Donald Trump

Trump the Weakling

Our president has already backed down quite a bit.


Donald Trump
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When rocker Tom Petty found out Republican George W. Bush was blaring his song "I Won't Back Down" at campaign rallies in 2000, he sent a cease-and-desist letter. Maybe the reason Donald Trump avoided the song in his campaign is that he didn't want similar trouble. Or maybe it's because he will, in fact, back down.

After a federal court blocked his February travel ban, Trump tweeted, "See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!" From that bold declaration, you would expect him to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. But he didn't. On Monday, he caved in and issued a new travel ban designed to appease the judiciary.

Backing down is not a departure from his usual style. It is his usual style. Trump is not a guy who can be counted on to stand his ground. Often, he crumbles under the slightest pressure.

Ask the Chinese. Shortly after he was elected, he took a call from the president of Taiwan, in defiance of the long-standing U.S. policy of recognizing only one China. Then, when the Beijing government took offense, he snapped back on Twitter, asking, "Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency?"

Conservatives applauded his manly bravado. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Trump was alerting the Chinese that "nobody in Beijing gets to dictate who we talk to."

Actually, somebody in Beijing does. His name is Xi Jinping. He's the president of China, and he refused to speak with Trump on the phone until he agreed to eat his words. As China's government media reported, Trump tamely assured Xi that "the U.S. government adheres to the One China policy."

Sean Spicer did his best to mask the humiliating retreat. Asked whether the president had gotten anything in return, the press secretary insisted, "The president always gets something." Of course he does. In this instance, he got a lesson in the ancient Chinese art of kowtowing.

The surrender came as no surprise to anyone who watched him during the campaign, or after. After months of promising his supporters that he would build a border wall at Mexico's expense, he paid a visit to President Enrique Pena Nieto in Mexico City and, at a news conference afterward, admitted he didn't even raise the topic: "We didn't discuss payment of the wall."

In fact, Pena Nieto said later that during their session, he informed his guest that Mexico would not pay for it. Only when he was safely back across the Rio Grande did Trump dare to repeat that our neighbor will foot the bill.

During his second debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump informed her, "If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception." He hasn't.

After his boast about grabbing women by the genitals came out on video, several women came forward to accuse him of groping or kissing them without their consent. He denied it and announced, "All of these liars will be sued after the election is over." When is that lawsuit going to be filed?

Probably right after he finishes fighting the lawsuit against Trump University. Oh, wait—he has already finished that fight, by capitulating.

"I don't settle cases," he said last year about the dispute. "Watch how we win it." But in the end, Trump agreed to pay $25 million to the people accusing him of fraud.

Idle threats are his specialty. Last year, he pledged to "immediately terminate President Obama's two illegal executive amnesties," one of which allowed unauthorized immigrants brought here as children to stay and work. But that order is still in place, to the disgust of anti-immigration groups. "His thinking is: 'We don't have to deal with this right now,'" explained Spicer in February.

Oh, you thought "immediately" meant "right now"?

On torture, NATO, seizing Iraq's oil and the Iranian nuclear deal, Trump's Cabinet officers have contradicted him—and he has let them. When confronted by people with sturdy backbones, Trump has real trouble backing up his fierce words. And he is finding it harder to intimidate political opponents and foreign leaders than he expected.

We've all heard of the wolf in sheep's clothing. More often than not, Trump is a sheep in wolf's clothing.

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  1. Chapman thinks Trump’s a cuck. He should challenge him to a mud wrestling match.

    1. I’m beginning to appreciate the Trump presidency more and more. He’s even more of an asshole (or cunt… taint?) than I predicted. Be tat as it may, fuck Jeff Beauregard (homo middle name) Sessions. I hope they send his wrinkly retentive anus back to Analabama.

      1. *that

  2. Seriously steve is whining that he took his time with revised travel ban from a legal and implementation perspective , not opening up can of worms prosecution for hillary, backdown on torture, seizing oil and not as tough on immigration?

    Whining about how his cabinet contradicted him….they have different views? Oh the horror!!!

    He has true tds. I am for one glad he has backed down on a lot of these things which are pretty controversial. Shows he isnt hitler

    1. Give Steve a break. Him and his prog party goers have not had to work this hard in 8 years. They forgot which side of the Constitution they are on.

      Nanny-Staters never thought of having alternate points of view with advisors. That slows down progress and wrong- think cannot be tolerated.

    2. Shows that he’s a panderer, liar, and dipshit. I couldn’t wish for better, unless he shitcans Jeff Beauregard ( homo middle name) Sessions.

