Fed Not Sure Trump Will Be Good or Bad For Economy, Cuba Still Interested in Detente, 7 Earth-like Planets Orbiting Nearby Star: P.M. Links


  • NASA-JPL/Caltech

    The Federal Reserve remains unsure whether President Trump will be good or bad for the economy.

  • The lead negotiator for Mexico with the Trump administration says the country will not accept individuals deported by the U.S. who are not Mexican citizens.
  • Cuba is still interested in detente, senators who met with Raul Castro say.
  • China continues its build up in the South China Sea, saying it has "indisputable sovereign rights" over the islands it occupies.
  • A court in South Africa ruled the government could not withdraw from the International Criminal Court.
  • Budapest dropped its bid for the 2024 Olympics, leaving only Los Angeles and Paris in contention.
  • Astronomers say they've discovered seven Earth-like planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1.