South Korean President Removed from Office, Trumpcare Lurches Forward, Liberals for Secession: A.M. Links


  • Trumpcare
    Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

    So-called feminist students at Wellesley College criticized Laura Kipnis, who came to campus to give a lecture. Of Kipnis, they said, "white feminism is not feminism."

  • A South Korean court removed President Park Geun-hye from office.
  • Republicans are willing to destroy Senate rules if that's what it takes to pass Trumpcare.
  • Hey look, The New Republic is suddenly interested in secession. (But I thought only racists liked secession…)
  • Wrongfully convicted man who spent 13 years in prison gets a paltry $175,000 from the state.
  • Pope Francis might let married men become priests.

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  1. Casual Friday strikes again.

    1. “What are you wearing?”

    2. Hello.

      True story: After lobbying the boss of our department for casual Friday (that is, no neck ties) given we were a call centre he reluctantly agreed. The very first casual Friday some stupid, fucken jerk off shows up in BERMUDAS. No more casual Friday after that.

      And to be honest, I didn’t blame the boss and reminded me why I hate people sometimes.

      1. It’s on the boss or HR. If you’re going to alter the dress code but not do away with it altogether, the new rules should be made known to everyone. Don’t take for granted common sense.

        1. It was no neck ties.

          That idiot – who people did chastise afterwards for his utter lack of judgment – seemed to compute this means ‘Beach day’.

          1. A boss who wasn’t an asshole would have just sent the idiot home to change and left everyone else alone.

            1. Yeh well it was a bank and the guy wasn’t all into it but he agreed.

              True, he could have done that but it wasn’t to be.

              He believed since we were dealing with people’s money you show up in proper attire.

              1. I’m not opposed to a sensible dress code but that’s just poor leadership.

                1. He was a terrible boss/leader.

      2. At my last job, we used to have in-office happy hours every Friday afternoon. Until some fuckface decided to get rip-roaring drunk and puke in the stairwell and leave it for the janitors to clean up. That was the end of that.

      3. Punishing the majority for the actions of a few. Sounds like a Muslim ban to me. If collectivism is good for the goose…

      4. What’s a “centre”?

      5. What’s wrong with bermudas? They’re a bit out of style, but can’t be any worse than a coworker of mine who always wears cargo shorts.

  2. Pope Francis might let married men become priests.

    As long as they’re married to nuns.

    1. Or another man.

    2. They should quit messing around and just call themselves Lutherans already.

      1. Anglicans. Anglican is Catholic lite. Get your sects straight.

  3. Hey look, The New Republic is suddenly interested in secession.

    They should come up with more civilized name for it.

    1. Segregation?

    2. The Old Republic?

    3. TD(eranged);DR

      1. ^THIS

    4. Part 1 of 2: I don’t think he understands the implications of his thinking, the statistics he cites, and his assumptions. This is how cutting the military, and then all federal aid to red states, at the same time, would work. The red states would then go ahead and occupy the blue states with military force, and because the end result of blue state policies is that the state does own a portion of your labor, which is apparently not in violation of the 13th amendment, blue state workers would be forced to work to pay their taxes in order to fund federal programs in the red states, but not allowed to keep nearly as much of the fruits of their labor. Again, this is merely taking all of his assumptions about the dumb welfare hicks in flyover country to their logical conclusions, without any consideration of the effects that reducing federal income taxation to zero and eliminating vast swathes of federal regulation would have on the economy in those red states.

    5. Part 2 of 2: Because here’s the secret: if the economy in the red states tanks because the blue states exit and federal funding dries up, the elites in the blue states will still get the blame (along with the current crop of politicians in the red states), and you’ll have a large mass of unemployed young men, many with military experience (especially if the military is cut to 125,000, given the nature of the cuts would be to keep the political weenies at the Pentagon and reduce the combat ready forces to nothing). What’s the general historical result of a high degree of resentment, plus unemployment among young men? Usually revolution or war

      1. If it weren’t for how California cooks its books it would not be a net tax payer and once the state does collapse it will need lots of other blue state monies and so will all the other blue states when they realize how far they have cooked their own books as well.

        1. This is true, of course, but I was taking the New Republic’s writer at his word, and using his assumptions to analyze the consequences of his ideas.

