Sean Spicer Says You Can Trust President If He's Not 'Joking,' New Protests in Ferguson, Northeast Getting Snow: P.M. Links


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    Sean Spicer says you can trust President Trump as long as he's not "joking."

  • Trump plans to host the president of China at Mar-a-Lago.
  • The Russian ambassador to the U.S. met with aides to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign too, a Kremlin spokesperson said.
  • New surveillance video of Mike Brown before he was shot sparked protests in Ferguson.
  • The European Union has extended sanctions against Russia that were imposed for its annexation of Crimea.
  • The first minister of Scotland wants a new, post-Brexit referendum on independence.
  • The Northeast is going to get pounded by snow one last time this winter.

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  1. Sean Spicer says you can trust President Trump as long as he’s not “joking.”

    How you can tell when that is is another story.

    1. Hello.

    2. Least they don’t steal first here, hmmmpf!

      1. No, but after four misses you get a wave.

  2. Trump plans to host the president of China at Mar-a-Lago.,/i>

    The president thinks it will be funny to hear him pronounce it.

    1. You so funny, Donord Trump. I raff out roud.

    2. Bahahaha Mararago

  3. The Russian ambassador to the U.S. met with aides to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign too, a Kremlin spokesperson said.

    They kept the receipt.

    1. Then why the hell didn’t she and her campaign say so sometime during the last couple months?! That sure would have cleared things up and made it a lot easier for Trump.

  4. New surveillance video of Mike Brown before he was shot sparked protests in Ferguson.

    Would this be before or after the strong arm robbery?

    1. before. he left the cigars for safekeeping after giving the guy a bag of cannabis is the story now. and the robbery was him picking the cigars back up later in the day and shoving the clerk when he tried to stop him.

      1. What does any of it have to do with him reaching for the police officer’s gun (which the DOJ under Eric Holder determined to be true)?

        1. It demonstrates a police cover up.

          1. Of what, another crime Brown committed?

        2. I’m sorry but if you believe that claim you are a sucker, a useful idiot.

    2. He wasn’t the strongarmist, but you and your right-wing buddies smeared his reputation after you murdered him in order to protect one of your own.

      1. It couldn’t be possible that an ass hole thief was shot by an ass hole cop? Nah. One was an angel, the other a detestable monster.

        1. One does not have the force of the establishment behind him.

    3. A filmmaker has released the footage which he says shows Michael Brown did not rob a shop, as police claimed, but instead exchanged marijuana for cigars.

      He says it contradicts video released by police showing Brown threatening the shopkeeper as he walks out with cigars.

      1. However, the convenience store maintains it was a robbery.

        If the new narrative is true, I’m sure it would. I remain at the moment as unconvinced of this new story as I was that Wilson even knew of the events before the shooting. It doesn’t matter anyway, as we know marijuana dealing is punishable by death.

        1. The film maker was selective in what part of the tape he used. He elected to not use the part where the clerk returns the bag to Michael Brown. I read several posts before mentioning this and I am sure as I scroll down I will find I should have waited that it has become common knowledge.

      2. If I go to your store, take merchandise, and pay with you bottle caps — if you don’t agree to the transaction, I robbed you.

        How, precisely, is this different? The store is indicating they didn’t agree to marijuana usage as currency.

    4. Damn, you couldn’t have set it up better. The video you saw that gave you the impression Brown was committing a strong armed robbery was half the story. There’s another video and the new video along with other testimony paints that notorious encounter with the store clerk in an entirely new light. Turns out Brown may have been the victim of an attempted strong armed robbery. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      1. Jay Kanzler, a lawyer for the convenience shop, said they would release more footage to prove it was a robbery.

        “There was no understanding. No agreement. Those folks didn’t sell him cigarillos for pot. The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back.”

        Two and a half years later, it remains a muddled mess.

        1. No kidding.

          On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense a convenience shop would enter such a transaction. Unless there’s a backstory to how they do things; which would be quite surprising.

          1. In fairness, it could be that the store owner wasn’t privy to whoever was working the counter at his store at 1AM was doing. The owner was the one shoved later that day, but I can’t see where he was the one making the exchange in this new video. Maybe he was.

            It looks like an attempt by a filmmaker to create a new narrative, but it could be genuine. The murder still seems so far beyond “imperfect” as a rallying point for Ferguson’s legitimate complaints.