    3. Considering that Trump has managed to combine the worst aspects of both the Republican and Liberal platforms, I’d say we all lose in Trump’s America.

      We get the big spending of the Democrats with the moral impositions of the Republicans. Yay.

      1. Agreed but don’t think republicans have a monopoly on moralizing. In fact, it’s the basis of all legislation, including libertarian friendly reforms

  3. Came as a surprise to no one? So why were you and the chattering class all freaking out about the next hitler

    1. The need something to show they are right that Hillary would have been a better President. You know who else the lefties think would have made a better President than Trump?

      1. Sloopy’s mom?

      2. Justin Trudeau?

      3. Bill Weld?

      4. Looking for Oprah or Michelle Obama.

    2. I think it kind of proves my point that the perfect storm was needed in order for a Trump victory. Hillary was so unusually unappealing that half of the non-Trump Republican nominees could have won in a landslide.

  4. Oh Steve, you still think you are qualified to describe Trump and be correct. “Backing down is not a departure from his usual style. It is his usual style. Trump is not a guy who can be counted on to stand his ground. Often, he crumbles under the slightest pressure.”

    Trump initiates an Executive action- you and your progressive cohorts attack it as if it was Hitler issuing a decree from the Reich Chancellery. Then Trump changes the Executive action or shifts to something else.

    You don’t see what Trump is doing, do you? Trump knows the federal bureaucracy is full of corrupt people who will typically do anything to keep their jobs with the media and Nanny-Staters helping to attack his every move. He keeps you people busy with the monkey in the left hand and moves forward with another plan in his right hand. Its why you never thought he would win the election. He has a lot of DC to dismantle and he only been President for less than 60 days.

    1. Trump has no intention of “dismantling” DC, you loon. His cabinet picks are stock Goldman Big Gov establishment types (the ones with some credentials) and rewards for inompetent GOP cronys (like Rick W Perry and Ben Carson).

      1. Your two cents are no good here, miscreant. To the Tower with you!

      2. How can you presume to argue with a guy who so clearly loves the constitution? It says so right in his name.

      3. Oh. So. Like the previous guy who you never uttered a lick of criticism.

      4. Perry can’t count to three, so he’s qualified.

      5. He is the only President that I can think of who issue an Executive Order that: …Sec. 2. Regulatory Cap for Fiscal Year 2017. (a) Unless prohibited by law, whenever an executive department or agency (agency) publicly proposes for notice and comment or otherwise promulgates a new regulation, it shall identify at least two existing regulations to be repealed. -Presidential Executive Order on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs.

        Trump is facing an huge burden trying to limit DC by much. Any bit helps.

    2. Oh look, it’s another fellow who believes that Trump has some hidden genius, and that he’s playing us all. It couldn’t be that he’s haphazardly spewing out shit. It’s sad that a president could be so conspicuously stupid that people can’t even reconcile it without performing embarrassing mental contortions.

      1. I never said that he is a genius. He is not this moron that people like you think.

        It is so funny that you cannot give the guy credit that he beat the unbeatable Hillary and is doing things that will help America get out from under the burden of the Nanny-State. You types continue to underestimate him and then make excuses or insults that he is smarter than you.

        1. He’s actually probably more of a moron than people generally think, which is sad.

          Didn’t the DNC have to rig their nomination process so that she could beat Sanders? Who thought she was unbeatable? I can write above a third grade reading level, so I can’t say I’m worried about Trump outwitting me.

  5. Idiot. You do know how negotiations work right? You throw out a horrible deal, the other side decries it as horrible, then you meet in the middle… Right where you wanted things to land in the first place.

    That is what Trump is doing with half of this stuff. Apparently people who have never run a business do not understand these basic tactics, so they get their panties in a twist every time he throws out something outrageous. What’s funny is everybody is playing into his game perfectly. Apparently politicians are easy marks for s shiesty businessman.

    On other stuff I think he is legitimately backing down, but in some of those cases it is a wise move. He overreached, and eventually figured it out. Whatever the case he’s sticking to what he said more than any other president in the last several decades soooo kinda doesn’t work to call him a cuck or say that he’s a liar or whatever…

    1. Apparently people who have never run a business do not understand these basic tactics

      The American government is not a private business. The President is not a CEO. You, on the other hand, are a classic dupe.

      1. Classic

        What is the American government then, boyo? Necessary? Crucial? Important? Permanent?