    6. oh, Christ on a flaming pogo stick! Read the article (admittedly, I could only skim. Teh stupid! It BUUUURNS!). They actually think they could make a seperationwork. They have no grasp of what has been happening in California as all the productive people leave. They simply can’t SEE Detroit. “Detroit? What’s that? You say it’s an American city? Can’t say I ever heard of it.”.

      Listen, Lefty Progressive Idiots; we put up with eight years of your totally unqualified Light Bringer moron who you elected solely because of his skin color (and you call US racist), you can put up with our loudmouthed jerk with the bad rug. Trump didn’t steal anything in this election. The Russians didn’t steal anything in this election. Hillary, on the other hand, showed a bone deep contempt for the nomination process and DID steal the nomination. Maybe before you schweem about Trump you should do something about that shrill, stupid, criminal bitch.

      1. Actually, it was surreal — the author proposed a radical libertarian idea — cut the federal income tax to zero, or close to it.

        DO IT DO IT DO IT!

      2. Yeah, as a Michigan native, the repeated Detroit references stuck out to me too… “Obama’s bailout of the auto industry… saved Michigan, Ohio, and maybe Pennsylvania from being reduced to large, smoking holes in the ground” – uh, what? The complete lack of awareness/actually caring about these states is more likely the reason they resent you than anything the author listed.

        Unfortunately, I did read the whole article.. very rough read, seemed like each paragraph dripped with steadily increasing derisiveness. But this lil gem kinda addresses your point above about all the productive people leaving – apparently the author doesn’t see it that way: “… we’ll be reaching out around the globe to recruit the most talented, intelligent, and ambitious individuals we can find to come to our America. Actually, we already do this, thanks to institutions from Silicon Valley to the University of Chicago, MIT to Wall Street, Hollywood to Broadway.” Not sure how they’re planning on attracting anyone from Silicon, MIT, or Wall Street with their plans to turn Blue America into “a laboratory for a guaranteed income,” but the part about Hollywood/Broadway did make me smile.

        1. The thing is, the Progressive’s burning desire to make themselves the New Aristocracy totally burns away the lessons of the Twentieth Century about the Central State; that it doesn’t work. That it fails in direct proportion to the degree in which it is applied. And that in its ultimate iteration – the Communist State – it is inevitably taken over by violent thugs whose first priority is almost always the liquidation of the Intellectual Class to which the Progressives belong.

          They are as arrogant, stupid, and blind as the old Aristocracy, and about as tolerable.

  4. Of Kipnis, they said, “white feminism is not feminism.”

    Of Jason Kipnis they said “white Indians are not Indians”

    1. Oh no, now you’ve done it

  5. Wrongfully convicted man who spent 13 years in prison gets a paltry $175,000 from the state.

    It’s just enough to know those who imprisoned him are going to jail.

    1. That’s basically minimum wage for a part time worker under Obamacare hour limits. What’s the problem?

      1. Yeah, maybe they just deducted his room and board and that is what was left.

  6. A South Korean court removed President Park Geun-hye from office.

    “Day without a woman”

  7. A South Korean court removed President Park Geun-hye from office.

    Showing the North it is possible.

    1. Hmmmm. A corrupt woman president, who had served as First Lady in a previous corrupt administration, is impeached and removed from office when her shady business dealings were uncovered by investigations.

      And then, even after she has been duly and legitimately removed from office, she refuses to leave the presidential residence.

      For some reason, this all sounds strangely plausible.

  8. Republicans are willing to destroy Senate rules if that’s what it takes to pass Trumpcare.

    As usual: permits it or powerless to stop it.

    1. It’s a terrible idea, but it’s only on the table because the other option is the underwhelming repeal/replacement plan on offer that has been roundly criticized. All the good plans people have been complaining should have been the replacement bill contain measures that cannot be passed under current Senate rules, as they would be subject to filibuster by the Democrats.

      They need to break the rules to get Randcare. By following the rules, you’re stuck with Ryancare. There is literally no good option here.

      1. I say leave it alone. If they touch it people are going to freak: “You took away Obama care!!!!” Let it die on the vine. Death spiral away. And from the ashes you could sell a half assed plan to the country and they will be thankful for anything.