            1. Huh.

      2. All of which is completely irrelevant to the DOJ investigation that found Wilson didn’t act inappropriately. All this could possibly do is change the narrative about whether or not he was a “good boy”, and this will change absolutely nothing. I’m sorry, but if Eric Holder and Obama’s DOJ said Officer Wilson’s account was most believable and said Brown was shot from the front and didn’t have his hands up, it’s pretty safe to say that’s what happened. If people weren’t so obsessed with creating perfect martyrs and pushing the “he was a good boy about to go to college” bullshit narrative, the cause would be taken much more seriously.

        1. it’s pretty safe to say that’s what happened

          Nope, like Fist says, it remains a muddled mess.

    5. The real crime is that I need Flash to watch the video. What decade is this?

  5. “The Northeast is going to get pounded by snow one last time this winter.”

    This seems like a dare.

    1. It’s got to be at least 10″ to be considered a pounding.

      1. These euphemisms aren’t very euphemistic.

      2. Ten inches of snow is rare.

      3. Size queen!

      4. Are you insinuating that white men can’t pound?

  6. The European Union has extended sanctions against Russia that were imposed for its annexation of Crimea.

    So they are suddenly energy independent?

    1. When is the EU going to impose sanctions on the EU for helping to overthrow the democratically
      elected government of Ukraine?

      1. Or for interfering in US elections with all their speechifying and grandstanding.

  7. The Northeast is going to get pounded by snow one last time this winter.

    Beware the ice of March.

    1. RIP Julius Caesar.

        1. I came, I saw, I shoveled.

    2. Beware the ideas of March.

  8. Awesome article about Trump’s proposed federal government workforce reductions, Reason!

    Oh, hold on a second, there’s wasn’t one. There wasn’t even a mention in either the A.M. or P.M. links. Gee, I wonder why that could possibly be.

    1. zzzzzzzzz

    2. It’s obviously because they all want to continue to attend DC cocktail parties with you, Weigel.

      1. If you’re wondering why it is that just about everyone is abandoning this place for other sites and soon it will only be a few of you cuck schmucks left here, look no further than shit like this.

          1. Everyone knows you are Dave Weigel. Weigel is a well known juggler and amateur magician.

            1. Shit if everyone is Tulpa and everyone is Dave Weigel does that mean Tulpa is Dave Wiegel?

              1. Tulpa is Sheldon Richman.

              2. Don’t cross the streams.

        1. Nobody likes a chicken. If you’re gonna leave then leave already, asshole. You keep threatening to go like you’re doing the world a favor by staying.

          1. Oh noes. What would we do without Mikey? This place would lose all class.

        2. What the fuck ever dude, there was a core of six or so people who made 90% of those comments. That’s not me saying some of those guys weren’t badass commenters. But you’re trying to spin their dissatisfaction with this site into some kind of endorsement of your bullshit.

        3. If you could hurry that along…

    3. Reason is commiserating with the McSuderman’s who stand to lose a tiny bit of of their real estate investment thanks to that monster Donald Trump’s throwing selfless public servants out into the cold.

      1. I doubt the McSudermans can afford to live in the neighborhoods the GS employees live.

        1. Megan expressed concern over her home’s value right after Trump won the election

          1. Good. I hope it goes down. It is not that I blame her for worrying. It is that she is actually so arrogant and sheltered she thinks her readers would care. She is such a self-absorbed nitwit.

            1. I think megan is pretty good actually. I think she has a good method for convincing others who may not be on her side.

          2. You know who else expressed concern right after Trump won the election? SIV’s favorite snuggle rooster.

          1. The non contractor non political government employees. General Schedule.

          2. Government service. AFAIK, all civil servants are on a pay scale from GS-1 to GS-??, which defines (broadly) their pay.

  9. The first minister of Scotland wants a new, post-Brexit referendum on independence.

    They’re always tartan something.

  10. Scotland independence.You should have listined to James Bond the first time. Without scotland brexit would have been more on the leave side maybe?

    1. Scotland manages to be even worse of a nanny state than the rest of the UK, if you can imagine such a thing. Scotland leaving would likely make England freer.

      1. But they can never take your freedom, I was told. What a load of shit.

      2. Labour is probably pissing themselves right now. They already got killed in the by-elections, and if Scotland leaves, the Tories will have a large majority.

        Until they manage to screw it up.

