31. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep TDS going!

    What would we do without the anti-anti-Trump crusaders?

    1. Do you ever post an argument or insightful thought or is it all just whining and holier-than-thou bullshit?

      1. It is dajjal. It craves attention

        1. Over-under til he gets banned again?

      2. Yes and no.

        1. Prove it.

      3. “…is it all just whining and holier-than-thou bullshit?”

        Yes, it is.

        1. Poor Servo. Trump supporter trying to disguise himself as a crusader for Truth and Justice. I feel his pain. Who would actually admit to supporting Trump?

          1. “…is it all just whining and holier-than-thou bullshit?”

            Yes, it is.

  32. So for Calexit….what do these people think is going to happen? Progs will eventually consume the state….the only thing propping it up is SV and places like hollywood. They will kill mfg, they will kill the water supply and they will kill energy production

    I think the eastern part should stay if they want

    1. I’m perfectly happen to let California go as long as they pay their portion of the national debt first. Having 53 representatives in Congress gives you way to much responsibility for the status quo to just wash your hands of it. By my calculation, the bill is roughly $2 trillion. I’m sure they can come up with that easily, after all California is so prosperous and successful because of their progressive policies, right?

      1. Yea lol. That is the oxymoronic thing about them. They hate capitalism/free markete but it isnt clear how progressive policies make them prosperous

        1. “…but it isnt clear how progressive policies make them prosperous”

          Those jobs at Tesla wouldn’t be there without YOUR support!

        2. They think Silicon Valley runs on the goodness of hipster hearts and unicorn farts – and not the cutthroat capitalism that it (mostly) is.

          1. I miss the Bill Gates who laughed in the DOJ’s face. All the Silicon Valley CEOs today are government toadies.

            1. And Steve Jobs was by all accounts a raging asshole – I can’t see him kowtowing like Tim Cook.

    2. It’s just a fantasy so there isn’t much point in speculating.

      1. Yea. I just looked up their energy usage and only 14 pct is wind and solar.

        Nat gas 44 , coal is 6 and nuclear is 9. They want to get rid of nuclear

    3. american socialist|3.15.17 @ 10:23AM|#
      “So for Calexit….”

      It’s going exactly as far as all those folks who were moving to Canada; nowhere.

      1. Do you ever ask them why not mexico?

        1. ‘why not Mexico’ was a meme for a time when half of Hollywood threatened to move.

        2. ‘why not Mexico’ was a meme for a time when half of Hollywood threatened to move.

      2. And as far as the impeachment of Trump, the “resistance”, the “proof” that the russkis made the hag lose, New Zealand’s huge new immigration and DanO’s thought processes.

  33. This place needs a new logo. We should have a contest. Winner gets a free subscription and lunch with Stossel.

  34. At least when Geraldo broke into Capone’s vault, he didn’t actually know if anything was in there. Maddow knew what was in these tax documents and still went ahead with the publicity stunt.

    1. Wouldn’t be ironic to see someone checking Rachel Maddow (or should we said “Madcow”?) tax returns?

      1. I somehow read that as ‘someone cucking Maddow’

        1. Seems pretty appropriate around here.

  35. ENB has her links opening in new tabs? She may have just moved to preferred status for Links posters.

  36. Heh, the lefty asshats and PFLs (but I repeat myself) have been whining about not seeing any of the tax returns for months now, and they finally see one and of course they’re still not happy.

    Nobody but the far left really gives a shit how much other people paid in taxes anyway.

    1. What does “PFL” stand for, Mikey? Is it just a sound that comes out of you sometimes?

      1. It stands for Professional Fake Libertarian, you CGB.

        1. “Cool Guy, Buddy”?

          1. Nope: Cuckaschmuck Gay Boy.

              1. He’s one of God’s own originals, that’s for sure.

            1. Mikey, go back and read what you wrote. If it still looks to you like something a sane, non-retarded person would think of writing, read it again. Repeat until you develop the ability to feel a sense of shame.

              1. Mikey is smert! Ain’t no reason for a smert guy to feel shame about telling them fag-os to go get the ass pounding they deserve.

                1. And if there’s one thing a proud hetro-sexshul like Mikey loves to talk about, it’s a bunch of Ds goin’ in and out of As.

    2. Nobody but the far left really gives a shit how much other people paid in taxes anyway.

      So, no non-leftists have ever expressed concern that too many people pay no federal income tax at all? Or have opposed things like the AMT on principle?

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