White House Calls the National Guard Story 'Fake News,' Scott Pruitt Confirmed: P.M. Links


  • Spicer
    Leigh Vogel/Sipa USA/Newscom

    The White House strenuosly denied that the government was considering using the National Guard to deport undocumented immigrants, as the Associated Press had reported. Sean Spicer called it "fake news."

  • The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's Samantha Harris takes a deeper look at the case of the Orange Coast College student who recorded his professor's anti-Trump rant.
  • Scott Pruitt is confirmed as the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ray Bradbury, prophet.
  • Read my treatise on PewDiePie. (Who? you ask. Read and find out.)
  • For all my friends in the comments section.

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  1. The White House strenuosly denied that the government was considering using the National Guard to deport undocumented immigrants…

    Again with the alternate facts.

    1. At this point, the Trump administration should simply start leaking crazy shit in the form of memos to discredit the media. See what sort of stupid shit they’ll print.

      1. I would love to think the Trump people were clever enough to have been doing this all along. If he was self-aware enough to know that his 3am tweets are the perfect distraction, I would have to admire that.

        1. A classic intelligence technique for finding leaks is to give different, distinct, plausible-but-false information to separate individuals, and see what information shows up where.

          1. Also popular for catching movie pirates. The MPAA investigators narrow down an area that the recordings are coming from, then send out versions of movies with slightly different signatures in the videos stream. They narrow it down to the theater and then do a stakeout.

            1. Yes, you can catch pirates that way. But how does one catch ninjas?

              1. A quick web search says they’re easily distracted if you lob fruit at them.

          2. Yes, we’ve all seen the Game of Thrones episode where Tyrion Lannister catches [SPOILER ALERT] Pycelle feeding information to the queen.

            1. Forget Hand of the King, can we get Tyrion Lannister as the new National Security Advisor?

              1. He’s sending Ivanka to Dorne.

          3. “A classic intelligence technique for finding leaks is to give different, distinct, plausible-but-false information to separate individuals, and see what information shows up where.”

            I once read that Rand-McNally purposely made small errors on every map to check for unauthorized copies.

            1. Yes, that was the first form of copy protection.

            2. Still standard among map-makers, I believe.

              1. I think so. You can’t very well copyright the actual geography of the earth.

        2. I’m starting to think this is part of some scheme to get rid of leaks. Keep telling different staffers different crazy shit, and and depending on what crazy shit shows up in the papers, that’s how they find the leaker.

          1. To be fair, do they actually need a reason to do that?

            I mean, aren’t there people who tell different crazy shit to different people just because they can?

            Asking for a friend.

      2. “We can neither confirm nor deny that we have a Voltron. Any media outlets that say further or differently are lying.”

    2. Hello.

  2. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s Samantha Harris takes a deeper look at the case of the Orange Coast College student who recorded his professor’s anti-Trump rant.

    Turns out Human Sexuality isn’t a real course!

    1. No Spoilers!

    2. Human Sexuality isn’t a real course, but it is a real lifestyle. More of a calling, really.

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    1. And you get an avatar. Mine is a pink unicorn with a frilly summer dress.

      1. Yes, I know. I printed it out at 3′ x 4′ size and taped it to the ceiling over my bed so I can look at you as I fall asleep.

        1. Yes, I know. I watched you fall asleep. 0.0

      2. Tonight’s Google porn search selected.

  4. Scott Pruitt is confirmed as the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

    His nickname? The Poison Pill.

  5. I was hoping that last link was to a hot busty chick or a middle finger.

    1. Both would have been fitting, really.

      1. I don’t know, I thought their Liberty Ale was ok.

      2. Does the anchor mean something? I don’t understand the significance of the little symbols people put on the twitter handles. except ((())), which means “vagina”

        1. Well, we did all come from a vagina.

        2. I thought parenthesis signified Jewish. I am not keeping up with the kids these days. Does that make that a Jewish vag?

          1. I know, i was kidding. I was trying to suggest i misunderstood even that.

        3. I thought triple parentheses was supposed to be an echo?

          1. you’re really falling short of your handle.