        1. The overlord class.

      2. That’s right America doesn’t have an office for the chief of the executive branch of government or anything.

      3. The POTUS has an very comparable job to a CEO. Pathetic that you are so clueless about the office or the job.

      4. LOL Other than the comments above about how similar the job actually is in a lot of ways, I will concede that they are not identical.

        The thing is that PERHAPS since regular politicians fail so miserably at ever getting anything done right, MAYBE bringing over a few tactics from the business world is a good idea. Seriously half of the stuff that has screwed this country up is politicians not having the balls to say and do the things that need to be done, or having the gaul to push the envelope and get stuff actually done. I’m not saying he is doing all the good things, or doing things right, or anything else, but sad as it is to say I think what he’s said and done so far is probably better than anybody else in a looong time.

        1. Trump’s “tactics” might be great if he had anything tumbling around in his head worth implementing. His ideas are so surface-level that, inevitably, when it comes down to the nuance of the actual implementation, the old guard will have a hand in it and we’ll end up with exactly what we’ve always gotten from Washington. Look at health care reform.

          1. Honestly I was expecting even worse out of him than we’ve got so far. The healthcare thing is a BIG disappointment… BUT I still think it might not work out bad for him overall. The big things that made me go “Damn, is he actually going to be kinda alright?” after he first got in were:

            1. The hiring freeze. This shows he ACTUALLY wants to cut all the useless programs spending a lot. Nobody else has had the balls to do this in eons. This would be amazing.

            2. Regulations. If he actually shreds large swaths of regulations this could be VERY good for the country. He’s basically already stopped most anything new from getting piled on top, which is impressive in and of itself, let alone if he rolls back dumb stuff that is already in place. I see basically no GOP resistance to this in 99% of cases, so probably likely.

            3. Taxes. Same deal. I think he’s serious about killing a lot of loopholes and lowering marginal rates. There will probably be horse trading here, but they may get pretty far with this since mainline GOP guys would basically be in favor here.

          2. I think if he blunders his way through any meaningful reform in those areas it will certainly be enough to make his presidency a net positive, even with all the other stuff he may screw up. Keep in mind with Hillary we would have had all the same negative sides, PLUS 100x more bad stuff stacked on top, and probably NONE of the good stuff.

            He’s not anywhere close to being super-duper awesome, but he’s what we have and I think in those few areas, and maybe with luck a few more, we may get some positives out of him at the end of the day.

  6. Often, he crumbles under the slightest pressure.

    Classic bully with narcissistic personality disorder. Just like many of his supporters.

  7. Yawn. These articles are turning into angst ridden teenage diary entries.

    “Dear Diary. You’ll never guess what that big idiot stupidface Trump did today! He’s such a fat phony loser!”

    I’m just here so I won’t get fined.

    1. These people call themselves jouranal ists for a reason.

  8. Damn, damn, DAMN.

    Even Petty was was petty with his politics and music?


    1. He should have told Ron Paul to use that song as his theme.

  9. Christ, the fucking idiots on this site who support the “libertarian” Trump are amazing. With his Big Military, $1 trillion infrastructure, healthcare for all, border tax loving, ways.

    Trump says what stupid people want to hear.

    1. Just because they fellate him doesn’t mean they are Trumpkins.

    2. Funny you never whined during barry. Anyway trump is not a libertarian but he may have a few things

      You need to understand the difference. It isnt all or nothing

      1. I never claimed Obama was a libertarian. He was just better on a few things than any of the GOP assholes he ran against were (no stupid wars and a liberal pot policy).

        (I say this knowing some idiot here will try to equate Iraq with our little Tomahawk toss in Syria)

        1. No stupid wars and a liberal pot policy?

          Not sure if serious…..

          1. Yeah, I know. IRAQ = SYRIA . EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!

            One cost $2 trillion and 4500 US lives and annexed a new country for Iran.

            Guess which one?

            1. Oops – I meant LIBYA, not Syria.

            2. Ok that isnt relevant to your comment about obama starting no stupid wars.

              Goal post shifting

          2. Obummer never rescheduled pot. Regardless of the pen and phone, he was a pussy.

            1. Palin where is the liberal pot policy from him?

              1. Wait till Sessions starts arresting pot workers in CO, WA, etc.

                1. You mentioned why you voted for obama. Sessions has nothing to do with this

                2. Feds raid homes across southeast Colorado, seizing 22,400 pounds of marijuana plants

                  He’s right! It’s already started happening!

                  PUBLISHED: September 28, 2016 at 12:17 pm

                  Oops, never mind.