      2. the rules are BS because they are responsible for their own rules they can change them whenever they like just like the Dems did when they were in power. the rules are just a lame excuse to do nothing but bloviate

  9. But I thought only racists liked secession…

    Soft racism is still racism.

    1. It wasem abit stite rigites!

  10. “I have been encouraging leaders in both houses that we should not approach this with both hands tied behind our back,” Cruz told reporters.


    1. Ted always has struck me as a “tie-her-down-and-take-charge” type of guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — as long as she’s willing to play along, of course.

      Some women enjoy that; even Mrs. Spock likes to be “restrained” on occasion (and by Mrs Spock, I mean the nice and loving and sweet Nurse Chapel, not that gold-digging Vulcan bitch who left me for Stonn).

  11. Liberals don’t seem to understand that capitalism (like SV and wall street) are the things keeping them afloat. They will eventually go after those and then what?

    1. Eventually???

    2. Then we turn on that Star Trek machine that makes ice cream sundaes and slip into the holodeck for an afternoon orgy.

    3. They assume there will always be enough rich* around to save them.

      *i.e. net tax-payers

  12. Republicans are willing to destroy Senate rules if that’s what it takes to pass Trumpcare.


  13. Republicans are willing to destroy Senate rules if that’s what it takes to pass Trumpcare.

    They’re a bunch of Senate-ary engineers!

  14. Of Kipnis, they said, “white feminism is not feminism.”

    No one ever warned them the long and short term dangers of cannibalism.

    1. I honestly believe Rachel Dolezal was ahead of her time and trans-race (? probably not the correct term) will become a thing, to prove you’re “one of the good ones”. Probably in just a few years too, since it’s already okay to consider biological truths a social construct.

    1. Nice try, Doc, but I’ve seen that episode of South Park.

  15. Bizarre flashes of cosmic light may actually be generated by advanced alien civilizations, as a way to accelerate interstellar spacecraft to tremendous speeds, a new study suggests.

    These craft would be equipped with light sails, which harness the momentum imparted by photons, much as regular ships’ sails harness the wind.

    1. *** fights squirrels ***

      *** dusts off “The Mote in God’s Eye” ***

      1. These researchers have gone Crazy Eddie.

        1. Jettison the soldier caste.

    2. Or, in other words, they aren’t sure what the flashes are.

      1. What we know is they are objects, which are flying, and have yet to be identified.

  16. “Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption.”

    That’s what *she* said!

    1. Argh! Reply to Johnny!

  17. Of Kipnis, they said, “white feminism is not feminism.”

    But remember, real feminism is inclusive.

    1. real feminism is inclusive of real feminist who have past the test of do as we say

  18. I perfectly fine with all the states splitting up. Now, I would like us all to remain cordial post split. But seriously N.R, 15% less condensation in your article would be super cool.

    1. Condescension, too

      1. and this is what i get for typing on the bus………

    2. But condescension towards the people who have rejected the good intentions of the Left is the entire point of the article.

  19. I think we got him boys!…

    1. *** meekly raises hand ***

      What is the “Trump Organization”?

      1. Pack your bags you’re off the jury!

  20. Former NYPD cop who killed himself tied to homicide case

    I’m shocked a couple of ex cops would be involved in drug peddling and murdering.

    1. +1 Louis Eppolito

  21. News from Abroad:

    Sloopy invites you to his College Basketball Tourney Bracket Challenge:

    Max entries per person capped at three, so you’ve got options there to have some fun with upset picks. And I can tell you this: there will be prizes for the winners involving our new logo. Which reminds me, the deadline for entries is rapidly approaching. So get off your asses and get them in here. More on this over the weekend and Monday.

    Password is Podesta.

    1. How boring. I hated it when Obama made brackets.

  22. A note from the other site: Non-trolls are welcome to play the NCAA BBbracket.

    1. Or what John T said above.

      1. I want to know more about the new glibertarian logo. It sounds fascinating.

        Say, speaking of Sloopy, now that he hates Reason, will he be changing his kid’s name from “Reason” to “Glibertarian”?