  6. For all my friends in the comments section.


    1. Where everybody knows your name.

  7. Kbear Harris

    TL;DR: “#Nazism nbd, cause freedom–or whatever. Also, NO, I’M NOT A BIGOT LIKE @GOP! IM A COOL, SEXY, LIBERTARIAN! I HAVE BIG IDEAS!”

    Kbear’s got your number.

    1. It should be pointed out that Kbear Harris is a piece of shit.

  8. Read my treatise on PewDiePie.

    He’s a bro and a Swede. Of course he’s alt-right, Mickey.

    1. “He’s a bro and a Swede” really should be a euphemism for something.

  9. This half-assed PM links following right on top of yet another piece of shit article that equivocates when defending someone’s right to speak is why Robby needs to be fired.

    1. The alt-text predicted you would say this.

    2. So it’s about freedom of speech now?

      1. When a bunch of assholes with a major platform run around trying to ruin people’s careers, or hound them off college campuses (to include with violence), yea, those are free speech issues. Free speech extends beyond the government. Pewdiepie isn’t entitled to a contract with Disney or anyone else. But I struggle to comprehend, personally, how any libertarian could sit there and cheer as people are blacklisted for thought crimes – things that would have been perfectly acceptable all of a few years ago.

        But you aren’t a libertarian. Nor are you particularly intelligent.

        1. But you aren’t a libertarian. Nor are you particularly intelligent.

          *checks purity test strips, realizes they’re bullshit opinion anyway, tosses them away*

        2. Pewdiepie has already made more money than should be possible by playing video games.

          And I am not jealous!

          1. I’d normally call someone who calls themselves Pewdiepie and does that for a living a cunt on principle.

            1. Well someone is particularly bitter today. Bad day?

          1. Now here’s the part where you latch onto the use of one word, and try to quibble over that instead of the actual point being made. What happened to this not being a free speech issue? How about you stick to your main point?

            Is Robby cheering? Don’t know or care. What I do know is that he’s a sniveling little shit who is willing to slander people he doesn’t like with false titles, and filled his Pewdiepie piece with a bunch of equivocations and insults to avoid actually defending the guy or people with a sense of humor the left finds unacceptable. After strings of articles where he failed to defend free speech on principle, but instead limp-wristedly argued that it simply wasn’t an effective form of resisting Trump.

            There’s also this from his article:

            Disney, of course, is well within its rights to can PewDiePie for any reason?and not wanting to be associated with Nazi humor is a reason I support.

            So, he supports it. But you go ahead and focus on my use of the word cheer, beacon of intellectual integrity that you are.

            1. “Robby is willing to slather people he does like with false tits, and filled his Pewdiepie with a bunch of guy humors. After insalting strings of equivering free speech on the principal, his butt instead argued that it simply wasn’t resisting Trump’s limp-wristedly effective form of Nazi humor so go cheer ahead.”

  10. That FIRE report is a bunch makes Robby Soave look like Michael Savage.

    “FIRE believes there must be a reasonable amount of breathing room for professors to talk about topics in class that are unrelated to the class. For instance, we defended one professor who ultimately lost her job because of a single ten-minute tirade against the Iraq War, while the war was still ongoing, in her creative writing class.”

    If you’re contracted to teach a subject, teach it, that’s what you’re paid to do. If you spend time discussing something else for ten minutes, the effect is the same as if you came in ten minutes late, or spent ten minutes in silence. Is there an academic-freedom right to walk into class ten minutes late? No, and there’s no right to waste ten minutes of class time on some other topic.

    1. “So where does this leave us? Well, the only two things we can probably say with some certainty are that Caleb O’Neil violated the recording statute by taping Cox’s rant, and that OCC?while within its rights to levy some punishment if the recording statute is constitutional?is violating O’Neil’s First Amendment rights by requiring him to apologize for it. Everything else is fodder for further discussion?but given the importance of free speech and open debate at our nation’s colleges and universities, it’s a discussion we ought to be having.”

      Screw you, he wasn’t prosecuted under the recording statute, there are real-world courts for that sort of thing, he was disciplined under college rules in college tribunals.

      And what he was disciplined for doing was exposing a teacher failing to do the job they were paid to do – not only that, but making threats against political dissident students. It’s a public university, so political views are a protected class like race. What if the professor said “I won’t tolerate n_____s?”