        2. Wasnt there more fatalities in afghanistan while barry was in charge? Libya? Yemen? Droning pakistan? Iraq?

          1. You can’t equate the cost of Iraq with anything since WW2 or possibly Vietnam.

            You just look stupid trying to.

            1. You claimed you like obama cause he ran on no stupid wars. The cost of iraq or vietnam is not relevant to your comment. You are goal post shifting now

              1. No its not. If Obama had pissed away $2 trillion on Americans as a cash giveaway you would rightly say he wasted your tax money. Bush/Cheney wasted $2 trillion on the Iraq blunder.

                And I didn’t even know any one of the 4500 who died for that blunder. If so I would really be pissed off.

                1. you said and i quote “no stupid wars”. You did not qualify with a dollar amount. You are shifting. What was the expenses of all of Obama’s military excursions?

          2. Yes. There were more American casualties in Afghanistan during President Obama’s term then during the previous administration. There were also more than double the amount of drone strikes.

            1. So? Obama didn’t start the war in Afghanistan. He just knew that was where Al Qaeda was.

              1. I was just refuting your childish point.

              2. You said you liked him cause no stupid wars. You are shifting

        3. “no stupid wars”. That was quite the asinine statement. Were you asleep during Libya and Yemen? Or were you not paying attention to his actions during the Arab Spring, which brought about the destabilization in multiple countries (Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen)? You really need to pay more attention to world events

          1. WE lost ZERO soldiers in Libya, you idiot. And it cost almost nothing.

            1. So killing is good, if our soldiers don’t die? Interesting.

              1. Asking for PB’s assessment of what constitutes a ‘stupid war’ is like asking a greasy spoon cook to make you gourmet beef bourguignon. His knowledge is purely superficial so expectations are naturally very low.

            2. You may be right about the not losing any soldiers part (and we don’t know because that promise of a transparent administration was anything but), but we did lose and ambassador and members of his security team, as well as decency when the fucking douchebags in charge blamed that whole fiasco of an event on a fucking video instead of their ineptitude.

              1. The video was cited to distract from the fact that the Libya fiasco was an arms deal to ISIS affiliates in Syria gone awry. Making it something more than ineptitude, it was an exercise in “for the greater good” species of evil ineptitude.

        4. no stupid wars and a liberal pot policy

          From any other person, I’d interpret this as a sick and tasteless joke. But I suspect that you’re serious…

  10. Congrats Chapman. You’ve convinced local idiot DanO. BTW, how does it feel to have the staff hide your byline? lol.

    1. Dalmia, Chapman, Dan, Tony, Memory Hole, Palin’s Buttplug.

      That’s some alliance.

      1. Trumpkins hardest hit.

      2. By these Assholes combined, I am Craptain Spam-It!

        Craptain Spam-it, he’s our hero,
        He’s going to take our Reason down to zero!
        He’s the cowards, magnified,
        And lying for the Liberal side!

        The Death toll is YOURS!

        1. The part of Gaia is by Lena Dunham

      3. An axis of idiocy.

        1. ^^^THIS^^^

      4. Dalmia, Chapman, Dan, Tony, Memory Hole, Palin’s Buttplug.

        That’s some alliance.

        ?The L.eague O.f S.tatists E.xploring R.eality
        ?The Offenders
        ?A.lliance of S.uper S.tatists

    2. Correction. His name is DildO

  11. Fox News Responds to Media Bias Claims With Even Shorter Skirts

  12. Kind of contradicts your whole ‘Trump is a fascist’ nonsense. I knew you were already a joke, Chapman, but now you’re just a bad parody

    1. This is my thought as well

      For example when cons said obama ruining the country but then whined about all the golf vacation and campaigning

      If obama was looking to ruin the country thrn i would consider the above good thing since it is distracting

    2. And yet you cannot stop obsessing over him. And me. Say something truly witty now. Entertain us.

    3. Google “Hopper Nighthawks Trump”. Fuck your 50 character limit.

  13. Why is it bad to back down on some not so good stuff like torture or deporting all illegals? You would think folks like steve would like this and things like nato since apparently that is totally cool

    1. Because his entire campaign was a lie. Just as he lies all the time. He is an embarrassment to the USA. A decent person like Jon Huntsman as GOP President would have been fine. Trump is a White Trash POTUS.

      1. What do you mean his entire campaign was a lie? Please elaborate

        I thought you didnt like his policy views in the campaign so why are you so upset?