        1. I don’t follow UK politics that closely. I know labor is awful, but it seems every time I read something about the Tories, it shows how they are just as bad.

    2. Imagine CalExit, if California had LITERALLY nothing to market and nobody else really wanted to have them.

      Just as with the Right here with CalExit, you wouldn’t see a lot of Brit conservatives bemoaning the loss of Scotland.

  11. Samurai Dating!!….._with.html

    1. Samurai Sword

      I’m sure they have no idea what that is.

    2. There can be only one!


    White House Press corps cues the world’s smallest violin.

  13. Fired US Attorney Bharara was pursuing multiple investigations against Fox News

    Disgraced former Fox CEO Roer Ailes is a close confidant and advisor to Mr. Trump.

    1. …according to Media Matters.

      1. Numerous sources.

        1. All of which are unnamed and according to “media matters”. Just because you are illiterate son, doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

        2. Only Media Matters is cited.

          1. Not even mentioned in my link, but do keep flailing. Even John has acknowledged the investigation.

            1. No I didn’t. There is no evidence there is beyond the claims of an organization run by a known pathological liar David Brock.

      2. Don’t make fun of his employer.

          1. No one said they get their money’s worth out of you.

          2. DildO steps on a rake again

    2. Bharara was reportedly following multiple lines of investigation against the conservative network, including the slew of sexual harassment allegations leveled against ousted CEO Roger Ailes and a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and bullying of women workers by men.

      So he was trying to make a criminal case out of civil tort claims. Yeah, good thing they fired him.

      1. is media matters david brock?

        Anywho wasnt this asking for resignations and choosing who to keep if any SOP for every new admin?

        1. Yes it is David Brock.

          1. Thought it was funny he wanted a huddle to discuss next steps of progressives for grassroots with a bunch of billionaires

            1. One of the Podesta emails is him lamenting how Hillary can’t seem to understand how bat shit crazy Brock is.

      2. Exactly, I read those allegations and wasn’t impressed. Fuck prosecutors like that.

  14. Reason was really bad for abour 3 weeks after inauguration

    But the pasy month or so has been really good and seems to be back to normal with mostly quality (except shika and steve). The articles about trump as far less and thus more valid critique


    1. Nice to see a wide range of topics too

    2. Fuck ’em. Kick ’em while they’re down.

    3. Yes, but the water is so much nicer in the other pool right now.

  15. Sean Spicer says you can trust President Trump as long as he’s not “joking.”

    I’m going to venture a guess that he does that quite a lot…

  16. The first minister of Scotland wants a new, post-Brexit referendum on independence.

    “We’ll get it right this time around, laddies!”


    Poland confirms Minnisota Man as Nazi Commander

    I had no idea Poland had a Nazi Commander these days.

  18. Sex tape featuring OC actress Mischa Barton is offered to the highest bidder among Hollywood porn companies – with the price for the X-rated video starting at $500,000

    The x-rated video, which shows Barton having sex with a dark haired man, is being offered to the highest bidder with the starting price of $500,000.

    The footage is being touted to online porn companies, with a number of porn industry giants considering the offer.

    Kevin Blatt, Hollywood’s sex-tape broker, was approached by a third party with the video.

    Sex-tape broker!

    1. Obviously, Sex Tape Broker was my nickname in college.

      1. Sex Tape Breaker was mine.

    2. Did they just order that guy from central casting? “Hey we need a creepy looking white dude who deals in porn tapes ASAP”. Why do people insist on living down to every stereotype about whatever it is they do.

      1. She looks pretty good in that bikini. Maybe it was photoshopped but still.

    3. I call BS. Any of them that dared to publish would get sued out of existence so fast it will make your head spin.

      Tommy and Pam made a mint on their allegedly stolen tape.

      1. So did Hulk Hogan, only in a different way. If the tape was really stolen, they can’t publish it. The only way you could publish it with Barton going full Gawker on your dumb ass is if the guy in the tape had given it to someone or sold it. But if it is stolen, you can’t publish it and rightfully so.

  19. Fox News under federal investigation over Ailes settlement payments

    The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether Fox News failed to inform shareholders about settlements made with employees who charged former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes with sexual harassment, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNNMoney.

    The investigation, which has been going on for months, came to light on Wednesday after attorney Judd Burstein, who represents clients who have brought sexual harassment charges against Ailes, announced in a court hearing that one of his clients had received a subpoena relating to “alleged violations of criminal law by Fox.”