      Releasing that video was legitimate whistleblowing.

      1. Exactly. He broke no law, only a rule created by the college. The professor also presumably broke a rule when she threatened intolerance towards a particular set of students. Yet the college punished the student (a paying customer, mind you) but did not punish the teacher. That tells us quite a lot about the school’s priorities.

      2. I agree.

        Everyone feels entitled to being an asshole now. Fuck you. I paid for this shit. Teach.

  11. Read my treatise on PewDiePie. (Who? you ask. Read and find out.)

    I feel old just seeing that

    1. He plays video games on YouTube and screams like a little girl. You’re welcome.

  12. Robby has clearly live a sheltered life. He needs to see what deplorable really is. So let’s all repeat the most offensive joke you’ve ever heard or told.

    I’ll start with a great one from 1975. What’s the difference between a pizza and a Jew.

    A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven.

    1. I rather liked the one someone told yesterday. ____ is so Antisemetic that when he was diagnosed with cancer, he converted to Judaism just so he could see a Jew die a painful death.

    2. I’ll just give the punch lines to the jokes I learned:

      “surprise, surprise, that wasn’t my finger, either!”

      “It was stapled to the chicken”

      “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?”

      “Get the eggs!” [don’t look *that* one up, please]

      1. Are those from your altar boy days, Eddie?

        1. Never had the privilege, I was an atheist at the time.

          1. Wow, they let an atheist be an altar boy?

            1. When I went to church as a yoot, it was to the Unitarian Universalist church. I forget if they had altar boys, I didn’t ask.

      2. You forgot the ultimate:

        “Yeah, and it’s deep too!”

    3. Did you hear about the gay man who had chronic fatigue syndrome?

      He had a tendency to fag.

    4. Another time, I met a guy so racist that he bitched about having off for Martin Luther King Day and sighed while asking, “Why couldn’t our ancestors pick their own god damn cotton?”

    5. I was talking to a small business owner earlier. He stood 5’1″.

    6. A kid who is half Jewish and half black comes home from school and asks his Mom: “Am I more Jewish or more black?”

      Mom replies: “Why do you want to know?”

      “Because there’s another kid at school who’s selling a bicycle for $50, and I don’t know if I should bargain him down to $40 or just steal it.”

    7. My father grew up with a guy that was half Jewish and half Japanese. Every December 7th, he would attack Pearl Schwartz.

    8. What do you say when you see your TV floating away in the middle of the night?

      Drop it, nigger!

      1. That’s the spirit.

    9. What do you call a quadriplegic in the ocean? Bob.
      What if he’s water skiing? Skip.

      1. What if he’s on the porch? Matt.

      2. Hanging on the wall? Art.

      3. In a pile of leaves.


      4. My favorite quadriplegic joke is the one about the rabbi getting a hand job from a guy in a wheelchair.

    10. They had to stop teaching driver’s ed and sex ed on the same day in Iraq because the goats were getting tired.*

      *Adapted from a joke about Kentucky just to make it slightly more offended to SJW types.

      1. Fuck, I’m gonna butcher it if I tell it from memory, lemme see if I can find it online. Ah here’s the version I’ve heard:

        A Captain in the foreign legion was transferred to a desert outpost. On his orientation tour he noticed a very old, seedy looking camel tied out back of the enlisted men’s barracks. He asked the Sergeant leading the tour, what the camel was for.

        The Sergeant replied, “Well sir, it’s a long way from anywhere, and the men have natural sexual urges, so when they do, uh, we have the camel.”

        The Captain said, “Well, if it’s good for morale, then I guess it’s all right with me.”

        After he had been at the fort for about 6 months, the Captain could not stand it anymore, so he told his Sergeant, “BRING IN THE CAMEL!!!”

        The Sergeant shrugged his shoulders and led the camel into the Captain’s quarters. The Captain got a foot stool and proceeded to have vigorous sex with the camel.

        As he stepped, satisfied, down from the stool and was buttoning his pants he asked the Sergeant, “Is that how the enlisted men do it?”