        1. “reason” is still a word in the English language

          the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.
          “there is a close connection between reason and emotion”
          synonyms: rationality, logic, logical thought, reasoning, cognition; formalratiocination
          “postmodern voices railing against reason”
          think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.
          “humans do not reason entirely from facts”
          synonyms: think rationally, think logically, use one’s common sense, use one’s head/brain;

    1. Hitler?

      Is it Hitler?

    2. If it’s dead, who the fuck killed privacy?

  23. “Republicans are willing to destroy Senate rules if that’s what it takes to pass Trumpcare.”

    The linked story isn’t about destroying rules. It’s about using the rules.

    To assume that what Robby’s headlines say is true is to make an ass of “u” and me.

    1. I keep waiting for someone — anyone — to show me where in the Constitution it says you have to have 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate.

      It must be based on some obscure dicta in one of those 1960s Warren Court decisions. Damn liberals and their “Living Constitution”!

  24. Meet The Longhairs, a Global Community for Guys With? Long Hair

    As the longtime owner of a gorgeous mane, Healy has navigated the pitfalls of that identity. “Up ’til now you’d have to go to the women’s haircare aisle to find hair ties and other products,” he explains. “It’s a little bit embarrassing. You’re trying to hide the hair ties in the shopping basket with an oil can and a football. It’s an awkward, uncomfortable experience because they’re all really made for women. So we set out to create not just a product, but a community.”

    That community is The Longhairs, which Healy, 35, and cofounder Lindsay Barto, 31, started in December 2014. The two have their own digital marketing agency called Round Two Creative Group. A few years ago, they hit on the idea for a new business, which they would call Hair Ties for Guys. Both were in the process of growing out their hair at the time and realizing the trials and tribulations that went along with that. They conceived of and wrote up a commercial before they even had any products to sell.

    1. Millennial hipsters can ruin anything.

    2. A few years ago, they hit on the idea for a new business, which they would call Hair Ties for Guys.

      I suppose they were wasted at the time.

      1. You know, people were asking yesterday, what are all those dumb kids whose fast food jobs get taken by robots supposed to do?

        Here’s one answer.

        1. Seems like this industry needs government regulation and licensing fees. You can’t just let anyone in the man’s hair industry.

    3. Oh, for fuck’s sake. What the hell is wrong with people?

    4. Man buns are so played.

    5. Bald is beautiful.

    6. This is pathetic.

      I used to have long hair (middle of my back) until I cut it a couple of years ago. I never once was embarrassed to buy hair ties in the women’s hair section.

      If your notion of your own masculinity is so tenuous as to be challenged by purchasing a twenty-cent elastic band, perhaps you have other things to worry about.

      1. Long ago I went through a brief phase of buying product from the black lady hair care aisle. I didn’t feel the need to hide the Dark & Lovely in my shopping cart.

      2. Maybe I’m just a backwoods, provincial yokel, but since when are there whole aisles devoted exclusively to women’s hair products? Maybe at a big pharmacy store, but you can also buy hair ties at the grocery store in the non-gendered health and beauty aisle.

    7. “Is it woman, is it man?”

      Have they have organized so they don’t feel outnumber and can dare to make a stand?

    8. Header picture – maybe and would.

      … but the actual article… “Healy and Barto even had cards made up for longhairs to hand out to other similarly-coiffed men they encounter in the wild.” Your hairstyle’s not the reason people don’t take you seriously.

  25. I blame Reince Priebus for all this – he sold out the GOP for a plum job in Trump’s White House. There’s so much more he could have done to make sure Hillary got elected with a majority-GOP House and Senate – a carefully-crafted sub-60% veto-proof majority, of course – and the GOP could have had Obama 2.0. Just think of the campaign issues and the campaign cash they could have raised running against Hillary! But nooooooo, Priebus had to go and allow Trump to win and now the GOP is screwed because they’ve been robbed of their raison d’etre – opposing whatever it is the Democrats are proposing. Now they’ve got to both propose whatever it is the Dems would have proposed plus oppose whatever it is they’re proposing and that’s a tough job, especially if you’re trying hard to hide the fact that you’ve been lying all along about having plans for anything other than campaigning on the issue of opposing whatever plans the Democrats came up with. It’s like being a reflection in a mirror – where does the reflection go when there’s nobody there to observe it? That bastard Priebus has exposed the GOP as a bunch of unprincipled big-talkers whose plan all along has been to do nothing but talk, and doing nothing but talk was such a sweet gig!