        1. Apparently you don’t understand the rules. PB makes assertions, then the burden of proof is on you to disprove them. Switchin the burden of proof is sop for leftards.

          1. He hates free trade, he wants to greatly increase the size of government and deficits, he says he won’t touch entitlements, he wants a much larger military, he picked the worst fucking cabinet in modern history, and he is generally incompetent.

            1. He campaigned on these things. You were just whining about lies for not following campaign

              Which is it???!!

            2. So his campaign was not a lie based on this post?

              Which is it?

              1. “Man, who as a baby crawls on four legs, then walks on two legs as an adult and in old age walks with a cane as his third leg…”

            3. Yes?

            4. What are your issues with the cabinet? You whine about being big gov like sessions but then whine how carson, perry are wimps with no experience who will diminish agency

              Which is it?

              1. Why do you engage him?

                He’s an idiot.

      2. How can you claim his entire campaign is a lie not even two months in?

        What if regs get reduced? What if tax reform comes to pass? What if the infrastructure comes to pass? What if a wall is paid for and tariff in place. He campaigned on keeping entitlements and picking a sc justice from list

        Seems his immigration promises are currently in the works. And then for the executive branch he did the lobbying thing…for congress needs congress.

        What are you after here? Are you going to whine about not doing campaign promises you dont like?

        I honestly cant tell which way you are looking to go

        1. What if he gets paid family leave and tax cred for daycare?

          Pick a position and stick with it

        2. Shitcanning Jeff Beauregard (homo middle name) Sessions would make me a Trump supporter (a little bit).

      3. Well PB, you do know something about being an embarrassment.

      4. Okay, a President Jon Huntsman would have been a joke. Now THERE’S a guy who genuinely is spineless and wishy-washy.

        1. The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

          Bertrand Russell

          1. You do realize your fit the first part of that quote, right?

            1. I’m not the partisan hack you are.

              1. Oh man, that was just fucking funny as hell..

    2. You are not demonstrating that you have critically examined the proposition proffered by Chapman.

      Did you examine the assertions of fact made by Chapman in support of his argument that Trump has a tendency to back down?

      Did he bluster, “See in you court”? He did. Instead of seeking further appellate review, he retreated. That is a fact. It is not Chapman’s alternative fact. Its reality.

      One China. Do deny the facts asserted by Chapman? Trump retreated.

      Hillary? Trump has already admitted that he doesn’t want to lock her up. Trump retreated.

      Trump U? He never settles? He insisted that he did nothing wrong and that he would not settle. Would you pay 25 million bucks to settle a fraud case if you knew that you did not do anything wrong? He retreated.

      The payment of the wall? Did Trump fail to inform the Mexican President that Mexico was going to pay for the wall and that was that? Trump retreated.

      Thus, there are a myriad of facts to support the proposition that Trump, like most bullies, tends to back down after talking a tough game. It is simply irrefutable.

      Nevertheless, what is more striking is the fact that your defenses of Trump reveal a tintinnabular tone deafness to the context in which Trump has bellowed and bloviated talked the language of belligerence.

      1. The issue isn’t Chapman is wrong here but rather he is complaining about Trump backing down when that is the position they wanted or is more agreeable to them in the first place while simultaneously freaking out about him being a dictator. So you would rather him proceed with these just so he can stick to them?

        Personally it is good to see someone who can change their minds because some of his proposals are really bad to not good to a waste. He is a blowhard but if he can be walked back that alleviates concerns. You aren’t going to be changing his personality any time soon

        For example the torture, deport all, previous ban ideas, let’s hope it translates to tariffs for instance

      2. What was Trump selling during the campaign?

        Was he telling folks that his way was to talk tough and then back down?

        Is this what the peeps thought that they were buying?

        Did Trump convey that he wanted a temporary muslim ban during the campaign? He publicly said so on more than one occasion and he apparently asked Rudy Julie Annie to help him do so legally after the election. So, he issues the EO without specifically denying the boys and girls of Mohammed from coming to the US. That, in and of itself, constitutes a departure from what was promised, a retreat if you will.

        Did Trump try to convince the electorate that he was the type of guy who would not follow through on his tough words? So, why not seek further appellate review on your travel order? He insisted that it was necessary for the security of the country and he had promised to demolish ISIS. So convinced he was of his position that he publicly insulted a federal judge- of course without fact or reasoned argumentation – and he implicitly promised the American people that he would go to the mat with his “See you in court”! proclamation.