        The Sergeant replied, “Well sir, they usually just use it to ride into town”

        1. I’ve been telling a version of this joke for years and years. different, but its the same basic premise.

          1. It was pretty fun seeing the different variants when I went looking. I like the colonial misunderstanding layer that the foreign legion version gives to it.

            1. My favorite camel joke is when the two guys are trying to force the camel to drink water before their long journey.

            2. the foreign legion bit is good. mine was the more fanciful, “man has been wandering in the desert for years, and comes across a ghost-town populated by a single bartender, and a camel”

              it involves lots of buildup where the wanderer first expresses disgust that anyone would please themselves with an animal, but keeps coming back from wandering, while wondering, “Its been so long, i can’t even imagine what a woman looks like”…. and eventually gets to the point where he is having long daydreams about the supple beauty of the camels lips, and its inviting haunches….

              …iow, its one of those long jokes where you draw it out so that the reversal-punchline works better.

              1. Ah that sounds like something that works better verbally. The long asides and digressions can get convoluted in text.

            3. jesse.in.mb: The punch line I’ve always used is, “Well sir, most of the men just ride it into town and buy a whore.”

    11. How are spinach and anal sex alike?

      If it’s forced on you as a child you’re not going to like it as an adult.

      1. +1 “do onto others what has been done to you”

    12. Polack jokes are still the best/worst.

      How do you tell if a Polack girl is wearing any underwear?

      By the dandruff on her shoes.

      *punches ticket to hell*

      1. What do you get when you cross a one-legged Polack with a mongoloid?

        A Polaroid One-Step

      2. Wait, if she has dandruff on her shoes, doesn’t that mean she is NOT wearing underwear?

    13. So let’s all repeat the most offensive joke you’ve ever heard or told.

      A recent poll sought the l veil of support for MLK day as a holiday.

      18% of respondents expressed a negative view, which 21 supporting it status,
      The largest group of people at 60% said Hell, let’s kill four more nuggets and take,the whole week off.

    14. If you were Jesus.

      And you were gay.

      Would you let the apostles fuck the holes in your hands?

  13. Robby,
    I’m blocked from the twitters at work(I deleted my account a while back anyway). What is your last link to?

    1. @robbysoave The liberals are ever going to respect you Robby. Remember white male libertarians concerned about free speech are punchable now

      @BrettSaundry Nah, one or two more “to be sure”s and I’ll win their love and also cocktails, trust me

      1. I don’t follow.

        Do I want to?

        1. To be sure, no.

        2. Not if you wanna be a libertarian.

        3. Pretty much what you get in the comments here whenever Robby posts something.

      2. Robby is the perfect writer to do a story on trolls.

  14. …Professor Cox clearly did not threaten or harass anyone in a way that would strip her speech of First Amendment protection. And it is deeply disheartening to see students seize upon the short-sighted plan of weaponizing the same anti-free-speech arguments that have been used to silence them in the past.

    Listening to an impassioned rant against your political beliefs causes a valid concern that the future your education dollars are purchasing is going to be held hostage by a professor’s ideology.

  15. I’m sure this is “news” to someone, but people living a half-mile from the base of a dam won’t get adequate warning to evacuate if that dam fails!

    “AP Exclusive: If California dam failed, people likely stuck”

    Someone, somewhere is SHOCKED! And demanding the gov’t DO SOMETHING!

  16. the scandal over the Georgetown slavery professor, Jonathan Brown, has reached the damage-control stage. The Washington Post tries to put some lipstick on the pig:

    “Georgetown professor under fire by conservatives for lecture about slavery and Islam”

    “…The director of Georgetown University’s Saudi-financed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding is under fire from right-wing conservatives for a lecture he gave about slavery and rape in Islamic history….

    “The tenured Brown, who is Muslim, said in an interview and on Twitter that the accusations that he condones slavery and rape are simply untrue and that his words were taken out of context….

    “Brown denied that he had condoned slavery and non-consensual sex and said that his critics, some of them from the “alt-right,” are misquoting him. “I don’t know how they could say that I did,” he said. Scholars are at risk, he said, if “some de-contextualized quote of theirs is taken out and prompts a feeding frenzy that calls for them to be fired.”

    1. “A number of stories from conservative magazines and websites wrote scathing stories about the lecture, saying that he was condoning slavery and non-consensual sex.”

