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Fake News: Finally Somebody Is Doing Something About It!

Vladimir Putin's Foreign Ministry


Screenshot Russian Foreign Ministry

The world is awash in disinformation being peddling by the "opposition"—uh, journalists. Surely it is past time for a steady hand to dispassionately evaluate "stories" appearing on websites, in newspapers and broadcasts. Fortunately, under the gloriously firm leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry has bravely stepped forward to shoulder this onerous task. Foreign Ministry disinformation specialists (after all, they should know fake news when they see it) will daily comb the internet for stories that fail to provide the appropriate "alternate facts." Such stories will be identified on the Foreign Ministry's Fake News website with a bright red "Fake News" label. The label is helpfully in English. Readers no longer have to figure out what's real for themselves anymore: The Russian government will do it for them!

According to Engadget, so far the the vigilant watchdogs at the Foreign Ministry have …

…only attacked outlets in the US and the UK like the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Telegraph, NBC News and the Santa Monica Observer. As the ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained to the government's own state-run RIA Novosti news agency, the site is intended to prevent the sharing of articles it believes are inaccurate.

"Here we will make an example of such propaganda dumped by various media outlets, providing links to their sources, and so on," Zakharova said. The site does not, however, explain why Russia's foreign ministry believes the articles are incorrect, it only provides the cryptic message "This material contains data, not corresponding to the truth" and a link to the original article.

In its report on the new Russian information initiative, The New York Times noted: "Seemingly borrowing a practice from President Trump, Russia appears to be labeling as fake any articles it dislikes." Surely that story is just ripe for a big red stamp!

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  1. Is this article for real ?

    1. It’s not cake news.

    2. yes, overt pro-Russian and anti-free-speech cheerleading from so-called Libertarians. tsk tsk.

      File it under “proof that Libertarians are fascists whose very existence is an act of violence.”

      1. BK: Either my sarcasm meter is miscalibrated or yours is.

  2. Who you gonna call? Great Russia!

  3. Isn’t it “alternative facts”?

    1. I suppose this depends upon whether the source defining the two terms has a red “Fake News” label, or not.

  4. Thank goodness our own Pulitzer prize winning fact checkers can be trusted and would never stoop to such shenanigans.

    1. It didn’t take a genius to figure out Politifact’s word games.

      I stopped reading it a couple of years back. Yet, people still link to it as God’s word.

    2. FB,

      Years ago I contacted PolitiFact to dispute certain claims they had made. In my e-mail I included quotes from a few articles and interviews which I thought to be germane to the subject in question. I also included links to my (again very few and I thought easily researched) sources. I received no response and their claims remained as I first saw them.

      As I had previously considered them rather trustworthy after researching several of the claims they had made, I was disappointed – both in them and myself for not performing the proper level of research.

  5. Russia versus New York Times.

    World’s biggest cripple fight.

    Timmeh versus Jimmy.

    1. Kinda like David Koresh v/s the ATF… WHO are ya gonna root for? Well, then there was also Hitler v/s Stalin, along the same lines, and the USA was stupid enough to stick it’s dick in there…

      1. In retrospect? I’m wearing my Koresh sweater and waving my Koresh pom-poms.

    2. Oh, c’mon — Timmeh is likable and generally a good kid.
      I wouldn’t piss on either Russia or The NY Times if they were on fire. Might even chip in for gas.

      1. You’re right. Both Timmeh and Jimmy are likeable. My bad.

  6. The ‘fake news’ meme may have the shortest horizon between the left claiming it was a problem and totally rejecting the notion.

  7. Hey now that I’m not GILMORE or GLIMORE, and I don’t link to some industrial video can I stay here? I want to argue about how Trump sucks and that’s pretty rare here in the comments. Pretty please? I promise to be good. Thanks.

    1. How do we know you’re the real GLEEMORE?

      1. I like that name actually. It tells you where I’m at. I make covenant with my family and friends and don’t worry about what fascist weirdos are doing in DC. You should check out the video in my link. I put it there because I love that song. That, and I’m not afraid where trannies and drag queens go to the pottie.

  8. I’m not sure why we should be hand-wringing over a Russian website anymore then we should be hand-wringing over plethora of DNC websites doing the exact same thing

    1. Than. Thanks voice recognition

  9. The mainstream media could begin to start the long process of getting it’s credibility back if it would just acknowledge it’s biases. Sadly, it will never happen. They had a monopoly on narrative setting for so long they actually believe it’s not only their right, but their duty. It’s rather pathetic.

    1. A fish doesn’t know it’s wet. The sad reality is that these guys live in a bubble where the spectrum of plausible opinion is so narrow that it doesn’t even occur to them that honest, intelligent people might not see the world in ways that don’t essentially reflect their own biases.

    2. As Stossel pointed out yesterday, they seriously refuse to believe that they have biases at all. For that matter, left wingers generally do not acknowledge their biases. Not sure if it’s because most everyone else is a former left-winger who outgrew it (usually by the end of adolescence) and hence realizes there are different perspectives, or if it’s something to do with their obsession with identities.

  10. 30 years ago I picked up a Pravda to see what it was all about and was aghast at the blatent propaganda. Now I see it everywhere. I’m sure it was always everywhere and I was too naive to see it. It was not much later when it became crystal clear to me that was the case. That’s when I had kids and really started to pay attention.

  11. Also, OMG! Russia! ie Trump! Fake news wink, wink. Ugg. Hope cocktails worth integrity.

    1. AJB: If you know where the cocktail parties are and at what time they start, please let me know. 🙂

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