        1. Why didn’t he tell the Mexican President, to his face, that Mexico is going to pay for the wall? After, that Mexico was going to pay for the wall was a cornerstone of his tough on immigration platform. He was not trying to sell himself as a guy who would talk tough and then not have the testicular fortitude to tell President Pieto that his country was going to be paying for the wall.

          1. Face it, Trump is not the type of guy who would hang tough in the interrogation room with Briscoe and Logan pressuring him. If you were his accomplice, he would rat your ass out in a heartbeat.

            1. I do not know what that means and dont really care since not relevant

        2. Why do candidates often go hard in primary and meet in middle ish in the general?

          You have to understand the potus represents 300 million plus…not just 60 million

          I do not want someone that considers their win a mandate to do whatever they want and actually follow thru like ideologues

          1. You mean like Obama did when he told us “I won!”?

          2. If the ideology is cutting the government down to constitution size, I do.

  14. “The fact that Trump changes course when he’s wrong and listens to,people just proves what a dangerous pronto-dictator he is. Because a true democratic leader smashes his opposition and stays the course no matter how foolhardy it is.”

    Uh yeah, ok.

    1. Well played, sir.

    2. The Chapman supporters on this article are used to politicians not keeping promises. The politicians promise all sorts of great free shit and then spend years taking away constitutional rights and raise costs of business and for Americans.

      In Trump’s case, he was campaigning with things like building the wall and Mexico paying for it and then lied because he is only building the wall. Mexico will pay for it through lost money being sent from America.

      Same same.

  15. “Backing down” from a tweet about China isn’t a big deal if it simply involves making a statement reaffirming America’s policy towards Taiwan since Nixon.

    And backing down on the unconstitutional part of an unconstitutional executive order on asylum seekers from six countries isn’t really backing down. If he had abandoned any such order in the future, that would have been backing down. Instead, he released a modified order that’s perfectly constitutional.

    Negotiating is often about on insisting on what you can’t get–to see what’s really possible to get under the present circumstances. When you’re buying a classic car, you offer half the asking price. When you’re selling, you ask for twice what you’d take. Settling for paying more than your initial offer isn’t backing down. Settling for taking less than your asking price isn’t backing down.

    1. Wasnt the chattering class freaking about this with china? And now they are upset he backed off?

      Which is it….pick one

      1. They want to complain regardless of what he does…

        It’s the whole “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” thing, and it is blatantly obvious. If Trump discovered a cure for cancer, these people would be screaming in anger about how he was holding it back like Chuck Norris and his cancer curing tears….

    2. It amazes me people don’t understand this. You dont offer right away what you want or you wont get it

  16. You know what’s strong? Having the staff hide your byline under multiple layers so people won’t ignore your articles and being lickspittle enough to go along with it.

    1. That isn’t a Steve Chapman specific thing. I’ve noticed the same thing for many writers. I don’t think it is some deliberate plot to hide certain authors, just something about their blogging software.

      1. Maybe. They didn’t used to hide Chapman and Dalmia’s bylines. They sometimes hide A Barton Hinkle’s now too. But Ed and Scott and Elizabeth and Matt and Nick and Mangu all get bylines on the HnR page. To be sure Robby does too. It may be software: if Chapman then….. I know that piece of code runs in my head. It’s just funny that they won’t allow you to know it’s Chapman before you click. I can only conclude that his byline is click through poison.

        1. FFS. It’s a difference between a blog post and an article. Chapman’s pieces are republished here; see the copyright notice at the end. The same is seen when an article from the print magazine is posted here; the byline on the blog is “Reason Staff,” and there’s usually an indication in the summary of who the author is. See Veronique’s article that was just posted 30 minutes ago.

    2. Rogering Melania would satisfy me (me doing the rogering, not Trump).

  17. Mr. Chapman,

    We regret to inform you that, due to your failure to publicly decry Donald J. Trump, the Great Enemy, at Morning Prayers, that your membership in the Little Boy’s Club for Men has been revoked effective immediately.

    Monsignior Cyril de Lombardi

  18. What has become of Reason when a.s. is the voice of reason?

    1. I don’t think it’s the same guy.

      I think someone assumed his handle.

      1. Trudat.

        1. Best hijacking evah…

    2. Essentially, Am Soc is arguing that its good when bullies back down and Chapman is bad cuz he criticized the bully when he bullied and now he is criticizing the bully for having a tendency to back down when confronted.

      1. Why would you criticize someone for coming closer to where you wanted when you were all fearful in the first place due to bullying?