      The link given by the Washington Post seems to omit the question-and-answer session, where Brown made his remarks about concubinage and rebuked the Muslim student for questioning slavery when after all Mohammad had slaves.

      Here is the audio which includes the question-and-answer session.

      1. The Quran is just filled with out-of-context quotes that justify oppression and violence against women, gays, Jews, apostates, blasphemers, and others. You can tell they’re out of context because in countries ruled by Muslims, all those types of people have full civil rights and are quite safe.

        1. I’m not talking about who is or isn’t a true Muslim, I’m talking about this particular Muslim and his (perhaps Saudi-inspired) bad ideas.

          1. The professor was first exposed by a Muslim student who, IIRC, recorded the lecture and the Q&A. That was the student the professor rebuked for being antislavery.

            1. Muhammad is the “perfect man” according to Islamic doctrine. He had slaves, therefore, slavery is OK. The Muslim professor is on solid Islamic theological ground, while the Muslim student is not.

    2. (there shouldn’t be ellipses before the first paragraph)

      1. What kind of glibertarian are you?

        1. Just spreading enlightenment wherever I can.

    3. Scholars are at risk, he said, if “some de-contextualized quote of theirs is taken out and prompts a feeding frenzy that calls for them to be fired.”

      So is everyone else, asshole. But it doesn’t stop you and your fellow travelers from gleefully using it as a tactic to ruin people’s lives.

      1. Wow, this kid who broke the story looks totally alt-right!

        “Umar Lee

        “Freelance writer, author, tour guide and jackleg . Published in The Nation, The Guardian, Politico, Quartz, The St. Louis American, etc. Books on Amazon.”

        (of course, looking up “jackleg” yields definitions like unprofessional, half-assed and dishonest person – I doubt that’s the message he wants to send, just a hint)

  17. As I said in the original article — Never bothering to read WSJ again. This is complete hack journalism. The smug assholes who wrote this are all proud of themselves that they slandered PewDiePie.

    I’ve never cared for his stuff but my younger cousin and his friends do. These leftists have just red-pilled an entire generation and opened there eyes to how fucking scum the media is. As if the media didn’t learn anything from Gamergate.

    PewDiePie had a responce video where he showed how he literally was talking about context then dressed up as a soldier saying ~this is how the media will portray this, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

    Progs are progging so hard looking for a fascist around every corner. It’s like the witch hunts and red scare, except everyone is a racist and a fascist, they are around every corner, and lets just hurl that term around to destroy anyone we don’t like.

    Fuck the WSJ, and other dying media. They’ve just turned 50 million followers, mostly teenagers and children, against them and have helped open their eyes. Those kids know PewDiePie isn’t a fascist or racist, so well done. Bravo you fucktards

    1. I saw an article earlier today from I believe The Telegraph linked to by Drudge where one of their asshole writers had actually noticed how the SJW bullshit is breeding a younger generation of conservatives. Older millennials (of which I am among them) and the group coming up behind have and will revolt against this shit.

      There’s a lot of people who were vehemently leftwing in the Bush years who have realized that they’ve been cast as the enemy by those they supported. I’m talking about the Sargon’s of the world here. They aren’t conservatives yet, let alone libertarians, but they’re getting there.

      1. Yeah Gen Z is also going to be wildly more successful too. I’m 30 so the top bracket of millennial and a know of several in their late 20s with no ambition, no drive to work, blame everyone else, etc.

        Then I talk with my 13yo cousin and get hope, because at 12 he was working over the summer and loved it, and he is also an entrepreneur. I know people over 2x his age that are just protest machines for the left, don’t work hard, blame others, and this kid is out doing more. He also said he loved to work because “they don’t treat me like a kid; they treat me like an equal”. I’ve also talked to his friends who know more about computers and programming then several vendors I’ve had to work with.

        At a work conference, it came up that many millennials are doing the right thing, working hard, taking responsibility, etc, but many arn’t, and they are in danger of being leapfrogged by the generation behind them.

        I would glady hire my cousin or one of his techy friends over some of the other people I know, who can only blame others for their faults and never improve themselves.