    1. Pretty well sums it up. They had zero legislation ready for tax reform, spending cuts, or any of the other things they pretended to campaign on. And they are totally lacking in the balls required to repeal Obamacare. They were as surprised at upset at Trump’s win as the MSNBC crew.

  26. Brie Larson Says Not Clapping for Casey Affleck at the Oscars “Speaks for Itself”

    When Brie Larson presented Casey Affleck with the best-actor Oscar at the Academy Awards last week, her muted reaction did not go unnoticed, especially on social media. After handing Affleck the award, Larson stepped back and stood with both her arms at her side while the audience gave the actor a standing ovation. Many viewers speculated that Larson?a vocal advocate for sexual-assault survivors?did not clap given Affleck’s history: he was sued by two women for sexual harassment allegedly committed during the filming of I’m Still Here. (Both suits were settled in 2010.)

    Larson confirmed to Vanity Fair on Wednesday that her reaction was intentional.

    1. Should I know who any of the people are in this story?

      1. Dumbass. Casey Affleck is the Florida woman who got away with killing her 2-year-old, and Brie Larson played Annie on Community.

      2. I doubt either one will make the list of “most influential libertarians.”

      3. It’s enough to know that wokeness is being expressed.

    2. They still gave Roman Polanski a standing O, right?

      1. They also gave Casey affleck a standing O. Brie Larson is only one person.

        1. But she didn’t even take a knee.

  27. “(But I thought only racists liked secession…)”

    It’s mostly racists who talk about it. Was that not clear or something?

    1. You mean like yourself?

      Also can i have some money? I am a poor minority racking up medical bills that i can’t pay for.

      1. I believe you are poor.

      2. I think he means Calexit. That’s the only secession movement the MSM seems interested in.

    2. Dumbass! The War of Northern Aggression had NOTHING to do with slavery! It was all about states’ rights, which included, totally by accident, the right to own slaves. Read a book!

    3. It’s clear that that is what some people claim. It’s not clear that it’s true, though.

  28. Bernie Sanders gave an interview in the Huff Po from his office.

    Key points: the democrat agenda is in shambles. The GOP are far right wing extremists and opposed by the vast majority of the country in terms of policy yet goes onto mention all the state legislatures, governors, 3 branches of fed how they have them. Thus the dem party is a failure.

    Now that doesn’t make sense. Maybe there aren’t really GOP support for their policies but saying the vast majority of country opposes them seems silly. My suspicion is he thinks the vast majority of the country loves his policies…if so, why didnt the voters go dem which is closer to him and why didn’t he win the dem primary? He lost to a bad candidate by a significant margin with far less turnout then 2008

    I think sanders is a bit delusional to think he has widespread support seeing how colorado just shot down single payer and wash state shot down a carbon tax despite going for hillary. Now the GOP may not be well liked but it suggests to me folks don’t want the democrats or his agenda as much as he thinks they do.

    1. My suspicion is he thinks the vast majority of the country loves his policies…if so, why didnt the voters go dem which is closer to him and why didn’t he win the dem primary?

      Duh racism

      1. “.if so, why didnt the voters go dem which is closer to him ”

        Because Hillary has a big stinky cunt that even lesbians don’t want to be near?

    2. More succinct comment

      “sanders is a bit delusional”

    3. Once the establishment delegates committed to Hillary, Bernie had no chance.

      I think it is fair to say he might have gotten more votes in a fair election.

      Not the same as saying he would win.

      1. I doubt he would have won, but it would have been fun to watch people on both sides try to avoid acknowledging how much Sanders and Trump have in common.

  29. Of Kipnis, they said, “white feminism is not feminism.

    Regressive lefties continue to project and foment the racism that they claim to hate (while calling everyone else racist…).

    1. White people can’t possibly know what it’s like to have problems.

      1. If you’re used to your problems, you can keep your problems.

  30. Hey look, The New Republic is suddenly interested in secession. (But I thought only racists liked secession…)

    “Bluexit”. lol. Well, I am sure as hell not gonna stop them. Secession is THE American founding principle. Buhbye. Good luck.