    “I was told by the U.S. attorney’s office there is an ongoing criminal investigation, relating to these allegations, all of these allegations,” Burstein said, according to The New York Daily News. The subpoena, which was issued by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, included “alleged violations of criminal law by Fox,” Burstein said.

    1. Yes, Bahaara was trying to make a criminal case out of a civil tort claim. We know. Thanks for explaining why Trump was right to fire him. Way to go.

      1. At least you are admitting that a criminal investigation exists. That’s the first step to wellness. Just 11 to go.

        1. I don’t know that there was. But if there was, it makes him look even worse.

          1. He refused to tender his resignation. The President was given no other option. Insubordination is something most large organization choose to not allow.

  20. “New surveillance video of Mike Brown before he was shot sparked protests in Ferguson”

    This is the most perplexing story of the day. The video changes nothing. The DOJ under Eric Holder even ruled that the shooting was justified. Are we just protesting now for the sake of protesting?

    1. No longer able to push the Trump is a Russian agent story, CNN has gone back to its bread and butter of sparking riots.

      1. Haha yea i think it was thanks to the trump tweets.

        The dems are going all prisoners dilemma now trying to assess how they should proceed

        Either the media and their intel sources were lying about it and the trump russia collusion is made up to excuse Hillarys loss….or trump was being spied on which would validate claims, if nothing found that throws into question motive of it

        1. Trump had nothing to lose as the dc and media class all hate him anyway so what does it matter if he provides no evidence of his claims. He is a completely different animal and they hate it

        2. Either way i think they lose. If something was found it would have come out by now.

    2. Oh the DOJ said it was cool? Well never mind then.


    The kinky sex habits of morning show hosts and their decidedly less attractive husbands.

    1. Feed me more!

      1. Sick dude, I thought you were linking some Fox & Friends babes.

        1. I have always liked Savanah. But I am afraid her sexual tastes are a bit out there for me.

  22. Denver people!
    DenverJ and I invite you to the Wynkoop on the last weekend of the month. Ideally, it’s the sunday afternoon, but saturday night has also been floated. That would be the 25th or 26th. Come get some beers!

    1. And Western. apologies.

    2. I’ll give it a shot.

      1. *narrows*

      1. preferring sat or sunday?


    Week demand causes airlines to cancel routes to Cuba. I guess vacationing in a giant communist prison isn’t as enticing as people thought.

    1. Ya why go there and take risk when there a host of other tropical islands

    2. U.S. travelers still can only visit the island if they fall into 12 specific categories of travel such as family visits and those making people-to-people, humanitarian or educational trips. U.S. travel to the island is supposed to be purposeful, ruling out vacations baking on the beach like Canadian and European tourists.

      Oops! John fucked by his own link.

      1. It’s only a vacation if you’re on a beach. This is known.

      2. You mean Obama didn’t open up travel to Cuba? Its almost like his brain dead supporters in the media lied or something.

        Beyond that, color me surprised you think vacationing in a communist prison is a good idea.

      3. so people can’t say it’s a trip for a purpose?


    If you like your over 40 MILFs, and really who doesn’t, there is Princes Sophie.

    1. Are those erect nipples or kinks in the dress?

  25. Regarding the “new” video, apparently it’s been released for some time, the guy just edited it to make it look like he was making a drug deal, while the actual video shows him trying to but the clerks refusing

    Regardless, neither justifies him manhandling the owner of the store nor later attacking the cop.

  26. A campaign will always be more of a general philosophical debate and it’s fair to take people seriously, but not literally. Not focusing on what someone meant or the audience heard can cause you to lose the larger argument.

    But when governing, not being able to take someone literally makes it impossible to take them seriously. In a profession where it’s always someone else’s fault, words have to have meanings and results have to be measurable. Otherwise, our leaders are like an officer standing over a dead body in the middle of the street telling the gathering crowd “all is well…nothing to see here”.

    It becomes a lot murkier when you add a sense of humor that few people get into the mix.

  27. Yo! Sloopy’s running a tourney pool over at Yahoo sports. Group name = Glibertarians. Password: Podesta. Max 3 entries per.

  28. So, Ferguson residents are going to destroy their city because a video shows that he did steal, but in a “hood” way. If both parties don’t agree to barter, then it is theft. Which is IRRELEVANT to the shooting in the first place.

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