        It is trumps personality is the reality of it. Not going to change. Ideal no but you are operating in a vacuum here

        Would ya prefer trump walk the walk on his talk?

        I do not. To me this is a good development

      2. The instances being cited of Trump “backing down” just look like him being an adult.

        If he hadn’t “backed down” by simply restating American policy for the 40+ years or if he’d taken his temper tantrum all the way to the Supreme Court, I might accuse Trump of childishness.

        Competent management isn’t about never changing goals, strategies, tactics, or policies. It’s about changing those things all the time as circumstances require.

        Imagine if Trump were unwilling to bring the Chinese back into the state of a working relationship because he refused to say a few inconsequential words.

        Imagine if Trump were unwilling to pull from the Supreme Court–even if he didn’t think he could win and even if he could achieve most of what he wanted by simply writing a new and better order.

        If Trump hadn’t “backed down”, he’d be guilty of much worse than backing down.

        And backed down belongs in quotes because I’m not convinced he did that exactly. I think he’s done some of the things he did for calculated effect.

        1. Moving goalposts.

          Trump did not pitch the electorate with the message that he was the guy who would talk tough and stand upon principle then change goals, policies, and principles. That is not what he sold. It is simply irrefutable. It is also not what the peeps thought what they were buying.

          1. It is a dodge to shift and pivot to “well, would you rather not have a guy who is capable of compromise and who will backdown?”.

            1. Trump said he would stop any more asylum seekers from coming here until we put procedures in to screen them appropriately.

              That’s what he did.

              How can you accuse him of backing down from a campaign promise after he’s actually fulfilled that promise?

          2. You do understand life is a little more complicated then 1 guy getting whatever he wants right? You have to pick your battles, realize there are restraints, and compromise. And a host of others that don’t have the same views as you. Note: people who voted for Trump DOES NOT MEAN they liked him (same for Hillary)

            Though you are the same one that thinks getting rid of all government essentially is a viable option politically so it isn’t really surprising you are purity or nothing.

            1. Yes, I am a Rothbardian an-cap. That does not thereby mean that I think compromise is, per se, awful. In fact, compromise, at times, is necessary.

              But, that is not the gravamen of Chapman’s article. Its about Trump acting the way most bullies do – lots of bluster but plenty of backdown when confronted. Its about what he sold to the peeps and how, like Trump U., he is reneging.

  19. Well this seems like a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type of criticism.

    Trump issues terrible executive order – IT’S FASCISM!
    Trump withdraws terrible executive order – HE’S WISHY-WASHY!

    The guy deserve blame for his initial order but he deserves credit for NOT trying to defend it tooth and nail considering how awful it was, on multiple levels. So as much as I loathe Trump, he does deserve some faint measure of praise on that one.

    On the rest of it – yeah he did back down based on his original campaign promises. He didn’t throw Hillary in jail or start seizing Iraq’s oil, and he doesn’t seem too keen on “draining the swamp” after all. I don’t think it is a big surprise to learn that Trump is a boastful liar. We will see what happens after four years when his voters have a chance to hold him accountable for all the promises he broke. My guess is, they won’t care because Team Red will just play the tribalism card yet again, scaring and driving their voters to the polls because Team Blue’s candidate will be “literally Hitler” and “the end of the Republic” and whatnot.

    1. Ya i mostly agree. I like that he backed down on immigration for instance and technically it was in his campaign he changed the tune

      The drain the swamp thing is a bit of hyperbole and not well defined. I am not sure you can really say at this point.

      If the agencies power and budget get greatly diminished then i would say that is a good start. Also need to understand he isnt a dictator and i do not want him to be

    2. I don’t see anyone clapping their flipflops.

  20. Uh, so, why is this a bad thing? If you’re anti-Trump because of his positions that he’s not following through on, isn’t it a good thing that he’s shown a willingness to renege or compromise on them? I think Trump dropping torture is purely a result of Mattis convincing him it’s a bad idea, which shows that he’s malleable (but likely only on issues that he’s not obsessed over, so immigration and trade are out).

    This plan of “FULFILL MY FASCISM FANTASIES, OR I’LL CALL YOU A PUSSY” is a winning one, I’m sure.

    1. Yep i agree. It reminded me of cons whining about obama destroying country but complaining how he never worked

      If the tariff ends up being 5 percent or whatever instead of 20. While not ideal…id be glad he didnt fulfill campaign

  21. Palins butt plug will start whining about trump breaking campaign promise if he reschedules pot cause it wasnt in the campaign

  22. You posted this:

    Palin’s Buttplug|3.9.17 @ 8:49AM|#

    Because his entire campaign was a lie. Just as he lies all the time.