        1. I find the lefty Millenials to be miserable and unhappy all of them. Is there any more miserable way to live than making a fetish out of being a victim? The Gen Z kids have to have noticed this and decided that it wasn’t for them.

          1. I’ll grant you that it’s a sizable majority, but it’s really not all of us. Maybe you have access to some particularly bad demographics in DC.

            I actually like it because it’s easy to outcompete anybody in my age bracket. Perhaps the whole thing is bad for society, but in the short term it’s great for me.

            1. I’m in the bay area and it’s really pathetic here. And on my facebook. It’s all whiny leftist crap, everything os societies’ fault, bernie bernie bernie….

              Makes it easier on me, like you said, to stand out, but is also makes it worse because people think I’m just a whiny lazy millennial.

    2. Plus people don’t understand that PewDiePie’s audience is *multinational* (as in a kerfluffle among the Progressive set in the US is not going matter to most of his fan-base), and the vast majority of them are *kids* – IOW, the sort of people who don’t know that Brianna Wu is a software engineer. You know, GamerGaters.

      1. That’s on top of every single one of them knowing they’ve said worse shit straight to someone else, *live*, while playing – and meant it.

      2. IOW, the sort of people who don’t know that Brianna Wu is a software engineer

        …or that “she’s” a male that actually bitched on Twitter that some other male should have protected “her” in a threatening situation.

        You go, “girl”!

  18. Deadest PM links ever. HnR takes another dive.

    1. Last person out, just turn the the lights out on AddictionMyth and leave him to ramble alone to himself in the dark, please.

    2. And we all know who’s to blame for that.

      1. Yea. The cosmos.

          1. + billions…. and billions….

        1. I thought that’s who left.

  19. RDS is real, and it’s spectacular.

    1. true fact =

      RDS is a delivery service in NYC which hires developmentally disabled people. and people jokingly call it ‘retard delivery….’

      what was your RDS supposed to stand for?

      1. Whatever you want it to mean, baby.

        1. i can’t attest to the spectacularness of the Rapid Delivery Service. But i respect their choice to hire retards. Which…. now that i think about it…. may explain some other things

          1. How do they hire the retards away from the postal service?

            (It’s OK, I’m kind of a retard myself, so I can tell that joke)

          2. Since retard literally means slow…

    2. Why do you think R?seau des sports is spectacular?

  20. I’m actually surprised Pruitt got confirmed without a march on Washington and a week’s worth of grandstanding by congresspeople

    how did that now happen? did i miss it? wasn’t his nomination like “guaranteed climate doom” or something?

    1. Maybe Soros got bored with funding all this bullshit.

      /~40% joking

    2. If you watch his actual confirmation hearing, most of those fucks know what his game is (Susan Collins happens to be a genuine idiot), and the short term grandstanding is about as much political theater that the elected #Resistance members of the Senate are willing to invest. The fact that there weren’t large retardo protests in advance tells you more about the vapidity of true believers than anything else.

    3. Perhaps they assumed that Swamp Thing would take care of it for them?

  21. The countdown to the story about the male Covergirl model getting lambasted for racism by saying there’s Ebola in Africa begins now.

  22. For the comments section =

    Brett Saundry ?@BrettSaundry 1h1 hour ago

    @robbysoave The liberals are ever[sp] going to respect you Robby. Remember white male libertarians concerned about free speech are punchable now

    Robby Soave Verified account

    @BrettSaundry Nah, one or two more “to be sure”s and I’ll win their love and also cocktails, trust me

    yeah, i’m not sure if this even registers on the snappy-wit meter. Does anyone on the left (e.g. Vox, Buzzfeed, etc) actually cite Reason?

    1. Nothing can save him unless he shaves his head so he looks a little less like Milo.

    2. Ironically, the Right DOES cite Reason fairly frequently, on sites like National Review, The Federalist, Red State (that’s how I discovered Reason, by links on the Right responding to it).

      1. Yeah- Even “Ace of Spades” will occaisionally post an approving link to an article here while overall being generally dismissive of “libertarianism”…

    3. Top Referring Sites:
      drudgereport.com 21.46%
      hotair.com 9.81%
      realclearpolitics.com 5.77%

  23. The White House strenuosly denied that the government was considering using the National Guard to deport undocumented immigrants, as the Associated Press had reported. Sean Spicer called it “fake news.”

