Medicaid is Broken. Long Live Medicaid

GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare will run into a buzz-saw of political opposition


The general rule of politics, it seems, is that the crappier a government program, the harder it is to reform—much less scrap. That is the case with Medicaid,

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arguably the civilized world's worst health insurance program, I note in my column at The Week.

But instead of fixing this program, President Obama expanded it obscenely to the point that Obamacare covers far more uninsured through it than private health plans sold on the exchanges.

This is terrible news for the health of this country given that Medicaid patients show worse health outcomes than even the uninsured. Liberals rant that Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare would kill Americans. But as far as this program is concerned, the opposite might be closer to the truth.

The only reason 31 states and the District of Columbia agreed to expand Medicaid was that Obamacare offered them a deal they couldn't refuse. Nineteen still valiantly resisted in a rare show of fiscal courage.

But these holdouts now will make GOP's plans to repeal-and-replace efforts infinitely more complicated. Thanks to them, the politics of rolling back the Medicaid expansion will be even more toxic than scrapping the exchanges – which is why it will be an absolute miracle if Republicans go through with anything but the most watered down fixes.

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  1. Shikha’s thoughts on Black Bloc communist riots in Berkeley:

    shikha sood dalmia ?@shikhadalmia Feb 3
    When facts are always “alternative,” brute force is all that’s left in settling with intellectual opponents!

    shikha sood dalmia ?@shikhadalmia Feb 3
    No matter what the moral rot on the left, the right always manages to outdo it! Sad!

    shikha sood dalmia ?@shikhadalmia Feb 2
    Honest condemnation of #Berkley violence must also condemn those who invited him.What’s point except baiting n inciting in Trump’s America?

    1. Disphit Scumbagetta has gone around the bend. Earlier today she said her Black Bloc friends ought to be allowed to block roads and highways and completely disrupt everyone else’s lives in the service of George Soros’ agenda.

      1. shikha sood dalmia ?@shikhadalmia 22h22 hours ago
        Are we going mad, passing laws incentivizing mowing down protesters? State Crackdown on Protesters locking raids

      2. Mikey, that you seem to think that Shikha is Italian comes very close to making you sort of endearing.

      3. Disphit Scumbagetta

        So… what is this? I mean, from context clues I can determine what name it’s based on, but if you had presented this and a list of ten random names plus the one this was based on I would have no fucking clue which one was the actual origin.

    2. Fire this trash commentator

    3. I’ve had a week and a half to calm down, and I find that I am still not calm about this subject.

      Since Dalmia is both a youth and an immigrant, I will provide a very, very brief history lesson.

      In the late seventies, the courts finally ruled that Nazis have the right to march through a predominately Jewish neighborhood in Illinois thus triggering the shit out of a bunch of Holocaust survivors. And this was the correct decision.

      The 1st Amendment is critical to Free Minds and Free Markets. Thus a full-throated defense of the 1st Amendment rights of assholes like Milo Y. is FUCKING MANDATORY you sniveling twat.

      Grow up or go home.

  2. Obamacare is not popular. If you can’t get rid of that then what can you get rid of?

    1. Of course. if even a few percent of the electorate is benefiting hugely by some program, that’s still a giant shitstorm of bitching to overcome. It’s a really vile act on the part of govt to create dependents, then cast the argument as taking away from others when they’re the one doing the taking.

    2. Dude, look at the whole retarded reaction on something as minor (by comparison) as ‘the ban’.

      Imagine O-care even though, as you point out, it was always unpopular from the onset. Of course it should be entirely repealed. The fact the left loves it is reason enough if you ask me.

      1. It was like the one thing I was hoping that this administration and congress might actually do. It may be that nothing gets done for the next four years which I supposed is an improvement.

  3. Dammit guys, I was hoping that no one would comment.

  4. Serious question. How do you pronounce your name?

    Is it: sh-ee-ka
    Or: sh-ih-ka
    Or: fash-ist ap-ol-o-gist

    1. Go easy on her, the violent left is on her team now and that violence was in service to beliefs she shares. Of course if someone says something you disagree with or think is dishonest, you’re allowed to pepper spray them and beat them half to death because what other choice is there? Something something Trump’s America.

  5. It’s not even insurance, it’s just plain income redistribution.

  6. Go here to read the whole piece.

    Nah. I wasn’t onboard the Shikha Hate Train, but how the fuck any actual libertarian could justify her style of victim-blaming is beyond me.

    1. Seems those awful Tweets should be enough to remove her from Reason.

      1. Agreed. I hesitate to trigger the Reason drinking game, but…

        For a foundation called Reason, someone who publicly calls for violence against people exercising their right to free speech is not the best policy analyst hire.

        1. I hesitate to trigger the Reason drinking game, but…

          As happy as I am that Shikha is now universally disliked, instead of just mostly disliked, the people that have been defending her lo these many years could stand to eat their words about this particular Reason contributor. I’m not even talking about one’s position on immigration issues, but their position on her as an intellectually honest journo/analyst/blogger or whatever the hell she is.

  7. So, she finally decided to show her face, but of course she won’t explain her repulsive comments.

    1. A lengthy ten day stretch between Dalmia posts is, blessedly, not all that unusual. Though I was keeping my fingers crossed that I’d never see one of her articles posted here again, I must admit.

  8. t(^ ^t)
    Fuck off, slaver Shikha.

  9. “Liberals rant that Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare would kill Americans. But as far as this program is concerned, the opposite might be closer to the truth.”

    That killing Americans would lead to repealing Obamacare?

  10. Fuck off to Salon, dalmia

  11. Will I be pepper sprayed if I disagree with the author of this blog post?

    1. Brute force is all that’s left in settling with intellectual opponents, if you disagree about the facts of course.

  12. Best Idea Ever!!
    Make Mad-Libs out of Shikha’s tweets!

    Fill in the blanks below:

    Honest condemnation of #___________ (Hashtag) must also condemn ________ (person or group). What’s point except baiting n inciting in Trump’s America?

  13. Dalmia wrote it, didn’t read it.

    When are you going to rid yourself of this waste of carbon and oxygen, Reason?

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