    I asked a question and you responded with this:

    Palin’s Buttplug|3.9.17 @ 9:11AM|#

    He hates free trade, he wants to greatly increase the size of government and deficits, he says he won’t touch entitlements, he wants a much larger military, he picked the worst fucking cabinet in modern history, a

    He campaigned on all these things so how does that square with your first statement. Which one do you want to whine about? Pick one


      Here – too many lies for me to list.

      1. This is not relevant to the article. You and chapman are complaining about him not fulfilling campaign promises

        Which is it?

        1. Chapman is complaining that Trump has no credibility.

          1. You and chapman are whining that he changed tune to a position that is more agreeable to you…from a position that Chapman and you were saying is fascist

            So he should stick with all those promises for credibility? Would ya like that instead?

            Pick one

  23. OK, this was weird, even for Chapman. He’s mad that Trump has shown willingness to compromise, and isn’t actually the tyrant he was made out to be?

    Did he think that Trump’s fascist ways would lead to revolt, and usher in a new age of liberaltarianism?

    1. Yea seriously. Some of his positions are bad and if he can be convinced otherwise or talksd down i consider that a good thing.

      1. It goes to show you he doesnt have a mindset of looking to be a dictator.

  24. So I guess Chapman wants an imperial presidency with Trump at the helm.

    huh….wouldn’t have expected that.

  25. Pretty uncontroversial argument, but we still ringed over 100 comments out of it, so it’s not totally useless.

  26. If only Trump would be like O, and just do whatever the fuck he wants!

  27. Backing down is firing Flynn for speaking to a Russian. And then replacing him with someone who would have been at home on Clinton’s team.

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  29. He’s a blowhard, flimflam man, and bully all in one.

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  31. If you guys would read Trumps book, or even the occasional Scott Adams blog post, you’d recognize this behavior as being Trump’s negotiation style.

    He stakes out an absurd position, and then he gives ground. You think you’ve beaten him because “he caved” but the end result is far closer to his goals than yours.

    Meanwhile he is the one who looks like someone who is willing to compromise, not you.

  32. Trump is not a guy who can be counted on to stand his ground.

    Wait, stubbornness, intransigence is a good thing now?

  33. The author misses the much deeper issue. This is not an issue of capitulation. We have a man who holds the single highest form of office in our country and one of the most recognizable in all the western world, who treats that office like it’s a game show. He uses Twitter like a temperamental teenage girl; insulting world leaders, countries, opponents, the court system, and other things. A man who makes claims he does not support later.
    This man, if he does not get his emotions in order and learn that because you think a thing does not necessarily mean you should say a thing, could quite possibly ruin what little respect the office of President has left.
    There is a very valuable lesson he could do with learning, and it was gifted to us by Teddy Roosevelt (progressive, though he was): Speak softly but carry a big stick.

  34. He always starts from an extreme position so he has something to give up and still be more or less where he wants to be. He highballs everything.

  35. Looking at the comments here, it is clear that Mr. Chapman has struck a nerve.

    Mr.Trump’s insecurities are manifest. He withers, whines, and throws trantrums at the most insignificant of slights. The idea that his Twitter histronics and other pronouncements evince strength is absurd. It is not that Trump is playing three dimensional chess with the media; at best he is playing three dimensional pick up sticks.

    He is no match for real strenght and, more importantly, conviction.

  36. (Sigh) It is entirely appropriate to be relieved that Trump backs down from his absurd positions AND to make fun of him for it!

    It’s fun, too! Lay off Chapman, he hasn’t written a single untrue thing here!

    Another thing to consider… Some of you are praising Trump’s “negotiating tactics” as just good old hardball business bargaining, but the fact is that when you’re POTUS, a careless word or misplaced metaphor could easily set armies on the march or missiles flying. This isn’t business, it’s world politics, after all!

    But I’m glad we didn’t get Hillary!

  37. Hey Chappy! I’ll help you out on your next article.

    The State Department on Wednesday defended spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on books authored by President Obama, while White House spokesman Jay Carney called the book-buying an “embassy-based decision.”

    Article II section 1 paragraph 8; The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.

  38. Is anyone surprised that the big flabby manchild will back down under any circumstances? You don’t become tough by growing up with a silver spoon in your mouth.

  39. Always with the negative vibes, Chapman; always with the negative vibes.

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