    Last time I checked, the White House has a contingency plan both for invading Canada and for repelling an invasion by Canada. It’s kinda their job to consider every possibility you could imagine and a bunch more you couldn’t. I’d bet a fat dollar that the AP did in fact see some sort of draft memo raising the possibility of using the National Guard for rounding up illegals. Doesn’t mean they considered it seriously or for more than two seconds, but the idea was tossed out there along with ideas like stocking the Rio Grande with sharks, filing a protest with the UN that Mexico’s failure to enforce border control constitutes an act of war, putting LSD in the Jarritos bottling plant water supply or putting Dog The Bounty Hunter on the case.

    1. I’m pretty sure the LSD thing is true.

      (disclaimer: Not actually true)

      1. It’s a typo ? they’re actually putting LDS in the bottling plant, since Mormons are go-getting American workers.

    2. Well, the problem with even considering it for two seconds is that it would be completely illegal. At least until not using the military to enforce civilian law (short of declared state’s of emergency) is gutted.

      1. Well, the problem with even considering it for two seconds is that it would be completely illegal.

        What? We locked up over 100,000 Japanese American citizens in camps- and the Supreme Court didn’t have a problem with it…

    3. putting LSD in the Jarritos bottling plant water supply

      That would suck. I drink Topo Sabores.

  24. So the government got some Top People together to analyze the “Flint Water Crisis” and how/why the complex incentives of governing, budget-cutting, institutional self-dealing, etc. all lead to the very bizarre decision to change sourcing of water for this single municipality….

    …and, after extensive deliberation, provided their summary conclusions = Racism

    1. So the democrats that fucked them over were racists?

      1. Given the systemic and inborn nature of racism, wouldn’t a classic American institution like the Democratic Party HAVE TO BE racist, and all it’s white members as racist as any of their other racial peers?

    2. So was it established why they went to their own water. I know kwa by why did they stop Detroit until it was built.

    3. Skimming… no signs of overt racism found… AH, systemic racism! That’s the ticket.

  25. Speculation that Jeff Sessions will nix federal investigation of Eric Garner case

    The federal inquiry, which began after a state grand jury declined to charge Pantaleo in 2014, already stalled once last year when prosecutors based at the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn expressed doubt that there was enough evidence to make a criminal case against the officer.

    Their hesitation resulted in the Justice Department, in the waning months of President Barack Obama’s term, dispatching Washington-based prosecutors to New York to forge ahead, according to a third person with knowledge of the case, who also was not authorized to discuss the inquiry and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

    It is unclear whether Sessions will take an interest in the case. Both the Justice Department and the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn declined to discuss it Friday. Pantaleo’s attorney, Stuart London, also had no comment.

    But the new attorney general has the power to freeze the investigation and order a review by Civil Rights Division under new leadership for the unit “that reflects his ideology,” said former federal prosecutor David Weinstein.

    1. So they are speculating on his speculation

      1. They’re working the ref.

        “It would be very unfortunate if you dropped this case.”

    1. “In the email, obtained by The Associated Press on Friday, staffers at the Education Department urged the new secretary to issue a statement confirming her commitment to Title IX rules, which prohibit discrimination based on sex in educational programs.”

      What she SHOULD say: “Thank you for this email, I will send it right along to Congress which is the lawmaking body of the federal government and hence gets to decide about adding protected classes to the civil-rights laws.”

      1. Pretty sure discrimination based on sex was illegal without Title IX so that can’t be it

        1. Obama used “sex” to include LGBTQ stuff. The text of the law didn’t change, just the Obama administration’s interpretation.

          Trump strikes me as kind of a gay-rights sympathizer, otherwise I think he’d denounce this usurpation of legislative prerogatives for what it is.

          1. If they drop the bathroom stuff, won’t trans students stand with their bladders fatally exploding as they try and figure out which restroom their allowed to use?

            1. Was that a problem before?

              1. Why do you think there are so few of them?

  26. 152 comments? Pretty low energy tonight.

      1. Yup, y’all are stuck in the Land of Goshen.

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