    1. It’s especially funny because the article is all about bitching about how the red states aren’t pulling their weight, and taking in more taxes resources than they’re putting out, while still being right-wing and ‘alt-right’.

      They care about the poor so much that…they want to abandon them because they don’t match up with the idealized mental image they have of thankful plebs.

      1. Isn’t that imbalance almost entirely due to military installations? And/or maybe agricultural subsidies? I think the premise they’re starting with is probably BS.

        1. I’m not even treating the premise seriously, I just find it funny how open the writer is about their dysfunctional personality and hypocrisy. The entire thing is just a long, snobbish whine about how civilized he is compared to those degenerate ‘poor people’.

          1. The poor who tend to vote blue? The higher income who tend to vote red?

        2. Retirees moving south and spending Medicare and SS.

          Also lower cost of living which means larger fraction will be under federal wage cutoffs.

    2. I’ll just point out one hysterically funny part of the article: ” Go ahead, end your federal Amtrak subsidies. In their place, we will build fantastic, new high-speed rail systems of our own. They’ll run past our state-of-the-art wind farms, fiber-optic networks, and highways that recharge our self-driving cars as we travel.”
      I mean in the NIMBY, mega regulatory, what if it might be a habitat for an extinct toad we are thinking of bringing back world, they can’t build anything for less than an infinite amount of money that they don’t have. This author doesn’t have much of clue.

      1. we will build fantastic, new high-speed rail systems of our own. They’ll run past our state-of-the-art wind farms, fiber-optic networks, and highways that recharge our self-driving cars as we travel.

        Pie in the sky fantasy is pie in the sky fantasy. The Peoples Republic of Californistan is the perfect example of why they are wrong on all of this, especially the high-speed rail part.

  31. “Trumpcare”

    I see what you did there:)

  32. Wrongfully convicted man who spent 13 years in prison gets a paltry $175,000 from the state.

    I knew it, Oklahoma. Conservatives are pieces of shit sometimes.

    1. This is why I vote for democrats over republicans if there’s no libertarian choice or if the election is close. Republicans suck the dick of big businesses and then they turn around and do shit like this to normal people. I can’t even. It’s over. You’re dead to me Republicans!

      1. Are states run by democrats generally more generous in compensating the wrongly convicted?

        I really don’t know.

    2. I’ve been through Oklahoma once in my life, while driving to New Mexico – – I got pulled over for speeding twice driving through the panhandle in less than an hour, both times going about 5 over, no warning, tickets both times. On the way back I drove the long way back through Colorado. I will never go to Oklahoma again. I’d rather take a vacation in Juarez Mexico.

  33. On secession, I love the constant assumption that the ENTIRE state will secede. CA has plenty of it that won’t want to secede and, as we saw with W Virginia, we would be quite able to allow the parts that want to remain in the USA to come back. And they’d have no right to claim that the US cannot bring part of the state back into the fold if that part of the state requests it.

    Why would the farmers want to leave the US to be the serfs for LA and all? They already dislike LA.

    Why would upstate or western NY want to secede with the NYC metro area? We could just repatriate them without a problem.

    You’d end up with some secession COUNTIES surrounded by the US on all sides in virtually all circumstances.

    1. And then we would have all of LA’s water.

    2. You’d end up with some secession HOMES surrounded by the US on all sides in virtually all circumstances.


      Even California shows up as mostly red on a ward map.

  34. Per secessesionist “Blue staters tired of helping out the red staters”. blue staters may complain but then they end up vacationing and retiring in the red states so quit coming here if you don’t like it

    1. People from California and Oregon like to vacation and retire in Oklahoma?

  35. The author of the new republic piece doesnt seem to understand that states dont pay federal income taxes and payroll…individuals do.

    There are blues living in red states and reds living in blue

    Doesnt the gop typically win the over 50k demographic by a little? As we know the higher income means you pay more federal tax

    Where will you put all these wind farms? And i thought liberals love taxes?

  36. Brief critique of the Women’s Day whatever by the Independent Women’s Forum

    1. Good read, articulated what I couldn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  37. “The New Republic is suddenly interested in secession.”
    Well it would be a new republic so…

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